Gurgling Drain – A Warning Sign of Sewer and Drain Problems (2023)

Gurgling drains shouldn't exist if you have a normal, fully functioning plumbing system. Drain lines should not make gurgling noises when you drain or pour sewage into the pipe. This type of noise is common and very common in many homes. However, you might mistakenly think that gurgling noises are part of how a drainage system works. In fact, a gurgling sound is one of the most noticeable early signs of a blocked drain.

If your drains are making that gurgling noise, it's because the water isn't able to flow freely in the pipe. When you dump a large volume of sewage, the air in front of that water moves forward, creating a vacuum behind it. In a normal drain line, water flows fast enough without clogging to allow air in the pipe to enter the pipe.behind the water. With a partial clog, the air struggles to flow directly. It has to go through the water for the drain to work, hence the drains gurgling.

An easy way to understand the cause of gurgling drains is to read the simple example below. The same principle applies when you dip the end of a straw in a glass of water. If you cover the other end of the straw with your finger and lift it, the water in the straw will not leak. There is no air to replace the water so it stays where it is in the straw and appears to defy gravity. If it partially blocks the straw, drainage will be slow. If you take your finger away, the water will drain immediately.

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Failure to properly vent drain lines will prevent air from flowing properly into a drain line. This creates a vacuum in the drain lines. This will also cause you to have bubbling drain lines. For this reason, fresh air intake lines are an essential part of any drainage system.

Why a gurgling drain is a sign of a serious drain problem on the street

If your drain lines are noisy, the first thing to think about is a partial clog. But gurgling drains could indicate a more serious problem with the main sewer line. Let's not forget that every plumbing in your house has its own drain, a drain branch. But all those branches eventually end up down the drain in your main house. The main house drain is connected to your house drain. Your home sewer is connected to the municipal wastewater treatment system.

A partial clog in a secondary drain line is almost always easier to clear. If the problem occurs in a bathroom, the culprits are likely hair or soap scum. In the case of gurgling kitchen drains, the clog likely contains food debris and grease build-up. If you hear the same noise in the bathroom, the prime suspects are toilet paper or feminine hygiene products. However, a main drain line often presents more complex problems. A partially blocked main line can occur due to damaged pipes, intruding tree roots, and even rust build-up and loosening inside the pipe.

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Why a gurgling drain should be considered a serious problem

Gurgling drains don't seem like a big deal to you, they're easy to miss. But it needs to be dealt with by you immediately to avoid bigger problems. Complete clogging and sewage accumulation can be avoided if early signs of disruption are taken seriously. With gurgling drains, sewage can still flow slowly.

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If you use the same fixture every day with a partial clog, the buildup of food debris, toilet paper, and rust will only make the clog worse. Ultimately, your negligence will result in a full ban.

If a full clog occurs, chances are you have standing water throughout the house. A complete clog in a main sewer makes the problem even worse as you are now completely without a sewer.

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A complete blockage of the drain line always seems to happen at the worst possible time. On a holiday, when the company ends, at a big party. The reason is simple. You and your guests pour more waste water into the system. The time to fix a minor drain problem is before a major event occurs in your home. Not after you've panicked, lost the facility and now need an after hours emergency drain cleaning service.

Fast and reliable remedy for blockages at home

Regardless of where the gushing drains are, an immediate response is always better. You can try removing the blockage with a plunger or hand drill before it grows. Both are available at your local hardware store, but they rarely solve serious drainage problems.An electric canal snakeIn the wrong hands, it can damage hoses and lines if misused. You can also use a homemade vinegar and hot water cleaning solution to remove grease or food residue from your kitchen sink. A good preventative measure is to unclog the bathroom or shower drains to remove hair and soap residue. Try to delegate this, it can be awkward!

Balkan Sanitary will soothe your gurgling drains

Some plumbing problems don't necessarily require professionals. With a little careful inspection and handling, you can likely locate, and possibly repair, gurgling drains in an hour or two. This is especially true when the problem occurs in a secondary drain. However, you can't go wrong by calling a professional plumber. The good thing is that a professional is a person who is qualified to conduct a thorough inspection, notice the smallest problem, recognize possible warning signs, and know the right method to fix a drain problem.

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Another important point is that a professional always has the right tools for the job. No matter how severe or minor the damage, a plumber will know what tools to use and how to use them properly. If you have gurgling drains regardless of location, it's best to leave them to Balkan plumbing. It can happen in the kitchen sink, in the bathroom, or even in the main sewer pipe.

Regardless of the location or the nature of your drainage problem, Balkan Plumbing will conduct a thorough inspection and look for related problems before attempting the actual repair. Only when all problems are identified and the root cause of the problems are located do Balkan professionals do what they do best: making sure every piece of your installation works as it should.

Trust Balkan for all your drainage needs

Gurgling drains and clogs are among the most common plumbing problems. Balkan has been in the sewer and drainage business for over 65 years. Balkan has more than enough experience, knowledge, technicians and equipment to solve both the most difficult and the simplest drainage problems. A thorough inspection is key; Balkan uses sophisticated HD sewer cameras to pinpoint the exact location of partial or full blockages, leaks, cracks, corrosion and anything else going on in the drain.

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Our technicians can also determine the right tools for the job based on the degree of corrosion, pipe diameter and distance from the access point. There is no more guesswork to a plumbing job and therefore a Balkan repair is more time efficient. If you need expert drainage or service advice,Contact the Balkan Drainage Team.


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