Airrack answers the most frequently asked questions on the web (2023)

How are you, mafia?

My name is Airrack and I'm doing a WIRED autocomplete interview.

[Animated Music]

None of your business, just to remind you.

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Okay which airrack?

What does an air stand mean?

This is an interesting question.

Basically, when I was 13, Instagram was invented,

and I tried to get Eric, E-R-I-C

that's my name

but it was clearly unavailable.

So I was repeating Eric a bit

in the most interesting and idiotic way.

13-year-old Eric came with the Airrack,

and now i'm stuck with it for life.

What did Airrack do before YouTube?

I went to different companies

and shoot as much as someone would pay me

get a camera to go: I would do it basically.

What happened to Airrack?

I have a feeling it's gonna be something

about my death or something.

What happened to the airrack channel?

I think it might be time

that I accidentally deleted my YouTube channel.

I once tried to change the channel settings,

and accidentally hit the delete channel button,

driving YouTube to what they call black code

that is everything

throughout the YouTube organization, all directors

I had to immediately try to restore my channel.

That was about a year ago.

When the channel went down, I stopped pretending

like I intentionally deleted the channel.

I made a promotional video

this YouTuber's ping pong match I had.

But yeah, 24 hours later, Susan and the gang

I finally managed to restore my YouTube channel.

So thank you, Susan. I owe you.

Which Airrack video has been removed.

There is a great story here.

When I had 20,000 subscribers,

I came up with the idea of ​​a video to sneak into Dan Bilzerian's party.

If you don't know who Dan Bilzerian is,

he is the most masculine man.

He has around 30 million followers on Instagram,

and he just posts pictures of him with hot chicks every day.

He threw a party to which only 1,000 people were invited

of the most influential people

and then just a handful of the hottest women in the world.

So I thought it would be fun if I joined the party

show everyone what's going on.

So I did and happily hid in the bushes for four hours.

and then he walked into the party and filmed everything,

uploaded it on youtube.

It was like my first viral video.

I remember it had 85,000 views in an hour, huh

back then it was an amazing amount of views.

Literally within an hour

Dan Bilzerian's team contacted me

and it said delete video or otherwise.

I didn't delete the video.

And then, three days later,

A man in a suit knocked on my door

and handed me the papers

and said he had three days to remove the video

or I will be sued

a quarter of a million dollars plus all legal fees.

At that point, I had 20,000 subscribers.

I got scared and deleted the video.

Dan, let me know if you want to fix it.

I am not angry at you.

What's the second song on Airrack?

My second song is Bad Karma by Axel Thesleff.

Grit, Axel.

I started using the number and then managing it

in fact copyright to all my videos.

So I sent him a message on Instagram

and finally added my channel to the whitelist

so i can use your music forever.

So scream, Axel. You are a man.

It's like a frisbee.

(Video) I Trapped 100 Strangers In Complete Darkness

When is Airrac? When did Airrack launch YouTube?

I actually started YouTube in fifth grade.

I think it was 2006.

I heard from a friend from school that there is YouTube,

and then my parents took the camera that night

and found about 20 dongles

letting me record something on camera

connect it to my computer, take pictures,

and then upload it to YouTube.

And now it looks completely normal

because we have like TikTok and smartphones and all,

but then I was filming on tape

and then upload it to the internet

where everyone with internet access

watching the video was like a crazy thought.

But I actually started trying to become a YouTuber

about three years ago.

But I always wanted to be a YouTuber

since I was a little boy.

When does Airrack publish?

That's why I try to add posts every week.

Logistics, a lot of those movies

they are something of a nightmare to produce.

For example, a year ago

I tried to lease an entire commercial plane.

But it turns out that the guy I rented the plane from;

in fact, he was a fraud.

For example, he had no planes.

Then I had like me and 100 of my friends

on Florida asphalt like summer heat

and the plane just never arrived.

I had to go back; file a lawsuit against them

to try to get my money back.

Finally got my money back after a month.

So I had to get this money

find a real man to give me a real plane

I brought all 100 of my friends back to the same airport

I got on the plane, I recorded a video,

edited the video and posted the video.

But it took about two months.

So these are things that sometimes

prevent me from uploading videos every week.

When did Airrack reach 10 million subscribers?

So my goal when I started YouTube three years ago,

would grow from zero to one million subscribers in one year,

what did we do.

The next year, last year

we went from 1 million to around 4 million subscribers.

And then in 2022, we went from 4 million subscribers

up to 10 million subscribers.

And I promised my fans that at the end of the year

I'd throw the biggest pizza party in the world.

We even set a world record

for the world's biggest pizza

and threw a big pizza party for me and the mafia

on the occasion of reaching 10 million subscribers.

It was beautiful.

oh man How, Airrac?

