Rogue Ohio Energy Bar Review - Bar Chases (2023)

Rogue Ohio Energy Bar Review - Bar Chases (1)

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The Rogue Ohio Power Bar has been my top pick for the best weightlifting bar for most people. It is available in several different finishes, all with unmatched knurled weightlifting markings.

Is this bar the right choice for your home gym? Find out in our Rogue Ohio Power Bar review.


Glance; look; quick lookNoVillain Ohio Energy Bars

The Rogue Ohio Power Bar (OPB) is one of the best and most popular bars in the powerlifting community. Shortly after its launch in 2014, the Rogue Ohio Power Bar quickly became the most affordable energy bar on the market.

Value not to be confused with cheap, this bar feels and performs quite the opposite. Value in this sense means you won't find a better deal on energy bars for the price.

The Eleiko IPF weightlifting bar, for example, is one of the best in the world, but it retails for over $1,000, and I still think the Rogue Ohio bar has better knurling.

Villain Ohio Energy Bars

The king of dumbbells is the Rogue Ohio Power Bar. Designed for all levels of powerlifting, this bar is durable, well-constructed, and will last a lifetime, but the lifetime warranty is there just in case!


Rogue Ohio Energy Bar Review - Bar Chases (2)

You can find out on the Rogue website that there are different versions of Rogue OPB. This review focuses on the stainless steel version, but they are generally the same with minor cosmetic differences.

what I liked

  • Stainless steel construction resists rust and corrosion.
  • Made in the USA at Rogue's Columbus, Ohio facility
  • Perfect for heavy compound movements (deadlifts, bench presses, squats)

that I did not like

  • Only the shaft is made of stainless steel, not the sleeves.
  • Knurling can be aggressive
  • Not officially certified by IPF (20 kg version meets the requirements)

Rogue Ohio Power Bar - vale a pena?

I will say frankly: yes, it is worth 1000 times. The Rogue Ohio Energy Bar is awesome if you do squats, bench presses, and deadlifts consistently, and it's worth it if you don't do those lifts.

It is one of the best home gym dumbbells you can find and will last for many years.

At just over $400, it's not the cheapest bar, but for the build and quality, lifetime warranty, and durability, there's nothing like it.

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Good for

  • Lifters looking for an affordable powerlifting bar
  • Garage gym owners looking for a bar that resists corrosion and will last for many years
  • Anyone who wants a stiff, durable bar with strong grooves
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not good for

  • People who want the cheapest Rogue bar
  • Anyone looking for the best bar for CrossFit or Olympic lifting
  • People who need a smoother knurling

Rogue Ohio Powerriegel -Specifications

bar weight

45 pounds

shaft diameter

29 mm



null in the middle


saw marks

Weight lifting

shaft lining

stainless steel

then no

black oxide

electronic layer

zinc negro


hard chrome

tensile strength

200 000 PS

bar length


resistant sleeve length




note F


Made in the USA





To useDieVillain Ohio Energy Bars

Maintaining your equipment is a top priority for garage and home gym owners, which is why the stainless steel of the Rogue Ohio Power Bar is highly appreciated. The resistance to oxidation makes it a clear favorite in terms of finish.

Cerakote is my favorite and it holds up well, but you can't beat stainless steel for rust resistance.

I can praise the stainless steel finish, but the knurling is probably the most prominent feature of the OPB. Compared to the competition, the aggressive knurling is enough to ensure a firm grip, but doesn't bite into your hands. Get it, Texas Power Bar!


Rogue Ohio Energy Bar Review - Bar Chases (3)

With 4 diamond tips instead of just 1, the OPB's toothing is aggressive but not too hard. Rogue Manufacturing invests in their team and design to make sure they get it right, and the extra passes to create this pattern are paying off.

There is also a medium ridge for a better grip on the back during squats. Ohio Power Bar with Cerakote finish has no center knurling.

You may not know which style of knurling you prefer until you get the bar in your hands, but I can assure you that OPB has some of the most reliable knurling I've ever used, making it one of the best features.

As of 2021, Rogue has released their own.AGGRO Ohio Powerriegel, which uses even more aggressive knurling. You can choose between 2x AGGRO or 3x AGGRO bars. The 3x has the most aggressive knurling Rogue has produced to date.


There is not much to say here that is not expected. The Rogue Ohio Power Bar uses a 29mm diameter shaft, which is common for powerlifting bars used for compound movements (squats, bench presses, and deadlifts).

Even if you are used to a 28mm or 28.5mm diameter bar, the 29mm bar will still be very comfortable, especially in squats and bench presses. With that extra size, it's a little less awkward to wrap your hands around the bar.

It's even better for overhead presses that require a lot of grip placement.


Rogue's Ohio Power Bar comes in several finishes to choose from (stainless steel, cerakote, bare steel, electrophoretic coating, black zinc), but stainless steel should be the first option you look for.

Stainless steel is, in my humble opinion, the best bar finish you can choose. E-Coat and Cerakote are definitely great, some would say even better, but the natural feel of stainless steel makes for an unmistakably comfortable experience.

In addition to aesthetic and surface qualities, stainless steel cladding is unaffected by coating and does not scratch like coated bars.

Disclaimer: bare steel =/= stainless steel. Bare steel is incredibly vulnerable to rust. Bare steel corrodes much more than other Ohio Power Bar finishes.

The chrome covers on the Ohio Power Bar are another area that Rogue could have updated. While not a huge deal, for the price, I would expect the stainless steel sleeves to round out the bar's overall protective quality.

tensile strength

The Rogue Ohio Power bar has a tensile strength of 200,000 PSI (pounds per square inch), which is a good tensile strength for this type of bar.

