Inside, the second wedding session of Sophie Habboo and Jamie Laing (2023)

Jamie Laing and his wife Sophie Habboo gave an amorous performance by kissing on Friday during their pre-wedding dinner in Marbella.

The couple married in front of their relatives at Chelsea Registry Office in London last month and will say yes for the second time this weekend.

Their loved ones gathered for a rehearsal dinner at the city's Trocadero Estepona restaurant.

The stars of Made In Chelsea leaned over and kissed at the table, laughing and joking with family and friends.

At one point, Jamie was also seen embracing his partner as they exchanged a silent word over a meal.

Couple: Jamie Laing and wife Sophie Habboo gave an amorous performance at their pre-wedding dinner in Marbella on Friday

Smooch: Made In Chelsea stars leaned over and kissed across the table, laughing and joking with family and friends

Celebrating: Jamie looked excited as he was seen laughing and joking with family and friends

Wedding: The couple tied the knot in front of their loved ones at Chelsea's registry office in London last month and will say yes for the second time this weekend

Sophie looked radiant this evening as she donned a long-sleeved white mini dress with scalloped detailing down the sides.

The reality star added height to her figure with a pair of matching pins with ribbon detailing and styled her hair in an updo.

Jamie opted for a laid-back outfit for the evening, wearing a black print shirt, navy blue pants and a white T-shirt.

Earlier in the day, during wedding rehearsals, the couple posed by a pool in Sotogrande, Andalusia's largest private housing estate, with an Instagram photo that read: "We're getting married tomorrow."

Sophiashe made a glamorous figure posing for a shoot while her husband Jamie was reunited with his close friendSpencer Matthewsat a party, after being absent from their legitimate wedding.

Sophie's business friend Georgie Le Roux shared a picture of the bride on Instagrambeautiful girl in a shiny golden dress with a slit to the thigh.

In another photo shared on Instagram by a friend, Jamie was smiling broadly as he posed with Spencer after it was previously revealed he was disappointed not to be invited to Jamie's first UK wedding.

Before putting on her wedding dress, Sophie posed with her bridesmaids in the estate's lush gardens.

Cozy: At one point, Jamie was also seen putting his arm around his partner as they exchanged a quiet word during a meal.

Style: Sophie looked glamorous this evening wearing a long-sleeved white mini dress with scalloped detailing down the sides

Look good: The reality TV star added height with a pair of matching pins with ribbon detailing and styled her hair in a bun

Casual: Jamie opted for a casual outfit for the evening, wearing a black print shirt, navy blue pants and a white t-shirt

The event: Sophie was all smiles as she mingled with the couple's guests at dinner

Radiant: Sophie completed her evening look with a pair of pearl earrings

Flawless: The star is also complemented by a pair of gold bracelets

Proposal: Jamie and Sophie announced in December 2021 that they were engaged

Friends: The couple was seen cuddling with their loved ones over dinner

The ladies later glistened for the night and Sophie posed for a photo getting her manicure and pedicure done.

Last month, Sophie looked stunning in a short white silk dress, veil and sunglasses for her wedding in London - ahead of a second ceremony in Spain.

The couple exchanged 18K yellow gold Delaval Knight rings, engraved with the date to mark the moment.

Sophie made an impression wearing a £3,865 off-the-shoulder Vivienne Westwood gown with The Mini Cora Cocotte corset design - inspired by Cocotte's innovative cut - which she paired with a £60 Gigi & Olive veil.

The dress was first made for the 21st birthday of Vivienne's granddaughter Cora Corré as a gown.

Happy couple: Jamie and Sophie looked smitten as he kissed the bride on the cheek before their second nuptials

Blush Bride: Sophie looked dazzling in a sparkly gold gown with a thigh slit when she posed on Friday

Friends: Jamie (bottom right) smiled as he posed with his boyfriend Spencer Matthews (bottom left) after finding out he was sad he wasn't invited to Jamie's first wedding

All smiles: Sophie looked stunning in her white mini dress as she posed by the pool

Friends: Sam Thompson and Zara McDermott confirmed to attend star-studded wedding

Sweet: Sophie spent some time with her friends before her big day, including Megan Crowther

Creating Memories: Later, Sophie donned a white mini dress with a bow at the back, carrying a matching handbag and a pair of pearl earrings during a session in Spain

Smitten: Sophie and Jamie looked as loving as ever when they had dinner with their sweethearts

Sweet: Sophie had fun with her Patrique at the rehearsal dinner

Linda: Sophie was joined by her friends who enjoyed the rehearsal dinner on Friday

wow! The wedding hall before the ceremony looked luxurious and picturesque.

