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aProI'm going to BarcelonaI'm going to Barcelona 🇧🇷We're going home.We're going home. —We gave it to the man.We gave it to the man. ♦ inYou come at two.Come at two. ♦ in, afterWhen we left the house we saw her.We saw her leave the house. ♦ laterWe left after four days.We left four days later. ♦ throughThe letter was handwritten.The letter was handwritten. ♦ inWe walk.We walk. ♦ ofI bought it from Juan.I bought it from Juan. 🇧🇷unlessAnd yes . 🇧🇷 🇧🇷 noSee you unless you're late.I'll see you if I'm not late. 🇧🇷i want to see new york[And🇧🇷 I want to see New York. 🇧🇷You don't know where I was last night!Bet you can't guess where I was last night!

in betweendown down downI'm here.I'm here. 🇧🇷face downface down. 🇧🇷cost belowDownhillDon't go down the hill too fast.Don't go downhill so fast. 🇧🇷in betweenshrinkThe floors below are very dark.The lower floors are very dark. 🇧🇷From top to bottomtop to bottom, head to toeHe looked him up and down.He looked him up and down. 🇧🇷from belowin betweenThe house looked very high from below.The house looked very high from below. 🇧🇷LowDown downDon't look down when crossing the bridge.Don't look down when crossing the bridge. 🇧🇷in betweenon or around the ground, down thereThe pants were worn.Pants were worn underneath.

match(I understandGo out) [adj.] careless, carelessHe is very reserved in his way of dressing.He is very careless in his dress.

Go outgive up, leaveHe left his wife.He left his wife. ♦ neglectYou leave your job frequently.He often neglects his work.

Fanfan (himself)Since it was hot, he fanned himself.Since it was hot, he fanned himself.

FanFanHe bought a Chinese fan.He bought a Chinese fan.

Supermarket[meter please] °market foodcandy shop [Mexico].

reduceTo tightThe news devastated him greatly.The news made him very depressed.


openingopening (of material)The opening of this sweater is small and does not go over my head.The opening of this sweater is small and does not fit my head.

Open(I understandOpen) OpenThe windows are open.The windows are open.

seedssoftenThe asphalt softened in the heat.The asphalt softened in the heat.



denteknead, hitThe bumper was completely dented.The bumper was badly dented.

countingcountingWe pay the difference.We pay the difference. ♦ fertilizeThis is the best time to fertilize the fields.Este es el mejor momento para fertilizar los campos. 🇧🇷subscribe tosubscribe toI will subscribe to these chamber music concerts.I will subscribe to these chamber music concerts.

soil fertilizerbill of exchange; Subscription; Fertilizer.

burnburnThe house was burned down.The house burned to the ground.

hughug hug

hughug hug

Can opener[News] Can opener.

abbreviateshorten; short.

shortcutShortcut.SchutzWarmThese blankets are very warm.These blankets are very warm. ♦ protect, protectThe wall protected me from the rain.The wall protected me from the rain. 🇧🇷shirred ruffleWrap up, dress warmWrap up well before you go.Wrap up well before you go.

Schutzabove all.

April[metro] April.

Open[and] OpenPlease open the door.Please open the door. 🇧🇷When did you open the drawer?When was the box opened? ♦ to unlockUse this key to open the cabinet.Unlock the cabinet with this key. 🇧🇷Openwithdraw, withdraw [And]If you open it, the deal won't go through.If you give up, the deal won't go through. 🇧🇷break breakFollow your roadHe pushed through the crowd.He pushed through the crowd.

to ensurebuckle, buttonTie up the childFasten the child's seat belt. 🇧🇷I have to button my coat.I have to button my coat.

absolute°absolutely(no way"It bothers you?" "You are welcome.""Would you mind?" "No way."-"You refused to do this?" "Absolutely!""You refused to do this?" "No way!"

Shock absorberabsorber.

absurdabsurd; absurd.





boredboredBores everyone.He bores everyone.

abusethe abuseThe governor abused his authority.The governor abused his authority. ♦ betrayYou betrayed my trust.You betrayed my trust.

abuseabuse of power); trust abuse).

on herehere, this wayCome here.Come here. 🇧🇷right over hereright over hereI hope to see you here soon.I hope to see you here soon.

graduate(I understandgraduate) [adj.]This piece of furniture is very well made.This furniture has a fine finish. ♦ exhausted, exhausted [And]Completed.I am exhausted. 🇧🇷 [metro] graduateThe finish on the table was perfect.The finish on the table was perfect.

graduatedone, done, doneFinish your work soon.Finish your work quickly. ♦ end withLet's end this discussion.Let's end this discussion. 🇧🇷ends withescape, escapeThey were left without all the resources of the country.They have exhausted all the resources of the country. ♦ to deleteThey finished off the enemy.They eliminated the enemy. 🇧🇷The endyou only haveI have just arrived.Just arrived. 🇧🇷done throughdone throughI'll end up going crazy.I'll end up going crazy. 🇧🇷Finishgo outi was brokenI have no money.


estimatedfeverish [And]The patient is overheated this afternoon.The patient has a fever this afternoon.

Warmwarm up or stirThe discussion heated up.The discussion got heated. ♦ OverheatingI warmed up playing baseball.I overheated playing baseball.

carreracaress, caressHe stroked the dog.He stroked the dog.

loadcarry (a load).

ChancemaybeMaybe he'll come tomorrow.Maybe he'll come tomorrow. ♦ randomThey have?You have one? 🇧🇷I knowjust not the caseIf necessary, take cash with you.Take some cash with you in case you need it.


accident[metro] Accident, mishap, coincidence.

Plot[F] PlotThese troops go into action.These troops go into action. ♦ plot (of a drama)The plot develops quickly.The plot develops quickly.

Petroleum[metro] Petroleum.


accentstress, accentThis word has the accent on the last syllable.This word is stressed on the last syllable. ♦ Accent, pronunciationHe has a good accent.He has a good accent.

accentuateto emphasize.

to acceptto accept.


andfinishedI don't know anything about it.I don't know anything about it.

but zoom insupportGive me a chair, please.Please bring me a chair.°approach toGetting closerHe approached the door.He approached the door.

StahlStahl.to defeat[rad-ch yo] guess rightWhoever guesses the number wins.Whoever guesses the number wins. 🇧🇷met withlocate, findI got home.He couldn't find the house. 🇧🇷to serveknow (a sign)He hit the center of the target.He hit the mark.

acidSauerThese oranges are very sour.These oranges are very sour. 🇧🇷 [metro] acid.

successcommon sense, good choiceThat suit you bought is a success.The suit you bought is a good choice.

recognition[F] acclamationHe was elected by acclamation.He was elected by acclamation.

animateclap, clap

illumination[F] Explanation.

clean upclarify, clarifyThis issue needs to be clarified.This issue needs to be clarified. ♦ illuminate, clarifyIt seems that the day is clearing up.Looks like it's cleaning up.

receptionreceptionThey were warmly received.They were warmly received.


accommodated(I understandaccommodate) thrivingIt is a rich family.It is a rich family.

accommodation[metro] goalie

accommodateput putPack your bags well in the hammock.Carefully place the bags on the grill. 🇧🇷accommodateTo adjustIt adapts to circumstances.It adapts to circumstances. ♦ feel goodMake yourself comfortable, we have plenty of time.Make yourself comfortable because we have plenty of time.

agreementloadYou are looking for accommodation.Is looking for a job.

To accompanyTo accompany.




wake[rad-ch yo] agree, in,oandThey agreed unanimously.They agreed unanimously. 🇧🇷rememberremember rememberYou remember?You remember?

shortenshortenPlease shorten the jacket.Could you please shorten the jacket? 🇧🇷Slowershrink.

Getting closer[rad-ch yo] to lieIt's time to put the kids to bed.It's time to put the kids to bed. ♦ setHe got sick and they put him to bed on a bench.He got sick and they put him in a bank. 🇧🇷lay downlie downHe goes to bed early but sleeps late.He goes to bed early but takes a long time to fall asleep. 🇧🇷lay downto lieHe was lying on the sofa.He was lying on the sofa.

get used to somethingget used to something

increase[rad-ch yo] increase.

authorizedauthorizedHe is an accredited representative of the French government.He is an accredited representative of the French government. ♦ of good reputeHe is a licensed physician.He is a respected doctor. ♦ SolventIt is a respected company.It is a solvent company.

creditor[metro] creditorThe lenders are after you.His creditors are after him.

attitude[F] attitude.

exercise[F] exerciseThere was a lot of activity in the office this morning.There was a lot of activity in the office this morning. 🇧🇷activitiesactivitiesIn addition to his work, he has many other activities.In addition to his regular job, he has many other activities.


PlotajaIt was an act of bravery.It was an act of bravery. ♦ CeremonyThe event took place in the afternoon.The ceremony took place in the afternoon. ♦ act (of a play)Now the third act begins.The third act is about to begin. 🇧🇷sin atoat this timeHe did it on the spot.He did it immediately.

I adore[metro] I adore.

Actress[F] Actress.

realavailable, currentThe current circumstances are unfavorable.The current circumstances are unfavorable.

gift[F] GiftCoffee is in short supply right now.Coffee is scarce these days.

There is no timeno time no timeHe is currently in Chicago.He is currently in Chicago.


yyesterdayThey came to your aid.They ran to his aid. ♦ to keep (an appointment).He did not keep the promise.He did not keep the promise.

approvalapprovalThey have agreed.They have agreed.°according tothe same opinionWe agree?We have the same opinion.according toin accordance withI did it according to your instructions.I did it according to your instructions.


accusation[F] accusation.

accused(I understandto blame) [adj.] loaded.▲ [norte] defendant.

to blameto blameThey accused him of murder.They charged him with manslaughter. ▲ confirm (in business correspondence)We acknowledge receipt of your letter.We acknowledge receipt of your letter.

adjustmentTo adjust.

appropriatesuitable, suitable

progressive(I understandPayment in advancein advancein advanceIn this hotel you have to pay in advance.You have to pay in advance at this hotel.

Payment in advanceadvance, take the leadThis kid is ahead of the rest of the class.This boy leads the rest of the gang.—They outperformed everyone else.They preceded all others.▲ happenThey were fifty miles away and they were catching up with us.They did eighty kilometers and overtook us▲ to gain timeYour clock is ticking.Your watch saves time.▲ to advanceAdvance your watch because it's late.Advance your watch; it's slow.▲ be quickMy watch is five minutes fast.My clock is five minutes early.▲ improve, advanceYour Spanish will develop gradually.Your Spanish will gradually improve.°Continue(to meet someoneI wanted to invite you, but your friend beat me to it.I wanted to invite you, but your friend beat me to it.

ContinueContinue.Follow. 🇧🇷andhenceforthFrom now on we will do this.From now on we will do it like this.higherlaterYou will understand later.You will understand later ▲ laterLater we found a house.Later we find a house.||Continue!In between!oPayment in advance!

discoverygets betterThis house has all the trimmings.This home has all the latest upgrades.

diminishlose weight decrease

What elseadditionally, additionallyI don't feel like leaving and it's late.I don't want to go, and besides, it's too late.°Besidein addition to, in addition toIn addition to fruit, there is ice cream.In addition to fruit, there is ice cream.

Insideinside, insideI'm going in.within.||Within!In between!

GoodbyeBye, see you later.

thinksayingCan't you guess what happened to me today?I bet you can't imagine what happened to me today.

additiveclosed. (Used in correspondence.)

administration[F] administrative management, administrative management.

Administrator[metro] Manager; caretaker (of a building).

disapproving gesturemanage, manage

admirableadmirable, excellent, wonderful.

admiration[F] admiration, admiration.

admiresurpriseI admire your cheekYour bravery amazes me. ▲ admireHe admired his friend's work.He admired his friend's work.°be admired bybe surprisedosurprised byThey admired his stamina.They marveled at his courage.

admitAdmitYou are admitted to engineering school.He was admitted to the engineering school. ▲ acceptTips are not allowed.Tips are not accepted.▲ allow, allowIt does not allow interruptions.It does not allow interruptions.

youthadolescence, youth

adolescent[adj; north] adolescent.

iswhere, in what placeWhere I go, you can't go.You can't go where I go.°What?where? where?Where are you going?Where are you going?

adoptadoptYou adopted a girl.They adopted a girl.They approved a new plan.They approved a new plan.▲ to take overHe assumed an expression of great importance.He assumed an expression of great importance.

serviceadore, adore.

To decoratedecorate, arrangeThe hall is beautifully decorated for the party.The room is ready for the party.▲ to cut outThe suit was adorned with Upper part.The dress was trimmed with lace.

adornoornament, cut


acquisition[F] Acquisition.

Customsinch.▲ inchThey paid customs duties.They paid customs duties.

Schmeichelei[F] Schmeichelei.


adult[north; adj.] adult.


bad luck[F] adversity, misfortune.


to warn[rad-ch II] notice, observeI noticed some errors in your report.I noticed some errors in your report.▲ guess, warnI warn you not to do it again.I warn you not to do that again.—I've already told you.I told you.

Luftantenna, (from) airShip by air.Ship by air.



Freundlichfriendly, nice

forehead[metro] Fear, jealousy.

work hardbe afraidFriends, don't worry so much.Don't get so excited guys.

affected(I understandinfluence) affected, unnatural.

influenceMoverThe news moved him deeply.The news moved him deeply.

affectedaffection, considerationHe likes all his office mates.He has respect for all his office mates.

to shaveto shaveto shaveshave (oneself).

Hobby[F] kindness; Inclination.

AmadorFanI am a huge baseball fan.I'm a huge baseball fan.▲ FanThis is a hobby business.This is an amateur company.°of theI likeHe likes to read a lot.He likes to read a lot.

adhereI likeHe began to like sports.He began to like sports.


affinity[F] Relationship through marriageHe is my relative by marriage.He is one of my in-laws.

complainaffirm, affirm, affirm

positive[adj.] bejahend.

disease[F] Suffering, sadness, grief.

tormentcry (for someone)They were saddened by the loss of their mother.The loss of her mother made her very sad.°LegendLegendThey were saddened by their friend's misfortune.They lamented the misfortune of their friend.

relaxlet go, relaxLoosen the bandage a bit.Loosen the bandage slightly.▲ to loosenDo not relax in times of war.In times of war, do not relax in your work. ▲ decrease, decrease, decreaseThe storm abated.The storm calmed down.



ForOutsideLet's go outLet's go.Surroundings[f pl] suburbs, outskirtsYou live on the outskirts.They live in the suburbs.||For!¡Salida!

raidstoop, stoopHead down, the ceiling is very low.Low; The ceiling is very low.

paw printLidar.

Grabhold on, grabHold the rope tight.Hold the rope ▲ to pick it upocontract (illness)I've caught a terrible cold.I've caught a terrible cold.▲ take [Argentina].°be surehold on, grabHe grabbed my arm to keep from falling.He grabbed my arm to keep from falling.

Agencyagency (other than government).

Agent[metro] agentHe is a representative of a large insurance company.He is a representative of a large insurance company.▲ RepresentativeThe company sent several agents to handle the matter.The company sent several representatives to discuss the matter.°Police officer)Police officer [And]Ask the agent where the Plaza de Santiago is located.Ask the policeman where St. Jakobsplatz is.

agilefast, agileHe is agile in his movements.He is quick in his movements.—He has a very agile intelligence.She has a very quick mind.

Agitation[F] Emotion, emotion.

shake offshake offShake before using.Shake well before use.▲ Stir, shakeThe politician incited the workers.The politician incited the workers.°shake offget excitedHearing this, he became very excited.When he heard that, he was very excited.

AugustAugust.Escapetraverse, exhaust, exhaustThey quickly ran out of inheritance.They passed through the inheritance.°wearwearWith so much work, it's exhausting.It burns working so hard.▲The edition sold out quickly.The edition sold out quickly.▲ to distributeStocks ran out on time.Inventories dropped in a short time.

pleasantnice, pleasant

satisfybe nice toHe's a boy I don't like.I don't like his style.

To thank[-zc-] to appreciateI really appreciate your kindness.I appreciate your kindness. ▲ thankI really appreciated your help.I really appreciated the help.


I likeI likeThis is not to your liking.That is not to your liking.

expandincreaseThey will expand their store.You will increase your store. ▲ drop (a piece of clothing).

aggravateaggravate, aggravateThat aggravates the situation.That aggravates the situation.aggravateWorsenThe patient got worse.The patient got worse.

addveradd.▲ [metro] Attached fileWe saw the military attaché at the American embassy.We saw the military attaché at the American embassy.

addaddMore details need to be added to the report.You must add more details to the report.

Raub[F] Assault.


Aggressor[metro] striker.

Bauer[metro] Bauer.


SauerSauerGrapefruit is very acidic.Grapefruit has a very sour taste.


aguaaguaHe wants a glass of cool water.He wants a glass of ice water. RainNow is the time for water.We have rainy season.°coconut watercoconut milk. °thermal waterhot springs.°Clearer than watercrystal clearYou're right, it's clearer than water.You're right, that's very clear.||man in the water!man to water!

Avocado[metro] Avocado, Cayman.

Downpour[metro] SturmLast night's rain intervened.The storm last night destroyed the road.

aqueous°watery handsbutter fingerAnd]You have wet hands!Tienes Butterfingers.

Killjoy[m, f; sg] wet roof, party pooperDo not be a killjoy.Don't be a wet blanket.

toleratehold on, hold on, stayIt's amazing how it can last so long.It's amazing how much he can take.—This cannot be admitted.This is unbearable.▲ Hold on, don't give upExpect!Wait!°deténgasebe patient, takeYou have to put up with.you have to take it

waitsupposeSee you tomorrow at ten.We expect you tomorrow at ten. ▲ waitI've been waiting for you for hours.I've been waiting for you for hours.

brandy[metro] Cognac, Whiskey.

Scharfsharp, sharpThe knife had a very sharp edge.The knife had a very sharp edge.▲ CleverHe is a very clever boy.He is a very intelligent boy. ▲ sharpHe has a very high voice.He has a very high-pitched voice.▲ funnyHe always has such sharp sayings!He always makes such funny comments! ▲ pointed (oblique)The streets form an acute angle.The two streets form an acute angle.

Adler[F] Adler.

small waterAgüita (water flavored with aromatic leaves) [And]What would you like after lunch, coffee, tea or mint smoothie?What would you like after dinner, coffee, tea or mint water?

endowmentendowmentDo you have a needle to sew on these buttons?Do you have a needle to sew on these buttons?▲ Hand (of a watch, a compass)My watch lost a needle.One of the hands fell off my watch.°needles[You are welcome] ExchangeThe train stopped at Nadeln.The train passed the points.


Agujarsharpen to a pointSharpen the stake a bit.Slightly sharpen the tip of the stick.||He pricked up his ears.He pricked up his ears.


his ofhis ofthere is your friendThere's your friend.—What's in your bag?What's in your bag?aroundthereforethere, do that Favor.This way, please.▲ This wayThere goes your hat.Your hat is over here.||And from there what happened?Hello, what's up?[CALIFORNIA.]



floodsuffocateHe tried to drown him.He tried to strangle him.°flooddrown, drownMany animals drowned in the flood.Many animals drowned in the flood.▲ Being suffocatedI am suffocating in this very small and very hot space.This room is so small and hot that I am suffocating.

nownowI'm going home now.I'm going home now.▲ nowWhat do you think now?What do you think now?Howevernow now thenThis problem must be cleared up now.Let us now clarify this problem.°at this timeat once, immediatelyDo it now.Do it immediately.▲ right now, right nowIt's out now.He just left.henceforthhenceforthThat's what we'll do from now on.That is what we will do from now on.°until nowso far, so farSo far we have never had this problem.So far we have never had this problem.for nowfor the presentAt the moment we have enough to eat.We have enough to eat for now.

hanghang (run)They hanged him the same day.They hanged him the same day.

at this timeat this time [And]Now let's take a look.I see you now.

ointment saveHow much money did we save this month?How much do we save this month?

Arkansas[metro] esThe air in this room is very stuffy.The air in this room is too stuffy.▲ WindIt blows a very strong air.A very strong wind is blowing.▲ Appearance, AppearanceHe looks like a millionaire.He looks like a millionaire.—He seemed very tired.He seemed very tired.°outsideoutsideWe spent three hours outdoors.We spent three hours in the open air.°tomar arto get some fresh air.||He makes himself look like someone important.It rests in the air.


isolateisolate, cut

dog!||AHA! So what do we have?So this is what happens!

Chess[metro] Chess.

Without consolidatingfrom someone else, from someone elseDo not interfere in the affairs of others.Don't meddle in other people's business.

It isShe. °add garlicSwearStarted adding garlic.He started cursing.saybe inside

To placehold on tightYou need to adjust these screws.You must tighten these screws▲ to fitThis case doesn't fit.This cape doesn't fit.▲ ok, decide (over)They met to adjust the peace terms.They met to decide the terms of peace. ▲ solveLet's settle accounts.Let's settle accounts.

al (a + el)vera.

alaTo; brim (of a hat).



Scorpion[metro] Scorpion.

Barbed wireWire fence.

Listens[metro] Listens.

alamedaShopping, public promenade (lined with poplars).


having[metro] arrogance.°ShowShowHe picked up the suitcase to show his strength.He picked up the suitcase to show his strength.


increaselengthen, lengthenYou need to lengthen the sleeves of this coat.The sleeves of this coat must be extended. ▲ by handPlease, pass me the suitcase.Could you give me the suitcase, please?



Albanil[metro] Maurer, Maurer.

Damascus[metro] Apricot [SP].

disturbdisturb, make noiseChildren make a lot of noise.Children make a lot of noise.

revoltdisturbance, excitement; 🇧🇷CALIFORNIA.] Popcorn.


mayor[metro] Alcald.

attain[metro] catch upIt was out of his reach.It was out of his reach.

huchatoy bench; Collection box.

Reachedlittle money)He's always short of cash.He's always short of cash.To receiveachieve, surpassThey caught up with us very soon.They caught up with us quickly▲ to catch upI can't reach the can of tomatoes.I can't reach the can of tomatoes. ▲ reach, reachHe reached the rank of general.He reached the rank of General.reachto succeed you canI can't see it from here.I can't see anything from here.


Alcohol[metro] Alcohol.

Alcoholic[adj; north] Alcoholic.


complainclaim, claim, claim.

animateilluminate (up)The flowers illuminate the table.The flowers will illuminate the table.▲ They will bring life.°animatebe happy, be happyI'm very happy to see you.I'm very happy to see you.

alegrehappy happyWhy are you so happy today?Why are you so happy today? ▲ happyThey are very lucky people.They are very happy people. ▲ shiny, shinyWhat a happy outfit!What a colorful outfit is that! ▲ drunk, intoxicatedHe's a little happy.He's a little drunk.

happinessDelight, Joy, PleasureHe showed great joy when he saw it.He showed great joy when he saw it.

selfselfDon't go too far.Don't go too far.

encouragedwell well [And]He was sick, but today he is excited.He was sick, but today he is fine.

encourage[rad-ch yo] console, cheerYou have to cheer her up a bit.She needs some encouragement.▲ for encouragementEncourage him to do it now.Encourage him to do it.


Hard[metro] Rigid.


SomeSomeyou have something to tell medo you have something to tell me ▲ a little, a littleIt seems a bit expensive to me.It seems quite expensive to me.SomenoneYou have money?You have money?For somethingfor some reasonyou tell me that for somethingYou must have a reason for telling me.serve for somethingbe useful, serve somethingI don't know if that will help you.I don't know if this will be useful to you.

Cotton[metro] Cotton.

someonesomebody somebodySomebody knocks the door.Someone is knocking on the door.▲ anyone, anyoneHas anyone come?Has anyone come?

none(I understandnone) noneI hope you come back one day.I hope you come back one day.

nonenoneI want to ask you some questions.I want to ask you some questions.-Do you want to ask me a question?Do you want to ask me a question?anything elseAnything elseDo you need anything else?Do you need anything else?Anytimefrom time to time, sometimesHe visits us sometimes.He visits us from time to time.°Nonesome peopleSome lack patience.Some lack patience.


alliesally.▲ [norte] ally.

Allianzunion, alliance

alliesform an alliance, ally.

breathingbreathingHe arrived breathless.He was out of breath when he got here.||He is a man of many breaths.He is a very energetic person.

illuminateilluminateWe need to lighten the load.We need to lighten the load. ▲ Hurry up, hurry upRelax because it's late.Hurry up, it's late.

feedingfeed, careThis food is not enough food.This food is not nutritious enough.

groceriesfood, nutrition

to winto winHe joined the Foreign Legion.He joined the Foreign Legion.

to wingetting ready [And]You have to get ready early because the train doesn't wait.It is better to prepare early because the train will not wait.

to relievealleviate, alleviate

his ofhis ofThere is!There it is!°upda oben, da obenHe is waiting for you at the top.He is waiting for you upstairs.°his ofinside, insideThere are your friends.Your friends are there.°Ali, AlithereforeLet's go.We're going over there.afterBeyondThe city is behind those trees.The town is behind these trees.°Over therehis ofI saw you there a while ago.I saw her over there a while ago.

his ofhis ofPut it therePut it there.-His house is over there on the right.His house is over there on the right.°by Alifrom thereHe lives far from there.She lives far from there.°from therefrom thereFrom there it was perfectly visible.From there you could see it perfectly.for itthereforeHe says let's go.He says we have to go this way.

Almaalma.°almaspersonasIt is a people of three thousand souls.It is a town of 3000 inhabitants.°Of my soul(Term of affection in Spanish-speaking countries)son of my soul!My dear girl!||I feel it in my soul.I'm sorry.

deal[metro] warehouse, warehouse; go shopping, go shopping; department store; 🇧🇷Argentina] candy shop.


Force[metro] Force.

Forceto strengthen.

Admiral[metro] Admiral.

pillowPillow.||I'll sleep on it.I'm going to sleep on it (ie think about it).

pillow[metro] Pillow.

for lunch[rad-ch yo] for lunch, breakfast.

Having lunchlunch, lunch; Breakfast.

assignedirresponsibleHe is a very crazy boy.He is a ruthless young man.


accommodateHosted, Hosted, Hosted.

purchasingEspadrille (sandal with fiber sole and canvas upper).

rentalrent, rentThey rented a house.They rented a house.▲ for rentrooms to rent.rooms to rent.

rental[metro] Rent, rental price.

around°aboutaroundThey sat around the table.They sat around the table.▲ aroundIt cost about thirty pesos.It cost about thirty pesos.Surroundings[meter please] environment, environment.

Altar[metro] Altar.

spokesman[metro] Spokesperson.

Riot[F] change changeWe have to make some changes to our plans.We have to make some changes to our plans. ▲ strong emotionsHe showed signs of great anxiety.He showed signs of great emotion.°disturbance of the orderriot, public disorderRiots broke out across the country.Riots broke out across the country.

changechange, transformHis coming completely changed our lives.His coming completely changed our lives.°get angryget excitedDon't be mad, it's nothing.Do not get excited; Is nothing.

Changetake turns, take turns.

Alternative[F] Alternative.

contraltogo up go upWhat is that tall building?What is that tall building? ▲ high (in range)He spoke with a senior Treasury official.I was talking to a senior Treasury official.▲ largeThe prices are very high in this store.The prices are very high in this store. ▲ highDon't talk so loud.Don't talk so loud. 🇧🇷late at nightvery late at nightHe returned late at night.He returned very late at night.°alternativetop storyYou live on the top floor of this house.You live on the top floor of this house.°topotopoThe house is at the top of the hill.The house is on top of the hill.°ignoreignore, forgetWe lost many important points.We ignore many important facts.

contralto°deténgasestop stopOn the way we stop for lunch.We stopped for lunch on the way.The soldiers stopped at the entrance to the city.The soldiers stopped at the entrance of the village.||Alt!To bet!oTo bet!

Heightheight, height, heightI don't feel comfortable at this altitude.I don't feel comfortable at that height.

Refer toallude, relate

Turning onverHell.▲ Lighting, lighting systemThere is very little lighting in this part of the city.Lighting is dim in this part of town.

Hellgive birthThe street lamps do not give enough light.Streetlights don't give enough light.▲ shine, shineyou can light the wayyou can light the way

studentsstudent student.

innuendo[F] allusion, hint; tip.

increaseincrease, increaseHe didn't look up from his book.He didn't look up from his book.increaserise up, rebellionThey rose up against the government.They rebelled against the government.▲ to rise up.°escape withlift, steal, slideHe got up with the money.He stole the money.kindness[F] kindness.

netoadorable, adorable.

dawnuntil sunriseIn summer dawns earlier than in winter.In summer dawns earlier than in winter.

dawn[metro] dawn, dawn.

darkness°in the twilightat dawn, at dawn

Lover[adj.] affectionately.▲ [norte] Lover; Lover.



bitter(I understandbitter) bitterThe guy is bitter.This guy is very bitter.

bittermake bitter, make unhappyHe embitters the lives of everyone around him.He makes life difficult for everyone around him.


bitterness[metro] bitternessI couldn't stand the bitterness of the coffee.I couldn't stand the bitterness of the coffee.

bitternessbitternessHis misfortune caused him great bitterness.His misfortune caused him great bitterness.


atartie up, arrest

ambition[F] (exaggerated) ambition.

ambitioustoo ambitious.

Neighborhood[metro] atmosphere, environment.


A manAmen.||He says amen to everything.He is a man yes.

threatthreat, threat

threatenthreaten, threaten

Americanocoat (of a man's suit) [SP].

friend friendFreundshe is a friend of mineshe is a friend of mine

Amistad[F] amistad.°make friendsbecome friends, become friends (with)They soon became friends.They soon became friends.He became friends with John.He became friends with John.°make friendsget togetherThere he quickly found friends.There they met in a short time.


love loveowner, proprietorWe speak with the owner of the house.We speak with the owner of the house.▲ BossDon't tell the teacher.Don't tell the boss.

Drumsthe pile, the pile

amar[metro] AmarHe likes to talk about love.He likes to talk about love.▲ Love, gallantHe found a new love.Found a new love.▲ Love, babyYes my love.Yes darling.self-loveconfidence, prideHe has inflated self-esteem.He is too proud.

be dazzledbecome irritable or irritableHe was impressed by her words.I was irritated by what you said.

I botherto the riot

SchutzHelp; Protection.

extension[F] expansionI would like an enlargement of this photo.I would like an enlargement of this photo.

enlargeenlarge, strengthen, broaden.

farwide, roomy, large.

providefurnish, furnishThey equipped the house with all the luxuries.They furnished the house very luxuriously.

illiterate[adj.] Illiterate.

analyze[male or female] analyze.



ancholang LangDo you think the street is wide enough for cars?Do you think the street is wide enough for cars? ▲ too big, too wideThis suit is too big for me.This costume is too big for me.▲ Size, sizeHow wide is the fabric?how wide is the material?get comfortablewell, comfortably.

Vejestoreold, very old (of people).


paseowalk [And]We did a long hike to get to the top.We took a long walk to the summit.

andalon[metro] Wanderer, Vagabond [And]You are very happy, boy.You're a big bum, boy.

paseo[and] and, and a pieIt's too far to walk.It's too far to walk.▲ Go, moveThe train began to move.The train began to move.▲ run, walk, workDoes this watch work?Does this watch work?and andwalk around [Mexico, Col.]I walked all day.I was hunting all day.°go closegetting closerHe didn't take the prize, but he was close.He didn't win the award, but he came close.move onto occure [And]The child will leave in seven years.The child is seven years old.tripping around the bushRodeos.||Since!Follow!oIncrease!oDo it!||Come with me!To proceed!oAnd! 🇧🇷And]andarivel[metro] cable car, cable car [And].▲ grid, fence [Argentina]The pilot crashed near the cable car.The jockey landed too close to the rail.

platform[metro] (platform.



RingRingHe gave her a diamond ring.He gave her a diamond ring.

animation[F] animation, livelinessThe animation of the meeting surprised me.The animation of the meeting surprised me.

cheered up(I understandanimate) thrilled, thrilled.

Level[metro] Tier.▲ Idiot, Stupid PersonNo sea creatures!Do not be an idiot!

animaterejoice, encourageLet's cheer on the players.▲ Let's encourage players to cheer upHis arrival livened up the party.His arrival livened up the party. °cheer forencourage, animateI encourage you to come with us.I ask you to come with us.

animate(state of) spirit, spiritHe was in a good mood.He was in a good mood. ▲ Mut.°cheer up, cheer upencourage, animateHe cheered him up because he was depressed.She cheered him up because he was depressed.

birthday[metro] Birthday.

last nightlast night.

become night[-zc-] darken, darkenNow it gets dark at five.Now it gets dark at five.

become night[metro] twilight, twilight.

distress[F] Distress.

Scaredanxious, anxious, impatientI have the pleasure of meeting you.I have the pleasure of meeting you.

The day before yesterdaythe night before last.

The day before yesterdayThe day before yesterday.

glasses[meter please] glasses, glasses.

ancestor[adj.] penultimateLast year we were in Europe.Less than a year later we go to Europe.▲ [metro] ancestors, ancestors.

anteriorprevious, last

In frontIn frontI told you before.I've told you this before.▲ beforeThis street used to have a different name.This street used to have another name.°In frontIn frontLet's eat before we go.Let's eat before we go.°In frontIn frontThey left before we got there.They left before we got there.

first of allespecially in the first placeFirst, don't forget to write to me.Above all, do not forget to write to me.

to anticipateadvance, borrowHe advanced me thirty pesos.He lent me 30 pesos▲ to get aheadThey waited for the date of the game.They advanced the date of the match.to anticipatearrives earlyThey calculated half an hour.They arrived half an hour before▲ to go upthey expected meHe passed me.

alternativeall; all oldOutdatedold fashionedHe likes to dress old fashioned.He likes to dress old fashioned.

dislikeDislikeI dont like him.I dont like him.

Not friendlydisgustingHe is a very unpleasant man.He is a very unpleasant man.

crave||He does what he wants.She does whatever comes to her mind.||I do it because I feel like it.I do it because I have an idea.

announceannounce; to warn.

NoticeWarning; Warning; warning.


againagain.°leap-yearleap yearNew YearNew YearHappy New Year.Happy New Year.°... be years old... be years oldAm twenty years old.Am twenty years old.

cleardistinguish, extinguishTurn off the light.Turn off the light.°salidago outThe lights went out.The lights went out.

remaining power[metro] remaining power.

deviceapparatus, prayerSell ​​radios.Sell ​​radios.

Appear[-zc-] appear, appearHe didn't show up.He didn't show up.

Mira[F] appearance (presence)He was surprised by the sudden appearance of his friend.He was surprised by the sudden appearance of his friend.▲ Appearance.

Miraappearance, appearanceI don't like how you look.I don't like how you look.

apart(I understandput aside) very farmailbox)Mailbox.

cancellationDepartment [And].

put asideseparate, share

individuallyindividuallyThis is an open topic.This is a separate question. ▲ separate.apartSet this packet aside.Set this packet aside.go outsalidaIt is forbidden to get off while driving.Do not dismount while the vehicle is moving.


condemnsorry SorryThey lamented the illness of their aunt.They were sad about their aunt's illness.▲ Worried [And]We're sorry we didn't get a message.We were worried because we had no news.

onlyjust, justHe can barely walk.can barely walk.▲ as soon asAs soon as you arrive let me know.Let me know when you arrive.

openingInauguration (of an exhibition, public act).


overfilledgathered in a crowdPeople gather to watch the parade.▲ Crowd gathered to watch the parade.


levelsoft, softlevelbe depressed be depressedFlattened after failure.After his failure, he was very depressed.

smashsmashYou broke all resistance.You have crushed all resistance.▲ to softenTheir noses were crushed.They flattened your nose.°tearseedsThey flattened themselves against the wall.They flattened themselves against the wall.



applied(I understandUse) scholar, workerHe is a very diligent student.He is very busy.

Useapply, establishThey applied a coat of paint to the chair.A coat of paint has been applied to the chair.°useuse.

ingenuityself control, balanceHe has a lot of pose.He has a lot of pose.

Have funseize, seize


Beforehandblow, club

lawslawshow much do you bethow much do you betbet thatI bet thatI bet I got there before you.I bet I'll be there before you.

supportrest, supportPut your foot on this step.Put your foot on this step. ▲ back, support, secondNo one supported his proposal.No one seconded his motion.—I support the proposal.I support the movement.°trustrise up, bow downIt leans on a stick.It leans on a stick.

support supportsupport support.

recognitionI appreciate, I respect, howI appreciate it a lot.I have great respect for him.


PressDo it fastDon't rush the pace; We'll arrive on time.Don't go too fast; we will arrive on time.°Presshurry upPlease hurry up; we are running latePlease hurry up; we are running late

yet[rad-ch yo] hold on tightTighten this screw.Tighten this screw .▲ very firmlyThis neck is too narrow for me.This collar is very tight.▲ press, press, compressHe pressed to close the case.He closed the suitcase. ▲ holdHe squeezed my hand.He grabbed my hand. ▲ squeeze (fist or teeth). ▲ accelerate, runThe runner pushed on the last lap.The runner ran in the last lap.

to tight[F] Crew [And]It was so narrow that no one saw anything.The crowd was so big that no one saw anything.

Arrangejam, tight spotHe found himself in trouble.I was in a difficult situation.

fastfast fast fastIt does everything very fast.He does everything very fast.

approval[F] approval.

authorizefor the approval ofI do not approve of his behavior.I don't approve of your behavior. ▲ pass (an exam)Did you pass the math test?Did you pass the math test?

surprisePayment in advance [And]The boss had to give him some money.The boss had to advance him some money.

take advantage ofbenefit, useHe used all the leftovers.He used up all the leftovers.°take advantage ofHave funDon't let him take advantage of you.Don't let him take advantage of you.

providedeliver, deliver

Getting closerapproach, approachDon't get too close to the fire.Don't get too close to the fire.

lawslaws, laws.apunarseget sick from altitudeAnd].

point it outverAim very low to hit the target.You aim too low to hit the target.▲ Write it down, write it downWrite it in your notebook.Write it in your notebook.

investigatedrain, drink, consumeGlasses were emptied.They emptied their cups.▲ to smoke to the end.°check if)He wake upI am very concerned about the situation.The situation worries me a lot.—No te apures.Don't worry.▲ to hurry upHurry girl!Hurry up, kid!—Hurry up!Hurry up![And].

PressTraffic jams, bottlenecks, fixesI'm in trouble.I'm in trouble.

that these[adj.] the thisI bought the scarf we saw yesterday.I bought the scarf we saw yesterday.

that these[pron] the (one), thisI prefer this book to this one.I like this book more than that.

es[neu pron] the thing)What's that?What's that?

on hereon hereIt's not here.He is not here.on hereon hereI'll wait for you insideI wait for you here.°from here onhenceforthFrom now on you have to spend less.From now on we have to spend less money.°right over herehere, this wayCome here.Right over here.



scratch, scratchrip.

scratch, scratchscratch, scratch


Araucanian[adj.] of the Araucanians.

judgeReferee, judge, referee.


Buschshrub, shrub.

File, Archivearchive, put in a file

The booklean; bow (for arrows).°rainbowrainbow.

burnburn (be on fire)Wet wood does not burn well.Wet wood does not burn well. ▲ burn (with fever).

Burnedburned, soreAnd]He set me on fire with what he said.I was devastated by what he said.

combustion[adj.] Burn.




Hering[metro] Hering.

AlfaArepa (Grilled Corn Pie) [And].

CalleArgument, logic, premises.Your arguments do not convince me.Your arguments do not convince me.▲ Plot, storyI didn't like the plot of the movie.I didn't like the plot of the movie.

secodry, dry, barren.


armasarmasIt is forbidden to carry weapons.It is forbidden to carry weapons.

armorArmor; Structure.

WaffenWaffenThey armed the people.They armed the people.▲ gather, gatherThis machine needs to be built.The machine must be assembled.°make a messmake a racketThey made a lot of noise last night.They made a big noise last night.Armdeny [And]The mules stopped in the middle of the road.The mules stopped halfway.arm yourself witharm or equipHe armed himself with a pistol.He armed himself with a pistol.▲ to build [And]He built a good business in a short time.You have created a good business in a short time.||It always gives trouble.He always messes things up.

cupboardcloset, closet.


swingBalance (in accounting).



In the place[metro] suburb, periphery.

Stolenit broke [And]It always breaks at the end of the month.He's always broke at the end of the month.

tearup up upThree pages have been torn out.Three pages have been torn out.▲ to topWe watched the car start.We watched the car start.

begin[metro] sudden impulseI returned to my city in a hurry.On a sudden impulse, I returned to my hometown.▲ StarterThis car has auto start.This car has auto start.

drawn(I understanddrag) low, negligibleWhat a thrown face!What a jump!▲ Bootlicker, man [And]It gets everything because it's drawn that way.He gets it all because he's a bootlicker.dragpull, dragThe current took him away.It was carried away by the current.▲ touch the bottom or touch the bottom, dragBe careful, he takes off his coat.Be careful, your coat is dragging.°crawlcrawl, crawl, crawlThey dragged themselves out of the cave.They dragged themselves out of the cave.

agreementfix, adjust, solveIs everything organized for the trip?Is everything organized for the trip?▲ to repairI think they'll fix the radio this afternoon.I think they will fix the radio this afternoongetting readydress up, dress up, make upDress up a little and appreciate us at the movies.Get ready and let's go to the movies.°to receivemanageHow can I do it on time?How do I finish on time?

agreementArrangement, processing, agreement; change °according tostrong, strongWe act according to your instructions.We act according to your instructions.

grant[rad-ch yo] rent, letWould you like to rent your house?Do you want to rent your house?▲ rent, rentI need to rent a room.I want to rent a room.

buses[rad-ch II] moan, groanYou will regret that.You will regret that.

jail arrestarrest, prison

upup upThey live two floors up.They live two floors up.▲ upThe bedrooms are upstairs.The bedrooms are upstairs.°Upbeyond, past (on a higher level)It is on the square.It is behind the square.°Face up, belly up, paws upFace up, face up or face up.°up hillgo up. °From top to bottomtop to bottom, head to toeShe looked him up and down.He looked him up and down.from aboveupYou could see the river from up there.From above you could see the river.°to the topgo up go upThe car went uphill.The car went uphill.upgo up go uplet go uplet go upexaggeratedat or around the top, up thereThe hat was dirty on top.The hat was dirty on top.

Riskrisk, dangerHe doesn't mind risking his life.He doesn't mind risking his life.°RiskTake risksIf we don't take risks, we won't do anything.If we don't take risks, we will never achieve anything.

supportset or close or closeDon't push the table too close to the wall.Don't put the table so close to the wall.||Point your shoulder!Help me!

irritateNeglect; Range; to the corner.

get on your kneeskneel down.

arroganthaughty, haughty, proud.

to throwthrow, throw, throwIt is forbidden to throw objects out of the window.Don't throw things out the window.

overloadshirred ruffleYou have to wind this rope.This rope needs to be wound up.▲ trample, trampleThey were impressed by the crowd.They were trampled by the crowd.


reyes[metro] Reyes.

Bendfolds, folds

Ruinruin (financially)This man completely ruined her.This man completely ruined her.°go bankruptgo bankrupt (financially)With these deals he was ruined.I was ruined by this business.

until[male or female] UntilAre you interested in art?Are you interested in art?-the beautiful Artsvisual arts.▲ AbilityHe presents his arguments with great mastery.He presents his arguments with great skill. ▲ Ready, ready.


joint[F] articulation.

Articlearticle, newspaper articleRead the article on page two.Read the article on page two.°Articlethings, goodsThey sell sporting goods.They sell sporting goods.


Artist[m, f] Artist.


vetchGreen Pea [And].

I like[metro] wing, star; wings (letters).

fryverAsar.▲ [metro] fry.

RaubAttack, attack, attack.

Mountingassembly, congress

AsarTo bakeWe roast the chestnuts.We roast the chestnuts.°frybake, be uncomfortably hotThis room is used for baking.This room is boiling.

rising up[rad-ch yo] go up, go upThe balloon rose slowly.The balloon rose slowly.▲ to be carriedHe got up three times in one year.He was promoted three times in one year.°grow up toosameThe bill came to four hundred pesos.The bill was 400 pesos.

increase[metro] (passengers) elevator.

elevator operator[m, f] Elevator operator.

asconausea, disgustHe refused the food in disgust.He refused the food in disgust.°ascoascoThese things disgust me.These things disgust me.be a messto be very dirty, to be dirtyStay away, you're a mess.Do not get close to me; you're dirtydisgustnose upIt sucks at everything.Turn your nose up at all.

to ensurefasten, fasten (with rope or straps)He tied the horse's load with a rope.He tied the horse's pack with a rope▲ to secure itI guarantee that everything will be prepared on time.I guarantee that everything will be ready on time.▲ confirm, maintainHe assures you that it is true.Affirm that it is true ▲ to be sureThe luggage is insured.Luggage is insured.°make sureto be sureFirst, make sure the information is correct.First, make sure the information is correct▲ to get insuranceAccident insurance.He has accident insurance.



Assassinkiller, killer

afterin additionThat's the way it is.That's right.▲ like that, like thatyou must do thisYou have to do it like this.▲ therefore and like thisSo they decided to act immediately.And so they decided to act immediately.°about meaboutHow are you?" "So, so.""How are you?" "About." 🇧🇷Such asWithout reasonI don't say it like that.I say it for a reason.as soonafterSo come and let me know.I'll let you know as soon as I get there.

SeatseatSit down.Sit down.

Asylumorphanage; Home (for the elderly).

in addition to, in addition to morein the same way, also, in the same wayI think so.I also think.

Helppresence, presenceYour help is not necessary.Your presence is not required.▲ Help, help.

to participatehelp, help, careI helped him with his illness.I took care of him during his illness.°to participateparticipate, be presentDid you attend the session?Were you present at the meeting?

IN THISButter, butter.

Mortgage[F] club, club.

associateverassociate.▲ [norte] associated partner.

associateto connect.

knock downdry in the sunYou should expose your clothes to the sun.Clothes should be left out in the sun to dry.°take suntan [And]They sunbathed on the beach.They sunbathed on the beach.

Showextend hand (head, hand, etc.)He stuck his head out the window.He stuck his head out the window.lean outlean outForbidden to leave home.Leaning out of the windows is prohibited.

surprisesurprise surpriseSurprise everyone with your ingenuity.He surprises everyone with his intelligence.°Let it surprise youwonder, wonder, wonderI'm surprised you say that.I'm surprised you say that.

unbelievableWonderful, great.

rauhthick, thickThis fabric is very rough.This fabric is very rough.

