Hot water does not work in the kitchen: arrangement for sinks or blow (2023)

Hot water that does not go out in the sink is a problem. If you are used to using hot water, you may not want to try cold water.

His critical kitchen work, such as performing dishes, washing fruits and delaying cleaning, not just the risk of diseases because cold water cannot completely kill water and bacteria.

Therefore, it is important to ensure that hot water is available in your kitchen for various activities.

Causes of hot water that do not work in the kitchen

Several reasons can make the kitchen sinks do not have hot water.

Hot water may not work in the kitchen, since low water pressure, a lot of water locking, several devices that work at the same time, a tube of broken sauce or sediments that block the teapot tank.Locks or has a plumber called above to check the tubes.

Let's examine these causes in detail.

1. Low water pressure

You will not receive hot water in your kitchen if the water has no pressure. The pressure is crucial for the water pioneer to work on its best side.

In a measurement device known as the pressure gauge, water pressure should be at least between 1 and 1.5 bar. The measurement device is usually where heating is connected to the water supply tubes.

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2. Use a lot of water

Using a lot of water in your kitchen can lead to a good lack of water in the kitchen from time to time.

This is caused that hot water is very small for its great water consumption needs.

If hot water leaders get older, they do not work as before and only a small water consumption can operate.

3. Several hot water devices that work at the same time

In the kitchen, you may not have hot water when the hot shower runs or if another hot water opens in the house.

4. a sediment structure in hot water.

Sediments made of loose minerals such as oxide and water supply sand at the bottom of the hot water.

These minerals spill water in the heating source tank, located at the bottom of the tank.

5. Pipo broken breakdown

With this tube, cold water can move to the bottom of the tank to heat. If the tube is broken, cold water remains in the tank, which means it does not heat.

The causes of hot water do not work in the kitchen, but anywhere else is

Several reasons can make your cooking the only place in your home without hot water.

1. Touch block

If there is no hot water in your kitchen, but there is everywhere in the house, there may be a block between hot water and sink.

This may be the result of waste and a closed valve in the tubes that prevents hot water from flowing.

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2. Cartack problems

As a general rule, this is common in action cuisine accessories, in which cartridges are installed to control the amount of hot and cold water, based on the way the tap is rotated.

Over time, the cartridge collect debris that finally cause blockages. This can causeTaps without hot waterIn your kitchen.

When these blocks occur, it prevents hot water from coming out of its tap, which makes it the only outlet of water without hot water from the house.

3. Blocking in water pipes

Tubes that connect water to your kitchen can block and prevent hot water from passing through the kitchen tap.

How to repair the lack of hot water in the kitchen

1. If the pressure is the cause factor, it may completely increase the valve opening when it is half protected. If water in the tank is not much, it can pump water to increase pressure. The regulatory authorities are replaced to maintain high pressure from water.

2. Avoid using hot water in the kitchen for a long time can avoid using cold water. If you do not allow many taps to work at the same time, this can avoid using cold water in the kitchen.

This is because the hot water pilot can heat the water used, which is not excess. The alternative can be replaced by hot water with a more advanced that can heat a lot of water.

3. To eliminate sediments based on the bottom of the tank, the tank can be drained and rinsed completely to eliminate loose minerals such as oxide and sand.

When eliminating sediments, more space is administered in the tank so that the water can be heated properly. The repair of a broken diving tube can easily move cold water to heat at the bottom of the tank

4. To solve problems in the cartridge, it must be removed and clean from the tap, and the water supply of the tap must also come out.

Second, the tap sleeve should be removed with a screwdriver. Third, the cartridge should be removed from the tap with a needle and then soaked in vinegar to eliminate the entire mineral structure.

If the water does not warm later, the cartridge should be replaced. To expand this, the obstructed taps can be cleaned during the night of vinegar immersion to soften the mineral structure.

How do I worry about your hot water situations?

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1.Inspect your hot water system

The hot water system should be checked from top to bottom at least once a month.

You should always look for wear, cracks or cars.

It is an easy task to serve a maximum of five minutes that can save money if you deal with problems before deteriorating.

If you inspect your hot water system and find a maintenance task you don't feel for yourself, it is important to call a plumber instead of doing so and possibly causing more damage.

2. Get annual professional services

You don't always expect a problem to call your plumbing. Be sure to call a plumber to operate your entire water system at least once a year.

This is the only way to ensure that the system is actually executed as it should and maintain possible problems before it becomes important problems.

3. Be careful with gardening in your water system

If your water system is in a grass area on your farm, always be careful when working in the area.

For example, Scottish grass cutters and shipper can damage tubes that bring water to their system by causing cracks and abolishing.

4. Turn off the hot tank water system when it is a little

If you leave for a week or less, do not use this advice, but if you leave for more than a week, turn off the tank water system.

The tank continues to warm up water that does not use. The system stores the system for a long period of time and saves gas and electricity.

5. Check the relief valve

To inspect the relief valve, manual needs. If you don't have it manually, you can search the system on Google and find the manual online.

In general, it is important that this valve operates correctly, as it has been designed in such a way that it relies on the excess pressure that accumulates in the hot water tank. Inspection should always be performed at least every six months.

6. insulating tubes

The tubes connected to the hot water processor should be isolated, which is particularly important in winter if pipes can reach very cold temperatures.

Isolated tubes prevent water from freezing the tubes, which protects them from the explosion.

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