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How many of you have enjoyed taking the pen apart and putting it back together in class just to see how it works? Well, some of us here at Garage Gym Reviews still do, except we've traded in stationery for home gym equipment, and you'll be surprised what you can learn about a few things in the process.

Our REP Open Trap Bar review is a perfect example of how playing around with a product can lead you to reveal features you might not have known about. And let me tell you, this particular bar is packed with special features that you should know about if you decide to buy it for your home gym.

Read on to find out why this is one of the most versatile and quality rods we've ever reviewed.

REP Open Trap Bar Review (2022): A Good Deal or a Home Gym Trap? - Fitbum (1)

Don't Get Snared By Fake Home Fitness Equipment Reviews

If you really want to know what it's like to use a specific trapeze bar or walk on a specific treadmill, you've come to the right place. Our experienced product testers include certified personal trainers, Level 1 CrossFit trainers, nutritionists, competitive athletes, and people who have worked in the fitness industry for years, so we know what we're talking about when we test and review products.

A quick look at the REP open cheat bar

As Garage Gym Reviews founder and powerhouse mogul Cooper Mitchell says, the REP Fitness Open Trap Bar combines the best parts of the Kabuki Strength Trap Bar and the Eleiko Öppen Deadlift Bar, two of the best bars for trapezoids on the market, at an affordable price. . .

In addition to the open bar design that allows lifters to easily get on and off the frame, the REP Open Trap Bar also features a built-in deadlift, removable straps, center knurling on the frame, and a 1,350-pound weight capacity.

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In other words, this particular bar embodies two of our favorite words: versatility and value.

REP Open Trap Bar Review (2022): A Good Deal or a Home Gym Trap? - Fitbum (2)

Buying advice

  • Find a REP Fitness discount code to save money on your next order.
  • REP is developing additional stainless steel grips for this bar, so you may want to wait until they come on the market.


  • Can be used for pressing, crouching and throwing thanks to the detachable handles
  • 1,350 pound weight capacity
  • The toothed frame is great if you use it for squats
  • open design
  • Hard chrome weight sleeves.
  • It's around $400 (great value for a trap bar).
  • Works with Olympic plates or bumper plates.


  • Handles are wider than most box bars
  • Not the stiffest trapeze bar
  • Those with larger hands may have a hard time tightening and loosening the detachable handles.
  • The welds are not the best.

Or is REP Open Trap Bar worth it?

The REP Open Trap bar is a special bar, which means you have to buy itafterYou get a multipurpose Olympic bar that can be used for powerlifting and powerlifting movements. You already have one, don't you? Alright.

This cheat bar is what we call "great value," or something that isn't necessarily the cream of the crop, but for the price ($400) there's a lot to like. If you're on a budget, you can find cheaper cheats, though they don't work as well as REPs.

Good for:

  • Anyone focused on finding the best value for money
  • Home gym owners who want highly versatile products
  • Those with back problems who still want to deadlift.
  • People looking for a trapeze bar to build

Not recommended for:

  • Home gym owners are looking for a really stiff trapeze bar
  • The ones with the shortest wings.
  • Anyone who prefers aggressive knurling
  • People looking for the best of the best.

REP Open Trap Bar Specifications

total length84,3 "C
Weight60 pounds
weight capacity1350 pounds
Belt to Belt Width27,3"
vertical height26"
frame width33,1”
Knurling length on frame6"
resistant sleeve length16,5"
wire diameter28 mm

Understand the versatility of the REP open trap bar

Coop says that REP Fitness really thought of every feature when designing their open trapeze bar. "Very well thought out and allows for a lot of versatility in a garage health bar which is what people are looking for," he says.

For starters, this trapeze bar has low and high handles that are nicely knurled (it leans towards the passive side, which can be good or bad depending on your preference). Some traps only have one set of handles, but two provide versatility and allow the lifter to grip the bar in whatever way is most comfortable for them.

REP Open Trap Bar Review (2022): A Good Deal or a Home Gym Trap? - Fitbum (3)

The double handles are actually one of the best features of the bar as they can be removed and convert the bar into a curved bar that can be used for squats, lunges, presses and more. The round tube sits comfortably at the rear and the frame is knurled six inches for added support.