Aspiration[F] ambition.


nastydirty, nasty, bad, low.

ChangeGo out; let.°Rasuren[You are welcome] palos.

cracked[F] cracked.

crackedclever, clever

Showaccept, acceptHe took full responsibility.He took full responsibility.

AutumnThematicWhat is the theme of this comedy?What is the theme of this piece? ▲ case, businessDon't interfere in my business.Don't interfere in my affairs.oIt's not your problem.

frightenfrightHis screams scared me.Their screams scared me.°get scaredto be scaredHe is afraid of loud noises.He is startled by loud noises.

attackAttack.switched onveratar.▲ [metro] Package, Package [And].

faceovercome, achieveWe cut them this way.If we walk this path, we will catch up with them. ▲ interrupt, abbreviateHe cut him off and said no.He cut him off by saying no.

shortcutAbbreviation, shortest path.

attack[metro] attack, attack; attack pass

atartie, tie, tieTie your shoes well.Tie your shoes.°put things togethersum of the butsHear it, even on cable.When I heard that, I put two and two together.

atarantadotontoI have danced so much that I am in a daze.I have danced so much that it makes me dizzy.


Yellow[metro] Sarg, Sarg.

attention[F] attentionThe announcer drew attention.The announcer drew attention.attentions[You are welcome] Kindness I will never forget your kindness.Attract attentiondraw attention to yourselfHe likes to attract attention.She likes attention. ▲ scoldI called him out for his disrespect.I scolded him for his impertinence.

get together[rad-ch yo] to view, please waitThe clerk took care of it right away.The clerk took care of it right away. ▲ carePlease listen to what I'm telling you.Please pay attention to what I say. ▲ take care, take careHe lovingly cares for his guests.He takes good care of his guests.

watch[and] depend on, rely on (accept as valid)I do not know what to expect.I don't know what to trust.

indignationmurder (attempt or success); Attempt (to fall by force)There was an attempt on the president's life.There was an attempt on the president's life.

attentivepolite, polite; attentive.||Your considerate and safe server.Carefully.

Tierrato terrorize

attainhit the target.▲ guess (right)It matched the money he had in his pocket.He calculated how much money I had in my pocket.°attainhave success inHe couldn't explain what he wanted.I couldn't explain what I wanted.°reach withfind (hit)I miss the keyhole.I can't find the keyhole.

athlete[m, f] Athlete.


the atmosphereThe atmosphere.

atoll, atoll[metro] atol, atole (a non-alcoholic hot drink widely used in Mexico and Central America).

atlondradodesmioladoI have never seen a more ruthless person.I had never seen such a scattered brain.

cutfool foolDo not be stupid.Don't be so silly.

tormentCome on, Folter.

screwScrew in, turn the screw.

attraction[F] attraction.

attractiveattractive, charmingWhat an attractive woman!What an attractive woman!▲ [metro] charm, attractionShe is very pretty but not attractive.It is very pretty but has no charm.

attracts[and] attract, charm.

BehindcostHe's there with some friends.She is there with some friends.°came backreturn ReturnDon't come back, there's a tree.Don't back off; There is a tree behind you.°the backwill find, will findHe looked back.He looked back.stay behindstay back, stay backHe stayed behind with some friends.He stayed behind with some friends.

afternoon(see delay) backwards, backwards (at work, at study, etc.).

delaydelay, delayThis greatly delays my trip.This will greatly delay my trip.▲ cover (observe or observe)I have to reset my watch, it's too soon.I need to reset my watch; is too fast.▲Walk or be slow, waste timeMy watch loses ten minutes every day.My watch loses ten minutes every day.to be latestay or fall behind, waste timeI think we are falling behind with this work.I think we are falling behind with this work.

delaydelayThe backwardness of this country is well known.The delay of the known.▲ delay of this country.

Cruz[rad-ch yo] perforationThe bullet went through the arm.The bullet went through his arm.▲ crossI have crossed the Atlantic several times.I have crossed the Atlantic several times.°CruzexpectA truck was cut off on the road.A truck stopped in the middle of the road.coachdare dareYou dare not tell me.You dare not tell me.


cruelty[F] cruelty; terrible or terrible thingHow cruel!What a terrible thing!

run overrun over, fallI was hit by a car.He was hit by a car.°run overquicklyIf you want to do the job well, don't beat yourself up.If you want to do a good job, don't rush it.

run overinsult, outrageWe cannot tolerate such abuse.We cannot tolerate such outrage.▲ Accident (in which a pedestrian is injured)Three pedestrians were struck by a car.Three pedestrians died in an accident.

horribleterrible, terribleIt was a terrible thing!It was a terrible thing!

aturdirrussellSo much noise stuns me.So much noise makes me shudder.°be dazedbe dazedI was stunned and did not know what to answer.I was stunned and didn't know how to react.

boldaudacity, audacity

clearbrave, daring

Salaaudience, listener

increaseincreaseWages have gone up.Wages went up.


even stillstillWe will do it on time.We will arrive on time.▲ evenEven now it would not be possible.Even now it would not be possible.▲He hasn't come yet.He hasn't come yet.even ifeven if, even ifEven if he doesn't come, we have to start.Even if he doesn't come, we have to start.

Howeveralthough, even ifAlthough I was not born in the country, I know it very well.Although I was not born in the country, I know it very well.


absentlet goHe missed class because he wasn't feeling well.He dropped out of class because he felt bad.

absentabsent.▲ [norte] the one that is absent.


Autocar, carriageIs there enough space in the car for everyone?Is there enough space in the car for everyone?

Bus[metro] BusWhat is cheaper, the bus or the tram?What is cheaper, the bus or the tram?

automaticallyautomatically.▲ [metro] snap (for clothing).

coach[metro] Coach.

Author[metro] Author.


authority[F] authority, powerHe didn't know how to maintain his authority.He could not maintain his authority.°authoritiesauthorities, governmentThey informed the authorities.You reported it to the authorities.


Helphelp help help.

Payment in advancefollowThe car was driving very slowly.The car was moving very slowly.▲ move forward, continue, move forwardWe are not making progress in our work.We are not making progress in our work.

miserablestingy, stingy.▲ [norte] Geizhals.

Avenida[metro] Passant, Vogel.


AvenidaAve.▲ FloodThe floods spoiled the harvest.Floods destroyed crops.

future[and] to acceptHe agreed with what he was told.He agreed with what they said.

overcomepromisingHe is a very talented boy.He is a very promising young man.

overcomecontinue, overcomeStay ahead of everyone at work.He is ahead of everyone in his work.

aventuraAdventure; risk maybe.

darerisk, dangerDo not you dare!Don't risk it!

adventurousadventurous; adventurous.

embarrass[rad-ch yo] embarrass, embarrass (someone).He embarrassed his entire family with his behavior.He shamed his entire family for his behavior.embarrassto be embarrassedAfter saying that, he felt embarrassed.After saying that, he felt embarrassed.

failDanoThe mechanic fixed the problem immediately.The mechanic repaired the damage immediately.

discriminationto be damaged, to be spoiledThe cargo was damaged by rain.The cargo was damaged by rain.


aviation[F] aviation.

aviator[metro] aviator.

anxiousanxious, anxiousHe was hungry for news.I was curious about the news.

plane[metro] level, level.to warnnotify, informYou must notify the police.We have to call the police. ▲ warn, warn, adviseIt's the last time I notice you.I warn you for the last time.

UseAnnouncement, announcement, announcementNotice to the public.Notice to the public.


Gasolinerevive (make shine)They stoked the fire by adding more wood.They stoked the fire by adding more wood.°sharpen the eyeKeep your eyes open, look carefullyWhy don't you click your eye?Why don't you keep your eyes open?°accelerate stepstomp animatedquicken the pace; It's too late.lively step; it's too late.°revitalizeagree, encourageget angry you are sleepingWake; you're half asleep

¡Vaya!Oh! I've got!


HelpHelp, help, helpI need help with this.I need help with this.

Helphelp, help, helpI want to help you load the packages.I want to help you load the packages.


fast°On an empty stomachHunger, fast, empty stomachDon't smoke on an empty stomach.Don't smoke on an empty stomach.


Hostess[metro] Tablet [And].

Safran[metro] Safran.

Midday[metro] At noon.

Azar[metro] Chance, RiskLet the bad luck go.Let's take a risk.▲ OpportunityHe likes to play.He likes to playal azaral azarHe chose her at random.He chose her at random.

Azarembarrassing, confusingThat would be embarrassing for everyone.That would embarrass anyone.°Riskto be embarrassedWhen I told him, he got very angry.When I told him that, he was very embarrassed.

nitrogen[metro] flagellation; corporal punishment; Whip.

azteca[adj; north] Azteca.

Zucker[male or female] Zucker.

sugar bowlZuckerdose.▲ [adj.] in relation to sugarThe sugar industry.The sugar industry.

lilyWhite Lily.

sulfur[metro] sulfur.

blue[adj; north] azul.




not married[metro] Graduate, Bachelor's degree holder (person who possesses a Spanish degree equivalent in the US to a high school diploma plus two years of college).

bagassepulp [And].

bayBay (Entrance).

to danceto dance.

dancer[metro] dancers.

ballet dancers[F] dancers.

Deposit[metro] dance, ball

bajasacrifice (military)The enemy suffered many casualties.The enemy suffered many casualties. ▲ fall (in price)All prices have gone down.There was a general drop in prices.°unsubscribeexit (from a list of members or subscribers)He left the club.He left the club.—He was removed from the subscriber list for non-payment.He was removed from the subscriber list for non-payment.

offspringdescent, ascent

He got[F] He got.

stay lowDown downLet's slowly go down the stairs.Let's go down the stairs slowly ▲ fall, fallThe temperature dropped.The temperature has dropped.▲ too low; reduceTake the suitcase from my room.Bring the bag from my room.▲ to pick upDo you want to help me get my bags off the grid?Can you help me get the bags off the shelf?belowDown downThey saw us get off the train.They saw us get off the train. ▲ arcHe bent to tie a shoe.He bent to tie his shoe.

lowlowI want a low table.I would like a low table.▲ shortHe is smaller than his brother.He is smaller than his brother. ▲ low, softThey spoke in low voices.They spoke in a low voice.▲ Bass (voice, instrument)Let's put the bass on the left.Let's put the bass on the left side▲ downthe temperature dropped Null.The temperature dropped below zero. ▲ street level, ground floorThe caretaker lives on the ground floor.The caretaker lives on the ground floor.

BalaBullet, ball.

Equilibrium[metro] Balance; balance sheetWhat is my account balance this month?What is my account balance this month?

Swingswing, swing, swingDon't rock in the chair; It will breakDon't rock in the chair; It will break

Swing[metro] to swing, to swing.

Equilibriumbalance, balance.

PlugPlugThree shots were heard.Three shots were heard.▲ Gunshot woundHe had three bullets in his chest.He had three bullet wounds to the chest.

balcony[metro] balcony.

Tray[metro] cube, cubeThis bucket is leaking.This bucket is leaking.°of the cubefor freeThey give bucket of porcini mushrooms.They give away free tickets.vainin vain, unsuccessfulHe tried unsuccessfully to contact her by phone.He tried to reach her by phone, to no avail.

Balearicwound with a firearm [And]They shot him yesterday.They shot him yesterday.


globo[metro] Football.


BancoBancoCan I cash my check at this bank?Can I cash my check at this bank? ▲ BankAll the banks are occupied.All the banks are occupied.

Bandaarea, band (various materials)The skirt had three red stripes.The skirt had three red stripes.He wore a red bow on his chest.He wore a red bow on his chest.▲ Band (music)This band (music) is giving me a headache.This band is giving me a headache.▲ BandA gang of thieves operates in this region.A gang of thieves is working in these parts.





pavementpavement [Mexico]; Pavement.

PlaceThe bathPlease bathe the children.Please bathe the children.°Placeget a showerI'll take a bath.I will take a shower.



PlaceBathtub; Bathtub; Bathtub.

deck of cardsdeck of cards

Mixture(Mix cards.


AFFORDABLEcheap [Ch, Peru].

AFFORDABLE PRICESBarato, BaratoIt is very pretty and also cheap.It's very pretty and it's also cheap.▲ cheap, cheapIn this store they sell very cheap.They sell very cheap things in this store.▲ [metro] DowngradeNowadays there are cheap ones in this store.This department store has a sale today.

Barbarianbart; chin

barbarity[F] any excess of word or actionEat a lot.Eat too much.-Say no atrocities.Do not say foolishness.-What he did was barbaric.What he did was an outrage.I like very much.She really like me.

barbarianbrutalHe is a barbaric man.He is a rude man.

Barber ShopBarber Shop.


the Barca(small boat.

barcoschiff bootHow many times have you done the boat trip?How many times have you done the boat trip?

Lack[metro] Missing.


bundlefall, fallAnd].

barraBarWe need a crowbar.We need a crowbar.▲ Audience, spectator [And]The bar delighted the players.Spectators applauded the players.

his ofThroat, Blatt.

to sweepto sweep.

barrel[metro] Barril, Tonel.

Kreisneighborhood, section, district.

barroLand; spine.

Base[F] Base; Base.

only that!(VerBastard) enough! Seems!He comes! I told you to shut up.That's enough! I told you to shut up!

quiteenough enoughYou have sufficient money?You have sufficient money? ▲ place enoughShe is quite a beautiful woman.She is quite a beautiful woman.

BastardapproveThere was not enough food for everyone.There was not enough food for everyone.

backstage[meter please] °backstagebehind the scenes, behind the scenes

Stockthick, thickThe costume is made of very rough material.The costume is made of very rough material.

walking stick[metro] Bengali, Bengali.garbagegarbage, garbage

Sohnbathrobe, bathrobe; house coat.



to defeat[metro] baseball bat [And].


DrumswinBeat the eggs, please.Hit the eggs.▲ to defeatHe defeated his enemy.He defeated his enemy.°battlebattle; fight a duel

trunk[metro] trunkYou haven't unpacked your bags yet.They haven't unpacked their bags yet.



drinks[metro] Drinks.

drinkdrinkWhat will you drink?What will you drink?

drinkdrink drink

KalbCalf; Calf.

Baseball[metro] baseball game) [And].

baseball player[metro] baseball player [And].



bless[and] blessGod bless you!God bless you!

blessing[F] blessing.

blessed(I understandbless) blessed, holy.

charitypublic charity; wellness department.

to benefitFavorYou don't appreciate the benefits.He does not appreciate favors.▲ GainThe benefit was very high.The profits were very high.

benevolencekindness, benevolence





beet root[F] Beet root [Mexico].

a bibleThe Bible.


Bicarbonatesodium bicarbonate.


bicyclebike, bike.

We will do it[metro] boaIt does not distinguish between good and evil.He doesn't know the difference between right and wrong.▲ [announcement] We will do itI speak very wellHe spoke very well.▲ a lotThe beer is quite cold.The beer is quite cold.Howeverwell thencondition[meter please] property, propertyHe has many assets.It has many qualities.instead ofinstead of thisHe is richer than poor.He is rich, not poor.||He's fine.intestineoCorrect.||Pay attention to what I tell you.Pay close attention to what I tell you.

wellness[metro] well-being, comfort.

Welcome[adj.] WelcomeWelcome to my home!Welcome to my home!

Fillet of beef[metro] I understandBarbecue.

moustache[metro] Mustache.

Billiards[metro] Billiards, Billiards.

ticket[metro] ticketDid you buy the tickets?Have you already bought the tickets?Bank receipt)billGive me the money in fives and tens.Give me the money for ten past fiveround trip ticketRound-trip ticket.

ScreenbodyYou have to put a screen in front of the door.You have to put a screen in front of the door.

great grandfathergreat grandfather.


bistec, bistec[metro] Barbecue.



blancoblancoI wish I had bought a white suit!I wish I had bought a white dress!▲ [metro] White person)In this city there are whites, Indians and blacks.In this town there are whites, Indians and blacks.▲ [metro] MetaThey hit him white.They hit the mark.office houroffice hourPlease leave this page blank.Leave this sheet blank.°make whitehit the markThey scored three times.They hit the target three times.°shoot the targettarget shooting, target practiceThe soldiers fired at the target in the morning.The soldiers had target shooting in the morning.

educatedGentle; Gentle.

blancoNo [Mexico].

Block[metro] block, piece.


boboIdiot; nonsenseSon, don't be silly!Son, don't be silly!

bocabocaHe hasn't opened his mouth all afternoon.He didn't say a word all afternoon.▲ Entrance (subway, cave, etc.)In the corner is the mouth of the subway.The subway entrance is on the corner.°face downFace down, face downThe child sleeps upside down.The child sleeps upside down.°open mouthon the back, on the headHe was lying face down on the beach.He was lying on his back on the beach.

bocacalle[F] cross street.

BitBit; he bites.shameshameHow embarrassing we were!What a shameful situation! ▲ muggy weatherHow embarrassing!What a muggy weather we have!

loadedweird; shamefulWhat a shameful action!What a shameful action!▲ sensual.

HornHornHonk the car horn to let us pass.Honk to let the car pass.


bodega(wine) cellar, cellar; Storage; 🇧🇷And] candy shop.

was?Thrust.°play the shotsgasp, be out of breathI play the shots.I'm breathless


Bohemian[adj; north]Bohemian.


she wasBall, round body or massGive me this iron ball.Give me this iron ball.▲ Ball (to play) [And]We bought some tennis balls.We bought some tennis balls.▲ crowd [Mexico]There was a crowd at the theater entrance.There was a crowd at the theater entrance.

ball player[metro] black boot [Mexico].

To the theaterTheatrekasse [And].

ticketticket [And].

Erasdrunk [And].°go bowlinggo bowling

And yesandHe was carrying a silk bag.She was carrying a silk bag.▲ BagI need a paper bag to store it.I need a paper bag to put it in.▲ PurseI don't know what the stock prices are today.I don't know what the stock prices are today.

pocketPocket; 🇧🇷SP] purse (woman), purse.

BombaBombaThey used a pump to collect the water.They used a pump to suck up the water.▲ PumpThe bomb destroyed three houses.The bomb destroyed three houses.—It hit like a bomb!It hit like a bomb!petrol pumpfuel pump; Fuel stationWhere is a gasoline pump?Where is there a gas station?°fire pumpFire truck.||A bomb was planted.he got drunkAnd].

BombingFirefighter (Fire Department).

electric lamp(Electric lampThree bulbs burned out.Three lamps burned out.

Buenos Aires[adj; north] (native) from Buenos Aires.

kindness[F] Goodness, kindnessThanks for your kindness.Thank you for your kindness.°have the goodness (of)You are welcomeWait a moment please.Wait a moment please.

Freundlich[adj.] Freundlich.

potatopotato [SP, Kuba].


intestinegovernment bond.

Krugcigarette basket.


we must[metro] Borders, borders.

Frontera°I am boardun borde (ship).

drunkennessDrunkenness. 🇧🇷get drunkgetting drunk

drunk[n, adj.] drunk; drunk.

clearturn off, turn off

bosque[metro] forest, kill.



throw it awayBoots; wine bag

Attract(Verplace) barato, barato [And]will be expelledIt's very cheap. ▲ lie down (lie down) [And]They threw it on the bed.I was lying on the bed.

placethrow it away [And]Be careful, don't throw these papers away.Be careful, don't throw these papers away. ▲ pull, pullYou have been fired from your job.You fired him. ▲ jump [SP]Look how far this ball bounces.Look how this ball bounces.

bote[metro] jar.▲ can, boxI want a boat with tomatoes.I want a can of tomatoes.°give a boatto jumpHearing this, he jumped.Hearing that, he made a face.°from ship to shipcrowded, jammedThe theater went from ship to ship.The theater was full.



Knopf[metro] Knopf.

Keys[News] Hotel messengers.

Boxer[metro] Boxer, prize fighter.

snout[metro] snout (for animals).

Bravofierce, wildBe careful, it's a brave bull.Be careful, it's a brave bull. ▲ angry, angry [And]He got so mad.He got very angry.||¡Bravo!¡Bravo!

Armarm (of the body).°go arm in armgo arm in arm

Break timeBad luck, Tar.presentationshort, short.°prontosoon soon.

shinyshinyI don't like this role; It is very bright.I don't like this role; it is very bright.▲ [metro] diamanteHe gave her a diamond bracelet.He gave her a diamond bracelet.


seems to beseems to be.

shinyShine shine.

touchJump jump.

Toastdrink, toast to someone's healthLet's drink to your health!Let's drink to your health!

Toast[News] Toast (ceremony).


brushBrush; shaving brush.

jokejoke, yeahHe is always joking.He is always joking.in jestAs a jokeI said it jokingly.I said it jokingly.°jokeTake it lightly, take it as a jokeHe thinks it's all a joke.He takes everything lightly.

have funhave funHe is always joking.He is always joking.

Filafight! fightstart a fightstart a fight start a fight

Bronze-[metro] Bronze.

outbreaksprout, sprout

Compasscompass (of the sailor).

abruptabrupt, rudeHe is blunt in his way of speaking.He is brusque in his way of speaking.


brutalBeast, NivelDo not be rude.Do not be rude.

Pudding[metro] Pudding.

Boanice guyHe is a good man.He is a good man.

gebBoaThe car is really good.It is a very good car. ▲ adequate, goodIt was a good occasion.It was a good opportunity." OK that's fine.I'm not very good.I don't feel very well.▲ okay, okay, okay.I'll see you at five.Okay, see you at five.foreverin good faithHe gave me forever.He gave it to me voluntarily.||It's good!That's enough! 🇧🇷And] ||Good morningGood morning

chico[metro] young guy.

knittingSchal, Schal.


spark plugCandle; Spark plug; Watt.

opennoise, noisearm twistmake a racketThey made a terrible noise.They made a terrible noise.

PackagePackageHe walked with a bundle of clothes in his hand.He came out with a bundle of clothing in his hand.▲ Swelling, lumpHe has a bump on his head.He has a bump on his head.°empty, run away,oremove the bulgeevadeAs soon as he saw what he had to do, he gave up the responsibility.As soon as he saw what he had to do, he dodged it.

ostrich[metro] ship, steamer.

scoffspit, yeahto laugh atmake fun of, make fun ofThey made fun of him.They made fun of him.

to laugh atto laugh atHe makes fun of everyone.He makes fun of everyone.

Burrobutter, butter ▲ butter, gooI fuck you!What the hell!

Seek°Seeking outSeeking out.



Seatbig chair; orchestra seat.

mailbox[metro] MailboxPut these letters in the mailbox.Put these letters in the mailbox.


¡California!Oh no! no sir!

LonelyCompletelyThe tea service is not complete.The tea service is not complete.

chivalryChivalry; Riding horse.

RitterRitterHe is a gentleman.He is a perfect gentleman.▲ SirGentlemen, here is the bill.Here's your bill, sir.

easel[metro] easel; Easel.

Horsehorse.°by horseby horse.

cabincabin, cabin

cabaret[metro] Cabaret, disco.

Headboardheadboard (of a bed, table); place of honor.

FührerFührer.cabellohair (of the head)Keep your hair down.Keep your hair loose.

to fit in[and] fit in, be includedThings no longer fit in the trunk.Nothing else fits in the trunk.▲ to browseThe piano does not fit through this door.The piano does not enter through this door.°No doubt)No doubt)There is no doubt that he is English.There is no doubt that he is English.

KopfKopfThis boy has a very big head.This boy has a very big head. ▲ chief, leader, bossHe was the leader of the movement.He was the leader of the movement.” mind, brainThis work must be done with the head.This job requires you to use your brain.°Of the headhead firstHe jumped headlong into the water.He plunged headfirst into the water. ▲ face down, in a messThe business is upside down.The business is a disaster.°headacheHeadache.°lose your mindlose your mindHe never loses his head.He never loses his mind.||This project has neither tail nor head.There is no point or reason to this plan.

City HallMunicipality.

cabo[metro] outside; cabogram.

cabogram[metro] Cabogram.

caboFilmcap to capFrom side to side.-We cannot leave loose ends.We must not leave loose ends.▲ coverThey passed the Cape of Good Hope.They passed the Cape of Good HopeIt has stripes on the body.It has cable strips.°for deliveryfinish, finish, finishThey talked.You end the conversation.layer by layerfrom beginning to endI know the story inside and out.I know the story from start to finish.°runattainThey executed the project immediately.They executed the plan immediately.


peanut[metro] peanut [And].

Cacao[metro] peanut [SP].

CacaoCocoa; Cocoa bean.


garbage[metro] garbage garbageGet that shit out of here.Get this garbage out of here.

bunchpiece piecegive me a piece of breadgive me a piece of bread

Cactus[metro] Cactus.

all the worldAll the worldEvery day he says something different.Every day he says something different.°everyone, everyoneworldThey all paid for their food.Everyone paid for their own food.°always thatalways, wheneverHe asks me every time he sees me.He asks me that every time he sees me.

body[metro] corpse.

StringPrison; Mountain range).


Cadet[metro] Cadet.

cair[and] cairTorrential rain fell.Heavy rain fell.▲ fallHe fell to his knees.He fell to his knees. ▲ becomeThe suit suits you.The suit is bothering him.▲ Fall, come onYour birthday falls on a Sunday.Your birthday falls on a Sunday.°get sick (in bed)get sick, get sickA few days ago he got sick.He got sick a few days ago.°realiseperceive, notice, thinkIt only occurred to me much later.I didn't realize it until much later.caircairHe fell down the stairs.He fell down the stairs.Drop ittearBe careful not to drop the tray.Be careful not to drop the tray.

Coffee shop[metro] Coffee; Coffee shop.

coffee machinecoffee buddy.

fallenliquid, liquidHe went limp after the fall.After the fall, he became lame.▲ to fall, to collapseThe chamber's opposition led to the overthrow of the government.The chamber's opposition led to the overthrow of the government.

Boxbox, suitcaseHe gave her a box.He gave her a box.money boxsavings bankHe put a lot of money into the Sparkasse.He put a lot of money in the savings account.safe, iron boxsafeThey have their jewelry in the safe.They keep their jewelry in the safe.°Box)BoxLook what the box says.Look how the cash register sounds.°packedon hand (cash)Let's see what we have in the box.We need to see how much cash we have available.

BoxBox.Packagepack of cigarettesI'll buy a box.I'm going to buy a pack of cigarettes.

Drawer[metro] DrawerYou lost the key to the drawer.Lost the key to the drawer box ▲They have a drawer with books.They were given a box of books.


pumpkinpumpkin, pumpkinto give pumpkinsreject, reject, reject (a declaration of love)He gave him pumpkins.She declined.▲ declineThey gave him pumpkins in geometry.They failed him in geometry.

Lostprison cell.

lula[metro] lula.

Muscular cramp[metro] spasmHe had a cramp while swimming.He had a cramp while swimming.

bad luck[F] Disaster, calamity, calamity.

keep your mouth closedpenetrateThe dagger pierced his heart.The dagger entered his heart. ▲ soak, soakI came home soaked.I came home soaked.°disassemble(a hat) on or offHe lowered his hat to his eyebrows.He pulled his hat over his eyes.

skullSkull; crazy, rake.

sock[metro] sock.

calculationcalculate, discoverLet's calculate the travel expenses.Let's calculate the travel expenses.


KesselKettle, large kettle.

warmheiss heiss.

heating[F] Heating).


Warmwarm up, warm upPlease heat the water.Please heat the water.°WarmheatingThey sunbathed.They sunbathed.

FeverFeverHe has had a fever for days.He has had a fever for a few days.

quality[F] qualityIs this good quality fabric?Is this thing good?asas, as

warmwarm hotBe careful, the soup is very hot.Be careful, the soup is very hot.

reserved(Versilent) silence silenceWhy are you so quiet?Why are you so quiet?

silentcalm downHe was silent while we talked.He was silent while we talked. ▲ hide, hide from someoneHe had silenced the truth.He has hidden the truth from us.°outsideShut upShut up, you've said enough.Keep your mouth closed! You talk too much.▲ Stop talking, joking, singing, etc.They suddenly fell silent.Suddenly they stopped talking.

call[F] FromWhat street do you live on?What street do you live on?put outtake off take offI had no choice but to throw it out on the street.I had no choice but to kick him out.°stay (be) on the road.will run out of moneyWhen the deal fell through, he was left out on the street.When his business failed, he ran out of money.

alley[metro],calmalley, alleyWe are in a dead end.We are in a dead end.

quietquiet, stillAfter the storm came the calm.After the storm came the calm.°calmtake your time slowlyWork very calmly.He takes his time when he works.

calm downsoothe, soothe, sootheThese pills will relieve the pain.These pills will relieve the pain.calm downcalm downIt only calmed down much later.It only calmed down much later.

Warm[metro] WarmI don't like the heat.I don't like the heat.make it hotto be hot (because of the weather)It's very hot today.It's very hot today.°be hotfeel hoti'm hoti'm hot

Defamationslander, false accusationEverything he says is slander.Everything he says is slander.


warmwarmWhat hot days!This hot day!

CalvoBald; baldness.

baldness[F] Baldness (hair loss).

FilmCalvoI'm getting boldI'm getting bold

pavementcobbled street; 🇧🇷And] Pavement.

Shoesshoes, footwear

manipulate[metro] shoehorn.

wear(shoes) put on or put onWhat number are you wearing?What size shoe do you wear? ▲ block, wedgeI will block the wheels to prevent the car from moving.I will block the wheels to prevent the car from moving.

panties[meter please] Shorts (underwear).CameraCameraplease make my bedPlease make my bed.°Stay in bed, stay in bedbe tied to the bedHe has been sick in bed for three months.He has been bedridden for three months.

CameraCameraWhat kind of camera do you have?What kind of camera do you have?°Chamber of CommerceChamber of Commerce.°Chamber of DeputiesChamber of Deputies, Chamber of Deputies.

comrade[m, f] comrade, friendThey chatted like old comrades.They talked like old friends.

Waitressmaid, maidThe maid hasn't cleaned the room yet.The maid hasn't cleaned the room yet.▲ WaitressAsk the waitress for the menu.Ask the waitress for the menu.

KellnerWaiter; valet parking

cabin[metro] Cabin, CabinI would like to book a first class cabin.I would like to book a first class cabin.

changechangeNothing has changed since I saw it.Nothing has changed since I saw it. ▲ change (money)Can you change me a ten-peso bill?Can you change me a ten-peso bill?

changechangeHas there been any policy change?Has there been any change in policy?▲ Small change, coinsDo you have little money?Do you have change?▲ Exchange rateWhat is the change in the dollar today?How is the dollar exchange rate today?in exchange ofin exchange ofI give you this book in exchange for the other.I give you this book in exchange for the other.°Howeveron the other hand.

camilalearn leather.

paseopaseoHe likes to go for walks a lot.He likes to go for walks a lot.walk on lead feetmove carefullyYou must walk with lead feet in this matter.You must tread carefully in this matter.

walklong walk, walk

Outsideroad, way, highwayIs the road good for driving?Is the road good for driving?▲ Method, roadI don't know which way to go to get it.I don't know how to get it.°take the roadbegin, defineThey left the next day.They left the next day.

truck[metro] trucks; 🇧🇷Mexico] Bus.

ShirtShirt.°in shirt sleeveson the sleeves of the shirtHe was in his shirt sleeves.He was in his shirt sleeves.

grocery storeHaberdashery, men's clothing store.


evening gown[metro] Evening gown.

potato[metro] potato [MEX, C. A.].

lagerlagerThe soldiers will return to camp shortly.The soldiers will return to camp soon.

campanaChinoWe hear the church bells.We hear the church bells.

Chinoringing bell or clockI didn't hear how many bells there were.I did not hear how many times the clock struck.

Chinosmall bell, hand bell.


Champion[metro] Champion.



campoland, fieldWe have lived in the country for many years.We have lived in the countryside for many years.°battlefieldbattlefield.

You are welcomegray hairThe first gray hairs were found.He found his first gray hairs.—He has a lot of gray hair.He has a lot of gray hair.

Canal[metro] CanalWe went through the Panama Canal.We passed through the Panama Canal.▲ Strait, channelThe ship was approaching the English Channel.The ship was approaching the English Channel.


the streetwide basketThey brought us a basket of fruit.They brought us a basket of fruit.

SquareSquareThere are tennis courts in this park.There are tennis courts in this park.▲ Popcorn [And].

Music[F] MusicWhat is the trendiest song?What is the latest hit?


CandelaVelaLight the candle.Light the candle.▲ Light itGive me a candle to light a cigarette.Give me a light for my cigarette.

CandidateCandidate, Candidate.

blancoSimple, innocent, gullible.cinnamoncinnamon.

CrabCrabs (Schalentiere).

change[metro] Exchange (releases, prisoners).

ExchangetrocarThey decided to exchange prisoners.They decided to exchange prisoners.


tired out(I understandtires) tired outI'm tired.I am tired.▲ tiring, boringThis man is very tired.This man is very tired.

fatiguetiredness, exhaustionHe's dead tired.He's dead tired.

tirestiresIt is very exhausting work.It is very tiring work.°Get tiredGet tiredYou will soon get tired.She tires quickly.

cantaleta||He is always with the same cantaleta.He always plays the same string.

Kantor[m, f] Kantor.

sing[metro] MusicI want to learn this song.I want to learn this song.▲ [v] singThe tenor sang very well tonight.The tenor sang very well tonight.°sing clearlyOf course I have to sing.I have to tell him right away.

Crew[F] crowd, crowdHow much do I owe you?How much do I owe you?

Coffee shopCanteen, water bottle.

Coffee shoptavern, saloon [And🇧🇷 Railway Restaurant [SP].

GesangSingHe is a singing teacher.He is a singing teacher.▲ MusicI like folk songs.I like folk songs.

Gesangaresta.°singon the edge, sidewaysPut the book in the corner.Place the book on its edge.

walking stickreed, reedA lot of sugar cane is grown in Cuba.A lot of sugar cane is grown in Cuba.▲ Sugar cane, Sugar cane (from bamboo)He was carrying a cane.He was carrying a cane.fishing routesfishing routes

You haveIts of.

benefitwater pipe, pipeYou need to fix the plumbing; he is arrestedYou need to fix the water pipe; it's complicated.

Canyon[metro] barrel of a gun)He bought a double-barreled shotgun.He bought a double-barreled shotgun. ▲ cannon, rifle. ▲ cannon, cannon.Do you know the Colorado canon?Have you ever seen the Grand Canyon?


abilitycape (clothing)Wear a Spanish cape.He wears a Spanish cape.▲ MantleThe door needs another coat of paint.The door needs another coat of paint.°paseo(o mi)on the breakbe descendedThe poor, they are stagnating!Poor things, they are in decline!

ability[F] abilityThis tank has a capacity of thirty liters.This tank has a capacity of thirty liters.▲ CapacityHe is a man of great entrepreneurial capacity.He is a very capable businessman.

foreman[metro] foremanI want to talk to the foreman.I want to talk to the foreman.

able tofarIt's quite a room for a library.It's a room big enough for a library.He is not capable of such a humble action.He is incapable of such a low trick. ▲ capable, competentI have been told that he is a very capable person.They told me that he is a very competent person.

Kaplan[metro] Kaplan.


capital city[metro] Capital cityThe company has a capital of one million dollars.The company is capitalized at one million dollars.▲ [F] Capital city)They made a trip to the capital.They made a trip to the capital.°death penaltyDeath penalty.

captain[metro] Captain.

ChapterChapterI've only read the first three chapters.I've only read the first three chapters.

will tear downhat or hanger [And].

state of mindwhim, fantasyDon't listen to their whims.Don't listen to their whims.

wunderlichfickle, moody

haircutCapsule; Grenade (for short firearms).

to taketo take.

The sizeOutbreak; Cocoon.

CarafaceShe has a very pretty face.She has a very pretty face.▲ Face, foreheadI don't understand the words on the flip side of the coin.I don't understand the words on the obverse of the coin.°love loveright in a person's faceHe told him face to face.He saidright in your face.°face the crossface the crossbut to the carmusica facialI had to face it.He had to face the music.

Snail[metro] snail.°spiral staircasespiral staircase.

Character[metro] signHe is a man with a lot of humor.He is a very good-natured man. ▲ firmness, characterIn everything he shows that he has character.Everything he does shows that he has character.

feature[F] Feature.

damn you!damned! Sky!Damn it's cold!My gosh, how cold it is!

Caramelcaramelyou have bulletsDo you have mints?

Money[metro] MoneyYou need to put more coal in the stove.You need to put more coal in the stove.

coal power stationactivated carbon filterThe bunker is full.The activated charcoal canister is full.

chapimcoal dealer

carburetor[metro] carburetor.

Loseroaring laughter, laughterThey laughed out loud.Their sides are divided.

prison[F] PrisonThey put him in prison.They put him in prison.

Lack[-zc-] lack, not haveHe has no money to travel.You don't have enough money to travel.

Careful[metro] Schildpatt.

billbillThis mule can no longer carry a load.This mule cannot bear a heavier load.▲ loadIt is a cargo ship.It is a cargo ship.▲ CargoThey remove the load from the wagon.You take the load out of the car.

billbill; Shipment.

billloadThey loaded the truck.They loaded the truck.▲ to loadYou need to charge the battery.The battery needs to be charged.—The cavalry charged the enemy.The cavalry charges the enemy.▲ Attack (on their own)I will debit this amount from your account.I will debit this amount from your account.

CartoonCaricature, caricature.

charity[F] charity.

affectionaffection, loveYou like it a lot.You like it a lot.

lovinglylovinglyHe was very affectionate with his parents.He was very affectionate with his parents.||Loving memories for your family.My best wishes to your family.

carne[F] CarneI usually eat meat once a day.I usually eat meat once a day.Polloa coldThis cold gives me goosebumps.This cold weather makes me shiver.°carneCarne [And].°cow meatcarneDo you want beef or pork?Do you want beef or pork?

THE SHEEPThe sheep; ram, lamb

Butcher shopMeat market, butcher shop.


caroHoney HoneyThese ties are very expensive.These ties are very expensive.

File, Archivepocket [And]I need a leather briefcase.I need a leather folder.▲ letter folder, portfolioCorrespondence is stored in various folders.Correspondence is kept in several files.


carreraRunI like horse racing.I like horse racing.▲ Avenue, wide street [Kol]You live in Carrera Tercera.They live on Third Avenue.▲ CareerHe is preparing for a diplomatic career.He is preparing for a diplomatic career.°for the roadhastily, hastilyHe wrote it while he was running.He wrote it in a hurry.go for a walkrunHe ran to catch up with her.He ran to catch up with her.


estradaroad, roadThe roads are great in this country.The roads in this country are excellent.

coachcoachA mule cart was parked in the street.A mule cart was parked in the street.▲ car, automobile [And]Let's drive home.We go to the dealership.

Transport[metro] Transport vehicle).

MapMapI will post this letter.I am sending this letter.complete lettermeticulous in all aspectsHe is literal.He is totally honest.on papera la carte.°registered letterregistered letterHe received a certified letter.He received a certified letter.Credit cardLetter of creditpresentation letterCover letter.°letter of recommendationletter of recommendation. °To play cards[SP],playing cards[And] Playing cardsLet's play some cards.Let's play some cards.

cartel[metro] Poster, poster, poster.

PastaandUnder his arm he carried a large leather bag.She had a large leather bag under her arm.▲ PurseHe took his wallet out of his pocket.He took out his wallet from his pocket.▲ BriefcaseHow many books fit in this bag?Can this suitcase hold many books?

postmanpostman, postmanWhen does the postman come?When does the postman come?

Cardboard[metro] Map.

CasaHome.▲ Homeare you home this afternoon?are you home this afternoon?Comercial Housecommercial house, companyPfandhaus)Pfandhaus.°PosadaInterest.°maternityMaternity Clinic (non-profit organization) °transition centeremergency hospital

married(I understandmarry) marriedare you married or single?are you married or single?

marriedwedding marriage.

marrymarryThis is the priest who married her.This is the priest who married her.▲ CoincidenceThese colors do not match.These colors do not go well together.°marrymarry, get marriedHe gets married next Sunday.He gets married next Sunday.marrymarryHe married a very young girl.He married a very young girl.

PoorrestDo you have something to crack the nuts?Do you have something to crack the nuts?

Markc'e c'eThis orange has a very thick skin.This orange has a thick skin.▲ Skin (from nuts, eggs, etc.)Where do I throw these eggshells?Where do I throw these eggshells?

mean[adj; m & f sg] irritable (person), crab (of)You become very mean.You have an old crab.

SafeRudderThe soldiers wore steel helmets.The soldiers wore steel helmets.▲ helmet (of a ship)The hull is damaged.The hull is damaged.°warm up your hoovesbreak your headEven if your headphones get hot, you won't loosen it.Even if you figure it out, you won't solve it.°Horse helmethorse hoof

Dorfsmall town, settlement.

home made, home madehomemade, homemade; Site administrator.▲ [adj.] Self madeThey are homemade sweets.They are homemade sweets.

Spacloset, bathroom.

fastFaster Fastercases, casesvery closeYou almost, almost got it.You almost guessed it.

AutumnAutumnThere have been several cases of polio.There have been several cases of polio.▲ Occurrence, eventI will tell you a curious case.I will tell you about a strange incident.°in this caseIn this caseIn this case, inform your family.In this case, notify your family.°In any casein any case anywayAnyway, see you tomorrow.Anyway, see you tomorrow.°Userespect, pay attention, obey (of a person)He ignores his parents.He disobeys his parents.°Usecare, care, careDon't listen to what I say.Don't listen to what he says.


BraunChestnut.▲ [adj.] braunHas brown hair.He has brown hair.


punishpunishDon't punish children.Don't punish children.



oftengood cleanHe speaks pure Spanish.He speaks pure Spanish.▲ real, realIt is pure Spanish.He is a real Spanish.

casualcoincidence, coincidenceIt was a chance meeting.It was a chance meeting.

Chance[F] CoincidenceWhat a coincidence to find you here!What a coincidence to find you here!°casuallyjust in case, just in caseDo you happen to know him?Do you happen to know him?

CatalogCatalog, List

CatalogCatalog, List

Cataractcataract, cascade; cataract (of the eye).

catarrhcalledI've caught a terrible cold.I have a terrible cold

catastrophe[F] Catastrophe.

Cathedral[F] Cathedral.ProfessorProfessorHe is a professor at the National University.He is a professor at the National University.

Categoryclass, categoryThe two are not in the same category.The two are not in the same category.▲ RatingYou are not qualified for this position.Your rating is not high enough for this job.°CategoryimportantHe is a class man.He is an important man.




Pro[metro] cradle.

eraserrubber (cloth).

caudal[metro] fortune, wealth, meansThe wealth of this family increased considerably.The family fortune increased considerably. ▲ volume (of water)The river carries a large current.The river carries a large volume of water.

Führerleader, bossHe was one of the leaders of the revolution.He was one of the leaders of the revolution.

WellWellWhat was the reason for your delay?What was the reason for your delay?▲ case, trial, trialIt was one of the most famous causes of its time.It was one of the most famous cases of its time.

Welloccasion, occasionIt caused me a lot of trouble.She caused me a lot of trouble.

reservedbe careful, be carefulIn business you have to be careful.You have to be careful in business.

Grabentwo of you

cuevacave, cave

cayucosing [And].

huntthe me, the meHunting is now prohibited.Hunting is now prohibited.▲ WildThere's a lot of big game in this jungle.There is a lot of big game in this forest.°take a walkgo hunting, searchThe journalists were looking for news.The reporters hunted for news.

Hunter[metro] Hunter.

to khazarto hunt.

Casseroleclay pot.



OnionOnion; Lamp.


cleansieve (utensil).

Yieldtransfer, deliver, assignHe gave all his possessions to his son.He transferred all his possessions to his son. ▲ give in, yieldHe did not give up his efforts.He would not give up.


pollID card.

blind[rad-ch yo] blindThis bright light blinds me.This bright light blinds me.

eyebroweyebrow. °have between the eyebrowsdisgust, to have a grudge againstMy boss has me between eyebrows.My boss holds a grudge against me.

celebratecelebrate, celebrateThey celebrated his birthday with a big party.They celebrated his birthday with a big party. ▲ praise, applaud, acknowledgeEveryone celebrates their successes.Everyone applauded his success. ▲ rejoice, rejoiceI'm very happy to see you.I am definitely looking forward to seeing you.

famousfamousHe was the most famous writer of his time.He was the most famous writer of his time.

celebrity[F] celebrity.

Testvery enthusiasmHe works very hard.He is a very zealous worker.°Routineheat (of animals).°be jealousbe jealousHe is very jealous of his wife.He is very jealous of his wife.


FriedhofFriedhof, Friedhof.

cementcement concrete.

cenacenawhat are we going to have dinnerwhat are we going to have dinner

cenaTo dinnerWhere did you have dinner last night?Where did you eat last night? ▲ for dinnerWe ate fish last night.We ate fish last night.


Grauash, ash

censorshipcensorshipCorrespondence must pass censorship.Mail has to go through censors.▲ Censorship OfficeYou must submit this article to censorship.This article needs censorship.▲ Censorship, criticismIt is an unfair accusation that you are throwing at me.Your criticism is unfair.

culpablame, criticizeYou can't blame her for what she did.You can't blame her for what she did.

Pennycent [And].

hundreds[metro] cemthere was one Hundreds of people in the city.There were a hundred people in the room.°to hundredsby hundredsHundreds of people died.People died by the hundreds.




Pennycent [SP].

guardian[metro] sentinel, sentinel.°guardianon callHe's on duty.He's on duty.

central[adj; F] center.°Kraftwerkpower plant, power plant.

centercenterWe live in the center (of the city).We live in the center of the city.▲ Business District, City CenterLet's go to the middle.Let's go downtown.▲ ClubIn our center we dance.There was dancing in our club.

make fun[rad-ch III] fit wellThis belt is too tight for me.This belt is too tight for me.°Collarrestrictolimit yourselfCinase you on the subject.Stick to the facts.||Don't get too close to the curve.Don't hug the inside of the curve.

frown°seems to beFrown.

frowning[adj.] frowning, frowningHe always frowns.He always frowns.

brushbrushI have to clean the hat.I need to brush my hat.▲ smooth, smoothThese boards are not well designed.These boards were not designed correctly.

brushBrush (flat, bristles on one side)Where can I buy a brush?Where can I buy a brush?°head brushhair brushCarpenter's brushwoodpecker planetoothbrushtoothbrushclothes brushclothes brush


MunicipalityMunicipalityThe orchard has a wooden fence.The garden has a wooden fence.

close ofnear (in place)The train station is close to the hotel.The train station is close to the hotel.▲ almost, almost, almostIt's almost eleven.It's close to eleven.Fencearound here, somewhere aroundAre there any good restaurants around here?Is there a good restaurant somewhere near here?

surroundsurrounded, closed

fencewell wellThey live in a house next to ours.They live in a house next to ours.

