How to unclog grease clogged drain (2023)

We humans may have the best of intentions, but we still live in a throwaway society. We waste food, throw away leftovers, dump garbage into overflowing bins destined for landfills, and throw unwanted food and kitchen waste down the drain.

The consequence for the installation of our house? At some point, our kitchen drain tells us it's had enough when it becomes clogged with grease, oil, grease and food grime and soap. Once your drain is clogged and grease is clogging your sink, it's very difficult, frustrating (and smelly) to clean. However, it is possible to solve this unpleasant problem yourself. Our guide tells you everything you need to know about a clogged drain, how to fix it, and most importantly, how to prevent it from happening again in the future.

Where does the fat come from?


Fat, oil and fat are common by-products of a large number of foods, e.g. For example, meat, dairy products, rice, coffee grounds, eggshells and vegetables cooked in oil. Basically, anything that is used to prepare or cook food can contribute to grease clogging a drain. Even if you are very careful and keep the drain hole clean, you may not notice an increasing buildup of grease in the drain tube until it becomes a much bigger problem.


Most soaps are made from animal or vegetable fats, which behave in the same way as fats, oils and fats in food. Soapy grease builds up with leftover grease and they all conspire to create your almighty smelly grease clogged drain. (By the way, fat-free soaps are readily available, only few people know about them!)

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Where does fat accumulate?

They aresinkit's like Wembley Stadium for grease, oil, grease and sand. They are found in food residues, which are also washed down the drain and innocently poured down the sink, especially when there is warm soapy water to facilitate the passage.

What happens further down the pipeline?

However, further down the pipe, the warm water quickly cools and the water continues to flow, but the fats and oils begin to solidify when exposed to the cold water and air in the pipes. Here the fat tends to float on top of the water and over time it starts to cover the top of the tube.

As more and more grease, oils and fats go down the drain, they build up and become clogged. You can see how this grease can eventually completely clog the drain, causing sudden overflows.

And that's the problem; Grease runs down the drain unnoticed. It doesn't seem to be a problem, until it is. And now you have a BIGlock in your hands.

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How do I know if my drain is clogged with grease?

Typically, a clogged drain will start to drain slowly and make gurgling noises. You may notice an unpleasant odor in the general sink area. These are your warning signs; So pay close attention to them and follow the steps below to avoid a major accident. This gives you plenty of time to clear the clog without taking the sink out of service.

However, if the clog drain is too far away, it is more likely that you will have problems and overflow water, causing inconvenience to everyone.

How to remove grease from drain pipes

The method you use to unclog the drain depends on the severity of the clog. We've listed the following five remedies in order from easiest and cheapest to hardest, most expensive, or harmful to your pipes (i.e. a chemical cleaner that can be harmful not only to your pipes, but to your skin and the environment. ). environment). 🇧🇷

1. Pour boiling water down the drain
If you're trying to unclog a grease clog yourself and you know your plumbing system is made of metal pipes and not plastic, try running hot water down the drain to rinse it out. If you have plastic pipes, do not attempt this as you risk softening or melting the connections.

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2. Hot water and vinegar
A 50:50 mixture of boiling water and vinegar works similarly to a commercial chemical plunger (and is just as effective). The best thing about a homemade vinegar and water mixture is that it is non-toxic and much less corrosive than commercial drain cleaners. The boiled water will melt any grease that is stuck to the inside walls of the pipes, and the vinegar will remove it. Try another dose a few minutes later if it doesn't work the first time.

3. Use a plunger
A piston works to force air through standing water and unclog the clog. This is usually a short-term fix that clears the clog for a short time, but doesn't clear it like the previous fix.

4. compressed air
You can use compressed air or a CO2 drain gun if you feel the drain tube needs power to clear. It essentially breaks up the clog and pushes the leftovers down and away. We recommend considering this after trying the first three ideas.

5. Hydroelectric channel jet
If you have experience with any of these babies, give them a try. You can rent a jet from a hardware store, but if you're inexperienced and have tried the above methods, we recommend calling a professional plumber (they might use one of their own). If you don't know what you're doing with a hydrojet, you could make a mistake or even injure yourself.

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External drain clogged with grease

If your external drain is clogged, you should check that you or your water company is responsible before fixing it. To readWhat to do if the external drain is clogged?for more information

This will prevent grease from clogging the drain again.

It is always better to be safe than sorry. So think about the following and you won't have to worry about a grease clogged drain:

  • The basic principle is that the only way your drain will get clogged with a mixture of grease, grease, oil and sand is if you put these items down it. Therefore, do not let fats, oils, grease, eggshells, coffee grounds or food waste go down the drain.
  • Before washing the dishes, throw them away
  • Use a dishwasher instead of rinsing. It is much more efficient and economical.
  • Add a grease trap to the kitchen sink. It's a metal or silicone strainer that allows water to run down the drain but acts as a barrier for larger, more solid items. This is a game changer and also very cheap to buy online.
  • Before washing the dishes, clean them with kitchen paper. This is great for cleaning up any grease residue that could be causing the issues mentioned above.
  • Save excess fats and oils when cooking and reuse them the next time you cook - don't waste, don't want.
  • If you have particularly greasy dishes to wash, you can soak them in a degreasing or vinegar-based detergent before washing. That way, the fat will disappear before you even see the drain.

Sometimes you need a professional plunger

If you are faced with stubbornly clogged pipes, maybe you just bought a property and need one.professional opinion- you definitely shouldbring an expertto diagnose problems and clean your drains. our bathroom anddrainage insuranceIt's extremely helpful for homeowners and homeowners alike, as drainage issues can present some very tricky (and tricky) problems when you're trying to solve them yourself.

common questions

What is the best fat remover?

Our first recommendation is to try a homemade mixture of boiling water and vinegar. It works just as well as a standard plunger without the risk of damage, corrosion and environmental damage.

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How to get rid of a greasy sink?

Here are five alternatives to harmful caustic cleaners:
1. Pour boiling water down the drain
2. Use hot water and vinegar
3. Use a Plunger for a Short Term Fix
4. Compressed air or a CO2 release gun
5. Hydro Channel Jet – Only if you have experience

What is the best homemade plunger?

Use a 50:50 mixture of boiling water and white vinegar. Hot water will melt the fat; The vinegar will remove it from the lining of the pipes and the stream of water will carry it down the pipe, so follow up with more hot water in a few minutes.

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