REP Open Trap Bar Rating: The Best Trap Bar (2023)

REP Open Trap Bar Rating: The Best Trap Bar (1)

For the past few weeks, our team has had the pleasure of testing the Rep Open Trap Bar and is delighted to present this review to you. To us, this bar is the best trap bar for most home gym owners.

It's incredibly well balanced, feature-packed, built to last, and all at a competitive price.

In this review, we will detail the open cheat bar and all of its features and uses. We talked about what we like and don't like and compared it to other popular options.

Open bar fitness rep

REP Open Trap Bar Rating: The Best Trap Bar (2)

  • The Rep Fitness Open Trap Bar is the most versatile trap bar on the market yet affordable.

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Quick Overview of Open Trap Bar Rep

Rep Fitness has earned a reputation for being slow to bring new products to market. I think the approach really worked with this trap bar as they seemed to take the best of every other trap bar on the market and combine them into one affordable package.

In addition to the open design that makes the bar more comfortable and versatile, the Rep Open Trap Bar has removable handles, a ribbed frame, a 1350lb weight capacity, and a built-in deadlift. In the home gym world, where space and money are often at a premium, this versatile Rep Open Trap Barbell is for you.

REP Open Trap Bar Rating: The Best Trap Bar (3)


  • It can be used for presses, squats, and lunges, making it very versatile.
  • Competitive price
  • detachable straps
  • Striped structure that makes squats much safer.
  • Works with standard Olympic collars and plates.
  • Weight capacity of 1350 pounds
  • and rack

In contrast

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  • The dust layer eventually shows wear
  • For other ride options you have to pay separately
  • Doesn't feel as stiff as other snare bars

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Is the Open Trap Bar REP worth it?

If you're in the process of building your home gym, you should definitely prioritize things like a squat rack and an Olympic barbell over a specialty barbell like this. However, if you are certain that you want to take your training to the next level with a trapeze bar, then this bar can be a good investment.

They are definitely cheaper trap rods that can get the job done. But if you value quality and versatility, none of these bars will perform as well as the REPs.

You should buy if...

  • You are looking for a versatile and affordable bar.
  • You want a trapeze bar that fits on your shelf
  • You feel pain with traditional deadlifts

It's not worth it if...

  • They are just starting their home gym
  • Not sure what exercises you want to do with a trapeze bar
  • Think a simple trap bar will work just fine for you

Rep Open Trap Bar Specifications

REP Open Trap Bar Rating: The Best Trap Bar (4)


  • Weight:60 pounds
  • Long:84,3β€³
  • shaft end:black powder coating
  • Stackable:Sim
  • You drive:double
  • Handle extension:27,25"
  • sprinkled:Moderate
  • Handle design:stainless steel
  • Cuffs:hard chrome
  • sleeve length:16,5"
  • Other properties:Center knurling for built-in squats and deadlifts

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Representative open drop bars: key features

Go through this trap bar function by function:

You drive

REP Open Trap Bar Rating: The Best Trap Bar (5)

This snare bar comes standard with low and high handles. These stainless steel handles felt great in my hands. They have passive/moderate knurling which I think works well with the barbell.

One of the biggest selling points of this bar is that you can remove the grips and swap them out for other options from REP. REP now offers wide, standard and narrow straps with swivel straps that will be released at a later date.

I've tried all the popular grips and personally prefer the narrow option on most of my lifts. But that's the beauty of this bar, you can choose which one works best for you.

It should also be noted that the REP says you can change grips without tools, but I found it quite challenging. I have bigger hands but I still think most people will end up using a tool.


REP Open Trap Bar Rating: The Best Trap Bar (6)

I've had no problem mounting this trapeze bar to 47" and 49" squat racks. These little features really add a lot of versatility as you can now bench press, bench press and squat with your trapeze bar.

It also makes storage a lot easier if you're short on space.


REP Open Trap Bar Rating: The Best Trap Bar (7)

Without a doubt, one of the worst things about deadlifting is carrying the barbell. If you haven't suffered from back pain before, you'll be straining the barbell after wrestling. I think the deadlift built into the REP Open Bar is a great feature.

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Granted, all open trap bars have this feature.


REP Open Trap Bar Rating: The Best Trap Bar (8)

REP uses smooth and hard chrome sleeves for its snare bar. The first thing that struck me about these sleeves is that they are relatively quiet when it comes to barbell loading and deadlifting. In fact, I think these are some of my favorite covers at any bar right now.