Seekcome on, come onThey surrounded the farm with wire fences.They fenced off the property with wire.

Pigpork, pork; pig.°pork chopspork chops, muesli [adj; metro] Grain.

ceremonyceremonyThe ceremony was very solemn.The ceremony was very impressive.


to adaptto adaptI'm going to buy a box of matches.I'm going to buy a box of matches.

to adaptadapt [Mexico].

NullNullThe temperature is forty degrees below zero.The temperature is below forty degrees.


neighborhoodwell wellPlease, close the door.Close the door.▲ to sealAdd a few words before closing the letter.Add a few words before sealing the letter.

cerroCerroThere is a very good view from this hill.There is a very good view from this hill.

screwscrew, latch

preciseRightIt was a direct shot.It was a direct shot.

safeguarantee, certaintyI'm sure it will come.I'm sure it's coming.

certificate(I understandto confirm) certificateDo you need a medical certificate?Do you need a medical certificate?▲ Certified mail.to confirmrecord (a letter)I will notarize these letters.I will record these letters.


Coffinbeer, beerLet's have a few glasses of beer.Let's have a few glasses of beer.

Césarto stopThe noise did not stop all day.The noise did not stop all day. ▲ fired, firedSeven employees were laid off yesterday.Seven employees were laid off yesterday.

A weapon[metro] Grass.

at the entrancethe streetThey bought a fruit basket.They bought a fruit basket.

timebig dough.

Vulgarvulgar, in bad tasteHe's always making corny jokes.He always tells vulgar jokes.▲ [metro] Apricot [Mexico].

ranchosmall farm [on].

Kal[metro] chile.WestWest.

cabin[metro] cabin.

frequentlyjung [Mexico].

maidsoft hat

Shampoo[metro] Shampoo.

Chanceie joke, sillyEveryone makes fun of it.He makes fun of everyone.

Pigpig pig [And].

Chanchullosomething sneaky, thugHe is always involved in scams.He's always up to something sneaky.

Regenstiefel[meter please] gums.

changejokeStop joking because this matter is very serious.Stop kidding; It is a serious matter.

Platoplate, sheet (of metal)The roof is covered with sheet metal.The roof is covered with sheet metal.▲ Castle [And]The sign on the door needs to be replaced.You have to change the lock on the door.°platesrosy cheeksAnd]It has some good dishes.She has beautiful rosy cheeks.

Kurzsmall person [Mexico].

Place[metro] heavy rain, downpour.

captain[metro] Spanish (recently arrived from Spain) [on].

chapetonadedisease caused by climate change [on].

hat shopsloppy work, rushed workDo it carefully, I don't like to play with it.Do this carefully. I don't like badly done jobs.

chapurrearspeak (a language) brokenDestroy the Spanish.He speaks broken Spanish.



conversationtalk, chat

charol[metro] Lackleder.

charrocowboy [Mexico].

disappointment°Pushcheat, play a trickWe gave him a disappointment by leaving him the bill.We made a joke by leaving him the bill.To be disappointedbe disappointed or confusedWith this girl we had a terrible disappointment.We were very disappointed in this girl.

annoyingboring nose, boring nose.

To verify[metro] check (money).

To verifyto verify this, place a check next to [And].


girlChicha (alcohol made from corn) [And].

peaGreen Pea [Mexico].

Pork rind[metro] large crispy bacon.

chichón[metro] lump, lump (on the head).

Gummi[metro] Bubble gum.

chicalittle littleThe room in which he lives is very small.He lives in a very small room.▲ Boy, boyHe has three children.She has three children.


Competition[metro] sketch, project [And]A very loud noise enters through this window.▲ strong wind blows the window.

Chile[F] pepper, red pepper.

shout outScream and scream.

shout outScream and scream.

HomeSchornsteinThe factory chimneys can be seen from the window.The factory chimneys can be seen from the window.▲ ChimneyThey went to the roof to clean the chimney.They went up to the roof to clean the chimney.▲ ChimneyThey sat by the fireplace.They sat by the fireplace.

Porcelainpebble, small stoneI have china in my shoe.I have a stone in my shoe. ▲ farmer, maid, maid [And]Porcelain takes you home.The maid will take you to your house.▲ Porcelain, earthenwareAre these mugs from China?Are they porcelain cups?▲ orange [Antilles]Give me a dozen china.Give me a dozen oranges.

Error[F] insect; Insect.

tiny[metro] little boy.

little boy, little girllittle boy.

Coincidentallycoincidence the unexpected event [family]It just happened to me by accident.I met him by accident.


gossipgossip, malicious commentAlways gossip.Always gossip.

FunkeFunkeWatch out for sparks flying out of the fireplace!Watch out for the sparks coming from the fireplace.▲ little, littleHe doesn't have the spark of a fool.Not stupid at all.°make sparks[family] rage, to get angryWhen I told him he got angry.When I told him that, he got angry.

jokeyou are still.°No, o I'm not only jokingdon't say a single wordWhen he saw his father, he didn't even play.When he saw his father, he didn't even say a word.

background[metro] JokeHe told a very funny joke.He told a very funny joke.


shockingsurprising, funny [SP🇧🇷 irritating, uncomfortable [Mexico].Lucascrash, crashThe two cars collided.The two cars collided.▲ collideThey clashed several times over their political views.They often came into conflict over their political beliefs. ▲ unpleasantly surprised, annoyedI'm surprised you say that.I'm surprised to hear you say that.

The moregreen corn on the cob [on].

chocolate[metro] Chocolate.

conductor[metro] conductor.

cholo, cholamixed race [on].

Shock[metro] Collision, Collision.

ChorizoSpanish sausage.

jetgush, drip

hundredlightning boltHe turned on the faucet and a stream of water came out.He turned on the faucet and a stream of water came out.°jetabundant [family].° Pour rain in jets (rain).

cabincabin, cabin

BrilliantineBauble; Snack; Small thing.

injusticelittle bit [And]This shoe is crooked.This shoe is crooked.


to suckto suck

churrossome kind of paper

I stinkfun fun

scar[F] scar.

cyclone[metro] cyclone.

blindblindHe's going to go blind.He goes blind.▲ [metro] blind PersonThey built an asylum for the blind.They built an asylum for the blind.°blindlyin the dark, blindHe went into this business blindly.He went into this business blindly.

CielocieloThe sky was full of planes.The sky was full of planes ▲ Heaven, heaven ▲ Honey, honey.come here my heavencome here darlingheaven sentof the clear skyAppeared from nowhere.Appeared from nowhere.

hundreds(I understandhundreds) cem.


scientificScientific; scientific.

hundredscem.°percentpercentEarn 5 percent of what you sell.Earn five percent of what you sell.

Righttrue, true, trueIs it true that you come tomorrow?Is it true that tomorrow is coming? sure, someSome people like that.Some people like it.▲ [announcement] surelyYes, you are right.Of course you are right.°certainly notCertainly notNo, by the way, I don't agree with you.Of course not, I don't agree with you.


Figuredigit, digit (number)How many digits does this number have?How many digits does this number have? ▲ codeThe letter was written in code.The letter was written in encrypted form.

cigarette boxpack of cigarettes [And🇧🇷 Tobacco man.

tobacco shopPlace where cigars and cigarettes are manufactured or sold [And].


Cigarette(I understandrein) cigaretteHe gave her a box of cigars.She gave him a box of cigars.▲ CigaretteI'm going to buy a pack of cigarettes.I'm going to buy a pack of cigarettes.


Cimasummit, summit

StiftungStiftungThe foundations of the house have already begun.They laid the foundation of the house.

cinco[metro] zinc.



Mal[metro] Movies, MoviesI really like American cinema.I really like American movies.▲ CinemaIt's a new movie.It's a new movie.


cynicalcynical; cynical.

amarsalidaA ribbon was tied around her head.She had a bow in her hair.▲ Movie (Movie)It is the best movie of the year.It is the best movie of the year.

SizeSizeShe has a very small waist.She has a slim waist.°pleat at the waistdiscipline, restrictYou have to bring this boy to the game.This kid needs to be content.

Belt[metro] BeltI'm going to buy a leather belt.I'm going to buy a leather belt.

circuscircusThis year the circus has ten elephants.This year the circus has ten elephants.

Traffic[F] circulationThis newspaper has a large circulation.This newspaper has a large circulation.▲ TrafficI don't know the traffic rules here.I don't know the traffic rules here.

circular[F] circularI received a circular from the bank.I received a circular from the bank.

circularturn around, turn aroundIt was almost impossible to drive on this road.it was almost impossible to moveon this path.▲ circle, go aroundThis message circulated.This message circulated.

KreisKreisWe sit in a circle.We sit in a circle.▲ Association, social groupWe eat together, not in a circle.We ate together at the club.


spectators[metro] viewer.



Othersengagement, appointment, dateDid you participate in the consultation?Did you keep your appointment? ▲ QuoteIt's a quote from Don Quixote.It's a quote from Don Quixote.

anotherflame flameWe have not yet been called to the meeting.We have not yet been called to the meeting▲ to organize (or hold) a meeting.The dentist made an appointment for seven.The dentist scheduled me for seven.▲ To quote, seeIn my article I quoted your book many times.In my article I made many references to his book.

ciudad[F] Ciudad.

The citizensThe citizensWhat country are you a citizen of?What country are you a citizen of?

Civilcivil.°civil rightscivil rights.

civilization[F] civilization, culture.

civilizecivilizeThe missionaries civilized the Indians.The missionaries civilized the Indians.

clearclear, open, honesttell me directlyspeak to me frankly

clarity[F] Clarity, distinctionThe clarity of the explanation convinced him.The clarity of the explanation satisfied him.

Horn[metro] trumpet.

clearclear, transparentIt is as clear as water.It's very clear.▲ okHe has very light hair at the temples.His hair is fine at the temples. ▲ clear, clearIt is a very clear day.It is a very bright day.▲ LightHe wears a light blue suit.He wears a light blue suit. ▲ simple, clearThe explanation is clear.The explanation is clear.

Class[F] class, type, range.▲ classHe was one of the leaders of the working class.He was a leader of the working class.—I only attend two classes in this course.I only have two classes this year.▲ ClassroomThis class is very small.This classroom is too small.°but classesgive classroom, give classroomI have a class to give tomorrow at eight.I have a class to give tomorrow at eight.

classicclassicLast night we went to a classical music concert.Last night we went to a classical music concert.▲ [metro] classicHave you read the Latin classics?Have you read the Latin classics?

pull apartorder, classifyYou haven't sorted the mail yet.You haven't sorted the mail yet.

monasterymonasteryIn this church there is a very beautiful cloister.There is a very beautiful cloister in this church.

to taketo takeI need a hammer to nail the boards together.I need a hammer to nail the boards. ▲ to paste, pasteBe careful where you put the pen.Be careful where you put the pen. °Stockpierce, pierceI have a thorn in my finger.I have a thorn in my finger.

clave[F] key (of a code)I need the key to decrypt this communication.I need the key to decrypt this message. ▲ buttonThis song is in high key.This song is in the key of G.

Pin[metro] Pin.

HardaI need a box of nails.I need a box of nails.°hit the nail on the headto hit the nail on the head.


employeecleric (church).


Client[m, f] Client.


Climate[metro] Climate.


coward[m, f] cowardWarning! Don't be a coward!Come on, don't be a coward! ▲ [adj.] feoWhat he did was very cowardly.It was an act of cowardice what he did.


ceilingforget, forget [And]How many blankets does the bed have?How many blankets are on the bed?

Schaffner[metro] collector (invoices, taxes)The tax collector visited her.The tax collector called her.▲ Driver (bus or tram)We will ask the driver (of the tram).We will ask the driver (of the tram).collectioncollectionTax collection is well organized.Tax collection is well organized.

requirementcollect, receiveDid you get the money they owed you?Did you get the money they owed you? ▲ CashIn this window you can cash your check.You can cash your check at this window.▲ for cashingThey charge a lot at this store.They charge high prices in this business.

copper[metro] copper.

payment methodCollection (of money owed)Invoice presented for withdrawal.Presented the bill for pickup.

Of woodCoca (plant from which cocaine is derived) [And].

Kokal[metro] Coconut plantation [And].

Kocher[rad-ch yo] CookBoil these potatoes.Boil these potatoes.▲ to fryThe bread is baked in the oven.The bread is baked in the oven.

Coach[metro] car, carThey have a carriage with two horses.You have a cart with two horses.▲ CartYou just bought a new car.You just bought a new car.°sleepingSleeper, PullmanDoes this train have a sleeping car?Does this train have a sleeping car?Dining carDining carThe dining car is at the front of the train.The dining car is located at the front of the train.

coachmancoachmanGive the address to the driver.Give the driver the address.

nastyPig, pig.▲ Pig (insult).▲ Dirty, disgusting, vileHow dirty are these children!How dirty are these children!

cocinacocinaThe kitchen in this house is very good.The kitchen in this house is very good.▲ kitchen, kitchenI like French cuisine.I like French cuisine.

KocherCookHis wife cooks very well.His wife cooks very well.


CocoShit; coconut tree.

coconut treecoconut tree.

AgitatorCocktail shaker.

ambitiousambitiousHe is a greedy man.He is a greedy man.

CodeCode (of laws).°Civil Codecivil law.°military codemilitary lions.

elbowelbowThe jacket is torn at the elbows.The jacket is frayed at the elbows.The agitator comes out of the elbow.Water leaks from the elbow.

Safe[metro] (See alsotrunk) trunk [And🇬🇧 Safe [SP]He closed the trunk.He locked the trunk with a key.

wear[should not be used in arg] wearYou caught the thief.You caught the thief. ▲ spoon, spoonThey start picking oranges.They start picking oranges.


matchokay, okayThe two stories do not go together.The two statements do not match.

limp(not used in Arg; seeStep backMannkarHe has a slight limp in his right foot.He limps slightly on his right foot.

pillow[metro] pillow, pillowPut those pillows on the sofa.Put those pillows on the sofa.

Kol[F] Kohl.

Salary readjustmentselfThe dog wagged its tail.The dog wagged its tail. ▲ train (on a dress)She was wearing a train dress.She was wearing a dress with a tail.▲ Human tailThis is the ticket queue.This is the ticket queue.°Linestay in the queueI've been online for over two hours.I stood in line for more than two hours.

cooperation[F] Cooperation, cooperationHe writes in collaboration with his brother.He writes in collaboration with his brother.

staff[metro] contributor, contributor.▲ contributor (to a magazine, etc.)He is one of the best collaborators of this newspaper.He is one of the best contributors to this document.

work togethercooperate, cooperate; contribute.

Filter[metro] tamiz, tamizPlace the vegetables in the colander.Put the vegetables in the colander.

CollarforceThe orange juice is not well strained.The orange juice is not well strained.

ceilingceilingThey have a blue bedspread on the bed.They have a blue bedspread on the bed.

mattress[metro] mattress.

collection[F] collection (of things)It has a good collection of modern paintings.It has a good collection of modern paintings.

collectto collect (stamps, coins, etc.).

collectCollection (charity).CollectiveCollectiveCollective interests must be protected.Collective interests must be protected.▲ Organized.

staff[metro] co-worker, colleague.

Uniprivate school)He just started school.Just started school.▲ Club, universityHe is a member of the Board of Physicians.He is a member of the Medical Association.

zorn[F] Wow, wow, wowThis made him very angry.This made him very angry.

zorn[metro] Zorn.

switched on(Verhang) discontinuedThe hat hangs on the hanger.The hat hangs on the hanger.

discontinued(Verhang) discontinuedHe had the watch hanging in his pocket.His watch was in his pocket.

hang[rad-ch yo] hangHang your clothes here.Hang your clothes here▲ to hang (around the neck)He deserves to be hanged.He deserves to be hanged.


Collar[metro] Necklace; Neck.

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placement[F] loadDo you like your new position?Do you like your new job?▲ ArrangementDo you like the arrangement of the furniture?Do you like the arrangement of the furniture?

releaseput, fixI will plant these flags.I will arrange these flowers.▲ to take overYou hire a lot of new employees.You have hired many new employees.°bet moneyInvest money)I will put money in this business.I will invest (money) in this business.°Be placedtake a jobI sit on a bench.I got a job in a bank.

ColoniaColoniaJamaica is an English colony.Jamaica is an English colony.▲ Suburb, Development (Real Estate)There are beautiful neighborhoods around the capital.There are beautiful developments on the outskirts of the capital.°(Eau de cologneAseotenwasser.

colonial[adj.] colonial.

settlers[metro] Colonizer.

settlerstenantHe has many settlers on the farm.He has many tenants on his land.▲ SettlersThe first American settlers arrived in the 17th century.The first American settlers arrived in the 17th century.

Kor[metro] KorEverything looks rosy.He sees the world through rose-colored glasses.▲ blush, blushIt made the colors come out (in his face).He made her blush.▲ tipThis newspaper has no political color.This newspaper is not political in nature.

Colorado[adj.] Rot. °blushto blush

Korto color (a map, etc.).

tizoncolors, coloringThe coloring of this painting is very light.The colors in this painting are very bright.

colossalhuge, gigantic, colossal; "Marvelous."



bettpfanne[F] (Greeting between the child's mother and godmother); gossip; old woman (among the country people).

commander[metro] Commander; greater than.

Kampf[metro] fight fight Fight.

battlefight, fight, fight, attack.

combination[F] Combination; (female) slip.

to combinecombine, combine, unite.

Gasoline[metro] GasolineWhat fuel does this machine run on?What type of fuel does this machine use?

comedyComedy; Play.

dining room[metro] dining room.

CommentarycommentThey discussed his new book.They talked about his new book.

CommentaryObservation, comment, comment.There is no need to comment.Comments are not allowed.

begin[rad-ch yo] begin, beginWhen does the show start?When does the show start?

Gesangeat.▲ Dinnerwhat time do you eatWhat time do you have dinner? ▲ disappearOr sun come as pimples.The sun fades the colors.°CornerEssenYou ate all the cake.You ate all the cake.▲ Skip, skipA row was eaten.Skipped a line.▲ Go through, wasteThey ate the money fast.You wasted your money.


dealtrade, trade, businessHe made a lot of money from the fruit trade.He made a lot of money at the fruit shop.▲ Buy, buyYou have a costume store.Do you have a clothing store.°Chamber of CommerceChamber of Commerce.°foreign tradeforeign trade.°domestic tradeDomestic trade.

edibleedible, good to eatSupermarket[meter please] Provisions, groceriesThere is a grocery store on this street.There is a grocery store on this street.

Comet[metro] Comet; 🇧🇷F] whistle.

lustfulweird, funny, amusingWhat a strange situation!What a funny situation! ▲ [norte] Actor actressThey are terrible comedians.They are terrible actors.

groceriesgroceriesThe food is very good in this hotel.The food in this hotel is very good. DinnerAt what time is lunch?What time is dinner served?

beginstart, start

dining room[metro] glutton.

ButlerPolice station.

police commissionerPolice officer.

commission[F] AssignmentYou have received a difficult task.They gave him a difficult task.▲ Committee, delegationA committee of deputies arrived.A committee of congressmen arrived.


real estate agentscommissionThey were commissioned by the government.They were commissioned by the government.

I likeWhatI'll tell you how to do it.I will tell you how to do it.▲ howAs you wish.As you wish.▲ as arrangedSince he didn't tell me, I didn't go.Since he didn't tell me, I didn't go.▲ howNothing like a fish.It swims like a fish.▲If you don't tell him, he won't.If you don't tell him, he won't do it.°Was?Why? Over there?how did you not tell meWhy did not you tell me?as much ashow howyou are as tall as meyou are as tall as me 🇧🇷as much asas much asI guess you don't work as hard as he does.I don't think you work as hard as he does.


Comfort[F] ConvenienceThe house has all the comforts.The house has all the comforts.▲ Lightness, comfortYou live very comfortably.You live very comfortably.

practicalconvenient, adequate, affordableA suitcase of this size is very comfortable.A suitcase of this size is very practical.▲ convenientDo you feel comfortable?Do you feel comfortable?

sympathize[-zc-] pity to sympathize withI'm sorry for youI sympathized with you.

comrade[metro] (greeting between father and godfather); friend (among the country people).

Companioncompanion, friend, classmateThey were classmates.They were schoolmates.

SeekSeekHe works at an insurance company.You work for an insurance company.▲ Business enterprise, Limited Liability CompanyDo you like the company in this theater?Do you enjoy the company in this theater?make companykeep company (with)This just; keep him companyShe is alone; make company.


comparison[F] Comparison.

comparecompareCompare this copy with the original.Compare this copy with the original.

to participate[-zc-] attend (in response to the summons)Witnesses appeared before the judge.Witnesses appeared before the judge.

Pull apartPull apartThey shared what they had.They shared what they had.I don `t share your opinion.I do not share your opinion.

Compass[News] CompassWithout a compass it is difficult to draw a circle.It's hard to draw a circle without rhythm.▲ Beat, rhythm, tempoHe doesn't know how to keep time.Can't keep time.

compassion[F] Compassion, pity, sympathyHe has no mercy on anyone.Nobody feels sorry for him.

compatriot[m, f] (companion) compatriot, fellow citizen.

compensateequalize, compensateThe benefits outweigh the costs.Income offsets expenses.

competencecompetition, rivalryThere is a lot of competition in the trade.There is a lot of competition in the business.

compete[rad-ch III] competeHe will not participate in the championship.He will not participate in the championship.

You are welcome[-zc-] please accommodateHow can I please her?How can I help you?

helpfulnice, smug, adorableIs a good person.He is a very accommodating person.completecomplete, finishYou have not filled out the report.You have not filled out the report.

CompletelyCompletelyIs this tea set complete?Is this tea set complete? ▲ completedThe tram is full.The shopping cart is full.

Complication[F] Complication.

ComplicateComplicateDon't complicate things.Don't complicate things.

the accomplice[m, f] the accomplice.

to compose[and] repair, mendDid they invent the clock?Did you fix the clock?▲ to composeHe composed a sonata.He composed a sonata.°to composefix, beautifyIt took a long time to go to the dance.He dressed to go to the dance.

composition[F] composition.

Setters[metro] compositorWho is the composer of this symphony?Who is the composer of this symphony?

serenityrepair, repair, repairWe do all kinds of repairs.We carry out repairs of all kinds.

jamcooked fruit.

kaufenbuy to buyWe made a good purchase.We made a good purchase.Go shoppingdo the marketing of the dayThe maid went shopping.The maid went out to do the day's shopping.°ShoppingTo go shopping.

buyerbuyer, buyerHe has several buyers for the farm.You have multiple buyers for the property.

comparebuy buy

openunderstand understandDo you understand spanishDo you understand Spanish?▲ include, include, coverThis story also includes the present.This story also includes the present.

comprehension[F] understanding, comprehension.

compressesto compress

to verify[rad-ch yo] to verify, confirm, verifyThey checked the accounts.They reviewed the accounts.Compare this translation with the original.Check this translation against the original.▲ for the reasoning, checkThe defendant's innocence could not be proven.The defendant's innocence could not be proven.

CommitmentRiskDon't put your assets at risk.Don't risk your wealth. ▲ expose, compromise, endangerYou are jeopardizing your political career.It jeopardizes his political career.°commitJoin usDon't settle for that.Don't get involved. ▲ participateThey got engaged yesterday.They got engaged yesterday.

Commitmentduty, obligationI can't go with you, I have an appointment.I can't go, I have an appointment.▲ Difficult situation, problem, solutionHe found himself in a terrible compromise.I was in a bad situation.°CommitmentCommitmentHe broke off the engagement.She broke off the engagement.

Connectionverto compose.

greasedordinary, ordinary, generalThat was the general opinion.That was the general opinion.

Communication[F] Communication.

communicatecommunicate, transmit, send, dispatchCommunicate this wish to your employees.Give this mandate to your employees.°communicateassociateThe two rooms communicate.The two rooms are connected.▲ To communicate, say to each otherThey communicate everything that happens.They tell each other everything that happens.

charlatancharlatanHe is a very communicative person.He is very communicative.

impostorcomHe left with his brother.He went out with his brother.providedwith the condition of.

grasp[rad-ch III] PresentI don't see what reason he could have for that.I can't imagine what motive he has for this.

grantgive, grantThey gave him a pension.They gave him a pension.

Tutor[metro] City hall.

RataCouncil of Advisors.


conceptjudgment, opinion, thoughtI have a good idea about him.I have a good opinion of him.

concession[F] Concession, concession.

knowledgeawarenessI'm worried about my conscience.My conscience harasses me.▲ ScruplesHe is a man without a conscience.He is an unscrupulous man.▲ ReligionThere is no freedom of conscience in this country.There is no freedom of religion in this country.▲ AwarenessHe lost consciousness from the blow. He lost consciousness from the blow.deliberatelydeliberatelyHe did it conscientiously.He did it conscientiously. ▲ carefullyHe did his job conscientiously.He did his job conscientiously.

ShowShowAre you going to the concert tonight?Are you going to the concert tonight?

reconcilereconcile, reconcileIt is difficult to reconcile all opinions.It is difficult to reconcile all opinions.

conciseness[F] shortageConciseness is a virtue.Conciseness is a virtue.

concludefinish, finish, finish, finishWhat time did the session end?What time did the meeting end?

Conclution[F] ConclutionDid you come to any conclusion?Did you come to any conclusion?

we specifyexpress concretelySpecify your idea.Express your idea in concrete terms.°materializeFronteraorestrictStay on topic.Stay on topic.

Concreteclear, concreteDid he tell you something specific?Did he tell you something specific?en Concretespecifically, in so many wordsTell me exactly what you need.Tell me what you need in so many words.

competePay attentionMany people attended the session.Many people attended the meeting.

competitioncompetition, competitionWho participated in the competition?Who participated in the competition?


court[metro] count (title).

courtPunishment, imprisonment, punishmentHe was serving his sentence in Alcatraz prison.He was serving his sentence in Alcatraz.

courtguilty of proving, finding or declaringYou. Do you think they will judge you?Do you think they will find you guilty? ▲ to prayerThey sentenced him to thirty years in prison.They sentenced him to thirty years in prison.” convicted, guiltyThey condemned his behavior.They condemned his behavior.

condensecondenseThey have a new process for condensing milk.They have a new process for condensing milk.

disease[F] condition, characterHe's a messed up man.He is a man of bad character.°from, fromthe condition that, the condition that (that)I'm leaving on the condition that you accompany me.I will go if you go with me.°termsqualitiesShe is in good condition but poorly trained.She has good qualities, but she was rude.▲ TermsWhat are the terms of the contract?What are the terms of the contract?▲ condition, quality, conditionWhat condition is the building in?What condition is the building in?

classmate, colleagueclassmate, classmate, classmate.

Condor[metro] Condor.

Lead[-zc-] LeadWhere does this path lead?Where does this road lead?▲ take, followBring this gentleman to my office.Bring this gentleman to my office.▲ to driveYou are driving too fast.You drive too fast.°behaveact, behaveHe behaves like a polite person.He behaves like a person of good manners.

Behaviourbehavior, behavior

Conductor[metro] driverIt is forbidden to talk to the driver.Don't talk to the driver.▲ Driver [Mexico].

associateassociateDid you connect the radio antenna?Did you connect the radio antenna?


Connection[F] ConnectionThere is no connection between one thing and another.There is no connection between the two things.

manufacture[F] work, finishThe tailoring of the suit is very poor.The workmanship of the dress is very poor.

confederation[F] federation, federation.

conferenceconferenceThere were many conferences between ministers and senators.The ministers and senators held many conferences.▲ public conferenceHe is giving a lecture on literature.He gives some lectures on literature.

to lendconsult, consult each other, conduct an interviewAfter several hours of deliberation, they made the agreements public.After several hours of deliberation, they made the agreements public.to confess[rad-ch yo] admit, confessHe confessed his crime.He confessed his crime.

confession[F] confession, recognition.

trustworthy(Vertrust) confident, cluelessThey are very trusting people.They are very trusting people.

trusttrust, beliefThey lost trust in him.They lost trust in him.°trustworthyinformal, intimateIt was a meeting of confidence.It was an informal meeting.°in confidenceconfidential, secretI tell you in confidence.I tell you confidentially.°reliable manright armHe is your confidant.He is your right hand.°be confident withbe in an intimate relationshipI don't trust him enough for that.I don't trust him enough for that.have faith intrustWhy you do not trust me?Why you do not trust me?

trusttrust, careThey entrusted him with the conduct of their affairs.They have made him responsible for their affairs. ° trust trust, trust, trustYou can trust him.you can trust him

trust°trusttrustHe trusted me.He trusted me.


confirmation[F] Confirmation.

To confirmconfirm, confirmThe press confirmed the rumors.The press confirmed the rumors.

confectioneryconfectionery, confectionery; candy.

Conflictconflict, fight

according toI likeEverything remains as it was.Everything remains as it was.—The more I read, the more interested I became.As I read, I became more and more interested.correspondentstrong, strongAccording to your request.... Regarding your request. ...🇧🇷be satisfied withbe resignedHe is happy with his luck.He has surrendered to his fate. ▲ agreeI agree with what you say.I agree with you.

confusedconfused, wrongbe confusedto err, to be confusedbe confusedbe extremely embarrassedWhen he saw what he had done, he was confused.When he saw what he had done, he was very embarrassed.

to confuseconfuse, confuse, confuseYou mixed up all the cards.You mixed up all the cards.▲ uhYou are confusing me with my brother.You are confusing me with my brother.°be confusedmake a mistakeI got confused many times while copying this letter.I made many mistakes in writing this letter.

confusion[F] confusion, disorderThere were a few moments of confusion.There were a few moments of confusion. clumsiness, confusion

confusedconfused, not clearReports were mixed.Reports were mixed. ▲ Difficult to read or understandYour handwriting is messy.Your handwriting is difficult to read.▲ fuzzy, vagueI have a hazy memory.I have a vague memory. ▲ confused, confused, embarrassedThey were very confused.They were completely confused.

Stay[F] hyphen (g, etc.)You of an atasco.That he had a stroke.

blockedblockedThe traffic is congested.The traffic is congested.

respectfall in someone's favorHe wanted to flatter himself with his girlfriend's mother.He wanted to flatter himself with his girlfriend's mother.

Community[F] Community.

gathergather, gatherThe priest gathered the believers in the church.The parish priest gathered the parishioners in the church.°gatherpick up, pick upProtesters gathered in the square.Protesters gathered in the square.

congresscongress, conferencecongress of deputiesChamber of Deputies.

thinkguess guessThere were many guesses as to what would happen.There were many guesses as to what would happen.

definewhole, unitedconjunctive action.Joint action.▲ [metro] all, totalityThe whole is worth more than the parts.The whole is worth more than the parts.°togetherlike an everythingIn general, the plan seems good to me.In general, the plan seems good to me.

commemorativeremembranceWith meWith meYou went for a walk with me.You went for a walk with me.

sable[-zc-] know, understandYou know the problem very well.Know the problem very well.▲ know, be familiar withDo you know Mr. Lopez?Do you know Mr. LópezMeetto know, to knowWe met last week.We met last week▲ to get to know each otherThey know each other very well.They know each other very well.

knowledge(I understandsable) prominent, well-knownHe was well known in his country.He was well known in his country.▲ [norte] KnowledgeHe is an acquaintance of ours.He is an acquaintance of ours.

knowledgeknow, understandHe has very little knowledge of geography.He has very little knowledge of geography. ▲ awarenessHe still hasn't regained consciousness.He still hasn't regained consciousness.


conquistador[metro] conquistadorAlexander was a great conqueror.Alexander was a great conqueror.▲ Don Juan, conqueror of womenBe careful with him; he is a conqueror.Be careful with him; he is a Don Juan.

to conquerconquer, conquer, conquerThey conquered the city.They conquered the city.▲ to winI couldn't win their friendship.I couldn't win your friendship.

consecratededicate, dedicate; consecrateHe dedicated his entire life to science.He dedicated his entire life to science.°consecrate yourselfto dedicateHe is dedicated to his work.He is dedicated to his work.


ConsequenceConsequenceThe dispute had dire consequences.The fight had unfortunate consequences.

to receive[rad-ch III] achieve, get, getI got what I wanted.I got what I wanted. ▲ to successHe managed to get out of the house.He managed to get out of the house.

Tutoradviser, adviser

bribeadvice, adviceI don't need your adviceI don't need your advice.▲ AdviceThe council agreed.The board agreed.°Minister counciloffice (of a government).

approvalapprovalYou have not given your consent.He did not give his consent.

approval[rad-ch II] allow, permit, tolerateHow do you agree?Why do you allow this? ▲ spoil, spoilYou spoiled the grandchildren too much.They pampered their grandchildren.

save°PreservedCanned products; canned foodLecturerLecturer-I like canned fruit.I like canned fruit.

conservation[F] Conservation, maintenance.

conservative[adj; metro] conservative.°the conservation partythe conservation party.

Guardiaconserve, preserve, savePut this fruit in the refrigerator for good storage.Put this fruit in the ice box for storage▲ for storageHe kept the portrait for many years.He kept the photograph for many years.°Guardiastay young, stay well preservedHe stays very young.He thinks he's too young.

importantlyconsiderable, grande, grandeIt is a significant amount.It's a big crowd.

consideration[F] Consideration, invoiceI will considerI will keep it in mind.▲ RespectHe had no respect for her.He showed no respect for her.

I considerthoughtful, diplomatic

to considerconsider, considerConsider the problem again.Consider the problem again.▲ be considerateYou think about it a lot.You show him all the considerations.

I canwith him (car), with her (car), with him (car), etc.Take cash with you.Take the money with you.°i really canfor themselvesShe spoke to herself.She spoke to herself.

consequent°Dueconsequently so.

It consistsbe a question or issueHappiness is in moderation.Happiness is a matter of moderation.

console[rad-ch yo] console, console.

consolidatestrengthen, strengthenWe must consolidate the republic.The republic must be strengthened.

conspiracy[F] Conspiracy, conspiracy.

conspirators, conspiratorsconspirator.

conspireconspire, conspire

constancypersistenceHe achieves everything through his perseverance.he gets everythingthrough perseverance.▲ record, explanationThere is no record of what he said.There is no record of what he said.

Constantlyfirm, faithful, constant.

recordingbe obvious, be clear, be rightIt turned out to be so.Of course it is.▲ engraved or engravedThat's in minutes.This is recorded in minutes.It consistsconsist of, consist ofThe work consists of thirty chapters.The book consists of thirty chapters.°of onebe obvious to someone, be positiveI know it didn't come out yesterday.I'm sure it didn't come out yesterday.°note thislet it be understoodNote that I did not do this.Let it be clear that it was not me

Constitution[F] ConstitutionThe constitution of the country is very democratic.The constitution of the country is very democratic.—He is a very strong man.He has a strong constitution.


inventform, beThis is the main part of the job.This is the essential part of the work.▲ establish, organize, constituteThey formed a new trading company.They started a new company.

building[F] buildingThe construction of the new railway has already begun.They began to build the new railway.▲ Structure, constructionIt is the tallest building in the city.It is the tallest building in the city.

constructor[metro] Constructor.

accumulatebuild, build

comfortsconsolation, consolation

Consul[metro] Consul.


Petitionsconsultation, conferenceThey met in consultation.They met at a conference.▲ Office hoursWhen is the doctor's appointment?What are the doctor's office hours?

Consultconsult (about)I have to ask you somethingI would like to ask you something.°see pillowsleep, thinkBefore you decide, sleep on it.Sleep before deciding.

accomplishedcomplete, perfect, accomplishedHe is a talented swimmer.He is a talented swimmer.

accomplishedperform, commit (a bad deed)They committed the crime.You committed the crime.

consumer, consumerConsumer.

consumeexpire, expireAll supplies have been depleted.All supplies are gone.°be consumedto be eaten withIt is consumed by curiosity.Curiosity consumes him.

consumptionconsumptionDaily consumption is not large.Daily consumption is not large.

accounting[F] bookkeeping, accounting.

contador[m, f] counter, counter.

ContactContact, touch.▲ Ignition (of engines)Turn on the contact.Turn on the ignition.

counted(I understandtell) SomeFew know.Very few people know about it.°in sight(for moneyWill you pay cash?Will you pay cash?

contador[metro] Meter, meter.▲ Meter (for gas, water, electricity or taxi).



contagiouscontagiousTyphoid fever is a contagious disease.Typhoid fever is a contagious disease.

contaminatecontaminate, contaminate

tell[rad-ch yo] tellCount the change.Count your change.▲ say, sayYou told the story very well.You told the story very well.°to depend ondepend, leaveI count on your help.I count on your help.

Consideration[F] Contemplation (in the visual sense).

contemporary[adj.] contemporary.

Contains[and] check, check, checkHe couldn't stop the horse.He could not control the horse.▲ to brakeThe bottle contained wine.The bottle contained wine.Containscontrol yourselfIt holds up admirably.It controls admirably.

satisfiedverContains, [metro] ContentCan I see the contents of the package?Can I see the contents of the package?

contentplease satisfyHe is very difficult to please.He is very difficult to please.°Be satisfiedBe satisfiedHe is not satisfied with anything.He is not satisfied with anything. ▲ reconcile, amendYou are already happy.They already reconciled.felizhappy satisfiedI was very happy.He was very happy.

respondedor[F] answer, answerI did not receive a response to my letter.I did not receive a response to my letter.

respondedoranswer, answerYou did not reply to my letter.You still haven't responded to my letter.

with youwith youI didn't know your mother lived with you.I didn't know your mother lived with you.

adjacentnext to, nearVoices were heard in the next room.They heard voices in the next room.

continent[metro] Continent.

continuation[F] Continuation; Sequence. °Consequencesimmediately immediatelyHe entered and then sat down.He entered and immediately sat down.||Continued from the first page.Continued from page one.

Continuecarry on, carry on, carry onHe continues his studies.He continues his studies. ▲ stayHis condition remains the same.His condition remains the same. ▲ Stop (in the same place or condition)Juan is still sick and in the same hospital.John is still sick and in the same hospital.▲ go on, go onHe went on talking for two hours.He went on talking for two hours.

continuouslycontinuously, uninterrupted.

To describeneighborhoodIt is known everywhere.He is known throughout the neighborhood.▲ Diagram, sketchThe outline of the figure is not clear.The outline of the figure is not clear.

againstagainstLean the ladder against the wall!Put the ladder against the wall! ▲ against, in contrast toMembers voted against the proposal.MEPs voted against the proposal.Against all oddsAgainst all oddsAgainst all odds, he got what he wanted.He got what he wanted against all odds.°for and againstfor and againstto be againstcontradict, contradict, contradictHe likes to go against.He likes to object.

smugglingsmuggling, smuggling

contradictory[and] contradictGets angry when contradicted.Gets angry when contradicted.°contradict each othercontradict yourselfHe contradicted himself several times in his statement.He contradicted himself several times in his statement.

contradiction[F] contradiction.

contract[and] to placeHe contracted this disease many years ago.He contracted this disease many years ago. ▲ arise, meetYou're in debt.They got into debt.°Marrymarry, get marriedThey get married next Saturday.They are getting married next Saturday.contractcontract, reduceI tensed from the cold.I tensed from the cold.

falsedeformed, crippled (from birth).

revocation[metro] rise.

counterfrustrate, alter, spoil (a plan)That goes against all my plans.Ruin all my plans.▲ annoyI get very upset.It pisses me off a lot.

aggravation[F] disappointmentIt was disappointing not to see it.It was disappointing not to see it.

oppositeoppositeThis is against the law.This is against the law.▲ disadvantageous, unfavorableThe decision was against.The verdict was unfavorable.▲ [metro] opponentTheir opponents won the process.His opponents won the lawsuit.°instead of thison the other handHe said that?" "On the contrary, he didn't.""Said?" "On the contrary, he didn't say that." 🇧🇷on the other handotherwise if notI leave at six; otherwise I will be late.I leave at six; if not, I'll be late.°On the other handquite the opposite, differentIt's not what you say, quite the opposite.It's not what you say, quite the opposite.

claveReferendum; Passport, check (for hat, baggage or readmission).

highlightcontrast, contradictHis ideas were the opposite of mine.His ideas were the opposite of mine.°contrast wellharmonize, go well togetherThese colors contrast very well.These colors go well together.bad contrasthatchThese colors contrast badly.These colors collide.

Contrast[metro] Contrast.

to placerent, rentThey hired you for a year.They hired him for a year.

contractor[metro] Contractor.

contractContract.contribution[F] Contribution.▲ TaxContributions have increased significantly.They raised taxes significantly.


check[metro] check.

To verifyTest.


to convinceconvince.°To be convincedto be (the volverse) convinced.It is not easy to convince.It is not easy to convince.

convinced(I understandto convince) convinced.

ConvenienceSelfish, good, advantageHe only cares about his own comfort.He only pays attention to his own well-being.°be of the greatest comfortbe very desirableIt would be more convenient if you came.It would be highly desirable if you came.

practicalappropriateThis climate is very suitable for him.This climate is very suitable for him ▲ comfortableWill this period be favorable for you?Will this period be favorable for you? ▲ desirable, advisableIt is convenient for your health.It is advisable for your health.

it takes time[and] to acceptI agree with you on this point.I agree with you on this point.brought oneto be of benefit to someone, to be advised, to adaptYou shouldn't take this job.It is not recommended that you occupy this position.

monasteryMonastery; [Argentina] Apartment building.

Conversation[F] Conversation, conversation.

conversationtalk talkHe likes to ride.He likes to ride.

become[rad-ch yo] to convert, rotateThey turned the house into a museum.They turned their house into a museum.°Converterbe turned aroundHe converted to Catholicism.He became a Catholic.

conviction[F] conviction, belief.

Spent(I understandinvite) Expenses.▲ [norte] spentWere there many guests at dinner?Were there many guests at dinner?

inviteinviteThey invited me to stay at their house for a few days.They invited me to stay at their house for a few days.°invite youto invite oneself, to come without an invitationYou're always invited to dinner.You are always invited to dinner.

invitation[metro] try; invitationIs this tasty or do we have to pay?Is this tasty or do we have to pay?

increaseflame flameHave you called the meeting yet?Have you called the meeting yet?

coñac[metro] Coñac, Schnaps.

cooperative[F] Cooperative Society).

cooperative[adj.] Cooperative.

copaglass, glass rod, chaliceHe filled the wine glasses.He filled the glasses with wine.▲ drinkThey went to have a drink.They went to have a drink. ▲ TreetopThe treetops were full of birds.The trees were full of birds.▲ crown (of a hat)The crown of this hat is very high.The crown of this hat is very high. ▲ Heart (of playing cards)I have the ace of hearts.I have the ace of hearts.tapaTapa.

copy ofcopy ofI need three copies of this letter.I need three copies of this letter.—This painting is a fine copy of the original.This painting is a fine copy of the original.

Copycopy, make a copy of; imitate.

few freshmusica Popular.

glassflakes (snow, soap, etc.).

coquettecoquettish, coquettishShe is the most seductive woman I have ever met.She's the biggest flirt I've ever met.

FlirtingFlirtingFlirt with everyone.She flirts with everyone.

Mut[metro] anger; courage, braverygive me couragemake someone angry or angryWhat they told him gave him a lot of courage.What they told him made him very angry.

coral[metro] coral.

Hertz[metro] heart.▲ seed (fruit).°give the heart, say the hearthave a hunch or hunchGive me the heart that will not come.I have a presentiment that he will not come.°with a good heartkindnessHe is a good-hearted man.He is a good-hearted man.from the bottom of my heartfrom the heart, sincerelyHe said this with all his heart.He said that very sincerely.

sayinghint, hint

shortcutthrows, throwsWhat kind of tie would you like, bow tie or knot?What kind of tie would you like, a bow tie or a four in hand?


line[metro] fine rope, twine.


sensecordially, to you


Cable[metro] rope, twine, laceI want to buy shoelaces.I would liketo buy some shoelaces.▲ Rope (for policemen or soldiers).

Horn[F] Horn; Cornet.

Horn[metro] bugle.

Korochorus, chorus

CoronaCrown; Wreath.

CoronaCoronaThis king was crowned at the age of fifteen.This king was crowned when he was fifteen years old.—His efforts were crowned with success.His efforts were crowned with success.

Oberst[metro] Obst.

Coronaapex, apex. °be up to the ears inbeing fullI'm sick of your jokes!I'm sick of your jokes!

group[F] corporation (not for profit).

enclosure[metro] Enclosure for animals, corral. °poultrynative birds.

Correaribbon, belt

correction[F] CorrectionIt took me a long time to correct these pages.It took a long time to correct these pages.—The letter contains many corrections.The letter has many corrections.▲ good mannersHe is a bad man, but of great correction.He is a bad man, but with good manners.

RightCorrectThe book is written in correct Spanish.The book is written in correct Spanish▲ impeccableYour behavior is very correct.His behavior is beyond reproach.

Sala[metro] corridor, runner; Runner.

Correct[rad-ch III] CorrectCorrect the mistakes.Correct mistakes.▲ Discipline, correctThey didn't correct it when it was bad.They didn't discipline him when he was bad.

