Converting double sinks to single sinks with garbage disposal: the complete guide (2023)

A double sink offers many advantages; No doubt about it! But if you have to constantly wet larger utensils, you may feel the need to convert them into a single sink.

It's no wonder so many people are looking for ways to turn double sinks into single sinks with a garbage disposal.

So without wasting too much time, let's get started!

How to turn a double sink into a single sink with a garbage disposal?

Converting double sinks to single sinks with garbage disposal: the complete guide (1)

Here is the process of converting a double sink to a single sink.

  • get the right sink

First, throw away your old plate!

If you want to avoid the hassle of converting the countertop later, you need to get the right type of sink.

For example, if you have a built-in countertop, don't go for a countertop sink! That way you can change everything without any adjustments.

  • remove all parts

Now you need to peel off everything that is not stuck under the sink. You can use rags to secure the drain pipes. Then assemble the sink according to the instructions in the manual.

  • Attach the garbage disposal

Take a P siphon kit from one of the drain tubes to the waste outlet. And then you need to cut the other drain pipe.

If there is a leak, you can call a plumber to fix the problem or replace the hardware with a new one. Watching this video will help you a lot!

How do I install a garbage disposal in a bowl sink?

If your single sink doesn't have a garbage disposal and you're considering installing one, here's how to do it.

things you need

  • a unit of elimination
  • pelacables
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • utility knife
  • a piece of clothing
  • Never


  • First, get everything under the sink and make room to work. Then turn off the breaker when you start to plug in the garbage disposal.
  • Second, get your slip joint pliers; Disconnect the P-trap and the drain extension tube from the bottom of the sink. Then unscrew the floor drain coupling nut.
  • Third, remove the old caulk from the wall to make installation easier. Then rub some new caulk on the flange of the dump truck sink.
  • Fourth, it's time to insert the flange into the bottom hole of the sink. When you're done, move the back-up ring and gasket to the open flange sleeve under the sink.
  • Fifth, connect and tighten the mounting ring. Then tighten the screws properly to fix everything firmly.
  • Sixth, secure all the wires with the wire nuts. After securing them, plug them all into the cable box and close it.
  • Seventh, place the drain in the mounting ring with all the outlets pointing toward the drain tubes. Then fasten the drain hose securely.
  • Finally, squeeze all the clutches with pliers, then turn on the breaker. If there are no signs of leaks, the device is working properly.

And if you have a dishwasher, you can also connect the drains. Just make sure you squeeze the clutch correctly.

Average cost of installing a garbage disposal in a kitchen sink

Converting double sinks to single sinks with garbage disposal: the complete guide (2)

Well, the main cost of installing a new garbage disposal unit in your single sink depends on which model you buy.

You will find garbage trucks that cost between $80 and $200. There are affordable options on the market for everyone!

And if you hire a professional to install the device, you will need a little more money for that.

So if you go for a mid-size disposal system and hire a handyman, it will cost you around $250 or so.

(Video) Kitchen Makeover by Installing a New Updated Sink | DIY Sink & Faucet Replacement

However, you can reduce your plumbing costs by trying to do it all yourself. Homeowners tend to do these types of home improvement tasks all the time.

Even if it is new, you can easily install this system in your home. You just need the right guideline, that's all!

If you have a single sink with a garbage disposal and a dishwasher, there may be times when waste migrates from one unit to another.

Debris is directed to the dishwasher through the drain tube that connects to the garbage disposal.

This problem usually occurs when the disposal drive is clogged. When that happens, the garbage ends up in the dishwasher.

However, you can solve this problem with a daily maintenance routine, to be honest. All you need to do is pour hot water once a week.

In this way, rubbish and dirt melt away and your waste disposal unit always remains clean.

Also read:Dual flush kitchen sink and dishwasher installation.

Can I convert my double sink to a larger sink?

Yes, you can perform this conversion task depending on your type of countertop.

However, not all of us are mechanical experts. And so, more often than not, we call in a handyman to do our job.

(Video) How You Could Convert Double Sided Sink To Single Drain With Abilty To Easily Change Back

But what to do if you want to do homework yourself?