It also has very little flex. The tensile strength is far from the strongest out there, but you'll never push it beyond its limits, I can guarantee that.

The flex is very stiff and when you use it to pull the rack it becomes very apparent. A stiff bar is great for squats and bench presses, but less so for deadlifts. Don't get me wrong, it's a great deadlift, but a thinner shaft (27mm) with more flex/whip is considered more ideal for a deadlift.

While 200,000 PSI is good for tensile strength, Rogue should try raising it if it really wants to dominate the competition for the best power bar.

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Villain Ohio Energy BarscontraTexas-Powerbar

A topic of discussion is theRogue Ohio Bar is used as Texas Power Bar, which I have already discussed to help you. You can also read mine.Texas Power Bar under testto see more about it in detail.

In short, the Texas Power Bar and the Rogue Ohio Power Bar are top-of-the-line dumbbells. The Buddy Capps Texas Power Bar has been around for quite some time compared to the competition and is used in many competitions as well.

However, from a purely technical point of view, the Rogue OPB's specifications are better.


The original energy bar, Buddy Capps' Texas Power Bar, has been around for years and is still going strong.

Good knurling, certified by the competition, there's a lot to love about this classic.

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Rogue Ohio Energy Bar Review - Bar Chases (4)

The Ohio Power Bar has higher tensile strength, a lifetime warranty, and more finish options, but the Texas Power Bar is slightly higher in price than the OPB.

Knurling is always a matter of personal preference and I don't find OPB too aggressive, but Texas Power Bar's knurling looks a bit sharper.

No matter which one you choose, these two energy bars are among the best bars in their respective rights.

Villain Ohio Energy BarscontraREP EX Stainless Steel Energy Bar

REP Fitness is another major player in the world of fitness equipment andREP EX Stainless Steel Energy Baris another competitor to Rogue Ohio Power Bar.

While the REP Power Bar is an excellent bar and I love REP Fitness, it's still not enough to earn first place as Rogue's Best OPB Power Bar.

REP Fitness Power Bar EX

IPF certified, 1500 lb weight capacity, 200K tensile strength, and standardized double pitch knurling.

REP Fitness Power Bar EX is a welcome addition to your energy bar collection.


Rogue Ohio Energy Bar Review - Bar Chases (5)

Comparing the specs, the REP Power Bar EX is very similar to the Ohio Power Bar. Where they differ is in the knurling, a common trend among barbell competitors.

Knurling REP Power Bar EX has a finer knurling with more points per square inch, resulting in an evenly distributed knurling pattern. Whether it is less aggressive compared to OPB depends on personal preference.

The REP Power Bar EX has one feature that I wish the Rogue Ohio Power Bar had, which is the stainless steel ferrules. All in all, if you're not picky about making your dumbbells in the USA, the Power Bar EX is still a solid option.

OrdermiarmsDieVillain Ohio Energy Bars

Ordering from Rogue is always a pleasant experience. Shipping is fast, it arrives fast and I had no problem tracking it. Likewise, the package arrived without breaks and without scratches on the hem or broken covers.

Customer experience

I talked about the Boneyard bar deals for the Rogue and while it's generally a good option, I wouldn't use it for the Rogue OPB just because the bar comes with a lifetime warranty.

Buying a new one is the best option to make sure it's in top condition right away and will last a long time anyway. That being said, Rogue has some of the best customer support I've come across, so it's good either way.

Rogue Fitness equipment is high quality, but it does cost a bit for that quality. check my posthow to save money on rogue fitnessTeams to get the best for a little cheaper.

Customer Reviews

Rogue Fitness is known for its consistent customer praise. Ohio Power Bar has many 4 and 5 star ratings and rave, and many critics call it the "gold standard" of dumbbells.

However, one reason for complaint is the knurling. Some customers feel that it can be a bit pushy, but that seems to be the only problem.

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Final Verdict: Rogue Ohio Energy Bar Review

Villain Ohio Energy Bars

The Rogue Ohio Power Bar is my pick for the best bar for most people and most uses. While it's technically a weightlifting bar, you can use it for whatever lifting needs you have.

If you're looking for a high-quality, durable bar that will stand up to all of your squats, deadlifts, and bench presses, the Rogue Ohio Power Bar is for you.

brand: Rogue-Fitness


Preis:$ 290 - $ 415

product in stock: A log

Rogue Ohio Power Bar Bewertung






oxidation resistance

tensile strength

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to string together


Customer Support

Guarantee, financing, redemption

sin total



Rogue Ohio Energy Bar FAQ

Is the Ohio energy bar worth it?

The Ohio Power Bar is recognized as one of the best bars and dumbbells on the market.

It is designed and manufactured using materials from Rogue's Columbus, Ohio facility. With a high tensile strength of 205,000 PSI, the Rogue Ohio Power Bar is incredibly strong.

¿Rogue Ohio Bar vs. Texas Deadlift Bar?

Rogue Ohio Bar vs. The Texas Deadlift Bar comes very close in terms of features, construction, and quality.

In terms of cost, Texas Power Bar is slightly cheaper, but Rogue Ohio Bar has a slight advantage in most categories.

How much does a Rogue Ohio energy bar weigh?

The Rogue Ohio energy bar weighs 45 pounds.

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What is Rogue's energy bar used for?

The Ohio Power Bar is a versatile bar used for lifts like deadlifts, squats, and bench presses.

Durable brass bushings, snap ring construction, and a strong 16.25" sleeve make this bar reliable and multi-functional.


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