To postCorrespondenceHas the mail arrived?Has the mail arrived?▲ CouriersIs the post office (or post office) near here?Is the post office close?postmasterCorreos.°Air mailAir mailI sent your letters by airmail.Send your letters by airmail.°certified emailCertified mail.°Correspondenceof youDid you send the letters?Did you send the letters?email listsremaining contribution.

runrunWe have to walk to be on time.We have to run to be on time.▲ runYour horse will run tomorrow.Your horse will run tomorrow.▲ to flowThe river flows south.The river flows south.▲ to blowA very cold wind is blowing.A very cold wind is blowing.▲ Press to moveMove the chair here.Push chair here ▲ slide, pullDraw the curtain.Pull back the curtain.▲ Come in, come inThey ran halfway around the world.They traveled more than half the world.°spread the wordbe rumorsThere are rumors that he is getting married.There are rumors that he is getting married.°Walk alonebe someone's businessit goes through meI'll take care of itoIt depends on me

CorrespondenceCorrespondenceWe wrote to each other for years.We wrote to each other for years.▲ mailI'll open the mail.I'll open the mail.°in fair correspondenceeach other to get revengeI did it in fair correspondence.I did it to get revenge.

to adaptokay, okayThese buttons do not match.These buttons do not match. ▲ worry, prepareYou should.this is with you ▲ return, respond, reactHe returned her attention.She responded to his attentions.

associate[metro] Correspondent.


liecorrido (music and dance typical of Latin America).

Flowcurrent, commonIt is not commonly used.Non-current use.▲ CommonIt is made of ordinary cloth.It is made of ordinary cloth.▲Running, flowingIs there running water in this room?Does this room have running water?▲ immediately, available (month or year)I replied to your letter on the twentieth day of the current (month).I replied to your letter at the twentieth time (or the twentieth day of the current month).▲ [F] current (of current, air, flow)Attention, the current is very strong.Attention, the current is very strong.°the currentreported, publishedI will keep you posted on what is happening.I'll keep you posted on what happens.°against currentupriver against the current.°electricity and millcommonIt is a current expression and very time consuming.It is a common expression.let gogo with the flow, follow the crowdEverything is carried away by the current.Always follow the crowd.corruptcorrupt.

Corruption[F] Corruption.

cutcut, hurt [Mexico]I have a cut on my hand.I have a cut on my hand.

cut[adj.] CutThe suit was very well made.The suit was well tailored.▲ TearsMy hands are cut from the cold.My hands are chapped from the cold. ▲ confused, embarrassedHe was interrupted and could not continue.I was confused and could not continue.

Cutter[metro] Cutter (tailoring).

cutcut (wound)He has a very deep cut on his foot.He has a very deep cut on his foot.

short roles[News] Rigid.

Springmesser[News] folding knife, folding knife.

cutcutDo you have something to cut this rope?Do you have something to cut this rope?▲ break, stop, shortenHis entrance interrupted the conversation.His entrance interrupted the conversation.Please don't cut me out of the story.Please don't interrupt my story.▲ to cutYou need to cut the stems of these flowers.You need to cut the stems of these flowers ▲ to cutThe tailor hasn't cut the suit yet.The tailor hasn't cut the suit yet.▲ turn off, cut off (steam, water, electricity)They cut off the electricity.Disconnect power.▲ cut, shortenThey cut some key scenes from the film.They cut out some important scenes from the photo.°cut neighborcriticize [And]He likes to mow down the neighbors.He likes to criticize others.°cut the wireinterrupt, interrupt the thread (of a story).Please don't cut my thread.Please don't interrupt my story.°cutone to be crackedMy face was cut by the wind.My face was torn by the cold wind.cut[metro] CutHe had a small cut on his hand.He had a small cut on his hand.▲ Cut (style)This suit has a good cut.This costume is well made.▲ Length (material)He gave her a dress pattern.He handed her a length of dress.

cut[F] square [And]The claim will be judged before the Federal Court of Justice.The case will be decided before the Federal Court of Justice.make a platein courtHe has been courting you for a long time.He has been courting her for some time.°like shorts[You are welcome] the Spanish Parliament.Lack[F] Shyness, shyness, shyness.

Shortpolite, courteousNot a very polite answer.Not a very polite answer.


Kortexbark (of a tree); crust of bread).

cottagerancho [Andalusia].


lowlowThe jacket is too short for me.The jacket is too short for me.▲ shy, shy.°short or longsooner or laterWe will see them soon or in the long term.We will see them sooner or later.°myopicmyopicHe has to wear glasses because he is very nearsighted.He has to wear glasses because he is very nearsighted.

wasTimbreThat is another matter.This is something else.how can I knowas if nothing had happened.°thing ofapproximately, more or lessIt would be about twenty people.There must have been about twenty people.°thing to seesomething worth seeingthing never seen beforesomething unheard ofthingsideas, notionsWhat things do you have!What ideas do you have?things ofthe kind of, with respect to.material infantilchildren's things (to do or say).°little bitlittle bitIt's not worth much.It's not worth much.—He didn't say much.He didn't say much.there is no such thingI do not have that

blow to the head[metro] Blow to the head.

harvestharvest, harvest

harvestspoon, spoon


Cosmopolitan[adj.] Cosmopolitan.

tickletickle. °ticklechoose one °tickletickleticklebe ticklish


CostaCostaThey live in a small town on the coast.They live in a small town on the coast.°at the expense ofat the expense of, at the expense ofHe did it at the expense of his health.He did it at the expense of his health.After a lot of work, he got what he wanted.With a lot of work he got what he wanted.°with low costwith little effortHe got it for little money.He did it with little effort.°one alle Kastein all dangers, at all costsHe will do it at all costs.He will do it at all costs.

side standside, flank

Coestrella[rad-ch yo] CostIt costs a lot.It costs a lot.

cost[metro] Einstandspreis.

ribribHe broke a rib while riding a bike.He broke a rib while riding a bike. ▲ better half, wifeI need to see my rib.I need to see my better half.

costcost price.

wastefulHoney Honey

custom[F] custom; Habit.

SewSew; Sew.

Diary[adj.] Diary.


jointjoint (body)Your joints hurt.Your joints hurt.▲ Opportunity, opportunityIt is a good time to earn money.It is a good opportunity to earn money.

why[F] Kick (of animals).

skullskull (of a living person or animal).

crater[metro] crater.

creation[F] creation.

The creator[metro] The creator.

crycreateWho created the world?Who created the world?▲ create, shapeThey create new models of airplanes.They design new models of airplanes. ▲ cause, causeHis performance caused a lot of trouble.His actions caused a lot of trouble.

stop being a child[-zc-] increaseIts capital has grown in recent years.Its capital has increased in recent years.▲ growHow this child grows!How the child grows!


CreditCreditI can buy on credit at this store.Can I buy on credit at this store?give creditto believeI didn't believe the story.I didn't believe the story at all.

To believeTo believe.

to believeto believeHe believed what you told him.He believed what you told him. ▲ think, believeI don't believe it.I don't think so.||I think so!Naturally!

Cremamilk cream); cream (cosmetics).



createreproduction, livestockHe dedicated himself to horse breeding.Dedicated to the breeding of horses.▲ the young (of animals)The cat had a baby.The cat had a litter.—This pig has a good breed.This sow has a good litter.°brood loverNurse.

createdcreated, created

createdbrake servo

createincrease, increase

creatureBabyHow this creature cries!How this baby cries!—Don't be a creature!don't be a baby

crime[metro] crime (bloodshed).

Offender[adj.] Offender.

Sohnhoney (annoyed)


Crisis[F] Crisis.

Cristal[metro] Crystal glassHow much is this set of glasses worth?How much is this glass set worth?▲ WindowThe glass in that window is broken.The glass in this window is broken.▲ Glass, lensMy glasses and watch glass broke.I broke the crystals and the crystal of my watch.




criteriacriteriaWe both do not have the same criteria.We both do not have the same criteria.▲ JudgmentHe is a man of common sense.He is a man of common sense.



criticalcritic ▲ [metro] critical.

crumale cat [Mexico], raw raw, not sufficiently cookedThese potatoes are very raw.These potatoes were undercooked ▲ rawHe speaks very rudely.He speaks very rudely.


cruelty[F] Cruelty.

cruz[F] Cruz.

Cruzcross, crossBe careful when crossing the street.Be careful when crossing the street.°meethappen (a person)I met him on the street.I met him on the street.°crossed armscross the arms; be idle


Blockstable; 🇧🇷And] block.

Square[adj; New Mexico] square shape).

PhotopictureIt is a painting by Velázquez.It is a painting by Velázquez.▲ SceneThe work is divided into three acts and eight paintings.The play is divided into three acts and eight scenes.°to frameproven chessHe was wearing a checkered suit.she carriesa checkered dress

rolledfull ofThe street was full of people.The street was full of people.

definematerializeYour plan didn't work.His plan did not come true.°defineclotClotted blood on the floor.The blood clotted on the ground.°curdled milkCuarc.

which?Than? which? Than?Which of the two did it?Which of the two did it?—What is your house number?What is your house number?°for whatpor esta razónHe told me you were sick so I called you.He told me that you are sick, so I call you.||Like father Like Son.Like father Like Son.

quality[F] quality, characteristic.

someone)anyone, anyone, anyoneYou will arrive any day.They will come at any moment.give me any bookGive me any book.▲ ​​Any, anyGive me one of those books.Give me one of those books.▲ anyone (anyone)Anyone can do this.Anyone can do that.°Someonea nobody, short guyit's everyoneHe is a small boy.

WhenWhenWhen you come I will tell you.If you come, I will tell you.▲ yesIf you say it, it will be true.If you say that, it must be true.°And?And?when are you comingWhen are you coming?when thennot maximumIt costs a maximum of thirty pesos.It costs a maximum of thirty pesos.anytimewhen you want, when you're readyIf you want, let's start.When you're ready, let's get started.°occasionallyonce in a whileI will come to visit him from time to time.I will come to visit you from time to time.

How manyall this as well asI will give you everything you need.I'll give you everything you need.°How manyHow many?How much?How much does it cost?▲ how muchHow happy I am to see you!How happy I am to see you!°As soon asAs fast as possibleCome as soon as possible.Come as soon as possible.°the more lessthe more lessThe more you tell me, the less I'll believe you.The more you tell me, the less I will believe you.°How many?How many?How many will come?How many will come?Duringas soonAs soon as you arrive let me know.Let me know when you arrive.



quarterExtension (of the hand).

quarter[metro] Barracks.

quarterQuarterHe is in his room.He is in his room.▲ Room, a roomI've been waiting for you for more than a quarter of an hour.I have been waiting for it for more than a quarter of an hour.▲ A quarterCarlos IV (fourth).Carlos IV▲ fourth (old Spanish coin)I don't have a roomI have no money.Placebathroom.||It's a quarter past three.It's three hours and fifteen minutes.


four hundredfour hundred.

Whybarrel, barrel

Tabletbucket, bucket [And].

Covered areaAccommodationThe package had a thick paper sleeve.The package was wrapped in thick paper.▲ Envelope (of a book, magazine).▲ Cover (of a ship)We go on deck.We go on deck.

approached(I understandcollect) covered.▲ [metro] Seat at the table.°Cutlerysilver game; cover.

collect[and] collectCover with a plate.Cover with a plate.▲ Cover, balanceHis income covered his expenses.His income covered his expenses.°protect yourselfPut on the hatOutput from Cubase.Put it in your hat.


spoonSoup spoon, soup spoon.

soup spoonsoup spoon.



shell[metro] shell.

How manyWhisper.

cuchicheowhisper, whisper

bladebroad blade; Razor blade.



The neckThe neckIt has a very long neck.It has a long neck. ▲ bottleneckThe bottleneck is broken.The neck of the bottle was broken.▲ NecklaceI need a stiff collar shirt.I need a shirt with a stiff collar.

billSayingPut it on the shelf.Put it in my account▲ accountHave you already asked the waiter for the bill?Did you ask the waiter for the bill?°at risk and expenseat your own riskYou did it at your own risk.He did it at his own risk.°realisediscover, catchI don't understand what you want to tell me.I can't understand what you want to tell me.°count foraccount, reportYou have to count on this money.You have to account for this money.▲ sold out, doneHe was responsible for all the tobacco.He abolished all smoking.°count forto verifyHe realized his mistake.He realized his mistake.In summaryin short, in a wordIn short, I did not want to come.In short, I would not come.°responsiblecalculate, compute, find outI did the housework.He calculated his household expenses.°to considerto considerConsider what I tell you.Consider what I tell you.°take care of yourselftake the controlI take this theme for myself.I'll take care of it.||It doesn't bother me.It is not convenient for me.

billHistoryHe bought a book of fairy tales.He bought a storybook.stop telling storiesSo as not to beat around the bush, let's get straight to the point.

i can't think ofthey have no influence on the matterWhat you say now is irrelevant.What you say now has nothing to do with the question.

ropeCableDo you have a string to tie this package?Do you have rope to tie this package? ▲ RopeI need to change a guitar string.I need to change a guitar string.▲ spring, tension springThe watch winding has broken.The clock spring broke.°Finishwind up (a watch or wristwatch)I didn't wind the clock last night.I didn't wind the clock last night.

Hornhorn (of an animal).

Managergegerbte Haut, LederThe suitcase is made of leather.It is a leather suitcase. skinThe elephant has a very hard leather.Elephant skin is very tough.°scalpscalpIt is a disease of the scalp.It is a disease of the scalp.°Nocompletely naked.

bodybody.▲ bodyHe belongs to the diplomatic corps.He is a member of the diplomatic corps.▲ Corpse, corpseThey found the body in the river.They found the body in the river.°take bodytaking shapeThe project is taking shape.The project is taking shape.


cuestaslope, hillOn the other side of the slope is the river.The river is on the other side of the hill.°In the backIn the backHe led the charge.He carried the load on his back.°cost belowdownhill.°up hillup hill.

Question[F] problem question)That is the problem we have to solve.That is the problem we must solve.▲ PlotI had an affair with him.I had a fight with him.

cuevaCave; basement.

cautioncautionSkin care is important.Skin care is important. ▲ keep, keepHe thinks that taking care of his home is very important.She considers that taking care of her home is very important.°Take care of yourselfbe anxious or worriedThey're taking so long I'm careful.You're so late that I'm worried.°bewareBe carefulBe careful going down.Be careful going down.||Caution!¡Mira!

Carefulcareful, meticulous

Take care of yourselfworry mindHe takes very good care of the children.She takes very good care of the children.


Debtblame, blameIt didn't happen because of me.It's not my fault this happened.▲ NoHe confessed all his mistakes.He confessed all his sins.°blame someoneto blameDo not embarrass me.don't blame mebe to blamebe to blameShe is to blame for everything.She is to blame for everything.


to blameaccuse, accuse

cultivated(I understandclass) cultivated, cultivatedHe is a very cultured man.He is a very cultured man.


harvestcultivation, cultivationThey grow cotton.They are engaged in the cultivation of cotton. ▲ cultivated fields, cropsThe flood destroyed the crops.The flood destroyed the crops.

Coldcultured, educatedHe is a very cultured man.He is a very cultured man.▲ [metro] WorshipThey just opened for worship. this churchThey just opened this church for worship.

culturalculture (of the mind).

ven[F] mouse, like.

birthday[News] BirthdayHappy Birthday!Happy Birthday!

praiseeducatedHe is a very accomplished man.He is a very educated man.

compatibletrustworthyHe is very diligent in his work.He is very reliable in his work.

complimentsformalitiesEnough of the compliments!No more paperwork!

attentionperformance PerformanceHe died in service.He died in service. ▲ praiseHe showered me with praise.He gave me many compliments.

attainrun, runYou carry out my orders!Carry out my orders! ▲ keep (a promise)He will fulfill what he has promised us.He will fulfill the promise he made to us.°have birthday)come to someone's birthdayI will be twenty-five tomorrow.I will be twenty-five tomorrow.°Be filledmature, become dueToday is the deadline.The fee expires today.


trogditch (along the road).


sister in lawSister in law.

brother in lawBrother in law.

Dividedaction, share; debts

make medo me.

treatment[metro] Priest, MinisterHe is the pastor of this church.He is the pastor of this church.▲ [F] cure, treatmentThe doctor came to do the cure(s).The doctor came to bandage his wound.emergency cureFirst aid.

heal[F] cure, recovery.

healtreat, bandage woundsMedics treated the wounded.The doctors treated the wounded.▲ Salt, cure, preserveThose hams didn't heal well.Those hams did not cure well.healRestorationHe made a very good recovery from pneumonia.He has fully recovered from pneumonia.

curiosity[F] curiosity; Curiosity.

curiouscurious, inquisitive.▲ queer, strange, quaint, weirdHe's a curious guy.He is very strange.

soggypretentious in vain.

Coursecourse (direction)We follow the course of the river.We follow the course of the river.▲ courseStudy a history course.He is taking a history course.▲ Course (Development)The disease runs its course.The disease runs its course.

Sun tanning(I understandHave fun) experienced, hardened (throughout life)He is a hardened man.He is a hardened man.

Have funto enjoy (cuero). °Have funtan or wear


First[metro] fast.

WhoseWhoseThis is the man whose daughter you met yesterday.This is the man whose daughter you met yesterday.

DiceData. °Dicetake data.

bullyingmadamWomen first.Women first.

to dancedance show)He has written a book on the history of dance.He has written a book on the history of dance.

to danceDance (as a performance).

Damagedamage.°get hurtDamageOne wing of the plane was damaged on landing.The plane damaged a wing on landing.

DanoDanoThe storm caused extensive damage.The storm caused extensive damage.°DanoDamageHe had to pay for the damage.He had to pay for the damage.hurt oneharm someone, contradict someoneSpicy food is killing me.Very spicy food does not agree with me.°hurtget hurt get hurtI hurt my foot.I hurt my foot.

And that[and] give.▲ bearThis tree bears very good fruit.This tree bears good fruit.▲ to showIt shows no signs of life.Does not show signs of life.▲ for show (movies or plays)Where is this movie being screened?Where is this movie being screened?but oneface, ignoreThe windows face the street.The windows face the street.°to announceto announceHe has made his opinion known.He has made his opinion known.°but one grasppretenderMake it clear that you are not interested.He acts like he doesn't care. ▲ indicates driving onWhat are you implying?What do you drive? 🇧🇷trustsell or give on creditWe can trust you.We can leave it on credit.°to give pumpkinsverpumpkinhe thinksfind, locateI can not understand.I can't find it.°unsubscribedenyThey kicked you off the team.They cut him off the team.°And thatstretch, giveThese socks do not fall apart when washed.These socks do not stretch when washed.°to defeatTo create a sensation, make a hitHit the jackpot with this dress.With this dress you will be a hit.°to defeatto defeatYou finally made it!You've finally made it!▲ to goHe started collecting stamps.He started collecting stamps.°Darfin acomplete, finishWe finish the job.We finish the job.Give warcause confusion or confusionTell the boys not to fight.Tell the boys not to make a fuss.°give timeattackThe cathedral clock has just struck three.The cathedral clock has just struck three.indicate the reasonokay, okayI agree with you.I agree with you.graciasTo thankYou didn't say thank you.You didn't say thank you.to oneto be struck by (illness).He gave me the measles.I have measles.°make a profitwant, desireHe makes me buy a car.I want to buy a car.°handshakewear... coats (of ink)He gave the wall two coats of paint.He applied two coats of paint to the wall.give partMessageHave you notified the police yet?Have you already reported it to the police?be safe or safeTo be sureI'm sure it will come.I'm sure it will come.°take for grantedaccept, take for grantedWe take it for granted.We take it for granted.give to say or speakprovoke criticismThat will say a lot.That will provoke a lot of criticism.°give to dogive or cause trouble or workThese kids give me a lot to do!These kids give me so much trouble!°give food for thoughtmake suspectHis strange behavior made me stop.His strange behavior made me suspicious.give memoriesgreetgreet meSay hello for me.°to jumpto jumpWhen the children saw their father, they jumped for joy.When they saw their father, the children jumped for joy.°shake handshandshakeHey, shake hands everyone!Come on, shake hands guys!°hurry upyesterdayHurry up, we'll miss the train!Hurry up or we'll miss the train!°(not) grant someone's wish(they do not want toI'm not in the mood for this.I'm not in the mood for this.oI refuse to do this.


Vondie, -sYou live in my mother's house.They live in my mother's house.▲ isPlease give me a glass of water.Please give me a glass of water.▲ isI'm from madrid.I'm from Madrid.▲ aboutare you talking about my boyfriendare you talking about my boyfriend ▲ aHe drank it in one gulp.He drank it in one gulp.▲ withWho is this lady in the red hat?Who is the woman with the red hat? ▲ toIt's time to leave.It's time to leave.

in betweenfrom below, belowYou will find the letter among these papers.You will find the letter among these papers.

debate[metro] debate.

devoesHe owes us a lot of money.He owes us a lot of money.▲ he must, he mustWe must go.We have to go.°shouldmust be (probability)It must be cold.It must be quite cold.

devo[metro] duty, obligationdo your workYou are doing your duty.

weakweakAfter his illness he remained very weak.Since his illness he has been very weak.

weakness[F] weakness.


debut[metro] Premiere.

Estimatedto refuse.

Estimated[and] failHis health is deteriorating.Your health is failing. ▲ decrease, fallPublic interest has fallen dramatically.Public interest has fallen.


respectablegood, decentDecent people don't go to this place.No decent person goes to this place. ▲ honestI think they are decent people.I think they are honest people.

disappointment[F] disappointment.to disappointto disappoint.

decided(I understandto decide) definitivelyHe is a very determined person.He is a very determined person.

to decideto decideThey decided to make the trip immediately.They decided to start the journey immediately.°decision to maketo decideHe decided to marry her.He decided to marry her.

tenthtenths.▲ [metro] one tenth of a lottery ticket.

say[and] tellHe didn't tell the truth.He did not tell the truth.▲ sayWhat does the newspaper say today?What does the newspaper say today?like who doesn't say anythinglike it doesn't matterHe talked about making thousands of dollars like child's play.He talked about making thousands of dollars like it was nothing.say wellbe rightyou say wellThat's right. °tell youtell yousay saytalk to talk, talk to start a conversationHe just says it for his own good.He only speaks for the sake of Reason.what they will saygossip what people will sayYou don't have to worry about what they're going to say.Don't worry about what people will say.°mithat's it, that's it.what i mean by thatmiWhat does that mean?What does that mean?be a word to saybe a figure of speechAll this says.This is all a figure of speech.||Say!Hello! (Telephone) [SP, Kuba] .

decision[F] determinationHe always shows a lot of determination in everything he undertakes.He always shows a lot of determination in everything he undertakes.▲ DecisionHave you already made the court decision public?Have you announced the court's decision yet?

decisivedecisive, definitive.

expression[F] ExplanationWas it after the declaration of war?Was it after the declaration of war? ▲ ExplanationRead your statement before signing it.Read your statement before signing it.

proclaimwitnessWitnesses testified later.Witnesses then testified.proclaimdeclare love to someoneThey haven't explained it to me yet.He still hasn't told me he loves me.°to defeatdeclare a strike.

decor[F] Decoration.▲ (Stage) setting, propsThe decorations of the work were very successful.The game setup was very reasonable.

To decorateTo decorate.

decencydignity, decency



thimble[metro] Thimble.

to dedicateto dedicateHe spends all his time at work.He devotes all his time to his work. ▲ signature, autographThe author dedicated his book to me.The author signed his book for me.▲ to dedicateThe book is dedicated to the president.The book is dedicated to the president.

Finger°to defeatknow perfectly.

FingerFinger; toe°ring fingerring fingerThumbThumb; big toeindex fingerindex fingermiddle fingermiddle fingerpinkielittle finger, little fingerThumbThumb.

derive[-zc-] deduce, imagineThe consequences can be deduced.You can imagine the consequences.▲ subtract, subtractSubtract this amount from the total.Subtract this amount from the total.

imperfectiondefect, imperfection, deficiencyIt has no physical defects.It has no physical defects.

malfunctiondefect, defect

defender[rad-ch yo] defenderHe vigorously defended his opinion.He vigorously defended his opinion. ▲ protectThe wall protected us from the wind.The wall protected us from the wind.

defenderdefense, protection

defender[metro] defenderHe was one of the defenders of Bataan.He was one of the defenders of Bataan.▲ ChampionHe was always one of my followers.He has always been one of my champions.▲ [adj.] for defenseThen the defense attorney spoke.Then the defense attorney spoke.



finallydefinitive, definitive.



links(I understandGo out) neglectedHe always goes so far to the left!He is always so careless!

Go outmatchHe put the book on the table.He put the book on the table.▲ Go, goLeave him alone.Leave him alone.▲ go, goleft his wife and to their children.He left his wife and children.▲ trust, leave, releaseHe left his business to his son for a year.He passed the business on to his son for a year. ▲ provide, produce, pay (income, dividends, profits)It is a business that leaves many profits.It's a business that pays.▲ Give up, go awayHe quit this job.He quit that job.▲ allow, allow, leaveLet me explain this to you.Let me explain it to you.°Drop ittearBe careful, don't drop the bottle.Be careful not to drop the bottle.°havingdeténgaseHe stopped eating.He stopped eating.leave saidleave wordHe said he would be there at four.He left a message saying he'd be there at four.let aloneleave it aloneLeave me alone because I'm working.Leave me alone; I'm working. °Abortabort. 🇧🇷do not stopdo not stopDo not hesitate to visit me.Do not hesitate to visit me.

Von (of + do; see of)He is the lawyer's father.He is the lawyer's father.Just arrived from abroad.Just arrived from abroad.

apron[metro] Apron.

In frontbefore, beforeMy house is in front of the cathedral.My house is in front of the cathedral.▲ before, before, in the presence ofDon't say these things in front of a lady.Don't say these things in front of a lady.

Forwardbegin, leadThe white horse took the lead.The white horse took the lead. ▲ first row (of seats). ▲ façade, façade (of a building).

Payment in advancefrontThe front of the jacket needs repair.You have to button the front of the jacket.▲ in the front (basketball, football).

Delegation[F] DelegationHe is a member of the Spanish delegation.He is a member of the Spanish delegation.°police delegationPolice stationThey took him to the police station.They took him to the police station.

delegatedelegate.▲ [norte] delegate.

Quicklyfast)Please spell your last name?Can you spell your name please?

delgadothin, thinHe got very skinny.Got very thin.▲ thin, lightThis coat is very thin.This coat is very thin.

intentionallyintentionallyThe jury is still out.The jury is still out.




deliciousdeliciousWe spent delicious moments.We had lots of fun. ▲ deliciousThe dessert is delicious.The dessert is delicious.

Author[adj; north] delinquent.

DeliriumDeliriumThe delirium lasted all night.The delirium lasted all night.°send deliriumlocoHe loves her madly.He is madly in love with her.°MegalomaniaMegalomania.

crimefoul, crime

requirementdemand, demand, demandThey accepted our request.They accepted our request.▲ Inquiry, Call (Com)Now there is a great demand for this item.There is now a great demand for this item.°To complain)lawsuit, lawsuitI will file a lawsuit against her.I will file a lawsuit against them.°offer and demandOffer and demand.

the rest°the restthe restI'll tell you the rest later.I'll tell you the rest later.the others, the othersothers, the others, the restLet's wait for the others.Let's wait for the others.the othersvery veryThis is for others.This is too much.OtherwiseAlso, as for the restOtherwise it seems fine to me.Other than that, it looks fine to me.all the restall the rest

what's more[adj.] Too much too muchThere were a lot of people.There were a lot of people there.▲ [announcement] veryIt costs a lot.It costs a lot.

lococrazy, crazy.▲ [metro] manic.


democrats[m, f] Democrats.


destroy[rad-ch yo] tear.

DevilDevilWhat the hell do you want it for?What the hell do you want that for?Devil!Drugs!Damn it's cold!Damn it's cold!


take timedelayThey left late.They left late.Demonstration[F] he is tryingThis needs no demonstration.This does not require proof.▲ ProofHe was received with great joy.He was received with great joy.

Show[rad-ch yo] Try outHe proved that he was right.He agreed with her.▲ to showHe showed a lot of talent.He showed great talent.

density[F] density.

teethset of teeth

pasta dentalToothpaste, tooth powder.

dentist[m, f] Dentist.

Insideinside, inside, insideI'll wait for you insideI'll wait for you insideInsideverInsideInsideinside)It's in the drawer.It's in the drawer.▲ in, inIt will arrive in two months.He will be here in two months.°ProntosoonSee you soon.See you soon again.°Insideinside, insideThe box is painted inside.The box is painted inside.


Departmentsection, department.▲ department [And]You live in an apartment building.You live in an apartment building.

go outdepend, be dependentHe does not like to depend on anyone.He doesn't like to depend on anyone.°it dependsit dependsThat depends on what you want to do.That depends on what you want to do.

dependent[m, f] Clerk, salesperson.

regretcomplain, complain, complain.

release[and] for deportation.

deportdeport, ban

deporte[metro] sportDo you like sports?Do you like sports?

athlete[m, f] athlete, athlete.▲ [adj.] like sports.

deportivo[adj.] sporty, athletic.

initial paymentinitial paymentThey put the money in the bank.They put their money in the bank.▲ to bet, to haveI put all my trust in him.I put all my trust in him.

initial paymentdown payment, depositTo enter the country you must pay a deposit.You must leave a camp to enter the country.▲ CampThese buildings are the warehouses of the factory.These buildings are the warehouses of the factory.°deposit of waterwater tank; reservoir. °no depositand deposit

spoileddepraved, lascivious

low datalow dataThis article will be cancelled.This item has been depreciated.

Depression[F] Depressions.

To tightto press.

Rightright (hand), right (side)We take the path to the right.We take the path to the right.—Hold (or press) right.Stay to the right.°On the right sidereally goodNothing works.It doesn't do anything right.On the rightOn the right. °from the rightconservativeHe belongs to a right-wing party.He belongs to a conservative party.

Right[adj.] right (versus left)He wore a ring on his right hand.He was wearing a ring on his right hand.▲ rightPut on the right tie.Fasten your tie.▲ [metro] RightYou have no right to tell me that.You have no right to tell me that.▲ LawHe is a law student.He is a law student.from the rightright side outMake sure you are on the right hand side.Make sure the right side is facing out. °customs dutiescustoms dutiesYou don't have to pay any customs duty.You don't have to pay taxes.°Copyright ©Copyright ©; Royalties.°done and welladult, completeHe is a grown man.Now he is a real man.°Sit downbe.

Right[announcement] directly, to the rightContinue straight until the square.Go directly to the square.

waterwaterHe spilled the water on the tablecloth.He spilled water on the tablecloth.

foundry[rad-ch III] meetingsThe sun melts the snow.The sun melts the snow.°foundrymeetingsthe butter melts.the butter melts.

shoot downbring down, bring downThey demolished many old houses.Many old houses were demolished. ▲ knock down, knock downWith a single blow he knocked him to the ground.Knocked him down with a ▲ punch to knock him downYou overthrew the government.You overthrew the government.

Wastewaste, waste

Lostdefeat, defeat

windefeat, defeat

collapsefall apart, fall aparto collapsed bridge.The bridge collapsed.

collapse[metro] LandslideThere's a landslide on the road.There's a landslide on the road.

protectTake off outer clothing, expose yourself (to the cold).

to flourishblossom, blossom, blossom.

ErrorError, error, error.



challengechallengeI challenge you to a game of chess.I challenge you to a game of chess.▲ challengeHe defied danger.He defied danger.

disgustedto be upset

challengeDuel; Challenge; game (sport).

nastytimes times

disgusteddisgustedI really don't like what you did.I am very dissatisfied with what you have done.


leakRemove the liquid to drain.

leak[metro] drain (plumbing).

ventilatedcozyYou live very comfortably.You live very comfortably. ▲ bold, nervousWhat a relaxed face!What a nervous boy.

Reliefrelief, breath, restI haven't felt a moment's relief since I started this job.I haven't had a moment of rest since I started this job. ▲ courage, courageIt has bad ventilation.He has terrible nerves.

despisedespise, despise, belittleI don't want to offend him.I don't want to belittle you.

discourage[rad-ch yo] discourageDon't discourage him in his work.Don't let your job discourage you.


devilinhumane, ruthless

not rentednot rented, freeDo you have unrented apartments?Do you have a free apartment?

do not rentbe freeI have been told that this apartment will be vacated within the next month.They told me that this apartment will be empty next month.

Desertgive up, leave

demobilizewithout furniture.

relaxrepeat (the steps).

bleedingbleed, lose blood

discouragement[F] Lack of enthusiasmThere was great public outrage.There was a lack of enthusiasm among the population.

Sadlittle visitedThe party was very discouraged.The party was very poorly attended.

discouragediscourage, discourageWhy do you advise me not to travel?Why do you advise me not to travel?discourageabandon oneselfHe gets discouraged at the slightest difficulty.He gets discouraged at the slightest difficulty.

to vanish[-zc-] to vanish.

to vanish[F] To vanish.

disapprovedisapproveI do not approve of his attitude.I do not approve of his attitude.

disarmdisarmThey disarmed the soldiers.They disarmed the soldiers.▲ dismountI took the typewriter apart to clean it.I took the typewriter apart to clean it.


developeddevelopThey develop a new industry.They develop a new industry.°developeddevelopThe boy developed very quickly.The boy developed very quickly.


chaoticrun down, not clean.

weirdmessy, careless

catastrophe[metro] disaster, disaster.

catastrophicpathetic, catastrophic



neglecteddisparateHe gave me stupid advice.He gave me some stupid advice.▲ [norte] Stupid idiot.


Callediscord, disagreement

eat breakfastfor breakfastyou already had breakfastyou already had breakfast


thwartdestroy, ruinThese kids ruin everything they pick up.These kids destroy everything they catchcollapsedecayAll our plans have been frustrated.All our plans went down the drain.


wildabsurd, absurdWhat crazy ideas you have!What absurd ideas you have!

catastrophesetback, misfortune


take off your shoestake off your shoes

barefoot[adj.] barefoot.

that wayRaga Muffin [And].

restrestwhen i'm done with that work, restWhen you have finished this work, rest a little.

restrest, restWork tirelessly.Work tirelessly.▲ ReliefWhat a relief to have him behind you!What a relief to finish once and for all!▲ PauseWe go to his box during the break.We will go to your box during the break.▲ Platform (next to the stairs).

outrageousdaring, daring, great.

DescargardescargarSeveral men unloaded the truck.Several men unloaded the truck▲ to relieve (of an obligation or debt).You are released from these obligations.You release him from these obligations. ▲ burst, attack (like a storm)The storm will break at any moment.The storm will break at any moment.

descargardownload, download

Discardtake out, eliminateThis possibility must be ruled out.You must exclude this possibility.°Discard)discard (on cards)I rule out a king.I rule out a king.

make forceprogenyHis descendants became famous.His descendants became known.

disassemble[rad-ch yo] bajar, bajarThis path leads to the sea.This path leads to the sea.▲ belowI think they come from a French family.I think they come from a French family.▲ down, downThe plane descended rapidly.The plane descended rapidly. ▲ fall, decreaseThe temperature drops.The temperature drops.

down[m, f] down.

offspringdescent, descentThe descent was very dangerous.The descent was very dangerous ▲ fall, fallThe birth rate has been declining for several years.The birth rate has been falling for years.

decipherdecipher, decipher

deleteTearHelp me remove this box.Help me take this photo.

colorlessloseThe fabric is very faded.The fabric is very faded.▲ paleAfter the illness, he became very discolored.He was very pale after his illness.

rampantimpolite, impoliteHe is a very rude boy.He is very rude.

decompose[and] to chatIt ruined all our plans.This ruined all our plans.▲ to dismantleThe children broke the radio.The children turn off the radio.°decomposemovementOne arm was dismembered.Twisted his arm ▲ to be out of orderThe phone broke.The phone broke.▲ spoil, rotThe heat spoils the food.The food spoils from the heat. ▲ get very angry, lose temperWhen he heard that, he collapsed.Hearing this, he became very angry. ▲ lose appearance [Mexico]With the disease it has decomposed a lot.Due to her illness, she lost much of her beauty.

disassembled(I understanddecompose) Out of service; spoiled.

to confuse[rad-ch yo] annoy, confuseThe question bothered him greatly.The question confused him.


distrustdistrust, suspectYou don't have to mistrust him.You don't have to mistrust him. ▲ have little hopeThe doctor was afraid he could save him.The doctor had little hope of saving him.

ignore[-zc-] ignore, ignoreIgnore the rules of etiquette.Ignore the rules of etiquette.

A stranger(I understandignore) unknown, strangeIt is difficult to orient yourself in a foreign city.It's hard to find your way around in a foreign city.▲ [norte] weirdA stranger approached him.▲ Stranger approached him.

indifference[F] crueltyIt is very inconsiderate!That is very reckless.


reducedverDiscounttake for grantedtake for granted.

Discount[rad-ch yo] deriveDeduct travel expenses from this amount.Deduct travel expenses from this amount.

discontentdissatisfied, dissatisfiedThey were very unhappy with their work.They were not satisfied with their work.▲ [metro] dissatisfaction.

blindrude, rude

describeto describe.

description[F] Description.

describedverto describe.


discoveryDiscovery.discover[and] discoverWe discovered that it was all a lie.We discovered that it was all a lie.▲ reveal, show, clarifyHe has learned of your intentions.He revealed his intentions.°to discovertake off your hat

DiscountDiscount; Deduction.

neglected(I understandnegligence) neglected, neglected, dirty. ▲ unconscious, unaware. ▲ careless, negligentDon't be so careless in your work.Don't be careless in your work.

negligenceneglectHe neglected his work a lot.He neglected his work.||Don't worry, I'll take care of it.Don't worry, I'll take care of it.

negligencenegligence, negligenceneglectedneglectedHe does everything carelessly.He does everything carelessly.°In a accidentwhen least expectedMexico]He arrives in an accident.It appears when you least expect it.

from... toVonI saw it from afar.I have seen it from afar.▲ Since thenI have been living in this house for the last month.I have been living in this house since last month.°from now onfrom now on.°Since thenSince thenI have changed a lot since then.I've changed a lot since then.°sinceProI have known him for many years.I have known him for many years.°from now onOf courseOf course you come with us!Of course you will come too!°since(Since thenEver since I met her, I have loved her.I love her since I met her.°From the beginningFrom the beginningFrom the beginning I thought I was wrong.From the beginning it seemed to me that I was wrong.

contempt[metro] contempt.

miseryBad luck.

dissatisfiedunhappy, unhappyIt was an unfortunate accident.It was an unfortunate accident.

to deployTo reveal.

Willwish, desire, likeI want to see you as soon as possible.I want to see you as soon as possible.

Discardto refuseThey rejected his proposal.You have rejected your proposal.▲ put asideDrop those fears.Let go of those fears.

Tierraunload, disembarkThey unloaded the merchandise.They unloaded the merchandise.▲ land, disembarkWhen we landed we saw our friend at the pier.When we landed we saw our friend at the pier.

Tierracountries, countries.

Leadflow, or empty, intoThis river flows into the Pacific.This river flows into the Pacific.▲ to finish, driveI don't know where this path ends.I don't know where this path leads.

pay offCounting.

unpackunpack [And]I have to unpack.I have to unpack.

playattainHe has done his job very well.He has done his job very well.

rampantwildHe leads a turbulent life.He leads a wild life.

to disappointmeet, disappointdisappointmentbe disappointed, don't be fooledUndeceive yourself, he doesn't love you.Make no mistake, he doesn't love you.°To be disappointedto be disappointed or disillusionedYou are very disappointed with what happened.They were disappointed after what had happened.

disappointmentdisappointment, disappointment

misunderstood°make a foolpretend you don't know

to dig[rad-ch yo] To dig.

develop[rad-ch yo] to unpackI'm going to unpack the package.I'm going to unpack the package.

unpacked(I understanddevelop) front; free and easy.

Wishwish, wishYou cannot limit your desires.You cannot control your desires.°desire ofexpectI really want to see you.I hope to see you soon.

Listanxious, anxious.

Deserter[metro] Deserter.

despair[F] despair.


despairdespair, lose hopeThe doctor is desperate to save him.The doctor loses hope of saving him.▲ Going crazyHe made me despair with his persistence.He drove me crazy with his persistence.


dude[-zc-] on the brink of collapse, weaken, break.


disfiguredisfigure, deform.


Parade[metro] Parade.

apatheticno appetite

teartear tear

bad luckbad luckHe was unlucky enough to lose all his money.He had the misfortune to lose all his money.” sadness, regretThey tried to comfort her your shameThey tried to comfort her in her grief.°UnfortunatelyUnfortunatelyUnfortunately we did not find out in time.Unfortunately we did not find out in time.


dissatisfied[cannot be used in Ecuador] unhappyYou have been very unhappy in recent years.They have been very unhappy in recent years.▲ [norte] patheticHe is unhappy.He's just a miserable bastard.

cancel[and] cancelWe must undo what has been done.We must undo what was done.▲ Unwrap, unwrapI can't untie this knot.I can't untie this knot.▲ untie itDissolve the tablet in a glass of water.Dissolve the tablet in a glass of water.▲ to spoil, to upsetHis arrival upsets our plans.Your arrival has upset our plans.°deportwearIt falls apart from so much work.It is prepared with so much work.°deportget rid of, get rid ofI got rid of my jewelry.I got rid of my jewelry.°deportlet's do itHe undid himself out of kindness to the ladies.He distinguished himself by his courteous attentions to the ladies.°dissolve into tearsburst into tears.

invested(I understandcancel) undone, not done.▲ worn out, exhaustedi'm undoneI am exhausted.

dishonestdeshonesto, deshonoroso; sexy.

entertainshame, shame

deshonrarto embarrass.

Desertdeparture; unoccupiedThe train station was deserted.The station was deserted.▲ [metro] DesertThe last part of the trip passed through the desert.The last part of the trip passed through the desert.

to namename, name (a person).

unequalunequalThe fight was very unequal.It was an unequal fight.▲ unequalThe terrain was very uneven.The terrain was very uneven.

inequality[F] difference, inequality.

disappointment[F] disappointment.

disinfectant[adj; metro] disinfectant.

disinfectto disinfect

disinterestedimpartial; disinterested.

give upresign, cancelHe refused the trip.He canceled the trip.


Slideslide, slide, slideThe skaters quickly slid down the ice rink.The skaters quickly slid down the ice rink.

boredworn, discoloredThis suit is very faded.This dress is very worn. ▲ failedThe party was very boring.The party was a failure.


outfitfeeling upset or depressed or discouragedHe did not pass out during his attempt.He was not discouraged in his plan.°outfitoutfitUpon hearing the news, he fainted.When she heard the news, she fainted.

deteriorated°be deterioratedlook sick.

deny[rad-ch II] refuteI could deny anything he said.I could refute any of your statements.refutewithdraw, withdrawAfter saying that, he tried to deny it.After saying that, he tried to take it back.

zonetake offUndress the children.Undress the children.°stripesundress, undressHe undressed and jumped into the water.He took off his clothes and dove into the water.

Nonew, new, new.

disobedience[-zc-] naughtyDon't disobey my orders.Don't disobey my orders.

not busyempty, freeIs there a vacant floor?Do you have a vacant apartment?▲ vacant, vacantI'll talk to you when you're free.I talk to you when I'm not busy.▲ [metro] NeutralAll his life he was nothing but a bum.He's been lazy all his life.

clearclearWe have to vacate the house before next month.We have to vacate the house before next month.▲ to emptyI'm going to clean out this closet for you to use.I'm going to empty this closet for you to use.

devastation[F] devastation.

schmuddeligdesolate, desolate; upset.

calvofor the skinAfter killing the ram, you must skin it.After killing the sheep, you must skin it.||The tail continues to be skinned.The hardest part is yet to come.

Riot[metro] disorder, confusion, confusionThe room was in complete disarray.The room was a complete disaster.°unrestriots, riotsSeveral people were injured in the recent riots.Several people were injured in the recent riots.


MixedTo chat.


to disorientto confuseI'm surprised how you present the topic.Your way of presenting the matter confuses me.get disorientedget lost, get lostHe was disoriented when he got off the subway.I got lost getting off the subway.

to exportsend sendThey sent a truckload of merchandise.They sent a car full of merchandise. ▲ participate, careI haven't sent today's mail yet.I haven't checked today's post yet. ▲ wait, take careMiss, can you please fire me?Please wait for me miss? ▲ to shoot, doseThey dismissed it as useless.They fired him because he was useless.

to exportShipping.▲ OfficeWould you like to go to your office?Do you want to go to his office?To the theaterticket officeHad to queue at the cash register.Had to queue at the cash register.°shipment of goodsshipment of goodsThe shipment of this product has been delayed for a long time.This show is way overdue.

thisthisWould you like to speak more slowly?Would you speak slower?

teartear, mutilate

say goodbyebye ByeThey received a farewell dinner.They had a farewell dinner.

deny[rad-ch III] fired, firedThey had to lay off half the staff.They had to lay off half their staff.▲ to say goodbye to (someone).Let's say goodbye to the station.We will go to the train station to say goodbye to him.°goodbye to the frenchtake a holiday in France, on the sly.°say goodbye to)say goodbye (to), say goodbye (to)I have to say goodbye to some friends.I have to say goodbye to some friends.°get fired get firedbe thrownOne of the passengers was thrown from the impact.One of the passengers was thrown from the impact.

take offtake off, take offI'll remove this seal with hot water.I'll remove this seal with hot water.▲ up, removeThe plane has not yet taken off.The plane has not yet taken off.pull apartSalidaThe seal has come off.The seal came off.°keep your lips openShut your mouth.

clear(I understandclear) clever, heckWhat a brilliant boy!What a brilliant boy!

clearclean upThe police cleared the place.The police cleared the place.°clean upclear (of weather or sky)I think the weather is improving.I think it's clearing up.


WastewasteFood should not be wasted.Food should not be wasted.

Waste[metro] wasteThis meat has no waste.This meat has no waste.°Wastegarbage, garbage

waketo stretch).

Alarm clock[metro] Alarm clockSet the alarm for seven.Set the alarm for seven.

wake[rad-ch yo] wakewake me up at eightWake me up at eight. ▲ excite, arouse, arouseEverything you see arouses your curiosity.Everything you see arouses your curiosity.°wakewakeI woke up at dawn.I woke up at dawn.

wake(I understandwake) awake.▲ smart, wide awakeHe is a very alert boy.He is a very alert boy.

Despintarremove color; to remove makeup.

insert[rad-ch yo] To revealThey spread the map on the table.They unfolded the map on the table.▲ to unfold (Thousand).°open lipsopen the mouthHe was there without opening his lips.He sat there without opening his mouth.

collapsefall, fall apart

matchuninhabited, deserted place.

stripestake away (from property), plunderThey took every penny.They stole his last penny.°cabintake off clothes)Going inside, he took off his coat.Going inside, he took off his coat.

expropriationSocket. °remainsRemains.

Despot[metro] tyrant, despot.

