Best Fast Food -Ice -2020 Energy Memania Ranking (2023)

Regardless of being in mid -July or in the dead winter, ice is a basic element in a fast food menu. But with all the restaurants it sells in its last appearance of snow storm, how do you decide which money is worth?And you can deal with more than that. We have everything: touch, smoothies, ice cream and whatever a concrete. We put our selection of flavor, texture and coverage. The toughest competition we have seen since the beginning of our power ranking series.

If you plan to make a meal, we have the best food combinations for each ice cream option.

CultThey with the Sunday

It rang 1

Best Fast Food -Ice -2020 Energy Memania Ranking (1)

Ice-cream ballsAbsentUnder the radar, but we are here to give the center of attention that really deserves.

His frozen pudding "performs all day so that he is always rich and creamy."

Culvers is the king of comfort of the comfort ofChicken -dephesTend andFrench fries. Then choose two deposits of yourFestivalList, including Reese, Oreo, Snickers, M & MS, Crunch, Heath, Butterfinger and Anden. They also have options such as "Ooey Gooey" from Salgado Caramelo to Crème from Marshmallow, hot syrup and caramel., The most necessary nuts: Paste ofcookies, brownie pieces and whipped cream.

If you do not want to adapt it, there is a classic menu to choose from containing turtle ice cream, caramel caramel caramel, nuts and banana.

Price: US $ 2.79 (creates your own scoop)

Combine -o with: Chicken fingers. You decide which one should eat first.

Cold stone doughPerfection of the peanut butter cup

Best Fast Food -Ice -2020 Energy Memania Ranking (2)

Rang: 2

Obviously, the cold stone made the list of the best fast food ice cream. But fair warning: it is better to behungryBefore entering the cold stone.

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There are good things of the moment, and that is why we chose the cold stone peanut butter peppers, otherwise, it is appropriate to eat two re -glasses, a huge spoon of peanut butter and chocolate in a session.

Ah, and one more thing: the cold stone is inevitably more expensive than another fast ice cream. But you do not see kindness when you massage your snowstorm and overcome it with sharp strawberries, it is one of the best things in cold stones, since they aregenerous with the size of their portions. We all have a human procedure for this.Maschm, sometimes, when you create a "like him", draw a lot of ice and cover the counter and you have to put your part in the Cup collection.

Price: $ 4 (as

Combine with: More ice cream?

Shake ShackCabaña attack

Rang: 3

Best Fast Food -Ice -2020 Energy Memania Ranking (3)

It would be fundamentally bad with Shake Shack if you did not serve a good ice cream. The milkshakes are certainly delicious, but it is their concrete that we have in mind. I quieted their menu, but some of the most popular concrete are the leggings attack, the brown butter, the butterof the center, the crunchy vice, the Brooklyn cake and the Fudge-Edboutat. they are not fun names, but they also know a dream ..Artificial growth hormones.Shake Shack also promises that your ice cream is made of real sugar, not the corn syrup.

Although we are impressed by each of its concrete creations, we need to set the price of the cabin attack, which is made with a chocolate Buddine base and turned with syrup, cookie paste, chocolate pieces and sparks.

Precio: US $ 4.59 (single)

Combine -o with: Shackburger

SunriseOreo Blizzard

Rang: 4

Best Fast Food -Ice -2020 Energy Memania Ranking (4)

We are still surprised when a DQ worker becomes a snowstorm upside down and does not call him.

Price: US $ 3.69 (small)

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Combine -o con: queso quark.

Baskin RobbinsMint chocolate

Rang: 5

Best Fast Food -Ice -2020 Energy Memania Ranking (5)

It is difficult to improve Mithhin's chocolate ice cream, but Baskin Robbins approached more than any other fast ice cream, mint -flavored ice cream such as frozen mouth rinse, but not that. It is pleasant, not only tolerable.Height medium -sized to the Buddin urgently the necessary balance, and there are many pieces that can walk. As an additionBe completely natural.

Price: US $ 2.79 (individual spoon)

Combine -o with:Dunkin DonutsHorn. The largest number of Baskin Robbins locations is connected to Dunkin.

Wendy'sWhite and white

Rang: 6

Best Fast Food -Ice -2020 Energy Memania Ranking (6)

If you have never heard of Wendy's black and white ice cream, that is probably because there is no technically.The store (each brand will do it). Then request an old chocolate frost from Wendy and Light Home.

We know that it is a bit tedious to have to prepare it, but it is worth the additional work.

Price: $ 1 (small)

Combine -with: one side of the chips you can immerse yourself in your frost

SchallShake the peanut butter oreo

Rang: 7

Best Fast Food -Ice -2020 Energy Memania Ranking (7)

It is possible that Sonic is not the first place where you can take the best fast food ice cream, but it has a complete menu dedicated to milkshakes and ice cream, which experts call "frozen zone." Icemenu, but a pleasure that we never take awayIt is the wastewater of Oreo's peanut butter.ParentsThe scene in which Lindsay Lohan is impressed with the other and an oreo cookie in a glass of Jif peanut butter.

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If you are a peanut butter fan, you can't do something wrong with Oreo Chocolate Shake or Oreo -Kesekuchen -shake, all crowned with whipped cream and a cherry.

Price: US $ 3.29 (small)

Combine -o with: soft pretzel top with cheese

Bife 'n ShakeChocolate -bananas -shake

Rang: 8

Best Fast Food -Ice -2020 Energy Memania Ranking (8)

In the past, Steak 'N Shake served something to serve "side by side." A side of the shake was a flavor and one side was different. We lost security. His place are the normal shakes, half of the fun, butJust like delicious. Our voice goes to the Shake Banana chocolate by simplicity and the classic flavor. Sortedly, refreshing this mixed drink and complements well with a rich chocolate.

If you are a fan of this (you will be), you must try the strawberry banana and the best banana milk milkshakes.

Price: US $ 3.69

Combine -o with: Frisco Melch

Chick-fil-AIce sleep cone

Rang: 9

Best Fast Food -Ice -2020 Energy Memania Ranking (9)

Chick-Fi-A is known by the classics to use chicken sandwich, C tenders and potatoes that serve in a sugar cone are not necessary to enjoy. It is worth the base of most desserts in Chick-Fu-A, which serves as the basis for your milk and frozen lemonade.

Some clients complain that the ice dream melts very quickly.D, we will see them in).

Price: US $ 1.49 (small)

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Combine -o with: original chicken sandwich

MC DonaldsMcFlurry

Rang: 10

Best Fast Food -Ice -2020 Energy Memania Ranking (10)

The easiest way to put McDonald's ice cream in your hands is to do it yourself.ZapdosWhat is the point?

We even argue that it was placed on the list because it is almost impossible to find a place where the ice cream is not "broken." And from Broken Twitter Doyle: "I used to have worked in McDonald's. Ice, the machine was never bankrupt.It lasts only three hours, so we said it was without money, so we do not have to serve them. "Viral Tweet, the current employees and ex -mcdonald's interfered to confirm the validity of the declaration of will, so that it has it.

Price: US $ 2.39 (regular)

Combine -To Con: Chips Francés

Rey BurgerVanishing

Rang: 11

Best Fast Food -Ice -2020 Energy Memania Ranking (11)

Burger King literally tries to dive the fingers of the feet in all areas of fast food (cough, tacos), but they are not a master of anyone. Anex a: your ice cream. Initially it is a failure, but it is only worse when you getA deformed white border, which is already melted that is in a sugar cone. If you ask for a BK dessert, remove a shake or Apple foot shake.

Preis: $ 1

Combine -o with: an ice cream cone in another place


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