How to have an empty Airrack?

Interesting. How many subscribers does Airrack have?

We just hit 12 million subscribers which is crazy.

How does Airrack get its scar?

I've never answered this question before.

That's a good question.

So I have a scar on my neck here.

I even called it Bubbalicious.

Just a random name I made up.

I actually had a lump on my neck.

For example, if you look at my old Instagram photos,

you'll see if it's a huge bulge

comes from my neck.

And that's when I did it

was supposed to do YouTube.

So before I was put to sleep under anesthesia,

I told the doctor: Hey friend,

I'll take care of youtube

and I will become a great youtuber,

so try to keep the scar as small as possible.

And he laughed at me and then I woke up

and the scar was about three inches wide.

I was so angry. He told me it would be about an inch.

It was so big. Don't go to this guy.

I'd like to know his name.

(Video) How Airrack Gained 1 Million Subscribers In 1 Year (Genius YouTube Strategy)

I'd tell you not to go to him now.

How much does Airrack earn? What do you know?

You have to be specific here. Is my mom here?

I don't ask her those questions.

The answer is millions.

I wish this was followed by another question,

how much does Airrack spend?

Because the answer to that would be millions as well.

If you watch my videos you will know that I use

this sweatshirt for about two years.

I have the same car I used to drive

for about five years and somehow I deserved it

but also spend millions of dollars on these stupid movies.

Shout out to the mafia.

Don't mention it. I will do it for you.

How many bodyguards does Airrack have?

Zero. Zero Coast Guard.

I had an idea of ​​what would happen

if I hired 50 bodyguards.

So I hired 50 bodyguards. I drove through L.A.

I entered the back room of Nobu with my bodyguards.

I have a reservation at Saddle Ranch right now.

I took my bodyguards to the Venice Beach gym

and knocked all the giant bodybuilders out of the equipment

so that I can train.

I also made a video like six months ago

where I hired 100 bodyguards,

and then used it to enter VidCon.

I am now permanently banned from returning to VidCon.

I don't know why I did it. I thought it would be fun.

I'm sorry, VidCon. I probably shouldn't.

Well, let's go. Next. airrack oath?

I don't promise much, to be honest.

If I curse now, will you beep?

NO. [buzzer]

Does Airrack create fake videos?

This question frees me

because of the length we go

to make sure the videos are not faked,

unwritten, completely true.

We like to re-record entire videos.

We have people living in separate houses,

that information is not shared

between me and my friends.

For example, we have gone so far as to make sure the videos are not fake.

So no, you can count on me not to make fake movies

unlike almost every other creator on the platform.

I feel like I'm starting with 100 steaks. Do not regret.

Airrack has a world record?

I tried three or four different world records.

I tried to break as many eggs as possible in one minute.

I have tried most of the facial curls.

I just set a world record

who made the biggest pizza in the world.

Airrack has a tattoo? I have a tattoo.

I don't think I've ever shown this before.

Under my care, you'd think I was a decent dude.

No tattoos here.

When I was 17, my biggest inspiration on earth

it was Casey Neistat.

I was in Venice Beach with my cousin Jack

and Jack and I have the same tattoos

on our wrists that say do more.

Always empty the tank. Do as much as you can.

Airrack lives with his parents? Who's looking for him?

Do you know which one of you is looking for

do i live with my parents or not?

The answer is no. I do not live with my parents.

I come from a small town

named Cumming Georgia, spelled C-U-M-M-I-N-G.

This is not a joke.

This is the real place where my parents live.

I probably shouldn't tell people this, but it is what it is.

I'm sorry, mom and dad.

OK, next question. Airrack almost became Spider-Man?

I've always wanted to be in a Spider-Man movie.

I definitely thought that was the direction of my life

became the next Spider-Man when I was a kid.

So I climbed up the wall of a building in Los Angeles

and put my phone number at the top

to try to get the attention of all the Marvel executives

then they would call me.

And finally I got a call

(Video) Platforms Are Already Giving Up On Short Form Content

with someone from Marvel.

I think it was a shame, honestly.

I think they were just trying

to make me feel like I have a chance.

They asked me why I like Spider-Man so much.

What makes me Spider-Man?

And then they said they'd come back to me

and that was about nine months ago, so.

Airrack really flew into space?

I think I was the first person

eat pizza in weightlessness.

So I took a plane in zero gravity

where they rise and fall very quickly,

and I brought a pizza

and it was just me and my friend Mack

eating pizza in weightlessness.

Turns out if you eat in zero gravity,

Your body doesn't know what to do with food

then you start throwing up violently in all directions.

I would know why I threw up the pizza

an hour and a half straight and cost $20,000.

Airrack broke his collarbone? The answer is no.