Despotismtyranny, despotism

insignificantdespicable, inferior

despisedespise, despiseYou don't have to despise it.You don't have to underestimate him. ▲ despise, rejectHe despised all my advice.He despised all my advice.


resolverunionTake off the brooch.Release the pen.°Mamelukefall, fallA button came off the jacket.▲ jacket with buttons.°deportGive giftHe parted with his entire fortune.He donated his entire fortune.

individually(I understandresolver) generousHe was always very distant.He was always very generous.

discreditedreputation or have lost reputationHe is a man of complete position.He is a man who has completely lost his reputation.



after thislaterWe meet and then we can go for a walk.We meet and then we can go for a walk.▲ thenThen we went to the theater.Then we went to the theater.▲ after thatI will tell you later.I will tell you later.after thisafter thisWe leave after lunch.We'll go after dinner.°After allFinallyAfter all, it makes sense.After all, it makes sense.

blindbe excellentThis student is very remarkable.This student is very remarkable.

It remains the sameequalizeLet's play another game, see if I get even.Let's play another game and see if I can get revenge.

divorce[metro] Revenge, take revengeThen the occasion for his revenge presented itself.Then he had the opportunity to take revenge.

highlighthighlightThey were distinguished by their height.They were distinguished by their height.°highlightto be noticed, to be famous, to be distinguishedThey were distinguished by their value.They were distinguished by courage.

discoverRemove the lid or coverCan you see this box?Can you remove the lid of this box?▲ to open itDiscover another bottle of cola.Open another bottle of coke.

break a tendonto share (the sides with laughter).

to connect[rad-ch yo] connect, connectThey will ban you.They will ban you.


definitively(I understandbe assigned to) managedThe letter was for me.The letter was addressed to me.°be destined toto be obliged to, to be destined toThis project is doomed to fail.This plan is doomed to fail.

be assigned toname, assignThey referred him to another bank branch.They referred him to another branch of the bank.


determinationI'm workingIt's for the Treasury.He has a job at the Treasury Department.”▲ Fate, FateHis fate was tragic.He had a tragic fate.▲ FateThis letter will not reach its destination.This letter will not reach its goal.°bound by onedestined to, go toHe went to Buenos Aires.He was destined for Buenos Aires.

moverdismissed (from office).

screwdriver[metro] screwdriver.



interruptiondestroy, overthrow

perish[F] destruction.


separateseparated, separatedWe have to untie the cables.We must separate the cables▲ to be surprisedPolitics separated the two families.Politics separated the two families.


penthouse[metro] attic.

Somedisappear, disappearThe smoke disappeared with the wind.The smoke disappeared with the wind.▲ passed outHearing the bad news, he fainted.Cuando escuchó las malas noticias, se desmayó.

to revealstay awakeCoffee tells me a lot.Coffee keeps me awake.°stay awakeget over YouThey went out of their way to be nice to us.They went out of their way to be nice to us.

DisadvantageDisadvantage; Disability.

bad luckmisfortune, misfortunechamloscheek; shameless

detour[F] ForwardThere was a detour in the road.There was a detour in the road.

evadealter courseThey diverted the path to shorten it.They changed the course of the street to shorten it.°Set asideTo avoid someone's eyes, look away.°evadeget away, get away (from)Don't stray off topic.Don't stray off topic. ▲ driftThe plane went off course.The plane went off course.

detourindifferenceYour deviation annoys me.Your indifference angers me.

detailstell in detail, in detail.

Detail[metro] Detailtell me all the detailsTell me all the details.°DetailI am detailPlease explain to me exactly how this happened.Please explain to me exactly how this happened.

in which[and] stop, waitPlease hold it for a moment.Please hold him for a minute.▲ to arrest himThe police arrested the murderer's accomplices.The police arrested the murderer's accomplices.°Parstop stopThe car stopped.The car stopped.▲ Stop, stopStop for a moment to think about it.Stop and think for a minute.

Sold out(I understandin which) [adj; north] (person) arrestedThe prisoners waited to be questioned.The prisoners waited to be questioned.

determination[F] determination; decisionWe have to make a decision.We have to make a decision.

definitivelydefinitively [And]He did it because he was very determined.He did it because he was very determined.

determinefix, determineThey establish the terms of the contract.They set out the terms of the agreement.▲ to decideHave you already decided what you want to do?Have you decided what you want to do?to be determinedmake a decisionHave you decided to make the trip?Decided to make the trip?

abominablehateful, abominable, terrible.

BehindBehindYou're going to follow.They return.°Behindbehind, behindThere is a house behind the trees.There is a house behind the trees.°BehindbehindThe enemy attacked from behind.The enemy attacked from behind. ▲ behind the backHe spoke ill of him behind his back.You've been talking about him behind his back.

DebtDebtHe has paid all his debts.He has paid all his debts.°being in debtbeing in debtI owe you.I owe you.

debt, debtrelative, relative.


devnarventoI unrolled a ball of yarn.He unwound a spool of thread.unrollbend over (because of pain) [And].°break their brainsbreak your headI rack my brains to find a solution.I rack my brains to find a solution.

devastateto throw garbage.

Dedication[F] piety, devotion; Dedication.

give back[rad-ch yo] will find, will findHave you returned those books yet?Have you returned those books yet? ▲ payDid you repay the borrowed money?Did he pay you back the money you lent him?▲ Give it backThis news calmed him down.This news restored his peace of mind.


dedicatedthe, the.

Returnedvergive back.

Hashtag[metro] esWhat day is today?What day is today?per dayone day, one dayThey produce a hundred cars a day.They produce a hundred cars a day.▲ UpdatedKeep this correspondence up to date.Bring this updated correspondence with you.°The next dayThe next day. °Good morningGood morningGood morning how are you.?Good morning how are you?give the dayto congratulate someone on a holy day or birthdayI went to give the days to my brother.I went to wish my brother happy birthdayduring the daybefore nightfallDo you think we'll be back later in the day?Do you think we'll be back before it gets dark?▲ during the day when it's lightHe came home when it was day.When he got home it was daylight.°from day to dayDay after day, over timeThe situation worsens day by day.The situation worsens every day.°from today to... days...days from todayWe will go in eight days from today.We're leaving in a week.°overnightfrom day to dayLeave this visit overnight.She postpones this visit day after day.New YearNew Yearparty etiquettevacationIs tomorrow a holiday?tomorrow is holiday?Holy daysaint's daythe day you least expectedwhen you least expect it.°the best daya beautiful dayThe best day comes here.One fine day he appears here.°these daystoday, these daysNowadays it is very difficult to find it.It is very difficult to find this today.°8 roofsone weekI go to the cinema every eight days.I go to the cinema every week.°fifteen daystwo weeksI will be in the field for fifteen days.I will be in the field for two weeks.°diaryevery day, every dayI see him every day.I see it every day.°One day yes and another day no, day yes, day noevery other dayOne day I have classes yes and another day no.I have classes every day.

DevilDevilWhat the hell are you doing!What the hell are you doinggo to hellgo to hell.




Diamante[metro] Diamante.

¡diantre!the devil! the devil!

diary[adj.] DiaryHe went out for his daily walk.He went out for his daily walk.▲ [metro] NewspaperAt night he wrote his diary.At night he wrote his diary.▲ Paper, diaryWhat's in the diary?What's new in today's newspaper?°Diaryevery day, every dayWe see each other every day.We see each other every day.

designdraw, sketch

He drewHe drew.



sayingversay.▲ [metro] say sawThat is a very old saying.That is a very old saying. ▲ funny commentIt has some very funny phrases.He makes some very funny comments.||No sooner said than done.No sooner said than done.

felizhappy happy happy.


Dictator[metro] dictator.


dictatedictateI'm going to dictate some letters.I'll dictate some letters to you.He did what his conscience told him.He did what his conscience told him. ▲ give, enact (by decree)No order has been issued in this regard.They did not give any order in this regard.

served[metro] denteI have a broken toothI have a hole in my tooth.▲ toothThe fork has crooked tines.The forks are bent.▲ GearHe put his arm between the teeth of the wheel.His arm was caught between the teeth of the wheel.murmur (or speak)mutter, mutterhave good teethbe a good eaterThis boy has very good teeth.This guy is a healthy eater.

Rightable, skilful.▲ [metro] Bullfighter.






postponed(I understandbe different) postponedThey lay a delayed cable.They sent a delayed telegram.

be different[rad-ch II] Move MoveDo not differentiate these issues.Do not procrastinate on these matters.▲ objectI don't agree with you on that.I don't agree with you on that.


difficulty[F] difficulty.

preventmake harder.

distributionspread, tellWho will have spread this message?Who could have spread this message? ▲ transferThis show is broadcast throughout the United States.This show is broadcast throughout the United States.

died[adj.] dead, deceased ▲ [norte] deceased person, corpse.

diffuser(radio station.

to digest[rad-ch II] to digestIt is a very indigestible food.Such food is difficult to digest.

digestion[F] digestion.

would do[F] Would do; upper level (office).

valuablevaluableWhat a dignified man!What a dignified man! ▲ worthyHe is not worthy of the position he occupies.He is not worthy of his position.▲ Worth it.°reliabletrustworthyHe is a trustworthy person.He is a trustworthy person.

I said[metro] Piece of jewelry, amulet, pendant.

extension[F] extension, extension.

expandstretch, stretchHe has dilated pupils.The pupils of your eyes are dilated.▲ to delay [And]they don't stretch You plus the dissolution of the business.Don't hesitate to close the deal.

cautioncautionI work very hard.Work diligently.▲ SpeedIt must be handled with due care.You must solve it as soon as possible.°do a taskdo something, run an errand.


floodflood, deluge

Dimensions[F] Dimensions.


Package[metro] large sum of money.

BoxBoxI left the money in this drawer.I left the money in that drawer.—Don't risk your money.Don't risk your money for it.°a small changesmall change.°money man (or people)rich person (or persons).

well well[News] Good, Good.°thank god thank godThanks godThank God we have what we need.Thank God we have what we need.°OMG!OMG! God!°Oh my God!For the love of GodOh my God! Don't say that.For God's sake, don't say that!||God will reward that.May God reward you.


diplomaticdiplomaticHis response was not diplomatic.His response was not diplomatic.▲ [metro] diplomaticHe was a good diplomat.He was a good diplomat.

court deputiescongressman.

Direction[F] Directionin which direction are you goingWhere are you going? ▲ Address (email, etc.)Write the address clearly.Clearly write the address.▲Board.▲Management.°disposabledisposableThis street is a one way street.This is a one-way street.

in a straight line[adj.] Straight.

principal[metro] Director generalTalk to the director of the company.Talk to the company manager.°stage masterstage master

Principal)Principal (of a school).°orchestra leaderorchestra teachereditor (of a newspaper)editor (of a newspaper).

dirigible[metro] airship.

Leaddirect.▲ direct-seTo whom should I address the letter?To whom should I address the letter?▲ to manageHe ran the political campaign.He led the political campaign▲ to leadGuide us, knower of the way.Lead us, for you know the way.▲ driveThey steered the boat to the pier.They steered the boat to the pier.°talk totalk, addressHe hasn't spoken to me for several days.He hasn't spoken to me for several days.

head (open, closed)go, make room (towards or towards)They went to the door.They went to the door.


studentsStudent, student.

dance clubDisc.▲ BurnPlay a dance music record.Pon un disco disco.


criteria[F] discretion.

I disagreedeviate, disagreeI am not in your opinion.I am not in your opinion.

discreetso-so (pretty good)He is a reserved actor.He is a fair actor. ReservedWhat he said was not discreet.What he said was not discreet.

forgivenessSorryI don't care about your excuses.I don't care about your excuses▲ I'm sorryWhat he did is inexcusable.There is no excuse for what he did.

Sorrysorry, excuse meWe must apologize for their mistakes.We must excuse their mistakes.°apologizeapologizeI have to apologize for how tai-de I came.I have to apologize for the delay.

ReasonthinkHe is a man who works very well in an emergency.He is a man who thinks well in an emergency.

The netThe net.

discussion[F] Discussion.

to discussargue (with disagreements between two or more people)They spent several hours discussing the matter.They discussed the matter for several hours.▲ to discussHe speaks of everything that is sent to him.Discuss everything they tell you.

custom[metro] hide.

wear costumes)get dressed).

Have fun°Have funenjoy good health)Enjoy very good health.Enjoy good health.°enjoy itor to enjoyWe really enjoyed the tour.We really enjoyed the tour.

disgusteddisgust, regretThis disturb everyone.That upset everyone.get angrybe dissatisfied or hurtHe was upset with what I told him.It hurt what I told him.

DislikeCautionI had a disagreement with some friends.I had a fight with some friends.▲ Pain, sadnessWhen he found out about his friend's death, he was terribly upset.When he found out about his friend's death, he was very sad.°disgustedcry, lamentThis boy caused his parents a lot of trouble.This child worried his parents a lot.be upsetto be uncomfortable, to feel uncomfortableI was very upset with these people.I felt very bad with these people.

hidehide, disguiseHe always hides his intentions.He always hides his intentions.▲ Tolerate, ignoreBecause he loves her so much, he hides all his flaws.Because he likes her so much, she ignores her flaws.


dispersionwasteThey squandered their fortune in a few years.They squandered their fortune in a few years. ▲ expel, drive awayI want to clear your doubts.I want to dispel your doubts.

shrink[F] decrease, decrease.

shrinkreduce, lessenIn a few hours the pain will subside.The pain subsides in a few hours.▲ to decreaseToday sales are down.Sales are down these days. ▲ decrease, decreaseWhen the wind dies down, we'll leave.When the wind dies down, we'll leave.

resolution[F] Resolution.

resolver[and] resolverDissolve the tablet in a glass of water.Dissolve the tablet in a glass of water.▲ to breakThe police broke up the meeting.The police broke up the meeting.

we shoot(I understandshootingfor the shot[And] at full speed.°Volarhit himWhen the police arrived, they were shot.When the police arrived, they beat her.

shootingshoot, shootThey fired into the air.They fired into the air.°throw yougo outThe shotgun was fired.The shotgun went off.

unequal[metro] silly stuff; Mistake.

shootingdischarge, shot (of a weapon).

denyapologizeThey excused him from this job.They excused him from this job. ▲ excuse, forgiveSorry I interrupted you.Forgive me for interrupting you.—spread meSorry.oPardon.▲ distribute, distribute.

dispersionscattering, scatteringThe guards dispersed the crowd.The police dispersed the crowd.

Offer[and] put, fixYou arranged the wrong furniture.They misplaced the furniture. ▲ fixOrganize what you want.Make all the arrangements you want. ▲ order, prescribeThe government ordered a general mobilization.The total mobilization ordered by the government.°I've gotproduction [And]He got rid of all the money I gave him.He spent all the money I gave him to have availableI have very little timeI have very little time available.°prepare forprepare forI am preparing to leave tomorrow.I am preparing to leave tomorrow.


agreement[F] removal, serviceI am at your service.I am here for you.▲ Provision, requestThe regulations have changed.Orders changed.▲ OrderThe design of the paintings.The design of the photos.°Being in a good moodbe in a good moodbe in the moodhave talent or aptitudeHe loves to draw.He has a great talent for drawing.

immediately(I understandOffer) willing, ready; anxious. °in good moodfavorable disposition. °reluctantlyreluctant

disputeCalle.°no disputewithout a doubt, without a doubt.

disputeanswer, argueThey argued about everything.They argued about everything.disputefight for the overThe two fought for the prize.The two fought for the prize.

distancedistanceHow far is your house from the city?How far is your house from the city?°distanceat a distance.°Fernfern [And]How long do you have to wait for a long distance call?How long should you wait for a long distance call?

outsidevery very.

Distarbe farHow far is from here?It's far from here? ▲ belangeIt was anything but true.It was anything but correct.

Distinction[F] DistinctionShe was a woman of great rank.She was a woman of great distinction.▲ Difference, distinctionA distinction must be made between the two shades.It is necessary to distinguish between the two sounds.▲ distinction, honorThis award was well deserved.This award was well deserved.

differentiatedistinguish, distinguishIt was very difficult to tell the twins apart.It was very difficult to tell the twins apart. ▲ understandCan you see a light in the distance?Can you see a light in the distance? ▲ appreciate, be considerate ofThat makes her stand out in a special way.He has a special respect for her.°highlightdistinguish


Deviation[F] ForwardHe did it as a distraction.He did it absentmindedly. ▲ fun, pastime, diversionThe cinema is a great distraction.Movies are so much fun.

Bend[and] BendThat noise distracts me.That noise distracts me. ▲ entertain, amuseI was very distracted with this novel.I really enjoyed this novel.get distractedbeing distracted, unable to concentrateThis guy is easily distracted.This child is easily distracted.

distribution[F] distribution.

for deliveryfor deliveryThey distributed food.They distributed food.▲ to orderDid you distribute the mail?Has the mail been sorted?



Diva[metro] Sofa.

diversity[F] diversity.

fun[F] pastime, amusement.

AndersAndersThey had different opinions.They had different opinions.°severalseveral, severalI have seen it several times.I have seen it several times.

entertain[rad-ch II] Have fun, have fun, have funThis movie will entertain you a lot.This image will amuse you.°Have funhave fun, have funDid you have fun last night?Did you have fun last night

Pull apartPull apart

Pull apartPull apart.

deity[F] divinity.

divinedivine.▲ very beautifulShe was a divine woman.She was a very beautiful woman.°divine worshippublic worship in churches.

localperceive, perceive indistinctly.

classification[F] Subdivision.▲ CompartmentThe dresser drawer has several subdivisions.The dresser drawer has several compartments.▲ Discord, discordThere is a great division in the party.There is a serious division in the party.▲ division [Mil]Two divisions surrendered.Two divisions surrendered.



to disclose[F] Diffusion.

To revealreveal, revealI don't know who broke the news.I don't know who broke the news.▲ popularize, popularizeThis book did a lot to popularize chemistry.This book did a lot to popularize chemistry.To revealgeneralizeThis type of radio is widely used.This type of radio is widely used.

To folddobleFold the tablecloth.Fold the tablecloth.▲ foldThey doubled the bets.They doubled their bets.°lower your headperformance, performanceturn cornerto turn the corner.

Doblebend, yieldWith so much weight, the bar bends.The rod bends with so much weight.

dobleDobleYou have to pay double.You have to pay double. ▲ thick, heavyI want a double towel.I want a heavy cloth. ▲ insidious, double-dealingDon't trust him, he's very dual.Don't trust him, he has two faces.||Lay the double blanket.Fold the blanket.

doble[metro] It's alright WincoYou need to make the fold very straight.You really need to straighten the crease.



dociledocile, obedient.

distort[metro] Doctor (academic title)He just got a Ph.D. in philosophy.He just received his Ph.D.▲ Doctor (in Medicine).The doctor said that we will have to operate.The doctor said that I would need an operation.

To teachTo teach; Sunday school

documentdocument, paper

Dollar[metro] dollar.diseaseefforts; Disease.

Dollar[rad-ch yo] pain painThis injection does not hurt at all.This injection does not hurt at all. ▲ pain, regretWhat he said hurt a lot.What he said hurt your feelings.

insect[metro] lose missHe took painkillers for a toothache.Took a sedative for toothache.▲ Sadness, grief, anguishHe tried to comfort her in her pain.He tried to comfort her in her pain.

ulcersore, painful

Richtertame; subdue, overcome

Domestic[adj.] domestic.▲ [norte] domestic workers.

CasaResidencePlease let us know if your address changes.Please let us know if you change your place of residence.

Maestrohave dominion or dominion overSpanish teacher.He has an excellent knowledge of Spanish. ▲ dominateDon't let this man dominate you.Don't let this man dominate you. ▲ ignore, order a look atThis hill dominates the city.This hill dominates the city.▲ prevailCotton dominates among the products of this region.Cotton predominates among the products of this region.°Maestrocontrol yourselfControl, don't act like that.control yourself; do not get mad


DomingoDominican friar.

Domainpower, dominance, controlHe has great control over himself.He is very self-controlled.▲ Dominance, authorityThese areas were under foreign rule.These lands were under foreign rule.▲ DominionThe king went to visit his domains.The king visited his domains.

domino[metro] Game of dominoes.

Wear[metro]Mr. (used before a man's given or full name).

wear[metro] GiftHe has a natural gift for speech.He has a natural gift of speaking.°people giftwinning ways.

donation[F] Donation, gift, donation.

donationdonation, gift

HousewifeHousewifeSP]The maid served the tea.The maid served tea.▲ MaidWhat a beautiful woman!What a pretty girl!

From whereFrom whereHere he died.Here he died.°From where?From where?Where are you going?Where are you going?About?I like?How do you know if no one told you?How is he supposed to know if no one told him?From where?From where?Where you were yesterday?Where you were yesterday?What?which direction? From where?Where is the exit?Where is the exit?||About!Nonsense!||I went to my brother.I went to my brother.

whereverwherever; general.

DonaWoman. (used before a woman's given or full name)Are you Mrs. María López?Do you know Mrs. María López?▲ Mrs.Kol]Has Dona Juanita arrived?Has Miss Janet arrived?

doradogolden gold

sleepy, sleepySleeping.

to sleep[rad-ch II] sleep.▲ rest, be inactiveLet him sleep until I come back.Leave him alone until he returns.▲ put to sleepsleep the childPut the child to sleep.°fall asleepfall asleepHe fell asleep at the conference.He fell asleep during the lecture.▲ go to bed, retireHe never goes to bed before noon.He never goes to bed before midnight.

QuarterBedroom; Bedroom.

Vontwo.▲ secondI will go in the second or third month of next month.I will go in the second or third month of next month.▲ [metro] FromHe played the two winners.He played the win two.twice twoin pairs, two, two side by sideThe girls walked along the boardwalk in pairs.The girls walked in pairs on the sidewalk.two side by sidetwo side by sideThe soldiers marched in pairs side by side.The soldiers marched side by side.°between the twoBetween you and meThis is between you two.That's just between us.°in two by threein a momentIn two by three he fixed everything.He fixed everything in no time.

Two HundredTwo Hundred.

Dose[F] dose (of drugs).

Furniture[F] subdivisionHeritage assets are not enough.The lottery is inappropriate. ▲ donation, foundation; Donation.▲ CrewThe ship's crew is now complete.The ship's crew is now complete.

gifted(I understandbut) talentedHe is a very well endowed boy.He is a very talented boy.

butgive a dowryHer father equipped her very well.Her father gave her a good dowry.point[F] PointHe spent his wife's dowry.He spent his wife's dowry.▲ TalentWith those good skills, he had to succeed.With such talents, success was assured.

designto draw

theater[metro] acting, acting.




Geistshower, shower bath.

DudaDuda. °undoubtedlycertainly, without a doubt"Come tomorrow?" "Undoubtedly.""Come tomorrow?" "Surely."

CompanionDudaI doubt it will come.I doubt it will come. ▲ waverHe hesitated to give me the answer.He hesitated before answering me.Questiondoubt, mistrust, questionWe do not doubt what you say.We don't question what you say.

doubtfuldoubtful.▲ doubtful, suspiciousThis is a questionable guy.He is a suspicious character.

duelboughtThe shops were closed for mourning.Shops were closed as a sign of mourning.▲ SadnessThe President's death has caused great sadness.Great sorrow caused the death of the President.▲ MourningHis grandfather died in a duel.His grandfather died in a duel.

Elf[metro] Elf.

ownerOwner, landlord, landlordHe owns the property.He is the owner of the property.▲ Sir, MadamThe dog looked at its owner.The dog looked at its owner.°master of yourselfself-controlledHe is always his own master.He is always his own master.

caramel[adj.] lindo.▲ [metro] a bonbon;You are welcomecaramelHe bought a box of chocolates.Bought a box of sweets.°sweet watersweet water.

DulceSweet; softnessThe climate is very sweet.The climate is very temperate.


Double(I understandDoble) [adj; metro] duplicateThis copy is duplicate.This is a duplicate copy.°as duplicateas duplicateSubmit it in duplicate.Send twice.

Dobledouble; Double; to repeat.

Duque[metro] Duque.


duration[F] duration, term, durationThe duration of the war hurts trade.The duration of the war harms trade.°be permanentgood to wear, lastThis genre endures.This material will wear very well.

continuopermanent, enduring


savesaveHow long is the movie?How long is the image?▲ use, lastThe coat lasted three years.This coat lasted three years.

tenacitystrength, firmnessThe hardness of ebony is well known.The hardness of ebony is well known.▲ hardness, hardnessWhat hardness of heart!What a hard heart!—In these cases difficulties should be avoided.In these cases, roughness should be avoided.▲ CallusI have a hardening on the sole of my foot.I have a callus on the sole of my foot.

asleep[metro] (railroad) tie [And].

standBeThis mattress is very hard.This is a very hard mattress. ▲ hard, roughYou lead such a hard life!You lead such a difficult life. ▲ tough, stubbornWhy do you have such a hard head?Why are you so stubborn?▲ [announcement] waitHe worked hard to get it.He worked hard to make this happen.▲ [metro] dura (Spanish coin of five pesetas). °Difficultwith difficulty, barelyHe almost didn't make himself understood.He could barely make himself understood.


miand beforeUEoOye)María and Inés will accompany me.Mary and Inez will go with me.

Hello then!let's go!Hey then! Let's continue.Come on let us go.

to throwto throwLet's put that in the drawer.Let's throw that in the drawer.▲ Download, download, downloadHe laid off many employees.They laid off many employees▲ to spillYou can pour the wine into the glass.You can pour the wine into the glass.°released to(followed by a verb of movement) to begin, to beginThey started running when they saw the policeman.They started running when they saw the police.°surprisespoil, ruinYou messed up the job.He ruined the job.piaRestroom sinkThe submarines sank many ships.Submarines have sunk many ships.°I missedmiss (note the lack)He misses his friends.He misses his friends.°Just looknotice, observeHe didn't notice the change.He didn't notice the change.culpaplay in the teeth, play for oneHe always blamed me for his favors.He was always throwing his favors at me.°graduateClose the doorPut the key in your pocket when you leave.Close the door when you leave.°teartear down, spoilHis projects collapsed.They thwarted their plans.°inclinationlay downHe lay down on the sand.He lay down on the sand.°surprisesurpriseThe meat was rotten.The meat has gone bad.begin (laugh, cry)begin or begin (laugh, cry).°back downwithdraw, withdrawI'm counting on you, don't give up.I'm counting on you not giving up.



DealEconomy.°political economyEconomy.°savingssavingsHe lost all his savings.He lost all his savings.


save moneysaveHe saved half of his earnings.He saved half of his earnings.—So he saved time.He saved time by taking this route.

Ecuador[metro] Ecuador.

years[F] years.

build upbuild upYou will build a modern city.You will build a modern city.


Editor[metro] VerlagThe editors of this newspaper are very liberal.The editors of this newspaper are very liberal.

ceiling[metro] duvet cover); feather bed

Training[F] Creation, formationHe is an uneducated man.It's rude. ▲ Education (intellectual, physical and moral formation) .

increaseincreaseYou have to educate people.People need to be educated▲ to trainYou have trained your dog very well.You have trained your dog very well.

Boxefficient. 🇧🇷at the barat the barI would like to be paid in cash.I would like to be paid in cash.

It doesEffect.▲ PrintingHis performance had a negative effect.His behavior made a bad impression.°in forceas a matter of factIn fact, he doesn't know anything!In fact, he doesn't know anything.

manufacturecarry out, put into action.

Effectiveefficient effectiveYou have taken a very effective measure.You have taken a very effective measure.

effusion[F] effusion, heatThe outpourings of her greeting touched him.The warmth of her reception delighted him.

egotisticalegotisticalHe is a very selfish man; don't think about others.He is a very selfish man; he never thinks of others.

¡Eh!¡No!Hears! Here I am.Hey, here I am!

axis[metro] axisThe shaft is broken.The shaft broke.▲ The main thingThat is the crux of the matter.That's the whole point.

interim[F] performanceHe will be responsible for the execution of the project.He is responsible for executing the plan.▲ AchievementThe implementation of the musical program was excellent.The execution of the musical program was excellent.

according torun, runCabinet changes are underway.They make changes in the cabinet.

executive[adj.] executive; efficient.

copy ofCopyIt is exemplary behavior.Your behavior is exemplary.▲ [metro] Copy ofI couldn't get another copy of the book.I couldn't get another copy of the book.

exampleexampleBe an example for others.He is an example for others.—Give me an example because I don't understand.Give me an example; I don't understand.

exercisehandle, hold, practiceHe held this position for a long time.He coped with this work for a long time.

exercisetrain, drill

practicetrain, drillHe trains his horse.He trains his horse.

hereHere.paseo[metro] fault [And].


ato theIt was too late.It was too late.

elastic[adj; metro] elastic.

selection[F] Choice; Selection.


electricity[F] Electricity.

Electrical technician[m, f] Electrical technician.


Elephant[metro] Elephant.

eleganceeleganceShe was elegantly dressed.She was elegantly dressed.

elegantclever, clever

select[rad-ch III] to select, selectHe knows how to choose his friends.He knows how to choose his friends.▲ ChosenWho did you choose to be club president?Who did you choose to be club president?


Elementelement, factorIt is a disruptive element.It is a disruptive element.▲ elementShe is in her element when she dances.He is in his element when he dances.

Elevation[F] height, height, height.

increaseLiftThey will raise a monument to the heroes.They will raise a monument to the heroes.°Liftget up, get upThe planes rose to a great height.The planes went up very high.


Is he around?Is he around?

It isthis and thatLet's talk about it.Let's talk about it.

Uds[metro] Uds.



to praisepraiseHe never compliments anyone.He never compliments anyone.


The more[metro] green corn on the cob (for frying) [And].

Emanation[F] vapors.

messageMessage; Delegation.

ambassador[metro] Ambassador.

ambassadordecorate with pennantsThe path is signposted.The street is decorated with flags.

get intoship, ship, shipI get into my luggage first.I check my luggage first.°Brett (Fallen)get intoShipment to Buenos Aires.Shipment to Buenos Aires.

Have funseize, seizeAll your property will be confiscated.They will confiscate all your property.

Embargo°thoughhowever howeverDespite being the smallest state, it is the most populous.Despite being the smallest parcel, it is the most densely populated.

Get into[metro] Shipment; board (ship).

requirement[rad-ch III] attack, attack (head)The enemy attacked furiously.The enemy attacked furiously.

Emblem[metro] emblem, insignia

get drunkget drunk, get drunkThis wine intoxicates very easily.This wine is very intoxicating.▲ to overcomeHe was drunk with emotion.I was overwhelmed with emotion.°get drunkget drunkYou got drunk at the party.You got drunk at the party.

confusionbother, botherDon't mess things up.Don't mess things up.

confusionconfusion, confusionThis is a disaster!This is a disaster.

to provokemake jokes about itSpend time joking with everyone.He spends his time joking with everyone.

joke[metro] to lieThey all believed his lies.They all believed his lies.

liar LiarLiar.


emigration[F] emigration.

emigrant[m, f; adj.] Emigrants.


Eminencelike mouse; hillThe valley could be seen from a hill.The valley could be seen from a hill.▲ Notable person (in science, literature, art).

earringfamous, outstandingHe is an important writer.He is a famous writer.

Emotion[F] emotionsI was speechless with emotions.I was speechless with emotion.▲ FeelingThe actor played his role with emotion.The actor played the role with feeling.

get excitedbe movedGets angry easily.It is easy to move.



placeSeekThey discolored the garden.They circled the garden.

change[metro] Cross.

tarnishblur, darkenMoisture fogs the windows.Moisture fogs the glass.

absorbersoakingSoak this sponge in water.Soak this sponge in water.°absorbersoak up, soak upIt's raining so hard that I got drenched crossing the street.It's raining so hard that I got drenched crossing the street.to adaptlevel, balance [And🇧🇷 in shape [SP].

TieGame.▲ DrawIn the first game, both teams tied.In the first game, both teams tied.

tie[metro] Draw, draw.

pavedpaved sidewalk.

pavingpave with cobblestones.

to press[metro] press, pressHe gave me a push and walked past me.He gave me a push and walked past me.To pressmake roompeople came inPeople pushed their way in.

promisepromise, giveI have given my word.I have given my word.▲ to promiseHe had to pawn his watch.He had to pawn his watch.°Insist on somethingbe inclinedHe insists on doing it despite the obstacles.He is committed to this despite all the obstacles.

Seekdetermination, firmnessHe worked so hard that he became rich.He worked so hard that he became rich.▲ Farmer; commitment.°PfandhausPfandhaus.


begin[rad-ch yo] beginWhat time does the function starts?When does the show start?


Plug°alcoholic beveragedrinkHe likes to bend the elbow.He likes to drink.Bestand on tiptoesYou have to lean in to see.You have to stand on your toes to see it.

staffveruse.▲ [norte] Staff.

useuse, employWe will use another material.We will use a different material.▲ employ, hireWill you hire more people?Will they hire more people▲ to invest?He used his money for business.He invested his money in the business.

I'm workingTo work; I'm workingI have a good jobI have a good job.▲ UseThe use of this word is not common.This word is not common.

impoverished[-zc-] become poor.

stay in the dustper-seIt is very dusty.Use a lot of powder.▲ to powderThe road gets very dusty during this period.The road gets very dusty in this weather.

take the controlSeek.

Seekcompany, project, enterpriseIt is very difficult to achieve this task.It is very difficult to carry out this project.▲ companyThe company went bankrupt.The company went bankrupt.

businessperson(Theatre-) Manager, Promoter.

To pressincreasePlease move the table here.Please move the table to this side.

To press[metro] To pressThey nudged him.They nudged him.PushPush.

nome.▲ meI saw her at the train station.I saw her at the train station.▲ inWhat train did you come on?What train did you come on?vainvainI have waited all afternoon in vain.I have waited all afternoon in vain.

amadoin love.▲ [norte] a passionate, lover, dear.

fell in loveflirt, make loveHe falls in love with all the girls.Love all the girls.°fell in lovefell in love.

prisonin jail

to fit into fit inThe lid does not fit well.The case does not fit well. ▲ to adaptShe really doesn't fit in here.She doesn't fit here.

ListStraightWe indicate the train station.We will guide you to the train station.°establishget going, goWent home.Went home.

charming[adj.] precious.▲ [norte] charming.

enchantenchant, enchanti love this sceneI love this dinner.


stared°feohard lookHe is a very rude guy.He is a very tough guy.

missincreaseHe climbed up the tree.He climbed up the tree.


adorable[-zc-] get up, make expensiveThey raised the price of meat.They raised the price of meat.▲ begI urge you to do this carefully.I ask you to do it carefully.°become more expensivebecome more expensiveFood has become more expensive.Food prices have gone up.

Service Manager(I understandbill) no commentHe is responsible for organizing the party.He is responsible for the preparations for the party.▲ [norte] Managing Director, responsibleTalk to the person in charge.Talk to the manager.

billtrustHe was entrusted with a very delicate mission.they trustedHe had a very delicate mission. ▲ request, urgeHe told me not to say it.He asked me not to say that.Take care of yourselftake the controlI take care of work.I take care of work.

billwork orderHe gave me a job I don't like.He gave me a task that I don't like.▲ MessageHe went to run some errands.He ran some errands.

putrefaction[adj.] rot.

bittercruel, ruthless

lighter[metro] lighter.

Hell[rad-ch yo] to the lightPlease turn on the light.Please turn on the light.°seems to beto lighten up, keep goingThe lanterns were on.The street lamps came on.

switched on(I understandHell) of light color.°get excitedto blush

neighborhood[rad-ch yo] graduateThey locked her in a dungeon.They locked her in a cell.▲ to lock up, containThis book contains useful ideas.This book contains useful ideas.°calm downShut up, shut upHe locked himself in his room.He locked himself in his room.

Gummichewing gum (from the mouth).

UpandShould I put that on the table?Should I put that on the table?andsuperficial, superficialI read the newspaper upstairs.I leafed through the newspaper.UpUpThe plane flew above the clouds.The plane flew above the clouds.

Holm oakevergreen oak (tree).


PsychiatristcontractionThis fabric shrinks when washed.This material shrinks with washing.°extractextractHe shrugged at each answer.His only response was a shrug.

shrunken(I understandPsychiatrist) shyHe was a very shrunken child.He was a very shy boy.

Vayafor anger.°get angryget angry.

an ordertrust, trustYou will be responsible for the execution of the project.You will entrust him with the realization of the project.

Part°giro postalParcel, package, postal parcel [And].

overwhelming(I understandinfect) irritatingThey had a bitter hatred.They had a bewildering hatred for each other.

infectbecome infectedThe wound has become infected.His wound got infected.

another[rad-ch yo] OtherI found this watch at the train station.I found this watch at the train station.—How do you find work?How do you find a job?▲ to find outLast night I met my friend in the library.I met my friend in the library last night.MeetanotherWe will meet at the theater.We meet at the theater▲ to crashThe two trucks collided with a loud crash.The two trucks collided with a loud crash.▲ to beMy wife was there.My wife was there.▲ to findTurning the corner, we find the parade.We reach the parade when we turn the corner.▲ to feelHow is the patient this morning?How is the patient this morning?

Shockcrash, collision

doblefold, folddelgadobow down, bow down

Crossstreet or street crossing.

anotheranotherIt was a very happy meeting.It was a very happy meeting.▲ DepartureAfter defeating in all games, he received the title of champion.After winning all the fights, he won the title of champion.°go out to meetget togetherHe went out to receive the guests.He went to receive the guests.

shortenedcucumbers [And].

straightenstraighten.°directionsit down, sit down

diabolicaldevilish, malicious.


sweetento sweeten

harden (yeah)[-zc-] consolidate.

Enemy[north; adj.] Enemy.

enmity[F] enmity.




get angrybother, botherget angryget angryThere is no reason to be angry.There is no reason to be angry.

zorngo, go.

emphasis[metro] emphasis.

to get sick)get sick, get sickdisease[F] Illness, illness, illness.


Sick[adj.] SickYesterday they operated on the sick child.Yesterday they operated on the sick child.▲ [metro] patientlyThe patient is in the hospital.The patient is in the hospital.

weaken (yes)[-zc-] to lose weight.

beforeopposite, acrossAcross the street is a white house.On the other side (the street) there is a white house.°beforeon the streetThey live in the house across the street.You live in the house across the street.°beforeoppositeThe car is parked in front of this building.The car is parked in front of this building.

cooling[metro] Cold (illness).

calledlegalWe have to cool the water in the fridge.We need to chill the water in the ice box.°getting coldcool down, cool downLet the coffee cool there.Leave your coffee there to cool down.▲ to cool downPack well, do not freeze.Wear warm clothes so you don't get cold.

fraudTrickHe betrayed his friend.He cheated on his friend.°Trickeh ehThey were deceived by the fog.You made a mistake because of the fog.


fermentGet fat; Get fat.


washing disheslavar.

shortcut[metro] marriedThey announced their next link.They announced their upcoming marriage.▲ Connection(s)The train connection at this station is excellent.Train connections at this station are excellent.

shortcutassociateThese two trains connect at the next station.These two trains connect at the next station.

enlodarsesoakThe wheels have become totally muddy.All the wheels got muddy.

driving me crazy[-zc-] driving me crazyAs a result of the blow, he went crazy.As a result of the blow, he went crazy. ▲ go crazyThis job drives me crazy.This job drives me crazy.°driving me crazyget angry or angryDuring the argument, he went crazy.He was angry about the argument.

change[rad-ch yo] change, correctPlease correct this copy for me.Correct this copy for me.°the picturemend the roads, reformIf you don't make amends, you will never succeed.If you don't change, you will never succeed.


zorntravelThe interruption of the program angered the public.The public was outraged by the interruption of the program.°get angryget angryGetting angry won't solve anything.There is nothing to be gained by being angry.



monstrosity[F] OutrageWhat this man has done is tremendous.What this man has done is an outrage. ▲ large number, large quantityThere was a lot of people at the party.There was a large crowd at the party.

climbing plantWinds.

entanglegrowl, tangleThe cat has all the threads tangled.The cat has all the threads tangled up.▲ growl, fuckThe manager ruined all the business of the company.The manager ruined all the company's deals.°tangled upsnarlThe rope got tangled.The rope is tangled.°tangled upcommit toHe got involved with a bad woman.He got involved with an evil woman.°entangleto participateHe got into dirty business.He got involved in shady deals.

Plottangled, intrigue

enrich[-zc-] to enrich.▲ to enhanceThis ornament greatly enriches the costume.This fit enhances the dress.°be richbe richSuddenly he became rich.He got rich quick.

rotateshirred ruffleRoll up those magazines.Roll up those magazines.

growl (yeah)[-zc-] get hoarseHe was hoarse from yelling so much.He was hoarse from yelling so much.


enlargeenlargeThey widened the road as we passed.They widened the road as we passed. ▲ jump, zoom inYou have to stretch my jacket.You'll have to open my jacket.

Testtry, tryLet's rehearse the new material.Let's test the new material.▲ to testThey had no time to rehearse the comedy.They didn't have time to rehearse the piece.

Testtry, try; Test.

bayBay.To teachinstruction, teaching

to teachto teachA Mexican taught him Spanish.A Mexican taught her Spanish.▲ to showHe showed me the photo of his girlfriend.He showed me a picture of his girlfriend. ▲ show, showShow the way to the Lord.Show this gentleman the way.

Selimseal, close

taub[-zc-] grasp.

dirtysmear, smear

SleepChimera, waking dream.

contractget intoThey have boarded up the windows.They have boarded up the windows.▲ Go ahead, go aheadThey entered into negotiations.You have started negotiations.

lanelumberjacks placeHe broke his arm and had to be put in a splint.He broke his arm and had to be put in a splint.

grasp[rad-ch yo] graspI understand what you're saying.Now I understand what you mean.°according to (or according to) my understandingIn my opinionIn my opinion, it is better to change the procedure.In my opinion it is better to change the policy.°understanding ofbe familiar with, be good withDo you understand mechanics?you are good at mechanicsunderstand withget over itYou have to deal with the boss.You have to deal with the boss.°understand (be)not sendWho understands this matter?Who is responsible for this matter?

understood(I understandgraspbe (or remain) understood.to be understoodNeedless to say, we start tomorrow.Needless to say, we start tomorrow.°not be understoodpretend not to understandI did not understand.I acted like I didn't understand.have (much) knowledge ofbe qualified or informedHe is a very skilled worker at his trade.He is very good at his trade.

comprehensionComprehension; Spirit.

discoverinform, sayWe need management to know what's going on.We should let management know what's going on.°discoverPay attentionYou don't know what I'm telling you.You don't listen to what I say.°learn)learnI just received the news.I just heard the news.▲ To find out, askFind out about the hotel where they live.Find out which hotel they are staying at.

integrityForce; presence of mind

Allwhole, complete

bury[rad-ch yo] bury.


Intonation[F] intonation.

Tomássing in unison; start singing.▲ harmonize, mix (of colors)These colors go well together.These colors harmonize very well.

afterback then back thenAfter that he lived with his parents.He lived with his parents at the time.▲ SoSo you don't need me anymore?So you don't need me now, do you?So what happened?And then what happened?||After?So what?oAnd later? 🇧🇷And].

VerbotenVerbotenThey decorated the entrance with flags.They decorated the entrance with flags.▲ EntranceAdmission is free.Admission is free.▲ ServiceThe function had a good entrance.The show was well attended.▲ Ticket, SeatWe should buy tickets now.We need to buy tickets now.▲ AdmissionAccess is prohibited.No input.▲ HomeAt the beginning of winter I go on a trip.I will travel in early winter.▲ inputWhat do you want for an appetizer?What would you like for an entry? 🇧🇷beginningLoss of hair on the temples.Despite his youth, he already has tickets.Despite her youth, her hair is already falling to her temples.▲ SpikyThe inputs exceed the outputs.Revenues exceed expenses.||Public entrance.Free pass.

log inenter, enter, enteryou can passCan I come in?▲ fitThe shoe doesn't fit me, it's too small.The shoe does not fit me well; is too small.▲ to enterI want to join a sports club.I would like to join an athletics club.°go to workgo to work, get a jobThey went to work in a factory.They went to work in a factory.°enter (or into)log inHe's going to college next year.He's going to college next year.||This boy doesn't like math.This kid can't do arithmetic in his head.

In betweenIn betweenThe woman sat between two men.The woman sat between two men.▲ between themWe will share the profits among all.We will divide the profits among all of us.—Life among students is very happy.Life among students is very happy.—The four lifted the load.The four took charge of the load.

a jar(I understandinterject) ajar, half open.

interjectopen in the middle, open in the middle.


deliveryDeliveryYou must pay upon delivery of the package.You must pay for the package at the time of delivery.

deliverydeliver, deliverYou have not yet delivered the merchandise.You have not yet delivered the merchandise. ▲ in handgive me the letterGive me the letter.▲ give up, give up, turn aroundThey handed him over to the police.They handed him over to the police.°manufacturegive in, give inHe indulged in a drink.He gave himself up to drink. ▲ give upThe battalion surrendered to the enemy.The battalion surrendered to the enemy.

Coach[metro] coach, coach.

Trainingtrain, train


They areThey are

in the meantimeHowever.

to chat[and] entertain, amuseYou must entertain the child with something.You must amuse the child with something.▲ delay, tieMy business amused me until very late.My business kept me up very late.°have funhave funWe had a lot of fun playing cards.We had a lot of fun playing cards. ▲ be tied up, be lateI stayed up late fixing some things.I was tied up for a long time to pack some things.

lustful(I understandto chat) fun fun.




to grieve[-zc-] to be sad, depressingBlack makes you sad.Black is depressing.°be sadbe sadHe was very sad when he found out.He was sad when he found out.

aturdirpreventThe cold numbs the extremities.The cold numbs the extremities.°aturdir[-zc-] become deaf.

me disturbancebecome cloudy, softThe storm clouded the water.The storm stirred up the water. ▲ dark (see)Fever clouded his vision.Fever clouded his vision.°turn cloudysoakThe water was cloudy from the rain.The water turned cloudy due to the rain.

deliriumget excitedThe news excited the public.The news excited the public.°get excitedthrillThe boys loved the song.The boys loved the song.


thrilled[m, f] enthusiastic.

years[-zc-] grow old, grow old.




of youof youSend the letter by airmail.Send the letter by airmail.°send one for a rideTo send one about your business, tell someone to take care.

