11 of the most underrated cities on the Gulf Coast (2023)

BeautifulGulf of Mexico, with its white sand beaches and exciting coastal nature, it is dotted with large cities and many towns in between where you can relax and explore. Enjoy lazy days, hikes, and seafood dinners at sunset over the ocean, with abundant fishing in the Arabian Gulf thanks to local tidal currents and estuaries.

The city's warm waters and family-friendly attractions invite families for a quick getaway from the city, and tourists to enjoy the view, vitamin "sea" and vitamin D for the rest of the year. These eleven overlooked cities along the Gulf Coast offer unique culture, a unique atmosphere and uninterrupted walks without the crowds, with a friendly atmosphere and refreshing scenery all around.

More about the Persian GulfDiscover the best small towns along the Gulf Coast to unwind.

Zatoka St. Louis, Mississippi

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This quaint beach town was voted one of the coolest in America by Budget Travel, as well as "Best Place to Live inMississippiin 2020 definitely deserves your attention. St. Patrick's Bay Louis is a local favourite, yet in the eyes of others it remains a "secluded place" in Mississippi, perched on a promontory overlooking the bay of the same name. Enjoy easy access via Highway 90 inland or the same highway over the bay via St. Louis Bridge for the peaceful vacation of your dreams. sea ​​breeze.

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The unique city of approximately 11,000 friendly residents embraces its share of Mississippi's coastal heritage with historic buildings amidst small businesses, eight of which have been named "Best" in their respective categories. Check in to the Bay Town Inn and check out the Smith & Lens Art Gallery to get started. Immerse yourself in the local culture as you dine al fresco at Blind Tiger and shop at places like the elegant Social Chair. You can grab a hearty snack at the Starfish Cafe for a fun evening at the new Fields Steak & Oyster Bar or gourmet dining at Sycamore House.

Biloxi, Mississippi

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While some rememberBiloxias the "Seafood Capital of the World", it remains a much-underrated city on the Gulf Coast that comes alive and relaxes for a getaway every season. Come in the winter for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to jet ski around the Gulf of Mexico, or a sunset shrimp cruise for a walk and a meal you can quickly cook over a campfire on the beach. Enjoy swimming, sailing and sunbathing on the soft sand that is as white and beautiful as the foam of the Mississippi Strait.

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There's something for everyone, from Shuckers baseball games to major-show casinos and the local brewing scene with refreshing flavors perfect for unforgettable hot summer days and evenings. Enjoy a drink in a take-out mug as you explore all the attractions surrounding the historic district, from the IP Casino to Back Bay, with access to the beach and Interstate 110. There's plenty of entertainment along the beach, so you don't even need to leave the coast at night.

Carrbell, Florida

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Carrabelle is a fantastic city on the east side, without the crowds.FloridaWest Coast overlooking the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Built over 100 years ago and still knee-deep in the same industry, this historic fishing village is the perfect seafood destination, integrated into the culture as an art crafted to perfection. Try shrimp, oysters and sport fishing with the locals, then visit the city's lively restaurants and bars.

Surrounded by nature, Carrabelle's is a real playground to explore the surrounding state and national forests on one side and the endless seas on the other. The overlooked old Florida city is home to a beautiful deep water harbor for strolling and boating in a tranquil setting. Find it and more just 53 miles southwest of Tallahassee, easily accessible from County Highway 98 and County Road 67, through state and national woodlands, or a scenic boat ride along the Carrabelle River.

Dauphin Island in Alabama

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Dolphin Islandis an oceanfront gem on the Gulf of Mexico, a 45 minute drive from Mobile or a boat ride from the mainland. A city for all adventurers and their pets awaits, with the friendly Dauphin Island Public Beach for a dip in the crystal clear waters, and plenty of beautiful trails and parks to explore.

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Check out the quaint, exhibit-filled Old Town and the must-see Civil War-era Fort Gaines for an outdoor adventure with unparalleled views of the bay and bay. Spend a family day at the Audubon Bird Sanctuary and Dauphin Island Sea Lab with animal interactions.

Big Island, Louisiana

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VisitLouisianais the only inhabited barrier island for an adventure trip with unique adventures, no crowds, and easy access just off the south side of Highway 1. This seven-mile-long magical island features Louisiana's best coastal wildlife such as wind-blown rain-blown oak, oleander, and crepe myrtle, palms and ferns. Hike along the Cheniere Ranges to watch migratory birds or through wetlands teeming with aquatic life.

Grand Isle along the state's vast coastline feels like a world away, with slower travel from the city to the many "only here" attractions. A true "athlete's paradise", it is a favorite destination for world-class fishing and water sports, or relaxing on miles of pristine beaches with unobstructed views of the Arabian Gulf and wildlife. Experience the true romance of Grand Isle life while enjoying true southern hospitality and delicious seafood.

Indian Rocks Strand, Florida

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Indian Rocks Beach is a beloved getaway from the city, with something for all ages and groups. Explore, relax and repeat as you enjoy a slower pace of life and soak up the views and sun on beautiful beaches. Easily accessible from Tampa, Clearwater and St. In St. Petersburg you can enjoy a wide range of local restaurants, green parks and unique beaches. Take a scenic tour of Heritage Village and learn more at the Indian Rocks Historical Museum.

