How will Stranger Things end? Biggest Season 5 Theories (2023)

WARNING! This article contains spoilers forweird thingsSeason 4, Volume 2!

With the final episodes of season 4 now streaming on Netflix, there is a lot of speculation as to howweird thingsSeason 5 concludes the popular series.weird thingsdebuted in 2016 as a breakout hit for Netflix, and the sci-fi show quickly became one of the most popular, if not the most popular original series on the streaming service. Over time, the scope and stakes of the series, including its massive budget, have grown exponentially. WithStranger Things season 4 finale revolves around HawkinsFrom Ground Zero to the Upside Down raid, Season 5 will see the entire extended team face their biggest challenge yet.

weird thingsSeason 1 began with 12-year-old Will Byers kidnapped by a mysterious creature after playing Dungeons & Dragons with his friends, while 12-year-old Eleven escaped from Hawkins National Laboratory at the same time. As events unfold,weird things' characters engaged in a battle with beings from another dimension, the Upside Down, in which the alternate world seeks a complete takeover of Hawkins. Hawkins' use of struggles with the Upside Down only worsened over the course of the series, which included the deaths of many loved ones.weird thingscharacters. As the Upside Down gains more and more advantage over Hawkins,weird thingsit escalated into a massive apocalyptic battle towards the end of season 5.

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OStranger Things season 4 endsleft things on a convincing cliffhanger announcing Hawkins' downfall, with the series' main villain Vecna/One/Henry Creel officially breaking the barrier between the two worlds. While Vecna's physical body was presumably dead,weird thingsThe season 4 finale hinted that he might find a host in Will Byers and/or Max Mayfield to carry out his relentless plan to destroy humanity. However,weird things', co-creators Matt and Ross Duffer revealed that the series will end satisfactorily for the characters, hinting that Hawkins will emerge victorious in the series finale. With viewers now speculating on how such a victory could be achieved, here's a breakdown of the biggest theories as to how.Stranger Things season 5 ends.

Eleven will sacrifice herself to destroy The Upside Down

How will Stranger Things end? Biggest Season 5 Theories (1)

Perhaps the biggest theory forweird thingsThe season 5 finale establishes that Eleven will sacrifice herself to destroy the Upside Down and save the world. Elf opened the door that allowed Vecna ​​access to the world, and his powers seemed to be the only way to close the barrier forever. From eleven o'clock, the individual goals were closed in advanceweird thingsThe seasons put incredible pressure on her, and using her powers to completely shut down the barrier could end up killing her. I hadweird thingsIf the first season had been a miniseries as it originally premiered, it would have beenended with Eleven's death, so season 5he could reuse that idea in his ending to save Hawkins.

The Entire Stranger Things Series Is Revealed To Be A Kid's D&D Campaign

How will Stranger Things end? Biggest Season 5 Theories (2)

One of the more controversial (and far less likely) fan theories aboutweird thingsThe season 5 finale hints that the finale will reveal that the entire series was just an elaborate Dungeons & Dragons campaign by Mike, Will, Dustin, and Lucas. This theory fits the stereotype “all was a dream" o "inserted"Twist Ending" - and would be very similar to Wes Craven's original planNightmare on Elm Streetending, but it wouldn't stay true to howweird things“Emotional stories are advanced. However, instead of making the entire plotweird thingsFalse, the ending can still feature the adult or youth versions of the characters playing another round of D&D after defeating the Upside Down.

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Kali will return to help Eleven finally defeat Vecna.

How will Stranger Things end? Biggest Season 5 Theories (3)

WhileKali AKA Eight Did Not Return In Stranger Things Season 4, a popular theory says that he will return at the end of the fifth season for the final fight against Vecna. Other than Eleven, Kali was the only girl from Hawkins Lab to survive One's massacre, as she had already fled the facility before his attack. While Eleven was unable to defeat Vecna's control using only her own powers.weird thingsAt the end of season 4, he can do it by collaborating with Kali in season 5. Since Kali shows one of Vecna's powers that none of the others"siblings” shared, their combined abilities with Elevens may ultimately be how One/Henry Creel is destroyed.

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Stranger Things characters travel back in time to undo their mistakes

How will Stranger Things end? Biggest Season 5 Theories (4)

One of the most plausible theories forStranger Things season 5 finalepull a page two MCUAvengers Endgameplans to save the world. in this theoryweird thingsThe characters, particularly Eleven, travel back in time to undo their mistakes of not destroying Vecna ​​and The Upside Down.weird thingsSeason 4 revealed that the Upside Down is trapped on November 6, 1983, the date Eleven opened the door and Will Byers was abducted by a Demogorgon, making it the perfect day to order one."full circle"Fim.