But something interesting about me

which most people probably wouldn't expect

because of my reckless lifestyle

is that I've never broken a bone in my life

not a single bone.

I am quite shocked by this fact.

I feel like I should break something already.

Airrac is dead? Airrac is dead? True?

I even thought about making a video

where I often faked my own death.

Airrack has Streams? So.

This year I hosted Streamy's

it was a very interesting experience

and came home with two Streamy Awards.

One of them is the Creator Honor Award,

and the other was Best First Person Creator of the Year.

Airrack is a mafia leader?

If the police ask, no. But yes.

Early on I started calling my fans mafia

early, early.

I had a very ambitious goal.

going from zero to one million subscribers in one year,

which has never been done before.

And the way I get people's attention

sent the mafia after these people.

And we started what we have today

and if this deadly cult group of people who

at any time, at my whim,

I can just send them after someone, for better or for worse.

Is Airrack a good YouTuber?

That is, in my opinion

I am the greatest YouTuber that ever lived.

But I think it depends a bit on the audience.

Is Airrack's father PewDiePie?

So I do it in the movies

where I always call my dad PewDiePie

because PewDiePie, you know

he was always the greatest youtuber

until MrBeast caught up with him.

But before that he was the biggest

YouTuber on the platform so long

and that is my goal too.

So I call PewDiePie my dad

because it is a great source of inspiration,

but he's not really my biological father.

Is Airrack familiar?

If I were to rate my films on a normal film scale,

I think it's a PG-13

It's not R. It's definitely not G.

I'd say it's like PG-13.

Is Airrack related to MrBeast? It's a funny question.

Jimmy and I are not related.

I don't think we're alike.

Interesting facts about Jimmy

that's where Jimmy lives and that's where I grew up

it's like a three hour drive

but we didn't know we lived close to each other

until we both became YouTubers

and they started talking to each other.

I think if I have a million subscribers,

Jimmy hit me on Twitter and said:

(Video) 100 Kids vs 1 Pro

Hey let's call

and just send me your phone number.

So we just started talking

and then we became good friends.

What was interesting to me was that I moved to LA

because I thought you must live in LA

become a successful YouTuber.

Meanwhile, Jimmy is literally alive

in the middle of Appalachia,

and this guy became the biggest YouTuber in the world.

So I guess it shows

that you can start anywhere and do it.

Is Airrack the fastest growing YouTuber?

I was probably the fastest growing YouTuber

go from zero to a million.

We are approaching 500,000

like a million subscribers per month.

So, I don't know, you should check out Social Blade,

and tell me am i the fastest growing youtuber.

Maybe I'm doing it by accident.

The largest secret aircraft carrier.

I recorded a video where my boys and I

they all revealed our biggest secrets on camera,

but mine was blurry

so the audience never saw it

which was my biggest secret.

I could reveal it in a movie, but not in this movie.

Not in this movie, not today.

Airrack creeps in.

Oh man, I have a long history of infiltrating events.

It's like I love being busy.

I did it on youtube

and now it's completely out of control.

I'll be honest.

Launched on YouTube

I've been sneaking out to local music festivals like in my town

with different disguises and the like.

I ended up sneaking into the Rolling Loud five times in one day

as a bricklayer, artist,

all kinds of disguises that I invented

sneak into these music festivals.

Bermuda Triangle aircraft carrier. I've been there once.

I have a problem where I get very, very nauseous

and to be very honest with you,

I went there in a lifeboat

I spent 24 hours on it, I was throwing up all the time

and I just lay in my own vomit for 24 hours.

If you include it in an interview,

I will be shocked.

It's a bad story.

Airrack Extreme Capture the flag.

So my idea was to play Capture the Flag outdoors

in real life and let real people be a part of it.

We're driving golf carts to the streets of Santa Monica

and we played Capture the Flag for four all day.

For me personally

it was like one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life.

Pilot, don't laugh.

try not to laugh it's a trend

it's happening on youtube

considered similar since the creation of the platform.

So my idea was to get my friends together

and plan your day

where we play try not to laugh in real life.

It was great, super fun. Yes.

Airrack, breaking 100 laws.

So I remember when I was a kid

I had this book with all these weird laws

which apparently were true.

For example, it's illegal

eat fried chicken for 2 in Alabama.

So I got the idea to take these rights

and then break them all in one day.

We started by jumping off the Santa Monica Pier,

which wasn't really such a strange law.

It really doesn't make sense.

But that day we broke hundreds of strange laws.

Finally we sneak into an abandoned hospital,

get caught by the police, almost go to jail.

You know, all for the video.

This is the end of my interview.

I'm flattered that you googled

all these things about me.

(Video) Jenna Ortega Is My Sister

You are very nosy and ask me how much I earn.

I'm not asking how much you earn.

Maybe, you know, just mind your own business.


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