To help out all the DIY enthusiasts out there, we have put together this article on how to convert a double sink into a single sink along with a garbage disposal.

Now that you know the process, you are confident. I think you will be as efficient as the professionals.

Also, you don't have to replace the entire meter, but as you saw above, you have to go through a boring process, and that's a shame!

Also, the procedure is not super cheap, even if you do it all yourself! It won't bankrupt you, but you'll definitely have more money than you spent on a new one,

If you're okay with that, you can start working on this DIY project.

How do I clean my garbage collection unit?

Here are two proven methods that will keep your garbage disposal unit fresh as a daisy!

  • Use ice and citrus slices

Just take some ice cubes and half a lemon and throw them down the garbage disposal.

The ice cubes are crushed and clean the blade during this process. In addition, lemon eliminates all bad odors.

However, you can use any citrus fruit instead of lemon.

  • Pour in the vinegar and baking soda.

It is one of the most common home methods to clean your garbage truck. First, sprinkle on some baking soda and pour a cup of white vinegar into the trash.

If bubbles start to form, leave it on for at least five minutes, then rinse with hot water.

(Video) Kitchen Remodel - How to Install a Garbage Disposal on a Single Sink

Tips for Maintaining Your Garbage Disposal

If you want a trouble-free experience with your garbage disposal, you should maintain it regularly.

That's why here are some tips for you that will ensure that your disposal system receives optimal service.

  • Never turn on the water supply until the disposal system has finished grinding. You can open the water again after 10-15 seconds after the grinding is finished.
  • You should not use harsh chemicals like bleach and drain cleaners.
  • Use your garbage collection system regularly to prevent rust and corrosion.
  • After disconnecting the power, flush the system with hot water for at least 30 seconds.
  • Cut large items into smaller pieces for a better grind!

the end turned out

After converting the double sink to a single sink with the garbage disposal, you can dunk all the large pots and pans together.

In this way, your washing experience will be more efficient than ever. And after this article, the conversion process will be faster than ever!

And with proper maintenance, you can keep your system running for a long time.

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Can you replace a double kitchen sink with a single sink? ›

You cannot modify a two drain sink into a one drain sink. You will have to buy a new sink.

Can you hook up a garbage disposal with a one drain sink? ›

A garbage disposal can be installed in either a single kitchen sink or on one half of a double sink with a strainer basket in the drain of the second half of the sink. Installing a disposal on a single sink is a much simpler task, as you won't have to contend with the tie-in for the second sink.

Do you need a double bowl sink for a garbage disposal? ›

You can use the garbage disposal on one side even if the other bowl is full of water or dirty dishes.

Are double sinks outdated in kitchen? ›

Double-bowl sinks aren't generally used that way anymore, since dishwashers took over. It's also common to keep a rack in the second sink where washed items can air-dry; some double-bowl units come with an integrated cutting board that fits over one sink for extra work surface.

Can you make two sinks one? ›

It's entirely possible to replace a single sink with a double sink, although it requires a bit of work and money. Double bathroom vanities, sometimes called “his and her” sinks, can be more practical in situations where two people go through their morning routines simultaneously.

Does it matter which side of sink to install garbage disposal? ›

Selecting a Side for the Garbage Disposal

This is an important decision as it cannot be changed once installed and the ergonomics of your kitchen add to its lifetime value for you and your family. To put it simply, it is your choice which side you'd like it to be installed.

Do you need an air gap for garbage disposal? ›

According to proper plumbing code, air gaps are required during the installation of dishwashers and garbage disposals. The line that runs from the dishwasher drain is connected to the air gap, and then another runs from the air gap to the garbage disposal.

Do you need a separate drain for garbage disposal? ›

Many garbage disposals will require a new sink drain flange, which consists of the metal disk at the drain entrance at the bottom of the sink as well as a short length of pipe that extends below the sink, where the drain attaches.