The other benefit of these sleeves is that they are 16.5β€³ long. It has high load capacity and can use sliding plates. Since they correspond in diameter to the standard dumbbell sleeves, you can also use standard collars.


REP Open Trap Bar Rating: The Best Trap Bar (9)

The frame itself is powder coated black. I'm not the biggest fan of this coating as it is not very durable and gets scratched over time.

That being said, I'm really glad REP decided to put the knurling in the middle of the frame. This makes this bar perfect for squats.

I also found that the bar was very well balanced. Even when I wasn't lifting with it, it stayed balanced and didn't tip over like most trapeze bars do. This can definitely be felt with my lifts.

Using the Rep Open Grab Bar

As part of our testing process, we put the trapeze bar through some tough exercises:

own weight

REP Open Trap Bar Rating: The Best Trap Bar (10)

I've talked a lot about the versatility of this bar, but we all know that this bar was designed primarily for deadlifts, and it shows. Thanks to the good balance of this bar, deadlifts felt very smooth.

I prefer the narrow base option as I found the standard option too wide for my liking.

The only thing I would add is that once I gained weight (500+ pounds) the bar didn't feel as stiff as other bars I've tried. It affected my form or my training, but I still noticed it.


REP Open Trap Bar Rating: The Best Trap Bar (11)

I've used other open bars for squats before, but the REP bar definitely feels the best. I suspect it's all a matter of knurling and balancing that bar. I still prefer an SSB, but you can't complain if your trapeze bar can also be used for squats.


REP Open Trap Bar Rating: The Best Trap Bar (12)

Of all the exercises I tried, this barbell bench press felt the most unnatural to me. You can do this if you want, but I found the incline too much for the bench press.

On the other hand, I've found that the overhead pressure on this bar is great. I liked the thick straps and found that despite the large drop in camber, the movement seemed to flow naturally.


I made a few sweeping strokes and was satisfied. Neutral grips are a good option, but I think this is one of the areas where twist grips will really shine when REP introduces them.


Like most other REP products, I found this bar very appealing. I'm a big fan of the round tubes and the dark look. I would have preferred a metallic finish but I'm hoping to make some concessions at this price point.


The REP Open Trap Bar comes in a single large box. Using just a socket wrench and an Allen wrench, I was able to assemble this bar in 10-20 minutes. No big deal in that sense.

Open-Trap-Bar REP vs. Stahlglocken Open Trap Bar 3.0

If you look at other open trap bars at this price point, the main competitor here is the Bells of Steel open trap bar.

Open trap made of steel bells

REP Open Trap Bar Rating: The Best Trap Bar (13)

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  • Cheaper than REPs but not as versatile

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I tried the Bells of Steel Bar and found it worked great. It was my budget choice for an open bar for a while. That all changed when I got my hands on Rep Fitness' Open Trap Bar. The level of versatility the REP bar offers for just $50-$100 more is too much to pass up. The REP bar does basically everything the Bells Of Steel can and also has detachable handles.

Returns and Guarantee

You have 30 days to return the bar for a refund minus shipping and handling fees. There is also a 15% restocking fee if the bar is used or opened.

customer reviews

In general, REP has received excellent feedback from its customers. The bar currently has over 21 reviews with an average rating of 4.8 stars. The biggest complaint is that the bar feels too wide and users want a tight grip.

REP Open Trap Bar Rating: The Best Trap Bar (14)

Final verdict: The best trap bar on the market

The REP Open Trap Bar is a great, versatile piece of gear. I would personally recommend this bar to most home gym owners. The combination of value and versatility is too much to pass up.

Open trap bar REP

  • produce quality

  • Valentina

  • bar monkey

  • Characteristics

  • sprinkled

  • versatility

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How we rate products

Here at FitDominium, our team has decades of weightlifting experience. So when it comes to weights, we know a thing or two. Each bar we analyze goes through a similar process:

  • Use the bar for a longer period of time to get to know them. Try to use it like a normal user would.
  • Check the feedback the brand has received from other customers.
  • Look for features that the products lack or have compared to other competitors

For a more detailed explanation,Check out our product ranking criteria.

frequently asked questions

Is an open drop bar better?

Open bars offer more versatility, allowing you to do more exercises like lunges or squats with the same bar. It's also easier to get in and out of the bar when needed.

Is the Trap Bar Deadlift Better?

EmThe rap bar deadlift may be best for people who suffer from back pain or mobility issues. The trapeze bar variant is easier to master and protects the lower back.

REP Open Trap Bar Rating: The Best Trap Bar (16)

Daniel Mesa

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