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weird thingsSeason 4 already introduced the concept of time travel to be used by the characters (sort of), so Eleven could use Vecna's time travel abilities to return to the fateful day.The Upside Down is stuck in 1983. If that's the case, Eleven could avoid touching the Demogorgon in the void and open a gate between Hawkins and the Upside Down, which would also prevent Will Byers from being captured and Vecna ​​from dying again. . This would inevitably create a new timeline forweird thingsThat would take away a lot of the show's brightest moments, but it might also be the only way to destroy the Upside Down and save the world.

Hawkins characters will defeat The Upside Down (with minimal fatalities)

How will Stranger Things end? Biggest Season 5 Theories (5)

weird thingsThe season 4 finale showed theDeath of some notable characters like Eddie Munson, but many are expecting a bigger bloodbath by the end of the series. In the final battle against the Upside Down,weird thingsIt is predicted that he will kill some main characters like Eleven, Hopper, Steve, Jonathan, Will and others as they sacrifice themselves to save the world. However,weird thingsThe dark ending of season 4 sets the stage for a happier ending, as death isn't necessary for a meaningful conclusion.

Working towards a happy and normal life, Elf realized that she would never be a "Monsterthen she kills herweird thingsThe ending would reverse his evolution into someone other than a superhero capable of mass destruction. Also a satisfying ending toweird things' wouldn't require too many characters to die as they could all work togetherStop Vecna ​​Inverted Planewithout the mission being largely fatal. As such an important theory forweird thingsThe season 5 finale hints that the characters Eleven and Hawkins will finally defeat the Upside Down/Vecna, but it won't require the massive casualties many fear.

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Will's death kills Vecna ​​and closes the portal in his head.

How will Stranger Things end? Biggest Season 5 Theories (6)
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like elfweird thingsSeason 1 began and is supposed to end with Will's association with The Upside Down. In the last moments ofweird thingsIn Season 4, Will felt his neck tingle when he revealed that Vecna ​​was undefeated and would not stop until he defeated everyone and everything. Vecna ​​already hadWill possessed in Stranger Things season 2, with many theories speculating that Will could be used as another host inweird thingsSeason 5, especially since Henry Creel's physical body is believed to have been destroyed.

When Will sacrifices himself at the endweird thingsSeason 5, as long as Vecna ​​inhabits her, could take down the series' villain for good. Just as it took multiple deaths to open the gates between the Upside Down and Hawkins, it may take certain deaths to close the barrier for good. Since Vecna ​​and Will's connection is presented as a major plot pointweird thingsThe season 5 prediction is that the series finale will involve a fight to the death between the two only to finally give up.Henry Creel's powersabout him.

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weird thingsSeason 4 can be watched on Netflix.

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What Will happen at the end of Stranger Things season 5? ›

At the end of the finale, he was also reunited with his superpowered would-be daughter, Eleven, as the whole adventuring party prepares to face off against Vecna in the final battle for Hawkins, Indiana. Harbour went on to say that he believes fans are going to love the ultimate conclusion of Stranger Things.

What is the Eddie Kas theory? ›

The Eddie/Kas Theory Explained

Here, Kas is turned into the vampire lord Kas the Destroyer, before eventually escaping and attempting to defeat Vecna once again. There are many clues taken from Stranger Things season 4 that could justify Eddie's resurrection as a Kas-like figure.

Will Eddie come back in season 5? ›

While he could be bluffing, Joseph Quinn says it's “very unlikely” we'll see the return of Eddie Munson in the fifth and final season of Stranger Things.

Will Max return in season 5 Stranger Things? ›

Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink) went through the wringer in Stranger Things season 4. After a bruising battle with Vecna, we left her in a coma, fighting for her life. Max's fate is currently up in the air. We know that she'll return in season 5, but whether she'll be in fighting shape is unknown.

Is Vecna the Mind Flayer? ›

Vecna revealed in season four, he was the one who created the Mind Flayer after Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) banished him to the Upside Down. All this time, the Mind Flayer was Vecna, who was using the entity to carry out his orders and speaking through the creature.

What is the upside down theories? ›

Now, some theories suggest that Hawkins was either nuked by the U.S. government to stop the Mind Flayer and other creatures, thus creating the post-apocalyptic world known as the Upside Down, or it's the result of a nuclear holocaust.