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This is a big win, as similar bars with interchangeable straps aren't always easy on your back.

REP Open Trap Bar Review (2022): A Good Deal or a Home Gym Trap? - Fitbum (4)

Even better, the straps can be taken on and off without tools...kinda. This is how they are advertised, but Coop has found it a bit difficult to get enough leverage to fully tighten the screws. It's not a big deal, but it's something worth mentioning.

Another disadvantage of the handles is that they are too far apart. Most trap bar grips have a 25 inch spacing, while the REP ones have a 27 inch spacing, and when it comes to anything close to that sizeit doesObject. REP designs interchangeable grips for this bar (narrow, wide, and twist), but the standard grips might be a little too wide for users with shorter spans to get a comfortable grip.

Deadlift or REP Open Trap Bar

Those with lower back issues who still want to lift heavy weights should opt for a trapeze bar over a standard straight bar, as trapeze bars offer better range of motion and reduce strain on the lower back. the lower back. And an open layout offers even more benefits because you don't have to climb over the bar to get in and out of the frame.

It also means there's a built-in deadlift that you can use to grip the bar and easily slide the plates up and down (we love the added functionality of our gym machines). REP Open Snare Bar Sleeves are chrome plated to ensure minimal scratching while loading and unloading records.

REP Open Trap Bar Review (2022): A Good Deal or a Home Gym Trap? - Fitbum (5)

The REP Open Trap Bar is comfortable for deadlifting, says Coop, to the point where you carry 500 pounds on it, and then you start to realize that it really is a value for money trap bar. What we mean by that is that it's not as stiff as Kabuki or Eleiko Trap bars, and you'll notice some wobble on heavier lifts (nothing dangerous or affecting your form, but noticeable).

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"If you're looking for the stiffest snare bar on the planet, this isn't it," says Coop.

equipment bar

Another feature that makes this trap bar so versatile is that it can be installed on racks up to 49" wide, which means it should work with just about any power rack on the market. This is useful when you want to use the bar for squats or overhead presses.

If trap bars were cars, the REP Open Bar would be a Toyota Camry and the Kabuki Strength Trap Bar would be a Mercedes-Benz. Both have interchangeable grips, though the Kabukis are 25 inches apart by default, as opposed to the wider 27 inches found on the REPs.

While the Kabuki Trap bar can also be used for squats and lunges, we found the frame less comfortable than the REP, and there are no grooves on the frame (not a necessity, but a nice touch). Kabuki sleeves are also covered in black powder, which can scar over time.

REP Open Trap Bar Review (2022): A Good Deal or a Home Gym Trap? - Fitbum (6)

The one area where the Kabuki REP excels out of the water is in stiffness. You can load up to 1,000 pounds on this thing and there is absolutely no leverage.

However, the Kabuki Trap Bar is around $750 (not including shipping) compared to $400 for the REP.

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If you can afford it, we'd say go for Kabuki, but if you're just looking for the best value for your home gym, REP is a solid choice.

In theory, the Eleiko Öppen Deadlift Bar can be used in all the ways that the REP Open Trapeze Bar can be used, but unlike the REP, it doesn't come with removable grips. For some this can be a big problem, especially with squats and lunges, while for others it seems like a minor nuisance.

Eleiko's Trap Bar also only has one set of grips compared to REP's two.

REP Open Trap Bar Review (2022): A Good Deal or a Home Gym Trap? - Fitbum (7)

If your main priority is versatility and/or value, consider using the REP trap bar. If you are a professional deadlift who wants the best trapeze bar on the market and you have the money, choose the Eleiko.

See more of our thoughts on this bar by reading our full review of the Eleiko Öppen Deadlift Bar.

Returns, Financing, Warranty

You have 30 days from the delivery date to return the REP Open Trap Bar for a full refund, less shipping and handling. A 15% restocking fee will be charged for used items not in the original packaging.

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Financing options are available at checkout.

The REP Fitness Open Trap Bar comes with a five-year warranty that covers all parts of the bar.


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