Stunners: Emily Champion looked amazing as she caused a storm at her rehearsal dinner and was on the guest list

Wedding Reception: Sophie was spotted posing with her bridesmaids in Sotogrande, Andalusia's largest private residential area

Beauty Treatments: The ladies later glitched for the night and Sophie posed for a photo getting ready for a manicure

Party Drink: The group can be seen having a drink together before going to a rehearsal dinner

Take a pose: bridesmaids stood by the pool at a luxury estate celebrating the newlyweds

Showing off her toned and tanned legs, the design was completed with a Sophia Webster 'wife for life' clutch.

The blonde beauty - who got engaged to Jamie in December 2021 after they started dating in April 2019 - completed the look with matching white Jimmy Choo heels.

She wore her blonde hair in loose waves, opting for a radiant make-up for the big day.

Jamie had arrived a few minutes earlier in a smart navy suit and crisp white shirt. He was wearing sunglasses when he left the ceremony.

Jamie and Sophie were joined at the wedding by family and friends, including Sophie's sister Georgia, mother and father, as well as Jamie's mother and sister.

However, Jamie's friend Spencer Matthews did not attend the British wedding after Jamie allegedly "forgot" to invite his close friend.

Spencer's wife, Vogue Williams, later said that she had never seen Spencer so upset after learning she had not been invited.

But on ThursdaySpencer insisted there was no bad blood between him and Jamie.

Spencer, who has said he is "very proud" of his friend, hosts Jamie's second wedding ceremony.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain, Spencer stressed that Jamie's first wedding in Chelsea was a small, intimate affair and her second wedding in Spain will have a larger guest list.

Venue: Preparations for Sophie and Jamie's second wedding were underway on Friday in Sotogrande

Grand: The expansive property can be seen from the air, including lush gardens and swimming pool

Relax: Wedding guests can enjoy the beautifully landscaped garden on the property during the rehearsal dinner

When asked if he was upset about not showing up, Spencer said, "I should never have stayed." I was out and about at the time, and I think this ceremony grew much later in the day, it must have been something small, intimate."

Good Morning Britain co-host Ben Shepherd asked: "Did Jamie forget to invite you?"

Spencer replied, "I think so. He thought I had left. He didn't think it was a big deal. I would come, of course, but whatever it is, it is what it is.

"This weekend is a big day, I'm the master of ceremonies. Can't wait.

Spencer, who was part of the original cast of Made In Chelsea with Jamie, added: "I'm really proud of Jamie, we're really close and I'm so happy for him."

He appears after Sophie blamed Jamie for Spencer's absence, saying it was "so stupid" that he forgot to invite him.

The couple originally planned the day as an intimate fling with close family.

But before taking her vows, Sophie confessed that she had expanded the guest list and invited her bridesmaids and Jamie's groomsmen, as well as her partners, to the event while Spencer and his wife Vogue Williams were on holiday in Portugal and therefore unable to attend, are after the vote. last minute change.

Congratulations! Jamie and Sophie got married for the first time last month in front of their loved ones at Chelsea Registry Office

Rings: The couple exchanged Delaval Knight 18K yellow gold rings, engraved with the date, to mark the moment

Wedding: Sophie beamed with her fiancé Jamie at the registry office

Married! The couple can be seen exchanging luxurious yellow gold rings engraved with the wedding date.

Sophie told MailOnline: "Of course Spencer will be at our Spanish wedding.

“The drama with Spencer… it was so stupid of Jamie, he's so disorganized and everything changed at the last minute.

“At first it was just close family and of course Spencer left. I felt so sorry for both of them and Jamie felt so bad.

“We are both so messy and it was always going to be a very intimate and small wedding but we changed it at the last minute.

"Basically it was my bridesmaids and their groomsmen and then two of our best friends who are pregnant and can't make it to the Spanish wedding so it seemed like there were a lot more people and there were.

Friends: Spencer stated that there is no bad blood between him and his best friend Jamie after he did not receive an invitation to his wedding with Sophie

“There would never be so many people. Spencer was in Portugal when we made the last-minute decision, and Jamie didn't even think twice.

"Of course we would have loved him there and it was a stupid mistake."

After saying yes, Jamie and Sophie were the epitome of happiness as they emerged from the Chelsea Registry Office holding hands in their designer sunglasses, beaming with emotion as they were greeted with an avalanche of confetti.

And Sophie said the experience was "euphoric", admitting that all of her nerves about the big day quickly faded and she feels a new sense of calm as Jamie's wife.


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