What vampire killed Vecna? ›

At his empire's height, Vecna was betrayed and destroyed by his most trusted lieutenant, a vampire called Kas the Bloody-Handed, using a magical sword that Vecna himself had crafted for him, now known as the Sword of Kas.

Who betrayed Vecna? ›

At the height of his empire Vecna was betrayed by Kas. Kas managed to destroy the Archlich before his own death, with the Sword of Kas, a lethal blade of the Undying King's own make, leaving only Vecna's left hand and left eye behind. Vecna eventually returned and by 581, had risen to godhood.

Will Vecna revive Eddie? ›

He simply died of his wounds while Vecna was far, far away. Of course, some fans have jumped on the "Eleven's new power" train and claimed that Vecna could resurrect Eddie. While that might be theoretically possible, it really wouldn't make much sense. Vecna had no connection to Eddie whatsoever.

Is Eddie in a wheelchair forever? ›

The A Million Little Things premiere answers that question (yes), but his and wife Katherine (Grace Park) and son Theo's (Tristan Byon) lives will never be the same, as executive producer DJ Nash has said since the finale. Eddie is paralyzed, with less than a 10 percent chance of walking again.

Is Eddie gone forever? ›

In an interview on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, the writers/creators/directors confirmed that Eddie Munson is gone, and he's not coming back.

Why is Eddie still in a wheelchair? ›

On the not-so-great side: As the Season 3 premiere revealed Thursday, Eddie is paralyzed as the result of his hit-and-run, and now must rely on a wheelchair to get around. (Read a full recap.)

Will Kali be in Stranger Things 5? ›

Cut season 2 content will be in Stranger Things season 5

It also depicts Eleven exploring her past and reuniting with her old friend from Hawkins Lab, Kali.

Will Argyle be in season 5? ›

Stranger Things season 5 will primarily take place in Hawkins, leaving Argyle's role in the final installment a mystery.

Who controls Vecna? ›

We find out in episode 7 that just like how everything in the Upside Down is connected, Vecna is also deeply connected to Hawkins and Eleven. Nancy (who is still in the Upside Down with Steve) ends up under Vecna's control, and she starts seeing visions about Barb's death.

Why does Vecna need 4 kills? ›

Ultimately, it is revealed in Stranger Things season 4's finale that the reason why Vecna was killing Hawkins teenagers was to create a massive gate that merges the Right Side Up with the Upside Down - and he specifically needed four bodies to do so.

Why does Vecna want Max? ›

Of course, the real reason Max became Vecna's victim was because creators the Duffer brothers and producer/director Shawn Levy wanted to showcase Sink's talent and really allow her to get some meaty material to work with this season.

Who was Vecna before? ›

In episode 7, Vecna is revealed to be Henry Creel (played as a youngster by Raphael Luce), the son of Victor Creel (Robert Englund) and his wife Virginia (Tyner Rushing) shown in the 1950s flashbacks.

Did the upside down exist before Vecna? ›

There's been debate as to whether or not this scene implies that Eleven created the Upside Down or merely opened the first gate to it. But according to Millie Bobby Brown, the Upside Down existed before El ever meddled with it.

Who cut off Vecna hand? ›

When the party defeated Vecna and banished him, the Hand once again remained. Arkhan pretended to prepare to destroy the Hand, cut off his own left hand, somehow attuned to the artifact in an instant, and used it to Teleport away.

Why does Vecna use clocks? ›

Clocks represent a passing of time, which can represent the fact that Vecna's victims' time has nearly run out — it is no coincidence that many of the clocks are set to midnight. Throughout the series, we learn that Vecna is a human who found himself trapped in the Upside Down for years thanks to our girl, Eleven.

Why does Vecna snap bones? ›

In the real world, the victim's body floats into the air, as Vecna snaps their bones and devours their innards, leaving them mutilated and looking like a shrivelled husk. He does this as all his attacks mimic his first telepathic kill, his own mother, back when he was a human child.

What made Vecna start killing? ›

Trauma fuels him

Vecna draws power from sad and angry memories and that is the main reason he targets traumatized teens. Those teens are a well of power just there to be absorbed. This is not just a theory, Vecna himself told Eleven about the power that angry and sad memories hold.

Who did Vecna make cry? ›

Seeing Stranger Things' Vecna Made Millie Bobby Brown Cry

“They brought her up into a position where she's bound,” Bower recalled to Variety. “I walked up to her [as Vecna] and she burst into tears.