Does a garbage disposal need to be higher than drain pipe? ›

The drain into the wall needs to be below that of the disposal and sink, there's no way to beat gravity with this. Your options are to: Raise the disposal output (with a different disposal)

Are all sinks compatible with garbage disposals? ›

Although a garbage disposal might fit your sink, that doesn't mean it's compatible. A plumber will be able to tell you if your sink is compatible with garbage disposals. You must also check if your community allows for garbage disposals. Not all areas have sewage systems that are compatible with food waste.

Why do Americans have garbage disposals in their sinks? ›

Garbage disposals are popular in homes because they are convenient; in many cases, plates can be cleaned of directly into the sink instead of the trash can. Many modern homes are built with a garbage disposal attached to the kitchen sink drain.

Which is better a double bowl sink or single? ›

The size of the sink is always dictated by the sink base cabinet, so when you have limited counter space, a double bowl sink may provide the storage and drying area needed. Using a single bowl sink in a small kitchen also maximizes counter space, providing more prep room and counter storage than with a larger sink.

Does the garbage disposal go on the same side as the dishwasher? ›

This places the unit up higher under the sink and leaves more clearance under the disposal. I agree that the disposal, if you're going to have one, belongs on the wash side rather than the rinse side -- assuming you're doing a two-basin technique, which many people haven't learned or distrust for some reason.

What sinks are in style 2022? ›

Belfast, Butler, and farmhouse style sinks are here to stay in 2022 as ceramic sinks are set to be one of the most popular kitchen trends again this year,” says Beesley. “Their iconic deep basin design can help transform any kitchen into a more classic and traditional space.

Are double sinks better for resale? ›

As a general rule, if you have a large enough space for a double vanity that will still allow for adequate counter and storage space then certainly two sinks would be most desirable both for practical use as well as for resale value.

What is the most popular kitchen sink style? ›

Double Basin/Bowl Sink

The most popular type of kitchen sink arrangement, dual basins allow for washing on one side and rinsing or drying on the other side.

Why do Americans need double sinks? ›

The most common reason to choose a double sink is that you need more space because you share the bathroom with another person. "Couples these days usually prefer the idea of two sinks for one simple reason," architect Thayer Hopkins told Houzz. "They lead busy lives and need access to the bathroom at the same time."

What is the point of a second sink? ›

A Second Sink Makes Cleanup A Breeze

Pots, pans, dishes and utensils are all stacked haphazardly in your small sink, threatening to topple over at any moment – and you have to do the washing. A second sink, especially if positioned nearby your main sink, can make cleanup a whole lot easier.

Can you put a one hole faucet in a two hole sink? ›

Can you put a one-hole faucet in a two-hole sink? Yes, you can put a one-hole faucet in a two-hole sink. It is just a case of determining which hole it is and designing the faucet to fit that situation.

How much does Home Depot charge to install a garbage disposal? ›

Home Depot – The garbage disposal installation cost from Home Depot is approximately $119. However, this does not include the added cost of a garbage disposal unit, which costs an average of $161, bringing it to a total cost of $280.

What should go only into garbage disposals? ›

What Can You Put Down a Garbage Disposal? Soft or liquid foods. A general rule to keep in mind is that if you can feed it to your baby, you can put it down your garbage disposal. Many solid foods, such as vegetables (without peels) or fruits, can also go into the appliance.

Where does the stuff go when you put it down the garbage disposal? ›

Assuming it's not fished out of sewer systems as part of a food-based blockage, whatever goes through your disposal system gets churned with all the other material heading into wastewater treatment plants.

What should you never put down a garbage disposal? ›

Here are 7 things you should not put in a garbage disposal:
  1. Coffee Grounds. This is one of the biggest no-no's when it comes to a garbage disposal or any drainage system. ...
  2. Grease. ...
  3. Eggshells in Disposal. ...
  4. Onion Skins. ...
  5. Potato Peels in a Garbage Disposal. ...
  6. Hard Foods. ...
  7. Dry Expandable Foods.
27 Sept 2022

Do garbage disposals attract roaches? ›

Any food that gets stuck in your garbage disposal's grinding mechanism will rot, giving off scents that attract bugs like cockroaches and ants. And since your garbage disposal is hidden beneath the sink, you can't see it to tell it is dirty.