To themTo them.


to envyto envyHe envy all his friends.He envy all his friends.



involve[rad-ch yo] to involveYou didn't pack the box well.You didn't pack the box well.

wrapped(I understandinvolve) involvedHe's always in trouble.He's always in some trouble.



ErasSeason, time, times, period.


Baggage[metro] luggage luggageWhen you travel by plane, you can't take a lot of luggage with you.When you travel by plane, you can't take a lot of luggage with you.—Your luggage will be checked in at the border.They will examine the luggage at the border.

gearEquipment; Gear.

equivalenceequivalent toGive me the equivalent in dollars.Give me the equivalent in dollars.

Error[F] ErrorHe accidentally took my coat.He accidentally took my coat.

make a mistakeeh, confuseWrong packages.He rummaged through the packages.make a mistakeeh ehYou are wrong.You are wrong.be wrongto... evil...I was on the wrong bus.I took the wrong bus.—I took the wrong door.I went through the wrong door.

Error[metro] ErrorThis copy is full of errors.This copy is full of errors.°ErrataTypographical error (in printed material).°machine errorTypo (while typing).°That's wrongbe wrongSorry, but you're wrong.Sorry, but you're wrong.

esa(I understandto be) Es.

rauhrough, unevenWe have traveled a very difficult path.We are on a very difficult path. ▲ faded, riskyHe told us a shocking joke.He told us an uncomfortable story.

Scale(WeaversHe fell when the ladder broke.It fell when the ladder broke.▲ LibraWhat scale is this map?What is the scale of this map?—I played scales on the piano.He played scales on the piano.make a stopovermake a stopThe ship will call at Cádiz.The ship will call at Cádiz.

Ladderladder, ladderHe ran up the stairs.He ran up the stairs.▲ StairsLean the ladder against the wall.Put the ladder against the wall.

Paso[metro] PasoHow many steps does this ladder have?How many steps does this ladder have?

greasedclean up, stop rainingWe can extend further.We can move on when everything is clear.

shockshock shockThe news shocked the public.The news shocked the public.


leakEscape.°on a runawayin a momentI haven't done it yet, but I'll do it on the road.I haven't done it yet, but I will in a moment.

leakEscapeWe have escaped from great danger.We have escaped from great danger.°leakescape, escapeThe dog ran away.The dog ran away from us.—Some prisoners escaped from the prison.Some prisoners escaped from the prison▲ to escapeSorry for saying that, I missed it.I'm sorry I said that; she slipped

leakescape jokeThe boy's adventures worry his parents.This boy's pranks worry his parents.

leak[metro] Escape.°An escapehastily, hastily

scratch, scratchscrape, dig, shovel.

get closebe tightGasoline is scarce here.Gasoline is scarce here.

Lack[F] scarcity, scarcity.

scarcesparse, shortThe meat is scarce.The meat is scarce.

cenacenadon't make me scenesDon't make scenes.▲ ScenarioWhen the curtain rose, the scene was dark.When the curtain rose, the stage was dark.

scenerystage (of a theater)



selectchoose, take, selectWe choose the shortest path.We take the shortest route.

schoolschool.▲ [norte] Students.

hidehideI don't know where they hid the key.I don't know where they hid the key.


secretary[m, f] Secretary.

to write[and] write.°type the machinewrite write.

written(I understandto write) written.

writer, writerwriter author

low hilllow hill.

ZugFleet (Navy); carpenter's place

I'm listeningListensListen for a moment.Listens.



salivaspitSpitting is prohibited.Not spit.

leakgiroDrain these items well before hanging them.Drain these items well before hanging.▲ to drainDrain the spinach.Drain the spinach.°fleeslip away, run awayHe escaped when we least expected it.He ran away when we least expected him.°leakunderpantsIt slipped on a banana peel.He slipped on a banana peel.The plate slipped out of my hand.The plate slipped out of my hands.▲ to escapeHe left the session without being seen.He left the meeting without anyone seeing him.

That this; please, the[adj.] this whatwho is this boywho is this boy

rapier; please those, those[pron] that that thatThese are not mine.These are not mine.beingsbeings

She wasShe was.

efforteffortI'll try to finish the job today.I will endeavor to complete the work today.

It is[neu pron] EsNamely.That's right. °It is rightthe sameI thought the same thing.That's exactly what I used to think too.

SpaceSpaceThe plane was lost in space.The plane disappeared into the sky.▲ space, lineWrite the report in a space.Single space in the report.▲ space, spaceLeave a space.Release.

EspadaSword; spades (cards).

costback (of the body)His back hurts.Your back hurts.°Behind the backfrom behindThey did it behind their parents' backs.They did it behind their parents' backs.

straw man[News] Straw man.

frightscare, scareHe is afraid of very little.She is afraid for nothing.

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amazefear, fright

horribleterrifying, terrifying


especial[adj.] especially.

ShowShowBullfights are a very interesting spectacle.Bullfights are a very interesting spectacle. show sceneDon't brag and cry on the street.Don't make a show of crying in the street.

spectator, spectatorSpectators.°spectators[meter please] Advertising.


supposesupposeAfter a long wait we were able to board.We arrived after a long wait.be in (or wait)waitWe waited many hours for the ship.We waited many hours for the ship.Waiting roomWaiting room.

esperanzaEsperanza. °have (a) hope (for)have hopeI hope it arrivesI hope it comes.

supposesupposeI'm expecting a call this morning.I'm expecting a call this morning. ▲ waitThey hoped he wouldn't die.They hoped he wouldn't die. ▲ waitI'm waiting for my friend.I'm waiting for my friend.

GroßoGroßoI don't like thick soup.I don't like thick soup.▲ heavythick oil.heavy oil.

thickness[metro] thickness.

thicknessthickness, density; Bush.

spy[m, f] Spy.


dorndornI have a thorn in my finger.I have a thorn in my finger.▲ BoneThis fish has many spines.This fish has many spines.

Spinach[f pl] Spinach.


Geist[metro] Spiritual soul.

Marvelousglorious, wonderful, swellAfter the dance they served a delicious dinner.They served a wonderful dinner after the dance. ▲ generousThey are great with their friends.They are generous with their friends.


Wifema'am°wifes[f pl] wifes.



foamFoam; Foam.

skeletonSkeleton.▲ empty (to fill in) [And].

GesangcornerYou live in the house on the corner.You live in the house on the corner.

underpants°Onlyescape, avoidI saw it coming but I lost it.I saw it coming, but I avoided it.

establish[-zc-] establishThey established a new regime.They established a new regime.°resolverresolverThey will settle in Mexico.You will settle in Mexico▲ to start a businessThey settled on Fifth Avenue.They started a business on Fifth Avenue.


missionbet (participation).

Stich°leave one in handlet someone hold the bag.

season[F] SeasonThey picked us up at the train station.They went to the train station to meet us.▲ seasonThere are only two seasons in the tropics.There are only two seasons in the tropics.▲ stop [And]This train is direct, it will not make many stops.Is this a direct train; won't make many stops.

Parquepark (car, etc.).°ParqueParquewhere can we parkWhere can I park?▲ Park yourself.


conditiondiseaseThe road is in bad condition.The road is in bad condition.▲ Condition"Disease?" "Not married." "Marital status?" "Not married." ▲ statusHe made a trip through all the states of the country.He traveled to all the states of the country.▲ State, governmentShe is at the service of the state.Works for the government.

explodesbreak, beginThey fear an uprising.They fear a riot will break out.▲ to explodeWhen the bomb exploded, it did a lot of damage.The bomb did a lot of damage when it exploded.

Stampdorf [And].

it stagnatescigar shop

Lago[metro] Lago.

Lagotabladen [Mexico].

They are[metro] They are.

to be[and] to be (in a place)The house is on the hill.The house is on the hill. ▲ to be (in a state at a certain time)The soup is too hot.The soup is too hot.▲ look, it shinesYou are beautiful todayYou are very beautiful today.°we are inis (a date or day of the week)"How much are we worth?" "It's June 5th.""What is the date?" It is the fifth of June. 🇧🇷be with someonehave (a disease)I have a headache.I have a headache.hurry upHurry upI can't wait because I'm in a hurry.I can't wait because I'm in a hurry.°It's lateact like, act likeWho's on the phone today?Who is the focus today?to acceptto acceptThey agreed on everything.They agreed on everything.be on a tripbe on the moveWe were traveling in the summer.We were traveling in the summer.°be forbe ready forWhen we arrived, they were about to leave.When we arrived they were about to leave.°run outbe for thatI wanted to go and they wanted to stay.I was about to leave and they were about to stay.||He's fine!oIt's good.Bueno.


Heightstature, height

Namely[metro] not with this.

That is; you are you are[adj.] this thisThis boy is causing us a lot of trouble.This boy is causing us a lot of trouble.

That is; you are you are[pron] this whatThis one came first.He was the first to arrive.

StyleStyleWhat style of furniture do you want?What style of furniture do you want?

guessappreciate, respect, cherishHe appreciates his friends very much.He appreciates his friends very much.

to stretchstretch, pullThe fabric tore when stretched.Material tore when stretched.°to stretchstretch (oneself).▲ stretchThis fabric stretches a lot when washed.This fabric stretches a lot when washed.

It is[neu pron] It isI do not understand that.I do not understand that.aboutIn this pointHere it has arrived.At this point it arrived.



preventblock, preventThis piece of furniture is on its way.This piece of furniture is on the way. ▲ bother, get in someone's wayDon't go, you're not in our way.Don't go, you won't bother us.▲ hinder, hinderStrikes make it difficult to produce war.Strikes make it difficult to produce war.


ingembrace, constrainYou have to shake my jacket.You have to take my jacket.°handshakehandshake).

ingingWe continue along a narrow path.We continue along a narrow path. ▲ fixedThe suit is too tight.The dress is too tight for her.▲ NahTheir friendship is very close.Their friendship is very close.° [metro] waves)Have you ever passed through the Strait of Magellan?Have you ever driven through the Strait of Magellan?

PopaStar; leading actor or actress

starry(I understandPopastarry skystarry skyfried eggsEggs sunny side up.

Popacrush (over)One day he will have an accident with his car.It will break the car at any moment.°featureto defeatThe plane crashed into the house.The plane crashed into the house.

shudder[-zc-] shakeThe detonation shook the ground.The explosion shook the ground.°dudestart up, shudder, trembleHe winced at the sound.He was startled when he heard the noise.

shuddershudder, shudder

Brandneuopen (one piece)Tomorrow they will premiere a new play at the Theater National.A new play will premiere tomorrow at the National Theater.▲ to premiereAre you going to wear this suit?Is this the first time you wear this dress?Premiereopen (one piece)The play opened on Broadway last week.The play opened on Broadway last week.

surprisespoil, damageThe children damaged the radio.The boys messed up the radio.▲ spoilYour resignation has thwarted our plans.Your resignation has frustrated our plans.°Break timebe brokeThe iron broke.The iron is broken.

Noisedeafening noise.

students[m, f] Students.

for studyfor study.

Herdstove, heater.

GreatMarvelousI saw a great movie last night.I saw a wonderful movie last night.

stupidity[F] stupidity.

Idiotstupid.▲ [metro] Stupid person.

etc., etc. etc. etc.

ether[metro] ether.

Eternalforever, endless

HashtagHang tagsRead what the label says.Read what the label says.°Hang tagsformalThere's a gala at the casino.There will be a formal dance in the casino.


to avoidto avoidHe avoided meeting him.Avoided hitting him.▲ to avoidThey managed to dodge the explosion.They managed to stop the explosion.

precision[F] PrecisionThis work is carried out with great precision.This work is carried out with great precision. ▲ PunctualityAccuracy is its defining characteristic.Punctuality is his hallmark.

ExactlypreciselyThe account is correct, thank you.The invoice is correct, thank you.▲ correctHe gave an exact account.He gave an accurate report.

exaggerateexaggerateI can't believe him because he always exaggerates.I can't believe him because he always exaggerates.

check[metro] test test.

TestTestYou haven't checked in your baggage yet.You have not inspected the baggage yet.▲ to examineThe doctor examined the patient.The doctor examined the patient▲ to observeHe carefully studied his every move.He watched her every move closely.°examinartebe tested, take test(s).You must pass an exam in Spanish and English.You must take exams in Spanish and English.

Greatexcellent.▲ greatGreat! we will go togetherPenalty fee! we will go together

exception[F] Exception.

optional trip[F] Excursion, picnic.


PlaceI wash, I wash

SorryI'm sorry, sorryYou have to apologize for your mistakes.You have to apologize for your mistakes. ▲ rejectHe declined the invitation because he did not like people.He declined the invitation because he didn't like the people.°apologizeapologizeIf you don't go, you have to apologize.If you don't go, you have to apologize.

exhibition[F] exhibition, shows [And].

announcementexhibit, show

requirerequirementThey require that it be prepaid.Advance payment is required. ▲ requireThey demanded a statement.They demanded a statement.

existenceexistence, lifeExistence makes me bitter.It makes my life impossible.▲ stockThey had large stocks of merchandise.They had a large stock of merchandise.

successsuccessThe success of the company surprised everyone.The success of the company surprised everyone.

exoticstrange, exotic

experienceexperienceI have no experience in this job.I have no experience in this job.

specialisterudito, erudito.

go outgo outThe contract period ends today.The contract ends today.

Explainexplainlet me explain youLet me explain!°ExplaingraspI can't explain what happened.I can't understand what happened.

investigator[metro] explorers; To explore.

explodes[F] Explosion, explosion.

blowwork, exploreYou explore a silver mine.You work in a silver mine.▲ explore, exploitHe always took advantage of his friends.He always used his friends.

expose[and] exposeDo not expose it to the sun.This should not be exposed to the sun.▲ to explainFormulate your idea more clearly. Explain your idea more clearly.°expose yourselfexpose yourselfYou face a lot of criticism.You face a lot of criticism.

To export[F] to exportHe works in an export office.He works in an export house.

To exportTo export.

exhibition[F] Exhibition; Risk.

to expressexpress.°express yourselfexpress, speakHe expresses himself very well.He expresses himself very well.

Expression[F] Expression.

expressivelovinglyHe wrote a very expressive letter.He wrote a very loving letter.▲ expressiveHe has very expressive features.He has very expressive features.

to express°express trainexpress train.

expose(I understandexpose) displayed on the screenThese books were displayed in the window.These books were on display in the shop window.▲ DangerousAt that time I was very exposed to travel.Traveling was very dangerous back then.


exoticdeliciousThe cake is exquisite.The cake is delicious.▲ ExquisiteHe has exquisite taste in clothes.He has exquisite taste in clothes.

camilla[rad-ch yo] spread out, expandThey spread the card on the table.You spread the card on the table.▲ to dealThe library issues a library card.The library issues a reading card.▲ enlargeThey will expand the airfield.They will expand the airfield. ▲ expandThey spread their businesses all over the country.They expanded their business throughout the country.°enlargespread, generalize, or generalizeThis custom is widespread.This custom became very common.

Outside[adj; metro] ForThe exterior of the house was very dilapidated.The outside of the house was very dilapidated.

externalexternalFor external use only.For external use only.

extra[announcement] extraBreakfast is paid separately.Surcharge for breakfast.▲ [F] Additionally [And]Did you read the extra this morning?Did you read this morning's extra?

forgetforgetThey spoke a foreign language.They spoke a foreign language.▲ [norte] ForeignThe hotel is full of foreigners.The hotel is full of foreigners.°abroadout of the countryYou have lived abroad for a long time.You have lived abroad for a long time.

I missedloseI miss my mother a lot.I miss my mother a lot.lose oneseems strange (for)I'm surprised it hasn't arrived yet.I find it strange that it hasn't arrived yet.

WeirdweirdIt has a strange name.It has a strange name.▲ [norte] weirdI don't know him, he's a stranger.Do not know him; he is a stranger


fancystrange, unusual

Get lostbe off course, lost, or misplacedThe planes were lost.The planes were off course.

extremelyFilmSit at the end of the table.Sit at the end of the table.



manufacturing[F] manufacture.

Manufacturer[metro] Manufacturer.


Fablefable.▲ fabrication, liesEverything he told us is a fable.Everything he told us was pure invention.


fraction[F] Fraction.°factionsfacial features)It has some very correct qualities.He has very regular features.

searchappearance, appearanceI didn't like the look of this man.I didn't like the look of this man. ▲ vision, chaosThus dressed was a face.He was a vision dressed like that.

facadefront (of a building).

luzeasy.▲ looseThis woman was too easy.She was a lost woman.”▲ probably, probablyIt is very easy to go on Sunday.It is very probable that he will leave on Sunday.°easy toeasy toThis is very easy.This is very easy.ease[F] Lightness, lightness.▲ TalentHe showed great ease in learning music.He showed great talent for music.°luzeasily, fluentlyHe spoke English very easily.He speaks English very fluently.°give facilitiesto ease; offer helpThe government has given us all kinds of investigative facilities.The government offered us all its help in the investigation.

to facilitatesupplyHe provided the necessary funds for this business.He provided the necessary funds for this business. ▲ facilitate, facilitateThese books will make your job easier.These books will make your job easier.

Factor[metro] factor, element; luggage carrier.

would factorBodies; 🇧🇷Mexico] Bodies.

billinvoice invoiceSend me the bill at home.Send the invoice to my address.

Check inbaggage to check in at the counter).

Faculty[F] FacultyHis abilities were not complete.I didn't have all of their abilities.▲ AuthorityHe was authorized to settle the matter.Was given authority to settle the dispute.▲ Branch of a university, schoolGraduated from the Faculty of Law.He graduated from the Faculty of Law.

assignmentwork taskThey worked in agriculture.They worked in agriculture.▲ TrickHe did a bad job for me.He made a nasty joke on me.

bunch of notessash (worn around the waist); belt (underwear).

salidasalidaYour skirt is too short.She wears a very short skirt.▲ Inclined, sidewaysThe city is on the hillside.The town is on the hillside. ▲ backShe had the child on her lap.She had the child on her lap.

failedpass judgementThe judge is ready to decide.The judge is ready to give the verdict.▲ to disapproveOne of my best friends let me down.One of my best friends let me down. ▲ um, failWhen driving uphill, the engine always fails.The engine always loses the climb.

To die[-zc-] die, pass away.

failedjudgment, decision

distortdistortHe falsified the facts.He falsified the facts. ▲ to open with master key or master key [And]The thieves broke down the door.The thieves opened the door with a master key.

to lie[F] falsehood, liei'm sure you liedI'm sure he lied.

distortfalsify, falsify

INCORRECTFake, Fake.▲ FakeThe signature was forged.The signature was forged.▲ ForgeryThey gave me the wrong weight.They gave me the wrong weight.▲ CopycatShe was wearing fake jewelry.She was wearing jewelry.▲ dishonestHe behaved very badly with me.He was dishonest with me.°take a wrong steptake a wrong stepin badincorrectlyHe swore wrong.He swore wrong.

Lackerror, errorThere are many errors in this translation.There are many errors in this translation.▲ failedWe all have our flaws.We all have our faults.▲ Administrative infractions, minor crimes.°Mangel andlackWe took it for lack of something better.Let's take that for lack of anything better.°be missedbe necessary, be necessarymoney is needed.Money is necessary.°lose oneneedI need a pen.I need a pencil▲ to make mistakesI really miss you.I miss you so much.°sin errorsin errorMake sure you come at eleven.Make sure you come at eleven.

LackLackHe has no conditions to succeed in the theater.He doesn't have the qualifications for success in the theater. ▲ be absentIs something missing in your portfolio?Is something missing in your bag? ▲ are necessaryFour remain to complete fifty.It takes four more to make fifty.▲ to goIt's ten before two.It's ten minutes to two.▲ offendI didn't want to miss him.I did not mean to offend you.young womanbe absent fromHe missed class on Monday.Missed class on Monday.▲ Interrupt, ignoreYou can't miss the appointment.The appointment cannot be interrupted.°There was nothing left!Naturally; In any case"You will stay?" "No more missing!""You will stay?" "Naturally!"

famaFame.▲ ReputationThe man has a bad reputation.This man has a bad reputation.°have a good reputationhave the reputationHe is considered wise.He is considered very wise.

familyFamily.trustworthytrustworthyYour last name sounds familiar.I know his name.▲ [metro] relativelyFamily members were invited.They only invited their relatives.


fanatic[adj.] fanatic, fanatic.▲ [metro] Fan.


FantasiesperformanceThis whole story is a product of your imagination.This whole story is the product of your imagination▲ whimYou don't have to agree to all their fantasies.You shouldn't indulge their every whim.▲ Fantasy, fairy taleDon't believe him, this is all fantasy.Don't believe it; everything is a fairy tale.

Geist[metro] ghost.

Fantasticfantastic, amazingHe explained his delay in a fantastic way.He told a fantastic story to explain his extravagant delay▲He gave fantastic advice.He gave wacky suggestions.

Lastbig package, bale.



Pharaohlight, light; Faro.

faro[metro] LanternTurn on the flashlight so we can see.Turn on the flashlight so we can see. ▲ streetlightHe read the letter in the light of the street lamp.He read the letter in the light of the streetlight.▲ BluffHe bragged that he knew him.He was bragging when he said he knew him.

Street lightingstreetlight.

Anti-°FiestaPaint the town red, go on tour.


disturbbother, botherDude, don't mess with these jokes!Don't bother me with these jokes.

bullyingirritating, exhausting


death[F] Determination.

fatiguetiredness, tirednessThe work generates fatigue.Work creates fatigue.▲ DifficultiesThere is no life without fatigue.There is no life without difficulties.°fatigue occurshave difficultiesHe struggled to earn a living.He had difficulties earning a living.

tirestiresThe horse was tired of galloping.The horse tired from so much galloping.°tired outGet tiredYou are very tired of this job!You will get very tired doing this job.

Idiotpompous, vain

Favor[metro] FavoriteYou have done him many favors.They did him many favors.°In favour ofwith, supported byHe was rowing with the current.He rowed with the current.▲ on behalf of, for, on behalf ofHe made a will in favor of his children.He made his will in favor of his children.°You are welcomeon behalf of (someone)He was the only one who spoke for her.He was the only one who spoke for him.°In favour ofYou are welcome [And]Please pass me the sugar.Please give me the sugar.°You are welcomeYou are welcomePlease, can you pass me your plate?Please, can you pass me your plate?You are welcomeYou are welcomeCan you tell me what time it is?Can you tell me the time?


favor[-zc-] grant favors to, helpThis man helped my family a lot.This man helped my family a lot. ▲ flatteryou prefer meyou flatter me ▲ becomeI don't think this color suits you.I don't think this color suits you.

Favorite-[adj; north] Favorite.

trust[F] Fe. °in good faith, in bad faithin good faith, in bad faithHe did this to the best of his knowledge and belief.He did this to the best of his knowledge and belief.believe in itbelieve in believe inI have a lot of faith in him.I have a lot of faith in him.

ugliness[F] ugliness.



anotheranotherWhat is the date of the letter?What is the date of the letter?

neighborhoodto date (a letter, etc.).

fruitfulfertil, fertil

federation[F] Bond.


happiness[F] HappinessIt is difficult to achieve happiness.It is difficult to achieve happiness.▲ SecurityHe came out of this test with all joy.He certainly survived this experience.

Happy Birthday[F] Happy BirthdayIf you write to him, send him my congratulations on his success.If you write to him, send him my congratulations on his success.

to congratulateto congratulate.

felizfelizI don't think she's very happy living with her mother-in-law.I don't think she's happy living with her mother-in-law.We wish you a happy new year nuevoWe wish you a happy new year.


locoFreak; Monster.▲ ProdigyHe was a phenomenon in mathematics.He was a mathematical prodigy.

Feohomemade, uglyHe was a very ugly man.He was a very jovial man.▲ SeriouslyThings took a very ugly turn.The matter took a serious turn.°hurtbe rude, humiliateGo visit him, don't make him ugly.go see it; she does not humiliate him.

Feriacountry market, fairHe bought two horses at the fair.He bought two horses at the fair.▲ change [Mexico]Do you have a fair?You have change?

vacation°vacation dayVacation [And].

Fermentferment, sour


hardware storehardware store.

railway[metro] railway, railway.


festivehumorous. 🇧🇷VacationVacation.

yarn(I understandBendno creditno credit.

Becold, served cold (of food).°cold cuts[meter please] cold cuts, cold cuts.


Depositbail, suretyout on bailout on bailThey released him on bail.They released him on bail.

Bendgive creditThe bank gave him up to one hundred thousand pesetas.The bank gave him a loan of one hundred thousand pesetas.▲ sell on deposit, sell on creditToday don't trust tomorrow, yeahCash today, credit tomorrow.°trusttrust, dependI don't trust what he says.I don't trust what he says.be legitbe trustworthyThis man is not to be trusted.This man is not to be trusted.

Stagesfiber.▲ resistance, energyHe is a man of great stature.He is a man with a lot of energy.

Signtokens (card games); Domino; file card.

loyalty[F] loyalty, fidelityLoyalty is a virtue.Loyalty is a virtue.▲ AccuracyThe document was copied faithful to the original.The document was copied exactly.

Fever[F] Fever.

it fellit fellHe was loyal to her like a dog.He was faithful as a dog.▲ correct, exactlyThe account he gave was faithful.The report he gave was correct.°don't be faithfulbalance, be balancedThe balance fell on the believers.The scale was balanced.

He feltfelt (cloth).

Mercadowild animalThey have a magnificent zoo at the circus.The circus has a wonderful menagerie of wild animals.°like an animalangry like an animalHe went crazy.He was angry.work like an animalWork like a horse.

FiestavacationMonday is a day off.Monday is a holiday.▲ PartyThere was a big party at his house.There was a big party at your house.°pet oneplay with (a child).He organized parties for the boys.He was playing with the child.

Numberfigure, buildThe man has a very good figure.This man has a very good physique.

Numberfigure, beingAmong those present was the Duke of X.The Duke of X was among those present. ▲ be in the spotlight, attract attentionHe liked to show off.He liked being in the spotlight.°Numberimagine, thinkYou think you can do whatever you want.She thinks she can get away with anything.

Posterdrive inThey put up stakes to protect the tent.They were staked to support the tent.▲ to postIt is forbidden to place signs.Do not publish accounts.▲ configureThey established their residence in Paris.They established their residence in Paris. ▲ fix, adjustYou put the wedding date.You put the date of the wedding.°Open eyeslook.°definePresentLook what happened to me!Imagine what happened to me!°NoticeUselook what I tell youPay close attention to what I tell you.

continuocontinuoHis position is not fixed.Your job is not permanent.▲ fixed, definedWe do not sell, our prices are fixed prices.We do not cut; our prices are fixed prices. ▲ fastIt cannot be removed. It's fixed.It cannot be removed. It's fast.°fixed pointExactlyI'm not sure.I do not know exactly.havesurelyIt will definitely rain today.It will definitely rain today.Termexact time, combined time.filaFilaGive me a seat in the front row.Give me a front row seat, orchestra.▲ row, ratingThere were two lines of soldiers.There were two rows of soldiers.°onlinein (one) lineThe children were queuing.The children were queuing.

Fillet[metro] BarbecueHad a steak and fries.I had steak and fries.





fin[metro] FilmWill we get there before the end of the movie?Will we get there before the end of the movie?▲ PurposeI don't know for what purpose he says that.I don't know what he means by that.°foralso a)I sent him money so he could come back.I sent him money so he can come back.°at the end ofnot end of, not end (weekday, etc.)At the end of the month I will return to my house.I will return home at the end of the month.°al finalfinally finallyThey were finally alone.They were finally alone.FinallyFinallyComedy wasn't so bad after all.After all, the move wasn't so bad.FinallyknappIn the end she didn't love him.In short, she didn't love him. soFinally we will see.Well we'll see.FinallyFinallyI finally managed to find it.I finally managed to find it.infinity (of)endless, endless (of), uncountableHe had endless things to do.He had endless things to do.

Final[adj.] final.▲ [metro] end, end.°Pointperiod (score).

financiallyfinancial [And].

fincarustic property, farm, farm.

finenesscourtesy, courtesy, kindnessHe gave me a lot of finesse.He has done me many favors.

pretenderpretenderDon't pretend you don't feel!Don't pretend you don't feel.

Pretend to bepretend, pretendHe pretended to be sick so he wouldn't work.He pretended to be sick to lose his job.

untilup, up, sharpI like a fine pen.I like a pen with a fine point.▲ slim, filigree (characteristics, etc.)This girl has very fine facial features.This girl has very delicate features. ▲ refined, fineThe bracelet is made of fine gold.The bracelet is fine gold.▲ CortésHe was a good man.He was a very educated man. ▲ pure, thinShe was wearing very thin stockings.She was wearing very transparent pantyhose.


the businessbusinessType your signature below.Sign it below.°good signaturereliable company or houseI worked for a good company.I worked for a reliable company.


Fiestasfirm, stable, robustTake this chair, it's very solid.Take this chair; it is resistant. °fiestadetermined, fixedThey made a firm offer.They made a concrete offer.°stand firmbe righti think i'm righti think i'm rightSeek[meter please] road bedThe road was made with special paving.The road was built with a special bed.


taxtax.▲ [metro] Fiscal General; district inspector.


physicistphysically.▲ [norte] Physicist.

physiognomyPhysiognomy, facial expression, appearance.

untilthin, thinEvery day he looked thinner.He looked thinner every day.▲ weakI found your weakness.I have found your weakness.°do a disserviceplay a dirty trickYou did him a disservice.He played a trick on him.

FlamencoFlemish; Flamenco (a type of Spanish song and dance).

Pudding[metro] Quindim.

fragilityfailure, weakness



Shipment[metro] Shipment; freight.

flexibility[F] Flexibility.

flexibleflexible.▲ [metro] power cable [SP🇧🇷 soft hat.


loselazy lazyHe is too lazy to work.He is very careless with his work.▲ ReleasedThis knot is loose.This knot is loose.

Flor[F] flower.▲ praiseWhen he saw her go by, he threw her a flower.When he saw her go by, he congratulated her.

to flourish[-zc-] to flourishI don't think rose bushes bloom that fast.I don't think the roses will bloom anytime soon.

wasvase with Flowers

Floridafloral, floral.▲ in flowerLos The almond trees are in bloom.The almond trees are in bloom.

Greatboat fleet).

fluctuation[F] buoyancy.°waterlinewaterline.

float upfloat up.

FocusFocus; Lighthouse.

oven[metro] firebox (of a locomotive, etc.); stove, stove

Heaterstoker, fireman

user informationSteering wheels.

promotepromote, promoteThe government should encourage the arts.The government should promote the arts.▲ encourage, fosterThe agitators fueled the uprising.The agitators instigated the uprising.

financial supportencouragement, encouragementThe promotion of the arts.art promotion.


inferiorinferiorI put it in the bottom of the drawer.Put it in the back of the bottom ▲ drawerThe portrait had a dark background.The portrait had a dark background.▲ backThe bottom of the house.The back of the house.°far belowcompletelyIt was necessary to study the subject well.It was necessary to study the subject well.be short of cashbe without moneyMain articleeditorialHe wrote a good article.He wrote a good editorial.°in the backgrounddeep in the heartDeep down he was a great person.He was a good man at heart.°BoxMediumI have no money in the bank.I have no money in the bank.


strange, strangeForeigner (from another city).

counterfeit(I understandForgewrought ironwrought iron.

Forgeforge hammerbuild illusionsFool yourself, build castles in the air.

the pictureshape, shapeI don't like the shape of this hat.I don't like the shape of this hat. ▲ way, wayThere was no understanding.There was no way to understand it.°with good (or bad) mannerspolite (or rude)He said it in a very good way.He said it very politely.more fitput into shape or final formThe item had to be molded.The item had to be brought to its final form.°informan orderThe passport was in good condition.The passport was fine.

Training[F] Training.°In educationInformation.

formaltrustworthyHe is a very formal man.He is a very trustworthy man. ▲ serious, calm, determinedSince the wedding, things have become very formal.Since her marriage she has become very stable.

formality[F] seriousness, seriousnessLet's talk formality.Let's be serious.formalitiesbureaucracyThey wasted a lot of time with all the paperwork.They wasted a lot of time with all the red tape.

formalizefix, legalizeThey formalized the contract.They legalized the contract.

to formform, make, beThey made a very happy group.They made a very happy group.°be part ofbe a member or be part of itHe was part of this organization.He was a member of this organization.

AwesomeAwesomeThey faced fierce competition.They faced fierce competition.

FormulaFormula.▲ SolutionA formula had to be found.A solution had to be found.by formulafor the sake of formHe praised it for the formula.He greeted him for formal reasons.

formulateelaborate, formulateHe formulated his ideas in a treatise.He formulated his ideas in a report.

coatingLining (on clothes).

fortalezacourage, strengthHis strength was remarkable.His firmness was remarkable.▲ firmness.

netohappinessHe made his fortune speculating on the stock market.He made his fortune betting on the stock market.▲ LuckI was lucky to find it.I was lucky to find it.°HappyhappyLuckily they managed to escape.Luckily they managed to escape.

forcedverforce.▲ [metro] condemned. 🇧🇷forced laborforced labor.

force[rad-ch yo] oblige, compel; Violation.▲ PauseThey broke down the door.They broke down the door.

forcedmandatory, unavoidableThe decision was forced.The decision was inevitable.forced unemploymentUnemployment.cuevacuevaThey took him to the pit.They took him to the grave.

Phosphorto adaptdo you have matches?Do you have any correspondence?

PhotoPhoto; Photo.

failedfailThe comedy failed.The play failed.

Errorfail, failThe deal was a flop.The deal was a flop.

fraction[F] fraction; Fragment.




monk[metro] monk, monk.

Francofree, releasedA free port was established.▲ Freeport has been established. ▲ frankBe honest with me!Be frank with me!°Free shippingPaid in advanceHe sent the merchandise for free.He sent the merchandise freight prepaid.

To postOporto, PortomengeWhat is the postage on this letter?How big is this card?

franknessfranknessI like your frankness.I like your frankness.simplesimpleDo you speak frankly?Do you speak frankly?

Bottlebottle, flask

Phrase[F] Phrase.

fraternalfraternal, fraternal.

ceilingceilingPut two blankets on the bed.Put two blankets on the bed.




rub[rad-ch yo] rub, rubYou have to clean this floor.You have to mop the floor.▲ (dishes) washI do not like wash the dishes.I do not like wash the dishes. ▲ irritate [And]Dude, no more rubbing!Stop irritating me!

roast[rad-ch III] roastFry the fish in oil.He fry fish in oil.

curbput on the bridle; restrict.

rage[metro] craziness; Rage.

franticvery angry; hectic.

Brakebit (for horses); Brake.

front[F] testa.▲ [metro] front, battlefieldThe soldiers advanced.The soldiers went to the front.°beforeresponsible ofI don't know who runs the business.I don't know who is in charge of the business.°beforeoppositeHe lives in the house across from us.He lives in the house across the street.°compared tobeforeThe car stopped in front of the gate.The car stopped in front of the door.°opposite tolove loveThe two enemies clashed.The two enemies clashed.°facelook atThis conflict had to be resolved.You had to face the problem.


frescocool (due to weather, wind, etc.)The night was cool.The night was cool.▲ cool (because of the food)The fish was very fresh.The fish was very fresh. ▲ fresh, cheeky, edgyThe boy is really cool.This guy's got a lot of guts.▲ [metro] soft drink [And]Do you like fresh pineapple?Do you like pineapple drinks?▲ freshThe frescoes in the cathedral are very interesting.The frescoes in the cathedral are very interesting.°keep it upnot show concern, remain impassiveAnd it turned out so cool!I was completely unconcerned!°always with Tranquilityto get some fresh airThey were in the garden to get some fresh air.They were in the garden to get some fresh air.

freshnesspotato chipsWe noticed freshness when we reached the river.We feel the coolness when we reach the river. ▲ courage, courageThe freshness of this outraged man.The courage of this man infuriated him.

potato chips[F] cold (of the weather); coldness, carelessness

Beans[metro] Beans.

called[adj.] calledThe soup is cold.The soup is cold.▲ cold, emotionlessI was very cold.He was a very cold person.°to freezeto be cold (because of the weather)It was very cold this winter.It was very cold this winter.do not give cold or heatleave one indifferentHe was neither hot nor cold.It left me indifferent.I'm coldfeel (or be) coldI feel very cold.I feel very cold.

calledsensitive to cold

gigantictrifle, something unimportantThat's great.That's a small thing.

calledcold, sensitive to coldIt is very cold.It is very sensitive to cold ▲ (ironically) extremely important.

Frito(I understandroast) frito.°be friedget irritatedI was sick of these questions.I was irritated by these questions.°just do it a roastmolest or molestThis man brought me fried food.This man has been harassing me.

roastrain cookies


Fronteraborder, border

rub[F] rub, rub.

rubrubHe rubbed alcohol on her back.He rubbed her back with alcohol.

Bendshir, collect (material).°frown or frownFrown.

thwartfrustrate, frustrate.

Fruitfruits (edible)He always ate fruit for dessert.He always ate fruit for dessert.

tasty[metro],fertile treefruitful tree.

Obstschalegreengrocer; fruit bowl.

FruitFruit (edible or inedible)The fruit of this shrub is poisonous.The fruit of this bramble is poisonous.▲ Fruit, rewardThese efforts have not borne fruit.These efforts were unsuccessful.▲ BenefitThe deal did not bear fruit.The business was not profitable.Fruitto produceEngland imports Spanish fruit.England imports Spanish products.

fogFeuerLight the fire that goes out.light the fire; I will go. °Make firefire a gun)The soldiers fired.The soldiers fired.

Those[F] ThoseThe water of this spring is very cold.The water in this well is very cold.▲ WellYour information comes from a good source.Your information is from a reliable source.▲ Plate, bowlServe the fish on this platter.Serve the fish on this plate.

ForOutsideYou sent her.They sent her ▲ outGet out of here!Forums! °from outsideoutsideThe garden cannot be seen from the outside.The garden is not visible from the outside.°outsideVonHe won't be in town for three days.He will be out of town for three days.of thatout of yourselfHe was beside himself with anger.He was beside himself with rage.°outsideoutsideOutside the house is very pretty.From the outside the house is very beautiful.

ForceForceHe was a very strong man.He was a very strong man. ▲ bad, heavyHe has caught a very bad cold.He has caught a very bad cold.

▲ strict, intenseIt is very cold.The cold is intense.▲ heavy, hot, thickWear sturdy walking shoes.Please wear heavy shoes for the tour.▲ heavyThe rain was very heavy.The rain was very heavy. ▲ strong, unbearableWhat he said to her was very strong.What she said to him was very harsh.▲ [announcement] alternativeHe talks very loud.Talk too loud. 🇧🇷 [metro] Force.

forceEnergyThis motor is not strong enough.This motor does not have enough power.°viaviaHe got it through work.He got it through hard work.°by forcethe powerIt has to be done by force.It will have to be done by force.°cash)Strength.°powerspowersOur troops occupied the city.Our troops occupied the city.°by forceby force, by forceThey forced him into the car.They forced him into the car.

Fuete[metro] Putty, skirt [And].

leakflowers, flowers

leakrun away, run away, run away

Fullerogloomy, not on levelYour game is a bit complicated.You are playing a dark game. ▲ pretentious, pretentious, conceited [And]He's a very smart guy.He's a pompous idiot.

from smokingfrom smokingNo smoking.No smoking.

profession[F] function, task, positionYour duties?What are its functions ▲ Show, PerformanceWhat time does the function starts?What time does the show start?

to work[metro] work work.

to workwork, function, execution (of machines)The elevator does not work.The elevator does not work.

officiallyofficial, official.

fundacover, pillowcase; sliding lid; A coat.

Stiftung[F] foundation, foundationToday the founding of the city is celebrated.Today they celebrate the founding of the city.

fundamental[adj.] fundamental.

StiftungBaseYour ideas are unfounded.Your ideas are unfounded.

anotherfound, configurethat was foundedbased onI'm oriented on that.That is my basis for saying that.

foundry[F] melting; Foundry.▲ FoundryThe launch of the statue has been postponed. The launch of the statue has been postponed.sessionssmellThey melted all the iron.They have melted all the iron.°sessionscombine, mergeThe two companies were merged into one.They merged the two companies into one. ▲ be ruined [And].Burial)[metro] funeral serviceFunerals take place in the Cathedral.Funeral services will take place in the cathedral.



revolt[metro] Woof, woof; Wow, Mode.

Firearm[metro] Armeegewehr.

shootingshoot (run to shoot).

the skirts[metro] substance, importancea great ladyA lady of great importance.

Football[metro] soccer, football (game).

future[adj; metro] future.°not futurein (the) future, from now onIn the future, try to get to the office on time.In the future, try to be at the office on time.


above all[metro] Mantel.

Cabinet[metro] CabinetThey were hired to form a cabinet.They promised to form a closet.▲ office, small roomThe house has a dining room, a bedroom and a storage room.The house has a dining room, a bedroom and an office.

GazetaOfficial Gazette, Newspaper; Recording.

Gachosloppy, face down, foldedHis hat is crooked.He wears his hat backwards.

gachupin, gachupinThe Spanish settlement in Mexico.

glasses[f pl] glasses, glasses.

Chicosmall group [And]I want a bunch of grapes.I want a small bunch of grapes.▲ section, piecePeel the orange and give me a slice.Peel the orange and give me a piece.

Gala°Gala functionGala presentation.°have a galabe proudIt was a pleasure to be English.I was proud to be Englishnight clothesTerno (Uniform).

principleteenage lead (in a movie or stage performance)The Galant from this company is very bad.The youth management of this company is very bad.°gallant, gallanteasy, effortless [Mexico]Gallant, gallant climbed the stairs.He climbed the stairs effortlessly.

galanteattentiveBe gallant with her.pay attention to them.

galantewoo, make love

CouragepraiseHe told me a gallantry.He congratulated me.▲ Courtesy.

tortugaFreshwater turtle.▲ Side saddle [And].

Crewcabin [And]The car was under the kitchen.The cart was under the shed.▲ Cart; delivery trucks

Gallerygallery (art)The image gallery was very crowded.The art gallery was full.▲ Gallery (theatre)The spectators in the stands made a lot of noise.The spectators in the gallery were very noisy.▲ Glass-enclosed porchLet's sunbathe on the porch.Let's sunbathe on the terrace.▲ Underpass, galleryThey opened another tunnel in the mine.They opened another passage in the mine.


Couragegood campThe soldiers showed great courage.The soldiers behaved very well.

Galician, GalicianEspañol [And].

CrackerCrackerDo you want cookies with your tea?Do you want cookies with your tea? ▲ punchHe gave her a cookie.She hit him.

Ella[F] Pollo.▲ [metro] cowardYou are a coward!You are a coward!

hen houseHen house; upper gallery.

galloCola, Cola.▲ Bully [SP]▲ party, party [And]That's not a dick to him.This guy is no match for him.°carry a roosterserenade [Mexico] .

Gallon[metro] Gallon.

gallop[metro] Galope, galope.

cabin[metro] tool shed [Argentina].

gana°give wishFeel likeI do not want to work.I don't want to work.°give a win[family] I want I wantI wanna go.I go because I wantin good faithin good faithHe did it voluntarily.He did it voluntarily.reluctantlyinvoluntarily °don't give anyone a wishrefuse, feel unwillingI'm not in the mood for this.me himto do this.feel likeFeel likeI feel like going for a walk.I feel like going for a walk.

betGado, GadoHe had two hundred head of cattle.He had two hundred head of cattle.

winner, winnerWinner.

revenuewin win.

to winto winDidn't win the bet?Didn't win the bet? ▲ to winYou didn't gain anything by telling me that.You didn't gain anything by telling me that▲ to winHow much do you earn per week?How much do you earn per week?win handhit (someone) in [Argentina]We both wanted to buy the horse, but he beat me to it.We both wanted to buy the horse, but he beat me to it.°get a jobget a jobI make a living the best I can.I make a living the best I can.°gain timeto save time.

Ganchada°make a markto do a favor [Argentina].

hookhookHe hung the jacket on a hook.He hung his jacket on a hook.°head hookClip [metro].°has a trapbe attractive, charmingThis girl is very charming.This girl is very attractive.

gangofferThese socks are a bargain.These socks are a bargain.

desireGan, Gan

Garage[metro] Garage.

GuaranteesafetyBefore lending him the money, he asked for a guarantee.Before lending him the money, he asked for the bail.

Guaranteeto ensureThe clock has been saved.The watch has been guaranteed.▲ to ensureI want you to guarantee it.I want you to vouch for him.


garboGraciaDance gracefully.He dances gracefully.

hookHooks, Hooks


gargle[f pl] to gargle (to gargle).°garglegargarejar.

clawClaw. 🇧🇷get caughtget caught

BottleJug; bottle covered with straw.

garrote[metro] mace (weapon); Gallow.

Companiondrizzle [Argentina].

Gas[metro] gas (steam)Turn on the gas.Turn up the gas.°transport gasdrive fast, drive fastThe car had a lot of gasoline.The car was driving very fast.



productionproductionHe spent almost all his salary.He spent almost all his salary▲ on splurgesYou are wasting my time.You're wasting my time.▲ carry, carryHe never wears a hat.He never wears a hat.°make jokesmake jokesHe always makes jokes.He always makes jokes.°productionwearThis fabric wore out very quickly.The fabric sold out very quickly.

issueddespiseWhen he paid the bills, he was clean.When he paid the expenses, he had nothing left.°make the costsbe the life of the partyHe was the one who paid for the party.He was the life of the party.°pay expensesPay the expenses, pay the bill.

gatadone, done.°crawlwalk on all fours, crawl


gatogato, tom-gato.▲ BuchseWe need the jack to change the wheel.We need a jack to change the wheel.°expeldeceive, deceive.||There is a problem here.There is more here than you think.

gauchoGaucho, man from the pampas, cowboy [And].