Who is Vecna killing? ›

Based on the flashback in “The Hellfire Club”, he killed an estimated 21 people: 13 lab subjects, two orderlies, two guards, Ten, Alec, Dr. Ellis, and Six. A flashback during “The Massacre at Hawkins Lab” later reveals that Vecna killed even more people in Hawkins Lab than we thought.

Is Vecna a Peter? ›

Vecna is actually Peter Ballard, played by actor Jamie Campell Bower.

Does Vecna feed off fear? ›

Vecna feeds off his victims' trauma and haunts them with their own darkest thoughts.

Does Vecna break bones? ›

If Vecna can overwhelm their victim with fear, and keep them from resisting, their fate is almost certainly sealed. In the real world, he makes the victim levitate while in their trance, before snapping their bones and neck, and crushing their eyes.

Does Eddie ever walk again? ›

But the idea that Eddie walks and runs the way he did before the accident doesn't ring true to the authenticity we try to bring to our stories. What we love about that story is the gift Rome gives Eddie in return for the day Eddie gave his friend.

Is Eddie a metal head? ›

Eddie Munson is without a doubt 2022's most beloved metalhead. The Stranger Things character, portrayed by actor Joseph Quinn, is a Dio backpatch-wearing, B.C. Rich Warlock-shredding high-school hesher who plays a ripping cover of Metallica's "Master of Puppets" in the finale of the Netflix show's fourth season.

Who shot eddies leg? ›

He merely wanted to salvage something and was convinced that there was an innocent soul inside the burning hut. The Captain shot Eddie in the leg to keep him from running further into the hut and burning to death. When Eddie finds this out he is furious with the Captain.

Will Eddie be in season 6? ›

Eddie Is Learning to 'Let Go'

Professionally speaking, Eddie is in a “good place” when we pick back up with him in Season 6, Reidel says. “He's back at the 118, and he's happier and healthier than before.

What were Eddie Munson final words? ›

The scene was gut-wrenching enough and fans cannot forget it, whether they want to or not. The kicker of it all? Eddie's final words to Dustin: "I love you, man." If those words weren't already bringing on the waterworks, Dustin tearfully replies "I love you, too." And then Eddie is gone.

Will the Duffer Brothers bring Eddie back? ›

Yes. Sorry. Eddie is definitely dead, the Duffers confirmed, squashing all hopes of a Martin Brenner-esque resurrection.

Who did Eddie have a Crush on? ›

'Stranger Things' 4 Volume 2: Eddie Did Have a Crush on Chrissy, Says Joseph Quinn. An aspect of Eddie's storyline in Stranger Things 4 that fans hoped would be explored in another universe was his relationship with Chrissy.

Was Eddie actually playing the guitar? ›

The best part? Joseph Quinn actually played some guitar in the now-famous scene in which Eddie shreds to Metallica's 1986 single, "Master of Puppets" (which has spiked to No. 1 on the charts since Stranger Things Vol. 2 dropped, BTW).

Do Regina and Rome get babies? ›

After all, they'd both agreed to no children. Then Rome changed his mind, and slowly Regina realized that she would like a baby but adopt one. It was always going to be a risk, but she was so close to having a baby of her own.

Does Max go blind? ›

“Stranger Things 4” put Sadie Sink's Max Mayfield through hell. The fan-favorite character ended the season in a coma with her bones broken and eyes blinded at the hands of Vecna.

Can Max come back to life? ›

So, did Max die? Technically, she did—if only for a moment. According to Lucas, the doctors said Max's heart stopped for over a minute, but then she came back to life.

Is Max brought back to life? ›

Physically, yes. Lucas tells his friends that Max is in a coma, and we see her wearing casts on her arms and legs. The Duffer brothers have also confirmed that at the end of Season 4, Max is alive yet "brain dead, blind, and all of her bones are broken."

Who is 006 in Stranger Things? ›

Six, portrayed by De'Jon Watts, is a recurring character in the fourth season of Stranger Things. He is one of several test subjects experimented upon at Hawkins Lab and was among those who were killed by One on September 8, 1979.

How did 008 escape Hawkins Lab? ›

Given Kali's powers, it seems pretty self-explanatory as to how she was able to escape the lab. She either made herself invisible or was able to escape after manipulating the minds and visions of the guards.

Does number 8 come back? ›

Kali's vendetta against the scientists that experimented on her was an integral part of Season 2, and she even got an entire episode devoted to her story. However, after the season finale, we never saw or heard from her again.