When should you not install a garbage disposal? ›

Also, the piping is usually cast iron and this pipe is rough and catches debris. Overall if you have an older home we suggest not to install disposal unless you want the cost of having to call a Winter Park plumber on a regular basis to clean your kitchen drains.

Does a dishwasher drain have to go through the garbage disposal? ›

A dishwasher does not have a separate drain as part of your home's plumbing system. Instead, it drains through the disposal. That includes any food debris washed off the plates and bowls during the cleaning cycle. When the disposal is draining slowly or is clogged, those problems can affect the dishwasher.

Does a garbage disposal have a vent? ›

Air Gap Vents

It is connected to the dishwasher and the garbage disposal unit, if applicable. In simple terms, an air gap stops contaminated water from getting into drinking water by the use of a gap of air between the drain and the fresh water supply.

Where does the dishwasher drain if you don't have a garbage disposal? ›

When there is no garbage disposal present, the dishwasher hose should run down from the air gap or high loop and connect to the sink drain by means of a drain tailpiece with a branch fitting. The dishwasher hose is fitted onto the ribbed branch fitting and secured with a hose clamp.

Which type of pipe is best for disposal of drainage water? ›

Plastic pipes are hands down by far the best option for underground drainage and sewage systems. These pipes are lightweight, corrosion resistant, easy to install, economical, highly durable, and require less maintenance than metal and concrete pipes.

How far above the floor should a sink drain be? ›

Sink discharge hole (vertical): About 16 to 20 inches above the floor; consider the drain pipe to be the vertical centerline. Sink side-to-side buffer: From the centerline, 15 inches minimum, 20 inches recommended.

What size drain is needed for a garbage disposal? ›

All garbage disposals are made to fit all kitchen sinks since all kitchen sinks have standard drain hole sizes of 3.5 to 4 inches.

Which garbage disposal is the quietest? ›

Best 1HP & quiet garbage disposal

The InSinkErator Evolution Excel is the overall best quiet continuous feed garbage disposal. It is described as ultra-quiet and features advanced SoundSeal technology. The machine is quick and easy to install with a metal EZ mount inside your kitchen cabinet.

Can you have a farmhouse sink with a garbage disposal? ›

Can a farmhouse sink have a garbage disposal? Yes, absolutely. A garbage disposal can be installed to any farmhouse sink be it a single bowl or a double bowl. In most cases, you can use the stainless steel drain attachments that come with the garbage disposal unit.

Which wire is the hot wire on a garbage disposal? ›

Connect the white (neutral) cord wire to the white (neutral) wire on the disposal, using a wire connector. Connect the black (hot) cord wire to the black (hot) wire of the disposal with a wire connector. Gently tug on each wire to make sure it is secure.

Does double sink with disposal need two P traps? ›

It is perfectly fine to have (2) “P” traps , one on eash sink of a (2) sink setup. As long as the “P” traps are not Double Trapped ( more than one trap serving a fixture ) then it is fine as long as the weir is sized correctly.

Does a double sink need 2 traps? ›

A double bathroom sink installation rarely requires more than one P-trap. The usual practice is to connect the two sinks to a tee and then feed the tee into a single P-trap, which then connects to the drain. The pipes you use to connect the sink to the P-trap are the same type the P-trap is made from.

Is it OK to put lemons in the garbage disposal? ›

Lemons and limes are great for cleaning your garbage disposal. After you've finished with your usual garbage disposal cleaning routine, place halves of lemon or lime in the disposal and run it. This will not only help to clean the disposal but will also give it a fresh, citrusy scent.

Why do Europeans not have garbage disposals? ›

Cities like New York—along with many governments in Europe —banned disposals altogether, arguing that the added food waste would overtax the water-treatment system.

What country has the best garbage disposal? ›

Germany. Germany is leading the way in waste management and recycling. With the introduction of their recycling scheme the country has been able to reduce their total waste by 1 million tons every year. Germany recycles 70% of all waste produced, this is the most in the world.