DrawerDrawer [And]The tissues are in the drawer.The tissues are in the drawer.

twintwinThey looked like twins.They looked like twins.▲ Twins.°TwinsBinoculars, opera glassesLend me the glasses so I can see better.Lend me the binoculars so I can see better.

moanmoan, moan

usually[adj.] usuallyThey took general admission tickets.They bought general admission tickets.▲ [metro] usually [Mil].°usuallynormally, normallyHe usually comes home at five.He usually comes home at five.usuallyusuallyWhat do you usually drink, wine or beer?What do you usually drink, wine or beer?°as a ruleAs a general rule.

generality[F] most, mostMost children are playful.Most children are playful.

generalizegeneralizeGeneralize when you talk about Americans.He generalizes when talking about Americans.°generalizebecome generalChewing gum is widely used.Chewing gum is widely used.

sexual genderhereThis tailor always uses very good fabrics.This tailor always uses very good material.▲ ArtWhat kind of job do you like?What kind of work do you like?°humanityhumanity.°masculine gender, feminine gendermasculine gender, feminine gender.||Undoubtedly.Undoubtedly.oUndoubtedly.

generosity[F] generosity.

genialshinyHe is a great musician.He is a brilliant musician.

GeniusGeniusHe is a brilliant man.He is a genius.good geniusgood natureHe's in a good mood.He is good natured.Bad moodBad mood.

personas[F] PersonasHow many people are in this office?How many people are in this office?▲ StaffHow are your people?How are your people?°good peopleupper classgood peoplehonest people.°little peoplechildren fry

Freundlichfunny, gentle

kindnessgrace, kindness



administrationadministrationThey changed the address of the factory.They changed the address of the factory.

Manager[metro] Manager.

to stretch[metro] Make force.

GestureGesture; facial expressionHe had a bad gesture.He had an awkward expression on his face.▲ GestureHis resignation was a very noble gesture.His resignation was a very noble gesture.make gesturesgesturing, pointing, beckoningHe nodded his head.He nodded his head.


huge huge, gigantic.▲ [metro] Gigante.

Academiaphysical exercise, gymnastics.



Bendturn, turnThe wheel does not turn.The wheel does not turn ▲ TurnUpon reaching the corner, the car turned right.The car turned right when it reached the corner.▲ to drawYou can challenge my account.You can withdraw from my account.

giroBendThings took a new turn.The theme took a new turn.▲ EraserYesterday we sent you a money order for twenty dollars.Yesterday we sent you an order for $50.

Spin (Post)pay orderSend me the amount by money order.Send me the amount by money order.

gypsies, gypsiesGypsy.

glacieresThe cold is freezing in this country.It is very cold in this country.

globeGlobus, Spoon, Globe.

GloriaFamaIn battle, the general covered himself with glory.In battle the commander covered himself with glory.▲ Heaven.°i like fameif deliciousWe ate a cake that tasted heavenly.We ate a very rich cake.

glutton[adj; north] gluttonous; Glutton.

Governor[metro] Governor (politician).

governgovernIt is a difficult city to govern.It is a difficult country to govern.govern themselvesmanageIt is governed very well.He runs his business very well.

governmentCabinetThe Prime Minister forms a new government.The Prime Minister forms a new cabinet.▲ GovernmentIt is a democratic government.It is a democratic government.▲ ControlHe lost control of the steering wheel.He lost control of the steering wheel.


SwallowSchwalbe (Vogel).

blow[metro] coupThe blow did not hurt him.The blow did not hurt him.at first sightat first sightAt first glance it seemed larger.At first glance it seemed larger.to defeathit hitHe knocked on the door several times.He knocked on the door several times.suddenlysuddenly, suddenlyHe told me openly.Suddenly he told me.blowRebellion.

to defeatto defeatHe hit the hammer.He hit the hammer.

gomaGlue; Rubber, rubber.▲ Hangover [And]What rubber do I have!What a hangover I have!

gordofettI was very fat.I was very fat.°fat waterunfiltered water [SP].°close your eyespretend not to see, blinkThe children stole the fruit, but the guard turned a blind eye.The children stole the fruit, but the janitor pretended not to see.have a big scareget a big scare.

fettRobust, fat.

Cabincap (for the head). °go capfor spongeHe loved to walk boy.He liked to snub people.

I am board[metro] I'm Bord.

CabinHat (for the head).

goutfallenHe didn't leave a drop in the glass.He did not leave a drop in the glass.▲ Drop.°drop by dropdrop by dropsweat the fat dropsweat the fat drop.

dropsrain, drizzle.▲ leakageThis pipe is leaking.This water pipe is leaking.

leakleak (roof, wall)Stop the escape!Stop the escape!


I likehave fun, have funAnd]We had a lot of fun at the party.We had a lot of fun at the party.°Have funI likeYou have good health?You have good health?


list(I understandGrabräuber) RecordedHis initials are engraved on the bracelet.His initials are engraved on the bracelet.▲ FixedThe idea stuck in his imagination.The idea stuck in his mind.▲ [metro] Engraving, EngravingHe was an expert in engraving.He was an expert in engravings.▲ Image (Illustration)The newspaper had very good circulation.The newspaper had very good pictures.

GrabräuberRecording; cut (a slice).

jokerude joke.

GraciaWit, charm, grace.▲ MercyThe defense attorney requested a pardon for the defendant.The defense lawyer asked for clemency for the convicted person.▲ JokeHe laughed at all his jokes.She laughed at all his jokes.▲ NameWhat's fun with you?What is your name?graciasThanks a lotI'm fine thanks.I'm fine thanks.Thanks toThanks toThanks to you I arrived on time.Thanks to you I arrived on time.°have funto achieve a (how) funnyI like what he says.What he says seems strange to me.°Be funnybe fun, be witty.||How sweet!That's cool!oWhat fun!(Ironic)

Stepswide steps leading to the entrance of a building; grandstands

gradegradeHe obtained the title of Doctor of Philosophy.He has his doctorate.—The temperature dropped three degrees.The temperature has dropped three degrees.malunintentionally, unintentionallyReluctantly he accepted.Reluctantly he accepted.

GraduateProThe detonator had to be set.It was necessary to adjust the fuse.°Graduatefinished, finishedHe graduated from Harvard University.He graduated from Harvard University.

Graphic[adj.] diagramTalk graphically.Speak very vividly.▲ pictorially, imageAre there graphic magazines here?Are there any illustrated magazines here?▲ [metro] calendarThis graph marks the entry and exit times.This schedule contains arrival and departure times.

GrammarGrass) [And].


Grammargrams (weight).

grandfather(I understandgreat) GreatYou had a great idea.You had a great idea. ▲ great, good, greatHe is a great person.He is a good man.

GranadaGrenade; Grenade.

granadamature, maturehe is grandfatherHe is a mature man.▲ [metro] Granatapfelbaum.

greatfarA great cigar.▲ big cigarette. ▲ highHe is a big man.He is a great man.▲ old [And]It is the largest of the three.He is the eldest of the three.big momentin (great) styleHe loved living large.He loved living in style.°veryon a large scaleFactories produce too much.Factories produce on a large scale.


Greatwell well


graniteGranite; spine.


farm yardFarm yard.

KornKornThe grain matured well this year.The grain matured well this year, ▲ loinYour face is full of pimples.Your face is full of pimples.°see the grainto get to the pointLet's go to the basics!Let's go to the basics!

fettfettA grease stain.▲ Grease stain. ▲ fatThe pig has a lot of fat.The pig has a lot of fat.

greasygreasy, oilyHe has very oily hair.Your hair is very oily.

pleasantAwardThey rewarded him handsomely.They rewarded him handsomely.

freefor freeAdmission is free.Free pass.

gratitude[F] gratitude.

freefreeAdmission is free.Free pass.

cuevaseries, seriesMy friend's condition is very serious.My friend's condition is very serious. ▲ deepHe has a deep voice.He has a deep voice.

heaviness[F] seriousness, seriousness.

CrackCrackThe wall had a crack.The wall had a crack.°cracks in the handschapped handsI have cracks in my hands.My hands are chapped.

touchhave bristly or spiky hair or skinThe cat is a rooster.The cat's fur stands on end.▲ [metro] Water tapThe bathroom faucet is broken.The bathroom faucet is broken.

GrilledCricket (insect).°GrillShackles (for prisoners)They handcuffed his feet.They put chains on their feet.

Grin°frown at someonePointed teeth, annoy someoneThe creak of the door startles me.The creaking of the door is getting on my nerves.

GringoAmerican gringo [And🇧🇷 Foreigners [And].

complaintflu, flu [Mexico].

Complaint[F] Flu, flu.


shout outscream scream

shout outscream screamsmashat the top of your lungsHe called us.He called us at the top of his lungs.°raise the cryraise your voice, shoutexalt cainhit the roof, make a racket.

uneducatedrude, rudeHe was a rude man.He was a rude man.


brutalgross (twelve dozen).

Großo[adj.] robust and heavy assemblyI was too fat.He was very strong. ▲ thickThis fabric is very thick.This fabric is too thick.▲ [metro] main body (of troops)Most of the army crossed the river.The main part of the army crossed the river.

snarlsnarl; snarl.

snarlzu gruntThe dog growled as we approached.The dog growled as we approached.▲Grunt.▲GrowlHe scolded himself for not charging enough.He scolded himself for not charging enough.

grumpymoody, irritable

groupgroupWhat group is your friend in?What group is your friend in?▲ GroupAt the top was a group of trees.At the top was a group of trees.

guachoodd (only one of a pair) [Chile]I have a good glove.I have a strange glove.

BusBus [ant]Where is this bus going?Where is this bus going?▲ Baby [And]The baby cried all night.The baby cried all night.

Peru[metro] Peru [Mexico].

Glove[metro] Glove.

HandsomeHandsomeHe was a handsome man.He was a handsome man. ▲ braveHe looks good.He acts like a tough guy.

Guaranteerude, vulgar [Argentina].

Guardia[metro] Guardia; 🇧🇷Argentina] Director.

ointment holdKeep a copy of this document.Keep a copy of this document.▲ for your protectionI saved the entry.He guarded the entrance.protect againstto avoidBeware of bad companies.Avoid bad companies.°Stay calmCalm down.

wardrobe[metro] wardrobe, wardrobe, dressing room.

Guardia[metro] Police officerCall a guard.Call a police officer.▲ [F] Guard, guard dutyHe had to stand guard.It was your turn to look.on guardon guardIn the face of danger, I protected myself.I guard myself from dangers.°to be on guardbe on guardCivil Guard[F] Civil Guard (rural police force).▲ [metro] Member of the Civil Guard [SP].

guardian[metro] Hazard.


Garrison[F] cut; trim, sharpen

it was just a jokeJoke jokeAndalusians like jokes.Andalusians love to play.°it was just a jokefor kids.

Espaßvogel [metro] trembles, playful.GuerraGuerra.°Give warcause troubleThis kid is a lot of trouble.This kid caused a lot of trouble.°department for(o war ministryWar Ministry.

Manual[m, f] ManualA guide had to be found for the journey.It was necessary to organize a guide for the trip.▲ [F] guide (book), index.°rail guideRail guide.°Tour guidetour guide.°telephone directoryTelephone directory.

ManualManualHe stepped forward to lead the soldiers.He stepped forward to lead the soldiers.▲ to guideHe learned to drive.He learned to drive a car.°be directedConsequencesHe wanted to be guided by his friend's advice.He wanted to follow his friend's advice.


pea[metro] pea [SP].


Canhow howHe liked to travel a lot.He liked to travel a lot.As you wish.As you wish.

I likeI likeThat tastes good.How well it tastes.-Dress tastefully.He dresses with great taste.▲ pleasesThis is not to my liking.This is not to my liking.AugustcozyDo you feel comfortable?Do you feel comfortable?with pleasureI like it I like it I like itI'll do it with pleasure.I like to do that.°satisfysatisfyMy wish is to please you.My wish is to please you.||I am very happy to meet you.I am very happy to meet you.



haberhave (tools).▲ [metro] CreditEnter this amount as a credit.Enter this amount on the credit side.°needbe forI have to go tomorrowI have to go tomorrow.Completelythere isThere's a.There's a.-Yesterday there was an accident on Fifth Avenue.Yesterday there was an accident on Fifth Avenue.It will be three.there will be threeI have toit is necessaryIt has to be done.This must be done.-You have to do it tomorrow.It must be done tomorrow.°It doesn't matterYou're welcome, don't mention it"Thanks a lot!" "It doesn't matter.""Thank you!" "You're welcome."||What happened?How are you?[Mexico]BeansBeans. °green beanspod (green).

cleverlycleverlyAs a mechanic he was very skilled.He was a very skilled mechanic.°smart dayWorkdayHow many business days does this month have?How many business days does this month have?

ability[F] Ability.

able toWorktop.

Quarter[F] QuarterMy room is number fourteen on the third floor.My room is number fourteen on the third floor.

resident[m, f] inhabitIt is a small town of two hundred people.It is a town of two hundred inhabitants.


habithabit (of a religious).▲ habit, customHe was in the habit of getting up early.He was in the habit of getting up early.get used to itbecome a monk or nun.


get used to somethingget used to somethingHe has gotten used to working in the office.He has gotten used to working in the office.

speaksThe netHis language is clear and precise.His speech is clear and precise.—This man does not speak Spanish.This man does not speak Spanish.—The Spanish-Speaking World.The Spanish-speaking world.°lose languagerun out of wordsHe lost his speech with emotion.He was speechless with emotion.

spokesman[adj.] charlatanHe is very talkative.He is very talkative.

to talkto talkYou speak English?Do you speak English?▲ to speakHe talks, but he doesn't know what he's saying.He talks but doesn't know what he's saying.°To talk a lottake partsThe boy talks a lot.This boy is a gossip.°talk for talkjust talkwas born trust me, talkDon't believe him, he's just talking (to hear himself talk).°talk to each othertalk to each other, be willing to talkThey haven't spoken in two days.They haven't spoken for two days.—Although they were brothers, they did not speak to each other.Although they were brothers, they did not speak to each other.

BauerRancher; landownerAnd]His father is a wealthy landowner.His father is a rich farmer.


dependence[and] manufactureThey made him a new suit.They made him a new suit. ▲ haveLet her in now.Ask them to come in now.▲ to doWhat are you doing to earn so much money?What are you doing to earn so much money? ▲ beAnd have a nice day.It is a beautiful day.boastbrag, bragHe showed his bravery.He boasted of his courage.°UseUseIgnore it.Pay no attention to it.°pretenderpretend, act [And]Do as if nothing happened.Do as if nothing happened.oDo not think it.do your thingeven the old tricksHe's doing his thing again.He's back to his old tricks.°make lovewoo, make loveHe made love to her during the party.He slept with her during the party.°You are welcomeYou are welcomecould you please come with meplease come with medo the honorsdo the honorsWould you do me the honor of eating with me?Would you do me the honor of dining with me?be cold or hotbe cold or hot (depending on the weather)It's very hot today.It's very hot today.°make someone angryto make a successThis new music is in fashion.This new song is a big hit.°do gymnasticsexercise (gymnastics)I do gymnastics in the morning.I train in the morning.°do the honorsplay or moderateHe honored us in the house.She played hostess for us.be doneWillHe became very famous.He became very famous.°Swedishpretend not to understandmake a foolyou play foolDon't play dumb, I know you.Do not be ridiculous; I know youhopecheat on youLet's not get our hopes up with this project.Let's not fool ourselves with this project.°beg himTo be convincedHe likes to beg.He likes to be convinced.°make mudTake a break, speed up [Argentina]. °make a standhikeAfter putting a bracket, he returned to the topic.Having made a digression, he returned to the subject.°have something to dohave something to doDo you have plans for today?Do you have plans for today?||Do not do.It doesn't matteroSkip this.


ProaWent home.He headed towards his house.This wayThis wayLook here!Look here!°frontfrontThe car moved forward.The car moved forward.his ofthereforeLook right there!Look over there to the right!°the backthe back)They backed off.They backed off.

farm yardhappinessHe lost all his possessions.He lost his entire fortune. ▲ ranch, large farm [And].▲ Ministry of Finance (government)Minister (or Secretary) of Finance.Finance Minister.


flatteringpromising, brightThe prospects are not good.The prospects are not very rosy.

Gift[mostly written today female dog] drag [And]They yanked hard on the rope.They yanked hard on the rope.

casesanotherHe rummaged in his pockets and found a weight.He rummaged in his pockets and found a weight.to bebe yoursHe couldn't come because he's sick.He couldn't come because he's sick.

Meetthing foundAmong the finds were umbrellas, shoes and scarves.Among other things, umbrellas, shoes and scarves were found.

macamaca [And].

hungry[F] fomeI was very hungry.He was very hungry.

hungryhungry, hungry

to biteThe patchHe was dressed in rags.He walked dressed in rags.

flourflour, flour

get angryempanturrar-se, empanturrar-seHe ate ice cream until he was full.It was filled with ice cream.

Fullfull; fullI'm tired of your stories!I'm tired of your stories!

untiluntilyou will come back later 6 hoursThey don't come back until after six.I see you in the morning.I see you in the morning.oSee you tomorrow.▲ see youThey went to the last street of the town.They went to the last street of the town.°so farso farSo far everything is fine.So far so good.||Bye.Goodbye.||Bye.A long time.


ThoseCome on.

camaraderieFeat, exploration, action.The soldier was awarded for his exploits.The soldier was rewarded for his actions.

hebillabuckle (clasp).


magiccharmingHe has a fascinating face.He has a fascinating face.

Quicklydomestic, made in (a specific country) [And].

finish(I understanddependence) done.▲ doneI prefer a tailored suit.I prefer a ready-to-wear suit.▲ [metro] aHe was remembered for his noble deeds.He was remembered for his noble deeds.▲ FactThe newspaper publishes the most important facts.The newspaper publishes the most important facts.°as a matter of factactually actuallyIn fact, he was convinced.In fact, he was convinced.

DiplomaWorkingI don't like the fit of this suit.I don't like the finish on this suit.▲ Style.

Hectareshectares (10,000 square meters).

abominabledirty, smelly

Fedora[metro] stinks, stinks.

es(I understandtreatment) frozenThe pond woke up completely frozen.The pond was completely frozen in the morning.▲ surprisedThe news left me cold.The news shocked me.▲ [metro] esI like chocolate ice cream.I like chocolate ice cream.

treatment[rad-ch yo] to freeze.


Propeller[F] (screw) (boat) propeller.

WomanWomanIt's not male, it's female.It's not male, it's female.


Herbs[F] farm or rustic farm (inherited)My father left me an inheritance.My father left me a fortune.

inheritinheritWhen his parents died, he inherited a large fortune.When his parents died, he inherited a large fortune.

heir, heiressHerbs.


heretic[m, f] heretics.



injuryinjuryThe wound healed.The wound healed.

hurtInjured manThe wounded healed in three days.The wounded recovered in three days.

Hurt[rad-ch II] Hurt hurtsI was wounded in the war.He was wounded in the war.

sistersister.▲ nun, sisterA sister of charity took care of him.A sister of charity took care of him.

brothers and sistersbrothers and sisters

Handsomegood, goodShe is a very beautiful woman.She is a very beautiful woman.

beautybeauty beauty

Held[metro] Held.




farrier[metro] Farrier

horseshoehorseshoeYou put the horseshoe on the horse.They shoe the horse.

ToolTool; Toolbox.

señor[rad-ch yo] horseshoe (horses); brand (cattle).

Forgehardware store, blacksmith


rosa[F] Face.

Cook[rad-ch III] CookThe water began to boil.The water began to boil.

hybrid[adj; north] hybrid.

Hidalganoble (feminine); Woman.

Hidalgonoble); Caballero.


All[F] bile; bitterness, malice

external transmissionexternal transmissionPlease give me ice for the water.Please give me some ice for the water.


sauerkrautgrams.°herbsauerkrautThe grass is full of weeds.The grass is full of weeds.▲ bad influenceThis kid is a weed.The child is a bad influence.

HierroFerroThe entire structure was made of iron.The entire structure was made of iron.°Passion for cold ironWork for free, be useless.Trying to fix this boy's crushes with cold iron.Trying to fix this boy is futile.


Hygiene[F] Hygiene.


EsShe is.


TrickLines, Lines.

lustfulto fiar (meat, silk, etc.).FilaLines, Lines.

hilofioBe careful not to break the thread.Be careful not to break the thread.—I need thread to sew this button.I need thread to sew this button.▲ LinenHe gave me half a dozen handkerchiefs.He gave me half a dozen linen handkerchiefs.

aguaBasting (in the seam).


piaLeadThey drove stakes into the ground to protect the tent.They drove stakes into the ground to secure the tent.▲ to sinkThe dog sank its teeth into my arm.The dog sank its teeth into my arm.°get on your kneeskneel downFirst he fell to his knees.First he knelt down.

Fan[F] FanHe is a fan of the Argentine national team.He is a fan of the Argentine national team. (When referring to a sport as a whole, the word used inLover).

swellswellHis leg swelled.His leg swelled.

swelling[metro] swelling (lump).


hypocriteHypocrite.▲ [norte] Hypocrite.


hypothesis[F] hypothesis.

Spanish American[adj; north]Spanish American.


Historyhistory HistoryHe knew the history of America well.He knew the history of America well.▲ Short storydon't tell me storiesdon't tell me stories

historian[metro] historian.

historichistoric)We visit the historical sites of the country.We visit the historical sites of the country.

Cartoontale; the comics [SP].

snoutmuzzle, muzzle, noseThe cat stuck its nose in the pot.The cat stuck its nose in the pot.°be gaggedgo out withHe confronted his girlfriend.He had a fight with his girlfriend.

Casa[metro] HomeDo you have a house in your house?Do you have a fireplace in your home?▲ HomeHe left home when he was very young.He left home when he was very young.

offensepan (large).

HomeHomeThey lit a fire.They lit a fire.

MoverBlattThe ground was covered in leaves.The ground was covered in leaves.▲ BladeThe blade was very sharp.The blade was very sharp.▲ sideWhat sheet are you on?Which side are you on?▲ RecordHave you submitted your service sheet?Have you shown your maintenance history?°laminated papertin.°put a parsley leafscold the tongueHe put it like parsley leaf.He insulted him.has leafbe counterfeited (with more than the legal percentage of tin)This silver has a blade.This coin is counterfeit.||We fold the sheet.Let's change the subject.

scroll throughleaf through, leaf through (or leaf through) (a book, etc.).

¡Hola!There are! (report it)Hello! How are you?Hi how are you?


mens[metro] KaraA man was looking for her.A man came to see him.°Men!Face! live man!Dude, don't say that!Dude, don't say that!°politicallypolitically.

masculinitymasculinity, courageIn battle he showed his masculinity.He showed his courage in battle.°masculinity (good)honestyEveryone appreciated him for his masculinity.Everyone appreciated him for his honesty.

shouldershoulderHe carried his luggage on his shoulder.He carried the luggage on his shoulder.°extractextractHe shrugged at all the answers.The only response he gave was a shrug.

tribute[metro] tributeThey came to honor the author.They came to honor the author.

Assassin[m, f] killer, killerThe killer fled into the mountains.The killer hid in the mountains.▲ [adj.] killerThe murder weapon was not found.The murder weapon was not found.


hondaSlingshot (to throw stones).

hondodeepThis well is very deep.This well is very deep.

honesty[F] modesty, decencyHe fell in love with her for her honesty.He fell in love with her for her modesty.

ehrlichdecent, honestThe cashier was a very honest man.The cashier was a very honest man.

to honor[metro] to honorHe was a man of honor.He was a man of honor.°honorshonorsWhen he died, he was given military honors.When he died, he received military honors.

honesty[F] honesty, integrity.honored(I understandto honor) ehrlichHe is an honest man.He is an honest man.

to honorto honorWe feel very honored by your presence.We feel very honored by your presence.

HourHourThe party started on time.The party started on time. ♦ timeWhat time is it?What time is it? 🇧🇷Early in the morningin the early morning. 🇧🇷last minutenot at the last minuteEverything was fixed at the last moment.Everything was resolved at the last moment. 🇧🇷by the end of the afternoonby the end of the afternoon.



horizonte[metro] horizonte.



terribleterrible, terribleHe made a terrible scene.He made a terrible scene.

horror[metro] horrorHe is afraid of war.He is afraid of war.

abominableterrifying, terrifyingIt was a horrible scene.It was a horrible scene.

legumes[f pl] legumes.

hospital[metro] Hospital.

hospitality[F] hospitality.

hostility[F] hostility.

Hotel[metro] Hotel.

HolahoyToday we start working.We start working today. 🇧🇷day after dayfor the moment in the current circumstancesToday I have no intention of returning to my country.Under the current circumstances, I have no intention of returning to my country. 🇧🇷for todayfor the presentLet's leave it for today.We let you go for the present.

Lagohollow, slit; Dig.


Pro[F] Sense.

Lago[adj.] hollow, emptyThe tree trunk was hollow.The tree trunk was hollow. 🇧🇷 [metro] openingBe careful, there is a hole in the ground.Be careful, there is a hole in the ground.

Greveworker's strike).

paw printTo accompanyThey followed the tracks of the other car.They followed the tracks of the other car. ♦ trace, signIn South America there are many traces of indigenous culture.In South America there are many traces of indigenous culture. ♦ footprint, fingerprintHere are your footprints.Here are your footprints. 🇧🇷fingerprintfingerprintThe killer was arrested for his fingerprints.The killer was arrested based on his fingerprints.


huertabig orchard


veryVery °be in the bonesnothing but skin and bones. 🇧🇷To another dog with that bone!Tell it to the marines!

Spent[metro] Spent.

NoNoHow would you like your eggs, fried or scrambled?How do you like your eggs, fried or scrambled?

Volarflowers, flowers

fleefleeEscaped prisoners from the concentration camp.Escaped prisoners from the concentration camp.

humanity[F] humanity. ♦ humanityThe humanity of his feelings was known.The humanity of his feelings was known.

Mensch[adj.] Person. ♦ HumanHe was a very human person.He was a very human person.

humoroussmoke, smokeThe ash was still burning.The ash was still burning.

humidity[F] Humidity, humidity, humidityHumidity is bad for my health.Humidity is bad for my health.

hydrate[-zc-] to moisten.


modestoPoor; modest, unaffected.


BeginRauchSmoke could be seen from the window.Smoke could be seen from the window. 🇧🇷smoke of greatnessembrace greatness. 🇧🇷vaporsair, lovingHe said this with a lot of smoke.He said it in a concerned manner.

Humor[metro] Humor, HumorHe's always in a good mood.He's always in a good mood. ♦ Humour, joke.

piaRestroom sinkHe fell to his knees in the mud.He sank knee-deep in mud. ♦ fall apartThe house sank.The house collapsed. ♦ fall, sinkHis business began to suffer because it was not working for him.His business went downhill because he didn't care.

Drill[metro] perforation.

Stealsteal, steal 🇧🇷evadedodge, dodgeHe stole the body of the bull.He dodged the bull.

to adaptverflee.


iberoamerican[adj; north] Latin American.

yoget out, get out, get outThe outward journey was more comfortable than the return journey.The way there was more pleasant than the way back.°round trip ticketRound-trip ticket.


Ideal[adj.] ideal, perfect.▲ [metro] Ideal, Prinzip.

inventplan, inventHe developed a mechanism for peeling fruit.He invented an instrument for peeling fruit.


identity[F] Identity.▲ IdentificationDo you have identification documents?Do you have an identity card?

identifyidentify.°identify with oneidentify with her.

language[metro] language languageThe consul speaks many languages.The consul speaks many languages.

the vergodsadore, idolize, adoreThe idolaters.I adore you.


IglesiaChurch; Clergy.



ignoreIgnorance, lack of knowledge.Ignore the most basic things.He doesn't know the most elementary things.

The same thingthe same, similarMother and daughter have the same eyes.Mother and daughter have the same eyes.▲ sameIt has a very similar character.He has a very balanced personality.▲ [metro] same, evenHe was a man like no other.He was a man like no other.You only deal with your own kind.He deals only with his own kind.°from tolike each other, man to manHe spoke to him as an equal.He spoke to him man to man.°It does not matterThe sameThis table is the same as that one.This table is the same as that one.I like I think the same way as you.I think the same way as you.equallyequallySpread the sand evenly.Distribute sand evenly.°be oneI do not careI don't care if he comes or not.I don't care if he comes or not.

equalizeequalizeIt doesn't match his brother.He is not equal to his brother.▲ to levelThey did not level the road.The path was not level.°equal or oneto put oneself on the same level as, to compare oneself withDon't be like your brother because he is worth more than you.Do not compare yourself with your brother because he is a better person than you.°be equalbe the same, be the same (score)In the end, both teams met in a draw.In the final, the two teams were tied.

equal rights[F] Equal rightsFreedom, Equality and Fraternity.Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.▲ Uniformity, softness.

illegalilegal, ilegal.

illegalillegal, immoral

unlimitedlimitless, limitlessYour courage is limitless.Your boldness knows no limits.

illuminateilluminate, illuminateThey lit up the room with all the lights.They turned on all the lights in the corridor.They illuminated the stadium very well.They illuminated the stadium very well.

Mirage[F] Deceit, deceit. °hopefool yourself.▲ bet onDon't get your hopes up about this business.Don't trust this business too much.°have illusions (of)have hopes or illusionsHe dreams of getting married one day.She hopes to get married one day.

To cheatEmotionThe idea of ​​seeing my mother excites me a lot.The idea of ​​seeing my mother moves me a lot.°get angry with)be excited, excitedHe gets angry about everything.She is happy about everything.

Illustration[F] TrainingHe is a man of great enlightenment.He is a very polite man.▲ Illustration, photoThe illustrations in the book are very good.The illustrations in the book are very good.

illustratedlearnedHe was a very enlightened man.He was a very educated man. ▲ illustrated with photosHe asked for an illustrated magazine to distract himself.He ordered a photo magazine just for fun.

ShowShowIt is a good artist who illustrated this book.The artist who illustrated this book is very good.°illuminateeducate yourselfHe liked to illustrate himself when traveling.He liked to educate himself while traveling.

famousfamous, different

Photo[F] image, representation; image, reflection

Presentthink discoverPresent something to solve our problem.Find something to solve our problem.°Presentimagine, guessI can't imagine what he's doing.I can't imagine where it's going.Imagine the surprise we got!Imagine the surprise we got!

magnetic[metro] magnetic.

Idiot[metro] Silly, silly.▲ [adj.] Idiot.

indelibleindelible, unforgettableIt is an indelible impression.It is an unforgettable impression.

imitateimitate, personifyShe imitates this actress very well.She imitates this actress very well.


impatientimpatient; anxious, anxious.


impassiveimpassive, impassive, indifferentHe has an impassive face.He has an impassive face.

offsidedisability, inhibition.

prevent[rad-ch III] preventwho can stopWho can prevent?prevent passageblock the wayGo away, you're blocking the way.Go away; you block the way

Rulerrule, ruleThere is chaos in the street.There is chaos in the street.

ImperativeImperativeIt is imperative to go out.It is imperative to go out. ▲ bossyHe is a very imperative man.He is a very stubborn man.

safety pin[metro] safety pin [SP].

ReichRich; command.▲ spellThis man is under the control of this woman.This man is under the influence of this woman.

herrischImperative arrogant, arrogant

impermeable[adj.] waterproof.▲ [metro] oilskin.

insolenceinsolenceYour cheek annoys me.Your cheek annoys me.

mischievousoutrageous. °prismatic[meter please] Telescopes.

impulses[metro] push, push.

malimpious, irreligious

implacablerelentless, relentless

to implyinclude, involveDon't involve me in this matter.Don't involve me in this matter.

begask, ask.

imposingimposingThe ceremony was impressive.The ceremony was impressive.

important[and] import, collectThey fined him.They fined him.prevailassert oneself, command respectHe knew how to assert himself through his talent.Due to his skills, he was able to earn respect. ▲ master, get what you wantHe is a man who always demands everyone.He is a man who always gets what he wants.

to import[F] import, import.


to importto importHe imported one hundred thousand tons of wheat.It imported one hundred thousand tons of wheat.°take care of onecare (care), careIt doesn't bother me.I don't care.||It doesn't matterIt doesn't matter.oIt doesn't matter

imported[metro] cost.

disturbannoying (of a person)Aggressive people annoy me.Annoying people annoy me.


imposition[F] Deposit (of money in the bank); imposition (will on another); VAT

impotencepowerlessness, weakness

to pressPrinting; Press; print.°Errataprinter errorfreedom of the pressfreedom of the press.

basicessential, indispensable, imperative.

To press[F] to pressWhat he told me made a very good impression on me.What he said made a good impression on me.▲ impression.▲ impressionThe printing of the book was perfect.The printing of the book was perfect.

impressimpressHe was very impressed with this novel.She was very impressed with the novel. ▲ make or cut (a slice)He was hired to impress records.He was under contract to make records.°be impressedbe movedThey were surprised when they saw it.They were moved when they saw it.—They were surprised by the news.They were moved by the news.

printed(I understandto press) printed matter, brochures; blank (paper to fill in).

neglect[F] Lack of foresight, lack of considerationLeaving the children alone was a big mistake.Leaving the children alone was sheer recklessness.

suddenlyunforeseen, unexpected

to pressto press.improbableimprobable.

inadequateinsufficient, inadequate

improvisedimprovisedA makeshift desk.▲ Makeshift table.

improviseto improvise.

neglectedneglected, careless

IVA(I understandimportant) [metro] IVA

pushto urge; encourage; increase



ErrorIn sightHe accidentally crossed it off the list.It was removed from the list due to an oversight.


that unassailableinaguantableThe pain was unbearable.The pain was unbearable.

without precedentsunheard of, strange, unexpectedIt worked in an unprecedented way.He was acting strange.

inauguration[F] inauguration, inauguration, (ceremony of) inauguration (of a building)Yesterday was the inauguration of the statue of the donor and the school building.The inauguration of the donor statue and the inauguration of the school building were held yesterday.

consecrateunveil, dedicate, open (exhibition, courses, etc.).


inability[F] disability; Incompetence.

unableincompetent; unable.

neglected[adj.] gullible, gullible.▲ [metro] Simple targetBecause he was reckless, his money was stolen.Since he was an easy target, his money was stolen.


FeuerfuegoThe fire destroyed three houses.The fire destroyed three houses.

uncertainty[F] uncertainty.

unceasinglycontinuously, without ceasingThe noise was incessant.The noise was incessant.

accident[metro] Incident, disturbance.

insecureuncertain, doubtfulThe outcome of the game is uncertain.The outcome of the game is questionable.

roughnessseverity, harshness

inclination[F] pending, pendingThe hillside made it difficult to build roads.The slope of the land made it difficult to build the road.▲ curve, slopeSince childhood he had a predilection for art.Since childhood he had an inclination towards art.

inclinationstoop, stoopHe inclined his head.He inclined his head.delgadoto fold. ▲ give in, yieldWe had to bow to this truth.He had to give in to this truth.°to foldbe inclinedIt seems to me that he is inclined to do so.I think it tends to.

ContainsContainsEnter your name in the list.Add your name to the list▲ to addI have enclosed the receipt with the letter.I have attached the receipt to the letter.

disturbbother, bother, botherDoes this suitcase bother you?Does that bother you?effortget angry, get angryHe gets angry about everything.He gets angry over the smallest thing.

light pain[F] Inconvenience.

uncomfortableuncomfortable (of position)This chair is unconfortable.This chair is unconfortable.-I feel uncomfortable in this position.I feel uncomfortable in this position.




unconsciousunconsciousThe blow knocked him unconscious.The blow left him unconscious.▲ irresponsibleHe is a very unconscious man.He is a very irresponsible person.

unfavorable[metro] DisadvantageThis plan has some drawbacks.This plan has certain drawbacks. ▲ contradictionHe doesn't care if we go out.He doesn't care if we go.

to incorporateincorporate, unite.▲ addHe put his money in the community fund.He added his money to the common fund.°Take the controlsit (in bed).▲ join (a military unit).He received orders to join his battalion.He was ordered to join his battalion.

incorrectincorrect; uneducated.

amazingamazing, amazing.


Lakenot accomplishedHis promises have been broken.His promises were not kept.



indecentindecent, obscene.

to drawwavering, waveringHe is a very indecisive man.He is a very hesitant man.▲ undefined, not clearYour offer is undecided.Your offer is open.

Not definedUndefined.

compensation[F] compensation, compensation.


indian, indianSpanish coming backPlace of birth after a long stay in the American continent.

recommendation[F] suggestionHe followed the doctor's orders.Followed the doctor's recommendations.▲ TipJust a note from you.▲ Your tip is enough.°SuggestionsinstructionsTo use it, follow the instructions below.To use this, follow these instructions.

specified(I understandindicate) indicated.▲ logical, reasonableHis mother is the best person to tell him about it.Her mother is the most logical person to tell her thatthe specifiedwhat is said, instructed or requiredProceed as indicated in the package insert.Do what the prospectus says.

indicateindicate, imply, show.

Index[metro] index; Index finger, index finger.

recommendationClue, test, clueNo trace of the killer was found.They found no clues about the killer.

indifferentindifferentHe was indifferent to all suggestions.He was indifferent to every suggestion.be indifferent to someonedon't make any difference to anyoneI do not care.It doesn't make a difference to me.

indigenous[adj.] native, native ▲norte] native, aboriginal.

indigestion[F] indigestion.

indignation[F] Outrage.

indignationmake outragedHis words outraged her.His words outraged her.be outragedbe outragedHe was outraged by this injustice.He was outraged by this injustice.

Unworthydespicable, unworthy

Indonesian[adj; north] Indian; Hindu.

bribehint, hintGive cluesgive clues.||Delete these tips.Stop assuming.



undeniableundeniable, undeniable

indispensableessential, indispensable

indisposed[and] against (of people), prejudiceHis bad words bothered us.His sharp tongue made us compete with each other. °get angryfall (with a person)He fought with his companions.He had arguments with his friends. ▲ get sick, get sickAs a result of the trip, he became ill.As a result of the trip, he became ill.

indisposed(I understandindisposed) versus; unwell, ill

Individually[adj.] individually, separately.

Individuallyindividual, person, typeWho is this person?Who is this boy?

indol[F] nature (indoor)He is a grumpy man.He's a bad person.▲ Cool, kind.


induce[-zc-] cause.

undoubtedlyunquestionable, certain, evident.

indulgentlenient, lenient.

enjoymentLightThe patience of this teacher is well known.The sweetness of this teacher is well known.

pardonI'm sorry (fine).

IndustryIndustry (manufacturing).

industrial[adj.] industrial.▲ [metro] Manufacturer.




inevitableinevitable, inevitable.



notoriousconspicuous.▲ [metro] villain.

childhoodchildhood, childhood


childishchildish, childish


Infection[F] Infection.

dissatisfieddissatisfiedHis life was very unhappy.Your life has been very unhappy.▲ [norte] Poor devilThis is miserable.He is a poor devil.

inferiorlower, lowerBelow was the fuel tank.Below that was the gas tank.▲ [norte] inferiorHe brutally treats his subordinates.He brutally treats his subordinates.

inferiority[F] inferiority.

as hellinfernal, terrible.

infidelity[F] infidelity, infidelity.

unfaithfulunfaithfulHe was unfaithful to his duties.You have not met your obligations.


quite[F] infinitely many, veryThere were countless people in the park.There were a lot of people in the park.

Infinityinfinity.▲ [metro] Infinity.

lightluzA spark from the cigarette ignited the tank.▲ Sparks from cigarettes set the camp on fire.°lightcatch fireBe careful because it catches on very easily.Be careful, it is highly flammable.▲ swellthe edges of the wound has become infected.The edges of the wound swelled.

influence on)affect, affect (on)Influence your environment.He influences everyone around him.

influencesinfluential, who has traction.

Training[F] TrainingI need more information on this topic.I need more information on this topic.°Source of informationSource of information, contactThis newspaper has very good sources of information.This newspaper has very good sources of information.

to informcount, informHe had to let his readers know what had happened.He had to tell his readers what had happened.°to informGet information, get informationI could find out by reading the letter.He could get the information by reading the letter.discover aboutdiscover, informHave you resolved what you need to enter the country?Have you found out what you need to enter the country yet?—Find out what kind of person you are.Find out what kind of person he is.—Through the newspaper you can find out about the progress of the war.The newspaper provides information about the course of the war.

Message[metro] MessageHe submitted a report to his superiors.Presented a report to his superiors.°reportsdata information.

woundsgreat misfortuneHis father's death was a shame for him.His father's death was a great misfortune.

engineerEngineer (engineering degree).

creativityTalentHe was a very witty writer.He was a very talented writer.▲ JokeThis sentence is very clever.That is a very funny phrase. ▲ intelligence, ingenuityHe lived on his intelligence.He lived on his intelligence. 🇧🇷Zuckermühlesugar plantation; sugar mill.

naivenaive, honest, innocent.

ungratefulungrateful, ungratefulIt is a very thankless job.It's thankless work.▲ [norte] decline decision.

In between)enter, participateHe was twenty years old when he joined the army.He was twenty years old when he joined the army.▲ to depositHe deposited his money in Caixa Econômica every month.He put his money in a savings account every month.

Verbotenentrance (intersection)His entry into the game was highly commented.His entry into the match caused a lot of comments.entryincome, incomeHis income was meager.His earnings were small.

I'm verysolo [And]It got gloomy.He was left alone.

Initial[adj; F] initialwhat are your initialswhat are your initials

Beginbegin, begin; initiate (in clubs or religious orders).


not trainedincompetent, clumsy, clumsy.



at this timenext to the next


Immigrant[m, f] Immigrant.


immortal[adj.] immortal.

stillstillFear held him still.I was immobile with fear.

uncleandirty, unclean


innocentinnocent; innocent; naive, unaffected.

harmlessharmless, harmless.


inadequateinconvenient, uncomfortableIt was a very bad time to discuss the matter.It was a very inopportune moment to bring up the subject.

disturbconcern, problemThe lack of news worried him.The lack of news worried him.He wake upworry worryHe was starting to worry about that noise.He was starting to get uneasy about the sound.

tenant, tenantTenant.

without a restwithout a restHe is a very restless child.He is a very restless child.▲ WorriedHis absence annoys me.I worry about his absence.

insatiablegreedy, insatiable

locounhealthy, unhealthy; crazyAn unhealthy climate.An unhealthy climate.

sign upregister, registerYou have entered the electoral register.You have registered to vote.

Subscription[F] SubscriptionThe medal had an inscription.The medal had an inscription.▲ recordThe registration period ends at four.Registration closes at 4 p.m.


insecureuncertain, uncertain, unstable.foolishstupid stupid stupid

insensibleheartless, callous.▲ deafHis fingers were numb.His fingers were numb.


distinguishablefamous, notable, notable (of people).

insignificanceInsignificance; small thingHe takes care of every little thing.He takes care of every little thing.


excitement[F] A new.

assumetrack track.

to insistto insistHe insisted but got nothing.He insisted but got nothing.Insist on somethingInsist on somethingHe insisted on leaving.He insisted on going outside.



Inspection[F] Inspection, investigationThey did an inspection of the office.They conducted an inspection of the office.▲ Inspector's officeI went to the inspection to get the documents.I went to the inspector to look for the documents.

Testinspect, investigate


installinstall, configureWho installed the radio?Who installed your radio?°installsettle down, spend the nightAs soon as he arrived in the capital, he checked into a hotel.As soon as he arrived in the capital, he settled in a hotel.

examplePetition, request (in writing) °in case ofAt the request of.

righ now[metro] Wait a minute.


InstinctInstinctHis gut told him something was going to happen.His gut told him something was going to happen.

Institution[F] Institution.

InstituteInstitute; Education (equivalent to high school plus two years of university).

Instruction[F] TrainingI think he has little education.I don't think I have much education.°instructionsinstructions, instructionsI haven't received any instructions yet.You haven't received any instructions yet.

instructteach, instruct



inaguantableunbearable, unbearable


revolt[F] uprising, rebellion.

revolt[adj; north] insurgent.

intactintact, intact

integrity[F] integrity; Whole.

verticalcomplete, wholeThe money was intact, nobody touched it.All the money was there; no one touched it. ▲ verticalHe is a serious and very correct man.He is a serious and correct man.

intellectual[adj; north] intellectual.



intention[F] intention, purposeI don't know for what purpose he told me.I don't know what he meant when he said that to me.has good intentionsbe well intentionedIt intendspretend, sayI wanted to tell him, but I forgot.I wanted to tell him that, but I forgot.°has bad intentionsbe malicious

intensity[F] intensity.


Attempttry it

Interest[metro] InterestHe puts a lot of interest in everything he does.He is very interested in everything he does.▲ Interest rateHe had to pay high interest.I had to pay high interest.°InterestsromancesHe managed his friend's interests.He ran his friend's business.°for the interestfor moneyMarried for (the) interest.He married for money.

interested(I understandInterest) Interested; Mercenary.

InterestinterestedI was interested in your conversation.I was interested in your conversation.°Interestto be interested inHe became interested in mathematics.He became interested in mathematics.

Internal[adj.] inside, insideThese rooms are interior.They are interior spaces.▲ domesticInternal mail was delivered four times a day.Domestic mail was delivered four times a day.▲ [metro] InsideThe interior of the house is really cool.The interior of the house is very cool.°within afor themselvesHe told himself.He told himself.

interjection[F] Interjection.

mediatormedium, mediumI would like an intermediate size.I want an intermediate size.▲ [metro] interruptionSee you at halftime.See you at break.°for himthrough (the intervention of)it could happen from your uncleHe got it from his uncle.

its fineits fine.

International[adj.] International.

internalinternalThis is for indoor use.This is for indoor use.▲ ShippingHe is a guest.He is a guest.

interpose[and] interpose, place (between)They put a partition between the two parts of the room.They put a partition between the two parts of the room.°interposeBlockThis woman got in my way.This woman blocked my path.

interpretinterpretTry to interpret my words well.Try to interpret my words correctly.

Interpreter[m, f] Interpreter.

Question[F] questioning; Question mark.

Questionask, interrogate

pollinterrogation, interrogation

interruptinterruptplease don't interrupt mePlease don't interrupt me.°be interruptedbe interrupted, be blockedThe traffic was stopped by the accumulation of cars.The traffic was blocked by traffic jams.


intervention[F] interventionHis intervention was very timely.He intervened at a very opportune moment.▲ MediationThe union asked the state to intervene in the matter.The union requested state mediation in the conflict.▲ Operation (surgical)Prompt intervention was required after the fall.Immediately after the fall he had to undergo surgery.

intervention[and] to interveneTo avoid conflict, he had to intervene.He had to intervene to avoid the conflict. ▲ audit, verifyYour bank account has been confiscated.Your bank account has been verified.

colon[adj; metro] Colon.

citationto become a close friend.

intimidatescare, intimidate

intimate[adj.] intimate.▲ [norte] Close friend).


intoxicatepoison; to drugs

restlessrestless, worried

Without solutionelusive.

clearbrave, fearless

intrigueschematizeWhen do you stop guessing?When will you stop plotting?▲ fascinate, interestThat confused everyone.That confused everyone.intriguebe fascinatedI am intrigued by what you say.I am intrigued by what you say.