What happens to crazy eyes in season 5? ›

In the final episode, Crazy Eyes spends time putting heavy objects on top of herself. She's hoping to feel what Poussey felt in those final moments when she was suffocated. Crazy Eyes ends up pulling a whole bookshelf onto herself in the library, and finally she gets sent to the medical ward.

Why is Chimney not in season 5? ›

While Maddie needed to leave to accommodate Hewitt's pregnancy, Chimney's departure was completely grounded in what makes sense for the story. After everything they've been through together on the show, it would be out of character for him to accept that Maddie had left.

Who is Argyle's girlfriend in Stranger Things? ›

By 1986, due to having no friends of his own, Argyle developed a friendship with Jonathan Byers after the latter and his family moved to Lenora Hills last year. Argyle would try to help Jonathan with his relationship problems with his girlfriend, Nancy Wheeler and his plans for college.

What does the ending of Stranger Things mean? ›

As ash falls from the sky, plants and flowers die and rot and red lightning crackles through the smoke coming from Hawkins, Eleven realises that Vecna's plan worked after all. Max did die for long enough to open the gateway, and now the Upside Down – and all its monsters – is coming to the real world.

How Will Eleven defeat Vecna? ›

Fans are now theorising that the powers of both 011 and 008, who have the combined power of 001, is what is needed to finally match and defeat Vecna. To put it simply, 011 + 008 + [with the combined power of] 001 = 020, a.k.a. Erica's critical hit.

Will Will get powers in season 5? ›

The Duffer Brothers have said that season 5 will feature Will quite a bit, who as we know was the “taken” friend in season 1, lost in the Upside Down, and now retains his ability to connect to Vecna on some sort of psychic, cross-dimensional level.

What Will be the story of Stranger Things 5? ›

Stranger Things season 5 will be the story of the Upside Down. The Duffer brothers have confirmed that season 4 volume 2 will deliver lots of answers about the mysteries of Stranger Things, but one big unanswered question will be the origins of the Upside Down. That answer is coming, but not until season 5.

What did Vecna find in the upside down? ›

After gaining the upper hand and ensnaring both her and Max in his lair, Vecna recalls becoming an "explorer" in the Upside Down, a world "unspoiled by mankind." He recalls discovering the Mind Flayer, an entity he could use to "realize my potential, to transcend my human form, [and] to become the predator I was always ...

How did Vecna get through? ›

Luckily, Mike can talk to her through the layers of trances. He finally (finally) tells El he loves her, and she draws deep into her power and pushes Vecna off of Max, holding him off until Steve and Co. can attack his physical body and destroy the mind palace.

What is Vecna weakness? ›

But he does have a surprising weakness: music. Max was drawn away from his grasp thanks to her favorite song, Kate Bush's “Running Up That Hill,” and plays it on repeat as a sort of mental shield. Vecna also appears to have a connection with his victims in their deaths.

Is Vecna 11's Dad? ›

The theory claims that Vecna is Eleven's father. It first showed up on a podcast called Just The Nobodys, which was posted to TikTok. At first glance, the theory is pretty out-there, but there's actually enough evidence to give it credence.

What does Vecna say to Max? ›

When Vecna appears at the gravesite, it's first as Billy, mutilated, bloody, and eager to deepen the emotional wound that is Max's survivor's guilt. Vecna as Billy tells Max: "[L]ate at night, you have sometimes wished to follow me. Follow me into death.

Will Max awake from her coma? ›

Just at the last moment, Eleven breaks free and manages to defeat Vecna, while Steve, Nancy and Robin simultaneously manage to badly wound his physical form. A now-blinded Max wakes up but seemingly dies in Lucas's arms.

Is Will Byers a Vecna? ›

He was spared from any possessions or abductions in Stranger Things seasons 3 and 4, but the show has confirmed that Will is still connected to the Upside Down's master, Vecna.

Why does Will touch his neck? ›

In previous seasons, Will touching his neck always implied that something bad was going to happen. Because he was possessed by the Mind Flayer in Season 2, he could feel the various evil creatures -- almost like his "spidey sense" for something Upside Down-related.

Who is Eleven's dad biological? ›

According to the Stranger Things novel Suspicious Minds, Eleven's real father has been identified as Andrew Rich, Terry Ives's old boyfriend. Terry Ives, portrayed by Aimee Mullins, has been confirmed as Eleven's biological mother.

Is Millie Bobby Brown Deaf? ›

The Stranger Things actress was born with partial hearing loss, which progressed into full deafness as she grew up, which impacted her career. Millie revealed she doesn't always hear the director's 'action' cue when shooting a scene unless the director is especially loud.


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