What is the easiest kitchen sink to keep clean? ›

Porcelain, Ceramic and Fireclay Kitchen Sinks

Their non-porous and high gloss finish makes the sinks stain-resistant and fairly easy to keep clean using normal everyday household cleaning products.

What is the most common kitchen sink size? ›

Standard-sized kitchen sinks measure 22 inches by 30 inches.

While the front-to-back measurement of the sink typically remains the same (roughly 22 inches) due to the size of most cabinets, the length of various kitchen sinks can vary immensely. This size range will cover most of the options you'll find when shopping.

Should the garbage disposal be on the left or right side? ›

The disposal is supposed to be right side. If your dishwasher on left side. Your disposal is supposed to be left side. If you do not have any dishwasher.

Can a garbage disposal make your dishwasher stink? ›

Clean the Garbage Disposal

There is a good chance the garbage disposal is the true cause of your odorous dishwasher. If this is the case, it won't take long to find out as you will be inundated by odor as soon as you detach the hose from the disposal.

Is it better to have one sink or two in kitchen? ›

Double sinks work best in kitchens that have plenty of counter space. You can also find double sinks with a low divider (only about halfway high) which almost gives you the “best of both worlds” (i.e. eliminates the problem of washing large pots and pans because they'll fit better in this type of double sink).

Which is better double sink or single sink in kitchen? ›

Single bowl sinks are ideal for small kitchen with limited countertop space; while double sink bowl is perfect if there is a lot of cooking and washing up activity happening and if the countertop space allows for a double sink.

How much does it cost to convert double vanity to single? ›

HomeAdvisor estimates that adding a double sink vanity can cost anywhere from $750 to $3,200.

Are two kitchen sinks necessary? ›

Having one sink in your home is needed, but having two sinks can be very helpful for those who cook more. This allows you to have more space for cleaning and preparing and helps you keep the two actions separate for better cleanliness overall. However, it depends on how much you would use it.

Why do people like double sinks in the kitchen? ›

The double-bowl kitchen sink isn't just for washing and rinsing dishes. It allows you to accomplish many everyday kitchen jobs with ease and efficiency. Let potatoes soak on one side, while filling up a pot on the other. On a busy weekday evening, defrost a ready-made meal and clean the breakfast dishes simultaneously.

What side should the garbage disposal be on? ›

Our kitchen sink has a large, deep side, and a small, shallower side. Which side is more appropriate to install the disposal in? There is a significant advantage to installing the garbage disposal on the shallow side. This places the unit up higher under the sink and leaves more clearance under the disposal.

Is it better to have a single or double vanity? ›

Deciding Between Single and Double Vanities. Double bathroom vanities with tops offer all the benefits of a vanity times two, providing space for two individuals to get ready each morning, less stress about sharing the bathroom, and more convenience and flexibility overall.

Why do bathrooms have double sinks? ›

The most common reason to choose a double sink is that you need more space because you share the bathroom with another person. "Couples these days usually prefer the idea of two sinks for one simple reason," architect Thayer Hopkins told Houzz. "They lead busy lives and need access to the bathroom at the same time."

Do you really need a double vanity? ›

There's a common assumption that master bathrooms must have a double vanity. While it's true that most homeowners do choose to include two sinks or a double vanity in their bathroom remodel, there are times when one sink is actually preferred and has a few great benefits as well. Privacy.

What is the advantage of a single bowl kitchen sink? ›

Pros of Single Bowl Sinks

It's big enough to wash large pots, pans, and sheet pans. It's still versatile; if you want to, say, have a section of hot, soapy water, you can put a temporary dish basin in the sink. The garbage disposal is situated to catch all the food debris in the sink.

Why do Americans have two sinks? ›

Double sinks are handy when you have a couple who both are getting ready to go out at the same time; brushing their teeth, hair, whatever. Double sinks are relatively common in upper-middle class and above homes, particularly those constructed in the last few decades.

What is the advantage of a 60/40 sink? ›

The pros of an offset sink (commonly referred to as 60/40 proportion) are that it gives you the flexibility of still having two compartments, but including enough space to wash pots and pans in the larger basin.


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