The beautiful city is the gateway to the Intracoastal Waterway to the east, a real paradise for sailors, and the Gulf of Mexico with its beautiful white sand beaches. With beautiful white sandy beaches. Enjoy leisure and water sports during the day, just steps away from family attractions, quality shops and local restaurants in the city center.

Indialantic, Florida

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Bordering Melbourne to the east, this coastal city is like no other seaside destination for a quick getaway. Indialantic is an imaginative and creative community, just like its name, with approximately 3,100 people inspired and inspired by a barrier island relocated between the Indian River Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean. Take the family to the beaches, but stay for the sea turtle nests and views of the famous Indian Ocean boardwalk and park.

Enter this favorite hangout from a scenic 5-block walkway on the east side of S.R. 192 or 5th Avenue, with easy parking for walking and sightseeing. You can look back at Java Surf Beach behind the boardwalk and gaze along the sand to call it your own until the sun goes down. Enjoy this idyllic beach getaway to unwind, with the waves crashing gloriously far from the shore.

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Miramarstrand, Florida

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Miramar Beach is your seascape with all the peace and quiet you need for a classic beach holiday out of town. Enjoy panoramic views of the Gulf Coast, quaint seafood restaurants, resorts and coastal walks. Relax or exercise with water activities such as jet skiing and parasailing in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. Stay on the beach at a resort or cottage with panoramic views. nostalgic atmosphere and state-of-the-art amenities.

This South Walton neighborhood is a real paradise for kids with lazy morning walks along the beach followed by a wake-up call at the town's restaurant. Spend the afternoon browsing the surf shops and one of the country's largest designer outlets, Silver Sands Premium Outlets, with waterfront dining at one of the fantastic seafood restaurants.

New Haven Richey, Florida

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New Port Richey is a coastal town with beautiful scenery and a vibrant downtown full of historic charm. Escape the city to the coast with a wide range of businesses surrounded by small town charm, diverse culture and a unique riverside location. Enjoy easy, scenic access just 30 miles northwest of Tampa along the coast to this suburb of St. Petersburg with a wonderful mix of wildlife, pristine beaches, and family-friendly downtown attractions.

The town is a sister city to Cavalaire-sur-Merpens, a new window to the French Riviera since 1995, and the NPR center of Cavalaire Square is named after the event. Enjoy great shopping and a variety of cuisines on nature walks, as well as cultural festivals that keep the heritage alive. Find lively venues for artistic and cultural performances along the square, and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere with the sea breeze from the nearby beaches. There are many nature trails inland, such as the densely vegetated James Gray Nature Reserve.

Ocean Springs, Mississippi

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ocean resourcesis a cozy historic town of less than 18,500 people on the Mississippi Bay Islands National Coast. Its nickname "The City of Discoveries" refers to the enchanting adventures that await people of all ages along the coast. Enjoy a peaceful coastal getaway to unwind and see a variety of sights in the bustling city center. Colorful streets under centuries-old oak trees are a delight as you drive along the scenic Mississippi coast, with ocean breezes, refreshing scenery, and small-town charm.

Experience vibrant cultural events and the state's largest arts festival, the Peter Anderson Arts & Crafts Festival, hosted by Blue Moon. The walkable city has over 200 family-friendly attractions, independently managed by residents, offering shopping, dining and views. Stop at the Ocean Springs Art Association for a real feel for the city, and discover more at the Walter Anderson Museum of Art, Shearwater Pottery, and the Mary C. O'Keefe Cultural Center of Arts and Education. Enjoy days of leisurely lounging along scenic Front Beach and an active nightlife, including three go-cup entertainment districts.

Redingtonstrand, Florida

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This charming town consists of two entire communities that manage to hide from oblivion between Madeira Beach and Indian Shores. Discover North Redington Beach and Redington Shores, with over a mile wide beach overlooking the vibrant emerald waters of the Arabian Gulf. The naturally beautiful scenery around you takes your breath away and keeps you captivated along the sand.

Since the beaches are never too crowded, even in summer, these absolutely breathtaking views are unobstructed from your private vantage point as you relax in deep tranquility. When hunger strikes, look for great restaurants and cafes nearby. The coastal barrier island town in Pinellas County is also home to historic sites and numerous local bars to suit every taste.

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Choose your favorite city along the 1,000-mile wide Gulf of Mexico for a short vacation in the sun. Many cities have a barrier island feel, so despite easy access, it really feels like a world away from your hometown. Stay in a holiday home on the Arabian Gulf along a series of sandy beaches. Enjoy days of lazing along the quartz sand with colorful waves and an average temperature of 70 in winter and 90 in summer.

Snorkel in the shallow coastal waters with your children, or take a dip in the blue sea to a depth of 4,000 feet. You can fish, boat, swim and snorkel while enjoying the views all around and the exciting boardwalks leading to the city waiting for your return. These coastal towns also offer fun drinks where you can enjoy the pleasure in a cup, mingling, learning about the culture and soaking up the history.


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