Introduce[-zc-] put (insert), insertHe put the key in the lock.He put the key in the keyhole. ▲ present (a person)He was in charge of presenting the ambassadors to the king.He was in charge of presenting the ambassadors to the king.

Intuition[F] Intuition.

flood[F] flood.

floodfloodThe water flooded the streets.The water flooded the streets.°floodbe floodedThe ground floor was flooded.The ground floor was flooded.

uselessuseless.▲ [norte] Useless person.

to penetrateto penetrate

immutableconstant, immutable

Invasion[F] Invasion.

invincibleinvincible, invincible.

inventto invent; lie, lie


inventionInvention; To lie.


improbableimprobable, improbable.

investedverto invest.▲ [adj; north] homosexual.

to invest[rad-ch II] to investHe invested his money in a house.He invested his money in a house. ▲ turn around, turn aroundDo not reverse the order of these values.Do not reverse the order of these values. ▲ spend (time)It took him two hours to go twenty miles.He spent two hours traveling twenty miles.

seek[F] investigation, investigation; seek.

investigateinvestigateInvestigate what is the cause.Investigate the cause.▲ to do a research paperI was doing research in a lab.I was doing research in a lab.



invitation[F] Invitation.

Spentverinvite.▲ [norte] spentThey received guests.They received their guests.



injection[F] injection, shot.

injectedbloodshotHis eyes were red.His eyes were red.

injectinject, give an injectiono injected a dose of morphine.He gave her an injection of morphine.

mi[and] go.▲ leadWhere does this road go?Where does this path lead?go horseback ridingPaseoWe rode the horse to the farm.We rode to the farm.°paseoand, and a pieIf we walk, it will take a long time.If we walk we will arrive very late.°go arm in armgo arm in armThey walked arm in arm.They walked arm in arm.°to go for a walkto go for a walkyou've already gone for a walkAre you going for a walk?travel by carLeadWe will arrive by car in three hours.We will arrive in three hours if we go by car.°go to a (good)be becomingThe color really suits you.The color really suits you.go to (or with)be intended for (of observations)What I said does not apply to you.What I said is not for you.°go outvete, veteYou're already gone.You're already gone.||Now it's real.It is now correct.||How are you?How are you?


Ironyirony, sarcasm.

ironicironic, sarcastic

irregularirregular, improperHis behavior is quite unpredictable.His behavior is quite erratic.▲ erratic, erraticHe has very irregular facial features.He has very irregular facial features.

incurableirreparable, hopeless.

to drawhesitant, hesitant, hesitant.


irritation[F] irritationyou have a sore throatHe has a sore throat. ▲ irritation, irritationHis irritation disturbed everyone.His impatience irritated everyone.

travelirritate get angry

Islaisland, island

islander, island island.


he went awayhand linkHe wrote with his left hand.He wrote with his left hand.▲ leftIn politics he belonged to the left.In politics he belonged to the left.On the leftto the left to the leftHe was sitting to my left.He was sitting to my left.

he went away[adj.] he went awayHe was shot in the left foot.He was shot in the left foot.


other than thatBox [And].

soap[metro] SoapCan you bring me some soap and a towel?Can you give me a bar of soap and a towel?

female dog(I understandGift) throw, carry [And].

boughtGooI want coffee, toast and jam.I want coffee, toast and jam.

Oh noNever.

ham[metro] Ham (cured pork).

jamonachubby woman (middle-aged) [SP🇧🇷 Maid [Antilles].

headachemigraine headacheI have a headache since yesterday.I have a headache since yesterday.

Syrup[metro] syrup; Jarabe (Mexican dance).

yard[metro] flower garden).

jaripeoCazabroncos, Rodeo [Mexico].

KrugKrugDo me a favor and put a pitcher of water in my room.Please put a jug of water in my room.


guideHeadquarters, executive officeThey were taken to the police station.They took her to the police headquarters.

Cook[metro] chief, leader, bossThey managed to catch the boss.They managed to capture the leader.▲ BossI have to tell my boss that I won't be there tomorrow.I have to tell my boss that I won't be home tomorrow.


Conversationsmall cup.

Ritter[metro] Ritter.

Tomato[metro] Tomato [Mexico].

WorkdayTravel; Workday; day hike

employeeDay laborers, casual workers.

whichletter "j"; Aragonese popular dance.

nuevo[adj.] jung.▲ [metro] young person.

happinessBud; jewel.

BeansBeans [SP].°faultgreen beans.

JewishJudas.▲ [metro]Jewish.

BeansBeans [SP].°faultFragment

playgamesChess is a very difficult game.Chess is a very difficult game.▲ setI bought a set of tablecloths.I bought a set of tablecloths.▲ play,GamesThe break at school is from one to two.Playing time at this school is one to two. ▲ BetsHe is a man who likes to play.He is a man who likes to play.°playing a gameto combineThe hat matches the suit.The hat matches the suit.°Retruecanpun, punnot be a gamenot to laugh


judge[metro] judge.

player[metro] Player; player, competitor

play[rad-ch yo] playyou know how to play tennisDo you play tennis? ▲ play, playPlayed and lost.Played and lost.

safeSaft. °juice ofuse a lotHe draws energy from everything he does.He earns a lot from everything he does.

toy[metro] toy.

evaluationevaluationThis girl has a lot of common sense.This girl has very good judgement.▲ Discernment (law).

Julio[metro] card game; 🇧🇷And] fear, fear.°ter julepeget scared [And].




JuntaAppointment; edgeThe Recruitment Board.Board project.▲ Board, Union (carpentry).

get togetherjoin, connectThey put the two electrical cables together.They connected the two power cables▲ to the poolWe collect all the money.Let's pool all our money.°get togethergather, gatherWe meet at the front door.We meet at the door of my house.°meet withattached to.

togethertogetherShall we go to the theater together?Let's go to the theater together.°Nextnext door, next doorHe sat next to her.He sat next to her.Withcomhe came with meHe came with me.


Eidoath (law); oath, oath

curseswear (oath); swear, curse

Justicejustice (justice); Justice administration; the law.

only[adj.] fine, justI think the decision is fair.I think the decision is fair.▲ Exactly, periodThe race started on time.The run started on time.▲ [norte] Good personAlways pay the just for sinners.The good guys always pay for the bad guys.°you are fairfit wellThis ring is too tight for me.This ring is too tight for me ▲ to be correctThis calculation is correct.This calculation is correct.


youth[F] youth, youth.

judgejudgeI don't like to judge the actions of others.I don't like to judge the actions of others.▲ tryThe defendant will be brought to justice immediately.They will convict the criminals immediately.




KilometerMileage ticket, book (discounted rail mileage credit) [SP].


kioskPavilion; Newspaper stand; bandstand.


a; You are welcomelaso.▲ she, he; 🇧🇷You are welcome] UdsWhere did you find that?Where did you meet her?


I'm working[F] Job task.

Labrador[metro] Bauer.

to workplow, cultivate

sidesideHe was sitting next to me.He sat next to me.▲ Rand, RandHe wrote a note on the side of the page.He made a note in the margin.Next)near (in), next toThe restaurant is next to the theater.The restaurant is located next to the theater.°to the right, to the leftand (oa) the right side, in (oa) to the leftThe house was on the right hand side of the street.I was in houseon the right side of the street.°asideto the side, to the sideyou want to goWould you walk awayobliquefrom the side, from the sideYou have to put the piano aside so he can enter.We have to put the piano aside to enterSide to sideSide to sideThey worked side by side.They worked side by side.°lean sideweak side, weak pointI know your weak side very well.I know your weakness very well.look to the sidelook out of the corner of the eye, squintThis woman looked at me sideways.This woman blinked at me.Besidearound, in the general direction ofYou are in the river.They are around the river.°generalgeneralThe building has exits everywhere.The building has exits on all sides.°on the one hand on the other handOn the one handohand... of the other; in a way...in a wayOn one hand I like it, on the other I don't.In a way I like it, in a way I don't.

to defeatto defeat.


thief, thiefthief, thief

lizardlizard [SP🇧🇷 Crocodile [And].


teardroptearShe did not shed tears.She did not shed tears.

unhappypathetic, pathetic, sorryI was in a sad state.She was in a sad state.

To complainlamentI'm sorry you can't join us.I'm sorry you can't be there.°I'm sorrymoan, moan, moanHe cried for his dog.She wailed at the death of her dog.

I'm sorryto complain.

to licklamer, lamer.

bladesheet, plateToday there are many objects made of sheet metal.Many things are made of sheet metal nowadays.▲ Sheet metal (image)Does this book contain color images?Does this book have color plates?

lamplamp, lamp; Radio tube.


fast boat(small boatLet's rent a rowboat.Let's rent a rowboat.

lanchen[metro] Cargo Barge.

grasshopperLocust; Grasshopper (insect).

to throwtake out, take out, take outI played the ball.He threw the ball.to throwexhausted, exhaustedHe jumped into the water.He jumped into the water.

jugplate, plate; tombstone.

pencil[metro] Pencil.

language°finallyin the long run eventuallyIn the long run you will be convinced.At some point you will be convinced.°postponemove.▲ flipIt always makes time for me.He always scolds me.

fallenrelease release [And]The horses are about to leave.Now they will release the horses.°To presswalk away, hit itGo out!Shove off!

LargolanguageI received a long letter from my parents.I received a long letter from my parents.▲ [metro] For a long timeHow long is this piece of cloth?How long is this piece of cloth?°how to passin its entire lengthHe stretched out on the sofa.He stretched out on the sofa.°throughoutonThere is a forest along the river.There is a forest along the river.°languagelanguageThis piece of land is two hundred meters long.This piece of land is two hundred meters long.°long yearsmany yearsHe lived in New York for many years.He lived (for) many years in New York. ▲ long service lifeHe lived many years.He lived to old age.°To go directlyTo go directlyHe passed without looking at me.He passed by without looking at me.long suitSleepwearThe ladies wore long dresses.The ladies wore night clothes.||Get out of here!Go out!


PeñaPeñaWhat a pity you didn't come last night!Too bad you didn't come last night.What a pity!Damage!°Peñaarouse pity, be patheticHis state was pathetic.His state was pathetic.

woundsWound and superficial wound.

hurtinjureThese shoes hurt.These shoes hurt me.—He told me something that hurt me.He told me something that hurt me. ▲ hurt, acheThe blow did not hurt him.The blow did not hurt him.hurtinjureHe was injured when he fell.He was injured when he fell.latacan (plate)This box is made of tin.This box is made of pewter.▲ pewterI'd like two cans of Tornado.I would like two cans of tomatoes.▲ Problems, problemsThe noise was annoying.The noise was annoying.°plus the canbother, bother, botherHe annoyed us with his complaints.He irritated us with his complaints.

to defeatbeat, beat, throb.

whipwhip, whip


latin[adj; north] latin.

to defeatbeat, pressHis heart was beating fast.His heart was beating fast.

dirty[metro] Playing.

lauchaMaus [And].

rubio[metro] laurel.

piaRestroom sink; Bathtub.

Dirty clothesBathtub.

wash your hands[News] sink, sink [And].

washerwomanDirty clothes.

Dirty clothesDirty clothes [And].

LavarlavarWe have to wash clothes.We have to wash clothes.

Restroom sinklavabo, palangana [And].

laxative[adj; metro] laxatives.

hospitalInfectious Diseases Hospital; Quarantine (of ports of entry).

salidabucle, bucleyou can make a loopCan you make a bow?▲ bow, bow.°throw the lassoin loop.

a[pron object] he, for him, for her, for you, for him; 🇧🇷You are welcome] her, for her, for you.


Lesson[F] Lesson.

Legend[F] Leite.

Dairy productsDairy (place that only sells milk).

garbageSofa bed.


Lector[metro] reader, someone who reads.

filefileWhat kind of reading do you like?What kind of reading do you like?

File, ArchiveplusDid you read the newspaper this morning?Did you read the newspaper this morning?

legation[F] legation.

legallegal, lawful.

legiblelegible, readable, legit, legit, legit.

LigaLeague (measure of length).

legume[F] vegetal.

langeremoved, removed

langelangeIt's far from here?Is it too far from here?▲ too farYou're so far away.You are so far.farIn the distanceIn the distance we saw some houses.We saw some houses in the distance.°from far awayFrom farWe recognized him from afar.We recognized him from afar.°very far fromvery far fromHe lives very far from the city.He lives very far from the city.—Far from fixing itself, it gets worse every day.Far from getting better, it gets worse every day.

LanguageLanguageI bit my tongue.I bit my tongue.▲ Tongue, tongueSpanish is spoken in Central and South America.Spanish is spoken in Central and South America.°stick out your tongueto let something slip (to speak); give upYour tongue slips very easily.He gives up very easily.Bite your tonguehold or control the tonguedon't bite your tongueTo avoid beating around the bush, speak directly off the shoulder.

SingleLinguini, Linguini.

Language[metro] language language.

Primavera[male or female] lens (optics).°Tierra)TierraThese tiny letters can only be read with a lens.These tiny letters can only be read with a magnifying glass.°lenses[meter please] GlassesI want to buy my sunglasses.I want to buy sunglasses.

slowness[F] slow.

It isthis.


León[metro] León.


CartaLetter (of the alphabet).▲ CalligraphyMy sister has very good handwriting.My sister has very good lyrics.▲ Lyrics (of a song)Do you know the lyrics of this song?Do you know the lyrics of this song?four letterssome linesI wrote four letters.I wrote him a few lines.°change)sketch, draftWhere can I redeem this bill of exchange?Where can I get a discount on this design?company letter)modelWhat font (print) is this?What font style is that?

PlatoPlatoWhat does this sign say?What does this sign say?

increasecreateIf you want to talk, raise your hand.If you want to talk, raise your hand.He began to raise his voice.He began to raise his voice. ▲ raiseI can't lift it, it's heavy. what's more.I can't lift it, it's too heavy.▲ to lift itPick up this paper from the ground.Grab the paper on the floor.▲ to go upThe people rose up against the invaders.The people rose up against the invaders▲ to buildThey are building many new houses on this street.They are building many new houses on this street.°lift your headstandAfter the bankruptcy, I could not raise my head.After his bankruptcy, he never recovered.°make plansmake plansEngineers drew up a plan for a new pier.Engineers drew up plans for a new dock.°increaseStandI get up early.I woke up early

ley[F] ley.



Begin[F] Release.

Liberal[adj; metro] liberal.

releasefree, loose

Liberty[F] Freedom FreedomPeople fight for their freedom.Nations fight for freedom.°release itrelease releaseThe prisoners were released.They released the prisoners.

liberator[metro] Liberator.

releaseload, pound pound (weight).°Pound sterling)Pound sterling).

release°postal librarypay order [And].

releaserelease, deliverThe governor's actions put the people out of misery.The governor's actions put the town out of its misery.deliver (a letter) againstdraw (a draft) in.°deportget rid ofWe finally get rid of him.Finally we get rid of it.▲ To avoid going outHe wanted to pay taxes.He didn't want to pay his taxes.

librefreeHe opened the cage to free the bird.He opened the cage to free the bird.This item is tax free.These goods are tax free.—He is very free to speak.It is very open.—Admission is free.Admission is free. ▲ free, free, independent, separateyou have free saturdayDo you have Saturday off?▲ Excessive, tolerantShe is a free woman (of life).She is a calm woman.


Laptop°book bankweight, weightdirectorydirectoryI have already noted your address in my notebook.I already entered your address in my address book.

BookBuch.°LaptopLaptop. °pay bookpayment book. °accounting bookaccounting book.

licenselicense, permitDo you have a license to sell alcoholic beverages?Do you have a license to sell alcoholic beverages?▲ LicenseThe cable is licensed.The mango is on vacation.°absolute licensedescargarHe was completely fired from the army.He got his discharge from the army.

with licenceverlicensedischarged from the armyVeteranprison graduateconvicted releasedDegree in philosophyMasters of the Arts.

licensedischarged (from the army or prison).°Graduateto obtain a master's degree.

liqueur[metro] liquor, liquor.

LigaLigaThese alloys have good elasticity.These garters are made of good elastic.

lightthrows, throwsHis hands were tied behind his back.Their hands are tied behind their backs.▲ connect, connectThe two cables were connected.They connected the two cables.°Flirtingunite, uniteThey united against the common danger.They united against the common danger.

HelllightI want a light spring coat.I want a light spring coat▲ quickNot so fast!Not so fast! ▲ lightLike something light.Like something light.—The comedy we saw was very light.We saw a very light comedy. ▲ unimportant, insignificantYour contribution was very small.His contribution was not important.°luzquick, shallowi made it easyI did it fast.°a stupid womanWhat a bad brain woman.

limaLime); File (tool).

Fronterarestrict, limitYou want to limit the number of entries.You want to limit the number of tickets.°limit withbe limited byMexico borders the United States to the north Unido.Mexico borders the United States to the north.

Frontera[metro] Limits, Limits.

lemon[metro] Lemon.


Zitronenbaum[metro] Zitronenbaum.



black eye[News] black boot.

Clean upclean upHow much does it cost to dry clean a wool suit?How much do you charge to clean a woolen dress? ▲ clean (of money)They earned (money).You cleaned it.Clean upclean, wash (face, hands, etc.); brush someone's teeth)I have to brush my hands and teeth.I have to wash my hands and brush my teeth.


cleanedclean upThese crystals are not clean.These windows are not clean.▲ clearThe sky is clear today.The sky is clear today.▲ freeHe is free of guilt.He is free of guilt.°Clean upto make a final copyInsert the card carefully.Make a definitive copy of the letter.°Clean upmake heads or tails, understandI couldn't get anything clean out of this speech.I could not understand this speech.

LindoadorableYou live in a beautiful house.They live in a nice house.—How nice!How nice! ▲ cuteWhat a beautiful woman!What a beautiful woman!▲ goodYou have done a good job.He did a good job.°a great momenta lot ofWe had a lot of fun at the party.We really enjoyed the party.

linelineDraw a line here.Draw a line here.▲ Lines, shapeThe girl does not want to lose the line.The girl does not want to lose her figure.°direct descent (or straight line)direct descendant, direct descendant.°onlinefollowedThe trees were lined up.The trees were aligned.°between linesbetween linesHe knows how to read between the lines.He knows how to read between the lines.°railroad trackrailroad track.

LinoleumLinen (material).

LanternLantern; 🇧🇷SP] Lantern.

MixedPackageHe was carrying a bundle of clothes.He was carrying a bundle of clothes.▲ Jam, problemI don't want to get in trouble.I don't want to get into trouble.▲ ChaosWhat a mess!What a mess!

Liquidation[F] sold out, sold outThere is an offer for this business.This store has a special offer.

liquidatepay payHe pays his bills every month.He pays his bills every month.▲ to wasteHe liquidated his father's fortune.He squandered his father's fortune. ▲ for saleThis store is on sale.This store is out of stock.

liquid[adj.] exactly, straightI have three net pesos left.I only have three dollars left.▲ [metro] liquidOnly drink fluids.Can only drink liquid.▲ Liquid (balance)An inventory revealed a liquid of three hundred pesos.After taking inventory, there was a net balance of three hundred pesos.


TogethereducatedI want smooth paper.I want a piece of smooth paper.▲ rightHas straight hair.She has straight hair. ▲ easyI prefer smooth fabrics.I prefer smooth materials.▲ slipperyThe ground is very soft.The floor is very slippery.

list[F] listIs your name on the list?Is your name on the list?▲ StripesPut on a ready-to-wear suit.She wears a striped dress.°list (of telephones)(Phone book.

a listimmediatelyEverything was ready for the trip.Everything was ready for the trip.▲ cleverShe is very smart.She is very smart.




Helleasy (not difficult) [And🇧🇷 free and easy (for women) [SP].


ulceropen wound.

LamaFire; light.

lightlightWas there a call from me?Was there a phone call for me?

Phone callPhone callPlease call a taxi.Please call a taxi ▲ TapCall before entering.Knock before entering.▲ ring (a bell)Open the door they are knocking on (the doorbell).Open the door, it rings (the doorbell).°Call to...summon, summonThe government calls you to defend the homeland.The government calls you to defend your country.°Attract attentionwarn, scoldThe children stepped onto the grass and the guard caught their attention.The children stepped on the grass and the guard scolded them, ▲ called or tricked themattentionHe wanted to draw attention to himself all the time.He always wanted to draw attention to himself.°call by telephoneflame flameThey called you several times.They have called you several times.°calledto be called or named"What is your friend's name?" "His name is George.""What is your friend's name?" "His name is George." 🇧🇷What is your name?What is your name?

plainsmancowboy, prairiemancome cabbage].

Llanolevel evenThe house is on the flattest part of the property.The house is on the flattest part of the property.▲ simple, simpleSay it clearly.Put it in simple terms. ▲ open, intactHe is a superficial and sincere guy.He is an open and sincere boy.

tirestiresWe have two spare tires.We have two spare tires with us.

planeplaneThe city is on a plain.The city is on a plain.

keykeyI forgot my room key.I forgot my room key.▲ Jet (gas stove)They left the gas switch open.They left the gas nozzle on.▲ switchWhere is the light switch?Where is the light switch? ▲ tap tapClose the faucet in the bathroom.Close the bathtub faucet.°graduateClose the doorWe have to close the door.We have to lock the door when we leave.°keyWrench.



arrivearriveWhen do we arrive in Havana?When will we arrive in Havana?▲ to comeI'll do it when it's my turn.I will when it is my turn to reach ▲The suit reached to his feet.The dress reached her feet. ▲ expand, go as far asThis road goes as far as Bogota.This road goes as far as Bogotá▲ to get toThe cost was twelve pesos.The cost was twelve pesos.catch uphave success inHe didn't even listen to what we said.I couldn't hear what we were saying.°Willto beHe was very young when he became a colonel.He was very young when he became a colonel.it will happenhappen, happenIf that happens, I will be very happy.If that happens, I would be very happy.

completeFill in)He filled the glass with wine.He filled the glass with wine.▲ to coverThe ink hands were covered.Hands covered with paint. ▲ please fully satisfyThis program does not satisfy me.I don't like this shipment at all.▲ to completeFill in the application form.Please complete the application!

CompletelyCompletelyThe pool is filled with clean water.The pool is full of clean water.—Tonight will be a full moon.There will be a full moon tonight.▲ [metro] Full houseThe theater was full.The theater was full.°completelycompletelyHis book deals directly with the subject.His book covers the subject in depth. ▲ directlyThe blow caught him square in the face.The blow caught him square in the face.full ofcovered withEverything is full of dust!Everything is covered in dust.

packed from ship to shipfull, full to the brimThe room was packed from ship to ship.The room was full of people.

wearTake, takeThe patient was taken to the hospital.The patient was taken to the hospital. ▲ to have (with or in one), to carryyou have the ticketsDo you have tickets?▲ to goI will wear a white suit.I will wear a white dress. ▲ be (for a certain time)i've been waiting for a long timeI have been waiting for a long time.—How long have you been in the United States?How long have you been in the United States?▲ to lead, lead, leadThey led us through a dangerous place.They took us through a dangerous place▲ to attackHow much do you charge me for the suit?How much will you charge me for the suit?▲ to guideWhere does this path lead?Where does this road go?▲ driveHe runs his business very well.He runs his business very well.°runrun, runHe successfully carried out his diplomatic mission.He successfully fulfilled his diplomatic mission.°to be againstcontradict, contradictHe likes to go against.Likes to contradict.▲ antagonizes.°Leadbe aheadYou take the initiative.They are ahead of us.°lead a (bad) lifetake a life (bad)He leads a messy life.He leads a disordered life.°removetake, take, stealThe thieves took the jewelry.The thieves took the jewels.°always with Tranquilityget alongHe gets along very well with his friends.he drinksHe gets along very well with his friends.

take (price)win, take (prize)He took the grand prize.He won first prize.To be disappointedTo be disappointed, take it in the neckWhat a disappointment!It's definitely on my mind!

choreWine Wine.

regeneration[rad-ch yo] The rainIt rains a lot.It rains a lot.as heaven commandslike manna from heavenThe money came out of nowhere.The money came like manna from heaven.°it rains a lotpour (rain)Wait a minute, it's pouring rain.Wait a minute, it's raining.




search[neutral art] aIt's the best we have.It's the best we've got.▲ [pron object; You are welcome Los] he, that;You are welcomeUdsSend it to me.Send it to me.-send it to mesend it to me



local[adj.] localThis is one of the best local newspapers.This is one of the best local newspapers.▲ [metro] location (inside)I do not like this place.I do not like this place.

location[F] place, placeWhat city is this?What seat is this?▲ Seat (in a theater)Are there any good seats left for tonight?Are there any good seats left for tonight?

to locateto locate.▲ to discoverFirst we have to find out where they live.First we need to find out where they live.▲ to locateThe fire brigade located the fire.The fire brigade located the fire.

Lococrazy crazyDo not be crazy!Do not be crazy! ▲ [norte] crazy crazyhe is crazyHe's crazy.


crazinessmadness, madnessHis madness was hereditary.His madness was hereditary.▲ MadnessSuch are the follies of youth.Such are the follies of youth.



logicallylogical, reasonable

catch upget, getHe got everything he wanted.He got everything he wanted. ▲ succeedWe couldn't convince him.We couldn't convince him.

LomoRoastDo you like pork loin?Do you like pork loin?


Largo[F] length; length

I will speakguard in an asylum


Losveris, is, is



luceroany bright star

luchabend down, bend downThe struggle for existence.The struggle for existence.

fighter[metro] fighter; Fighter.

battlebend down, bend downThe two men fought for a long time.The two men fought for a long time▲ to fight.

Show[-zc-] Shine, shine, shineThe jewels fight on your fingers.The jewels sparkled on her fingers.▲ wear, show offHe insisted on showing off his new outfit.She insisted on wearing her new dress. ▲ watch appearYou look very nice today.You look very good today.°Showmake it wonderfulHe excelled in the exam.He passed the exam with flying colors.▲ to specifyHe really likes to show off.He likes to show off.

laterimmediately immediatelyi will arrive laterI'll be there right away.▲ laterWhat do we do next?What should we do next?▲ nextWhat happened after?What happened next?▲ thenWe have dinner together and then we go to the theater.We will have dinner together and then we will go to the theater.▲ laterI'll do it later.I'll do it later.from now onOf course of courseI sure will!Of course I will!°laterat this time [Mexico].°Then, lateras soon [And]As soon as it arrives, I'll let you know.I'll let you know when it arrives.||Bye!A long time!

ort[metro] place, putWe find ourselves in a disguise.We'll meet at the usual place.▲ Place, town, townWhere it is?Where are you from?▲ Space, spaceThere is no place to sit.We have no place to sit.▲ position, officeHe has a good place on the bench.He is in a good position on the bench.°give the reasoncause, provokeWhat he said caused a lot of controversy.What he said caused a lot of controversy.instead ofinstead ofInstead of eating here, we go home.Instead of eating here, we go home.°first of allfirst of allfirst, I have to do it, besides, it's hot.First of all, I'm busy, and besides, it's very hot.°have spaceto occureThe ceremony took place in the cemetery.Services were held in the cemetery.

luxLuxury.°luxuriousluxurious, luxurious.

luxuriousluxurious, showy

Feuer[F] fire (in the stove, fireplace)They sat by the fire.They sat by the fire.▲ LightMy cigarette has gone out. would you give me a lightMy cigarette went out. can you give me a light

Hellbrilliant, brightA brilliant idea.▲ ingenious ideas.

PaddyPaddyThey walked in the moonlight.They walked in the moonlight.°be in the moonbe distracted.°HoneymoonHoneymoonfull moonFull moon.

Mon-[metro] mole, beauty markHe had a mole on his neck.He had a mole on his neck.▲ SpotsShe was wearing a polka dot outfit.She was wearing a polka dot dress.

to assemble[metro] Montag.

JargonArgentine slang.

pulidopolish and shineI have to clean my shoes.I have to clean my shoes.

seems to be[metro] shine, shine, polish; splendor. °but brilliantshine, polish

boughtpain; weigh; mourning clothes. °to be in mourningto be in mourning.

Luz[F] HellI can't see in this light.I can't see in this light.She cleared things up.He brought some light to the darkness.°In any caseno matter where you lookIt is obviously true.It is true any way you look at it.°giving birthpublish.°giving birthto give birth to (a child).°between two lightsno dawnThey arrived between two traffic lights.They arrived at dusk.°LighterintelligenceHe is a man of many lights.He is a man of great intelligence.


Ownlie, lie, exaggeration [Argentina].||What a monkey!How irritating! [Argentina]

Macanudoexcellent, wonderful, great [And].

vase with FlowersVase; vase of plants

smashsmashIt completely smashed the stone.It completely smashed the stone. ▲ for harp (on a theme)It's useless, stop playing.It's useless, don't dwell on it anymore.

Macho[adj; metro] males (animals).

solid[adj.] solidIt was a solid gold bar.It was a solid bar of gold.▲ [metro] Flower bedIn the middle of the garden was a bed (with flowers).In the middle of the garden was a flower bed.

maderaMadeiraThe box was made of sandalwood.The box was made of sandalwood.▲ Wood, woodThe wood is not dry yet.The wood is still green.▲ Qualities, talentIt has acting material.He has acting talent.

RegistrationDo; Wood.

(Video) Wikisource | Wikipedia audio article


madre[F] mother.▲ origin, source, cradleGreece was the mother of Western civilization.Greece was the cradle of Western civilization.°mother in lawmother in lawI will introduce you to my mother-in-law.I present to you my mother-in-law.°off momoverflowThe river got out of control.The river has overflowed.▲ Losing control of oneself.


darknesstwilight.°in the twilightat dawn, at dawn

wake up earlyUp early.

Grow uptireThe grape ripened well this summer.The grapes have ripened well this summer.▲ to think, to develop (an idea)He matured the idea before putting it into action.He pondered the idea before putting it into practice.▲ to matureIt has matured over the years.It has matured over the years.

maturity[F] Maturity, maturation.

madurotire; mature (of people).

MaestroProfessorThe children listened to the teacher.The children listened to the teacher.▲ Master, craftsmanHe was a master at his craft.He was a master at his craft.

MagistrateMagistrate; judges (higher courts).gorgeousgreat, excellent, great.


magic[metro] maguey (Pflanze).

The more[metro] More more.

Majadeirotolo, tolo.▲ [norte] Idiot.

majesty[F] Majesty.

majestic[adj.] great, majestic.

mal(I understandput) foreverWe had a bad time.We had a hard time.▲ [metro] DiseaseHis illness was incurable.His disease was incurable.▲ DamageHe liked to do bad things.He loved to hurt.▲ [announcement] GraveEverything goes terribly wrong.Everything is going very badlyof the rain on the eavesof the rain on the eavesWe are getting worse.We are getting worse.°be sickto be bad (or bad) in terms ofI'm broke.I need money urgently.°poorly donepoorly doneThis job is poorly done.This work is poorly done.▲ wrong.||Everything has a positive side.It is an evil wind that does not bring good to anyone.||He who sings of his evil terrifies.Who sing away their pain.

spoiledrude, spoiled

mal[F] malice, bad deed; hurt.

Quickly[and] Flight, flight.

curse[F] curse.

damn everything[adj.] damn, damn.

light pain[metro] Feel bad; dissatisfaction, dissatisfaction.

andmala.▲ pacote [And]Pack a suitcase with these clothes.Make a package with these clothes.°packto pack; to prepare for departure.

trunkcarrier (carrier).

Pasta[metro] Suitcase, small suitcase.


malicemaliceHe did it without malice.He did it without malice.°have malicebe maliciousThere seemed to be malice in those words.Those seemed like bad words.

viciousmalicious; risky.


putbad, uncomfortableThe weather is really bad.The weather is really bad. ▲ hard, hard, badWhat a bad time we had!What bad times we had! ▲ naughtyThis boy is very bad.This child is very naughty.▲ illIt got so bad that he died within two hours.He got so sick that he died two hours later.°For better or worselike it or notYou will do it for better or for worse.You will, whether you like it or not.||This is a very bad guy.It's a rotten egg.

surprisewaste, lose, not use (as time, opportunity, etc.)You ruined the occasion.You didn't take the opportunity.°failedfailThe company went bankrupt.The business failed.

diseaseunhealthy, unhealthy, unhealthy, unhealthy.

the abusemistreatment, abuse

malperverse.▲ [norte] villain, villain.

old[F] Mother mothers.

MamelukeGeneral [And].

Primavera[metro] Which one, Bachquelle.

Dinarflow, springA spring gushed out of the rock.▲ The spring gushed out of the rock.

manchaFleck, FleckA stain fell on his suit.She has a stain on her dress.▲ Stain (from dirt or vegetation)There were few patches of vegetation near the river.There were few patches of vegetation near the river.

stained(I understandtarnish) spotted, spottedA spotted dog.▲ spotted dog.

tarnishstain, earth

I missedWeapons tools.

mandaderoDelivery boy; errand boy.

warrantyverof you.▲ [metro] Message; Message.

biddingcommand, command; Bidding.

of youorder, driveHe sent the maid.He ordered the maid to leave.▲ to sendUpon arrival they sent the luggage to the hotel.When they arrived, they sent their luggage to the hotel.▲ send, transmitGreetings to our friend.Greetings to our friend.°to go for a walktell someone to fly a kite.

MandateOrder, order, command.

domainqueryThe general gave the order to withdraw.The general gave the order to withdraw.▲ Leadership, severityHe was a man of great authority.He was a man of great leadership.▲ ControlThe plane's controls were not working.The aircraft controls were out of order.(high commandhigh commandThe command decided to attack at dawn.The high command decided to attack at dawn.°not be an ordernot be an orderHe is responsible for the sector.He is responsible for the sector.°take commandtake commandA commander had to take command of the division.A major had to take command of the division.

ThousandPointer (of a watch, clock, or gauge).

LIDARmanage, handleHe managed money well and increased his income.He managed money well and therefore increased income. ▲ drive [And]Did you learn to drive a car?Did you learn to drive a car?disapproving gesturemovementHe was already driving without crutches.He was already moving without crutches. ▲ get alongIt can be processed well.He understands. ▲ manage, succeedHow can you do that?How can you do that?

PaseotreatmentDealing with that is dangerous.Dealing with that is dangerous.Handling dynamite is dangerous.Driving dynamite is dangerous.▲ Driving (a car) [And].▲ Management, controlHe is in charge of all the administration of the store.You have full responsibility for the store.▲ IntrigueWith his management he got what he wanted.He got what he wanted through intrigue.

BehaviourFar farWhat is that answer?this is how you reactIn this waythis way, this wayDo it like this.Do it like thismalbruteHe said it wrong.He said it rudely.forso as a resultI didn't go yesterday, so I have to go today.I didn't go yesterday, so I have to go today.°no wayno wayNo way will I accept it.I will definitely not accept.°Another wayin another wayI can't tell you otherwise.I can't tell you any other way. ▲ otherwiseHe was there, otherwise I wouldn't have talked to him.He was there, otherwise I would not have spoken to him.°Neverthelesswhatever it takesWe'll do it anyway.In any case, we will.SomehowsomehowIn a way you are right.In a way you are right.°wayswaysHe doesn't have good manners.He has bad manners.°no chanceno chanceThere is no way to translate.There is no way to translate.

MangomangaThe sleeves were short.His sleeves were short for him.°sleeves over the shouldersbe in troubleEverything went hand in hand in this house.Everything was a disaster in this house.°long sleevesindulgentIt is a long-sleeved man with his children.He is very lenient with his children.▲ Not very conscientious.°in shirt sleevesin shirt sleevesThey were in shirt sleeves because of the heat.They were in shirt sleeves because of the heatmango (irrigation)HoseThe hose (irrigation) was not working.The hose didn't work.

mangaSale; mango).


peanut[metro] peanut [And].

Maniacraziness; Mania; hobby.°take hobbyto dislike, to have a grudge (against).

Manifestation[F] Demonstration (Parade).

Manifest[rad-ch yo] express, showIn the letter he said he was satisfied.In the letter, he expressed his agreement.°Manifestto make a demonstrationThe workers wanted to demonstrate but could not.The workers wanted to demonstrate but could not.

Manifestobvious, obvious, obvious.▲ [metro] Manifest.

chainHands (clock, clock, meter).

Mil[F] Hand.▲ Layer (made of paint, varnish, etc.)They must have a coat of paint.We must give a coat.▲ First player (next to the dealer)The hand played a trump card.The first player played a trump.▲ Accident [And]He gave us his hand.We had a little accident.°a shothandThe letter was handwritten.The letter was handwritten. ▲ close, within reachput it by handPut it within your reach.°right or left handto the right or to the leftYour room is on the right.His room is on the right.°manuallymanuallyHe took the boy by the hand.He took the child by the hand.necessarysecond hand. °helpGive him a hand.°handmadehandmade.°hands and handslove loveThey started talking hand in hand.They had a tete-a-tete.

montebunches (of flowers or vegetables).sweetness[F] meekness, lowliness, meekness.

kindtame; Calm; kind.


Butterlard, fat.

Home[metro] Tablecloths.

having[and] to support, maintain, earn a livingHe supported his mother and three brothers.He supported his mother and three brothers. ▲ holdHold the rope.Hold on to the rope.▲ affirm, defend (an opinion)He will say what he thinks to everyone.He will defend his opinion against everyone.▲ continuesIt was difficult to keep the conversation going.It was hard to keep the conversation going.°GuardiaSustain-seHe had no money to support himself that month.That month I had no money to liveStay)expect)I don't think he will stick to his decision.I don't think he will stick to his decision.

maintenanceMaintenance support; Maintenance.


Scarftouched; baby clothes. °be in towelsbe innocent like a child, knowing nothingAs for politics, it is still in its infancy.When it comes to politics, he is still as innocent as a child.

Manual[adj.] manual, physical.▲ [metro] manual, manual.



TextManuscript.▲ [metro] Manuscript.

to throwApple.▲ BlockWhat block is your house on?What block is your house on?

manzanoApple tree.

MannaAbility; intelligent.°inventinvent, manageHe has a gift for getting what he wants.He gets what he wants.

Tomorrow[F] TomorrowThe morning was clear.The morning was clear.▲ [metro] FutureWorking with enthusiasm for tomorrow.Work with hope in the future.▲ [announcement] morningI'll wait for you tomorrow at the hotel.I'll wait for you tomorrow at the hotel.°the next morningthe next morningI saw him the next morning.I saw him the next morning.°in the morningAND.He comes at six in the morning.He comes at 6.In the morningEarly in the morningHe left very early in the morning.He left very early in the morning.°in (or in) the morningin the morningI'll see you Thursday morning.We meet on Thursday morning.°in the morningvery early in the morning.||See you tomorrow!See you tomorrow!

Map[metro] Map.

machinemachineThe machine began to move.The machine started running.▲ Auto (car) [Argentina].°to all machinesat full speedHe accepted the job with all his might.He was working at full speed.°Typewriter)typewriterWrite very well.She writes very well.

march[male or female] march. °hehe seeopen sea, open seatalk about the seaspeak in vainWe are talking about the sea.This is small talk.°Oceanvery veryIn his house there was a sea of ​​people.There were many people in his house.°enter the seago beyond your own depth (when swimming).

Marvelouswonder, wonder

MarveloussurpriseThe group marveled at his wealth.The prodigality of the party surprised everyone.°Marvelousbe surprisedI'm surprised you made it on time.I'm surprised you're here on time.


mercadomark, characteristicIs there a brand that distinguishes you?Do you have any distinctive features? ▲ BrandBookmark this page.Bookmark this page.°brand (factory)trademarks, trademarksThe brand is very well known.The brand is known.—What brand of cigarettes do you smoke?What brand of cigarettes do you smoke?

MarkMarkI marked in pencil the names of those who were there.He marked the names of those present with a pencil.°beat timekeep timeLearn to mark the compass.Learn to keep time.

MarchvelocityThe ship was going very well.The ship was traveling at a good speed.▲ MarchThey played a military march.They played a military march.°speed up the marchhurry up, speed upYou must speed up the march.We must hurry.°begin begin, set in motionThe engine could not be started.He couldn't start the engine.on my wayright awayThe work must be completed on time.The job should be completed immediately.||On going!Let's go!oGo Go!

MarchrunThe train was going at full speed.The train was going at full speed.▲ move forward, move forwardThat works great!That's going well! ▲ walk, run, workIs your clock ticking?Is your watch working?go outvete, veteWhat time you?when you leave

MarchmarchitarThe heat wilts the flowers.The heat withered the flowers.°to vanishfade, witherHer beauty began to fade.Her beauty began to fade.

witheredwithered, withered;

marcoframe (door, window, painting); Mark (German monetary unit).

OceanThe sea.

PlusdisturbDon't make me dizzy anymore!Don't bother me anymore!°Feeling sickget sick, get sick, get dizzyWhen the boat started to move, he felt dizzy.As soon as the ship began to move, he became dizzy.

dizzinessNausea, nausea, dizziness.

Ivory[metro] Ivory.

Profit margin[male or female] Profit marginWhen writing, leave a margin on the paper.When writing, leave a margin on the paper.▲ Margin, margin, marginHe reached the river bank.He arrived at the river bank.°give margingive chanceThis gave him space to earn money.It gave him the opportunity to earn money.

Mariachi[metro] Mexican street singer.



marimbaMarimba [And].

small portMarina, Marinemalerei. °Marina)MarinaHe was a naval officer.He was a navy officer.°merchant shipsea ​​trader.

sailorSailors, sailors.

Marinamarine, of the sea, maritime.▲ [metro] sailorThis admiral was a good sailor.This admiral was a good sailor.



snackfat fish.

Marble[metro] Marmorstein).

PigPig.▲ [adj.] Pig.

Braun[adj.] Braun.


martillar, martillarHammer.


Martyrdomtorture, martyrdom.


the moremore.▲ moreFour plus three is seven.Four plus three equals seven.▲ longerI can not wait more.I can't wait any longer for him.°not maximumnot maximumIt costs ten pesos maximum.It has a maximum cost of ten pesos.°later thanno later thanIt will arrive tonight at the latest.It will arrive no later than tonight.°the restToo much too muchThey gave him six more pounds.They gave him six more pounds.that (or that, that, that) morethe most the mostThis girl is the smartest.This girl is the smartest.°What athoughHe sold for more than he bought.He sold it for more than he paid for it.Be too muchto be excessive, to be unnecessaryCompleted.I am not needed here.°the more... thanhow howHe came as soon as he could.He came as soon as he could.°the (or) mostthe moreMost of these men worked in the mine.Most of these men worked in the mine.higherlater, later (or later)I'll explain it later.I'll explain it later.afterhigherThe house is behind.The house is ahead.°betterinstead of thisIt arrived quite late.It arrived quite late.but from(before digits) more thanThe city had more than a thousand inhabitants.The town had more than a thousand inhabitants.°What aWhat aI care more than you.It's more important to me than you.°sooner or latersooner or laterSooner or later it will be known.Sooner or later it will be known.°no more thanonlyHe only has four pesos.He only has four pesos.°thoughno matter how much, no matter how muchNo matter how much you say, you won't be able to convince him.No matter how much you say, you won't be able to convince him.

TempotimeThe dough for the bread was ready. The dough was made for bread▲ Dough (by humans)His speech was addressed to the masses.His speech was addressed to the masses.°caught red handedcertainly certainlyYou caught him in the act.You caught him in the act.°mass of bloodinner nature, bloodThis is in the blood mass.It's in his blood.

smooth[metro] slaughter.

chew onchew onSwallow, do not chew.Swallow, do not chew.

mask[F] Mask.▲ [m, f] masked.°Maskedmasqueradegas maskGas mask.°masquerade dressesin disguise.

mascotMascot, lucky charm.


Maestro[metro] Master, later, later.

Womenplant, shrub, shrub.


to kill. ▲ for trumpThe king killed me.He surpassed my king.be with killargue with, be in hot waterDon't talk to me about Pérez, I'll kill myself with him.Don't get me started on Perez; we are in bad shapeboredom killsbored to deathThis job bores me.This job bores me to death.°to starveTo starveIn this hotel we were starved.They starved us to death in this hotel.kill two birds with one shotkill two birds with one stone.°spend timeto kill timeHe killed time reading the newspaper.He killed time reading the newspaper.°commit suicidecommit suicideHe tried to commit suicide with a gun.Attempted suicide with a weapon.▲ Being murderedHe died in a car accident.He died in a car accident.

Freund[metro] Mate (South American tea).

mathematics[f pl] Mathematics.

Materialmatter, substanceWhat material is this made of?What material is it made of?▲ Matter, subjectThe topic we are dealing with is interesting.The topic we are discussing is interesting.▲ TopicHe taught various subjects.He taught various subjects.°get on topicGo straight to the point, go straight to the point.°raw MaterialsRaw Materials.

Material[metro] MaterialWhat material is this made of?What material is used for this?▲ EquipmentIt has an electrical material factory.He owns an electronics factory.

maternalmaternal, maternal.

maternalon the mother's side, on the mother's side.

hue[metro] shading, hue.

bullying[metro] tyrant, authority figure.

rub[metro] much, brush.

marriedmarriedI got married three days ago.He got married three days ago.▲ CoupleIt was a well arranged marriage.They were a harmonious couple.


maximummaxim, proverb.

maximum[adj; metro] max.

CanI could.

mayorbigger, bigger; bigger, biggerJuan is older than his brother.John is taller than his brother.▲ older, olderWhat's your older sister's name?What is the name of your older (or older) sister? ▲ main (street)You live on the main street.You live on the main street.▲ [metro] greater thanI was older in the army.He was older in the army.through largerWholesaleWe only sell wholesale.We only sell wholesale.°the more)the majority (of), the majority (of).°be of agebe of age.

mostmajority, main part.OlderMajority (age.) °come of agereach adulthood.

wholesaler[metro] Wholesaler [And].

UE[pron object] me, for me; myself, for (or for) myselfWhen you saw me last night, I shaved.When you saw me last night, I shaved.


mechanicallymechanicallyThis toy is mechanical.This is a mechanical toy.▲ [metro] mechanicHe worked as a mechanic in a factory.He worked as a mechanic in a factory.

Mechanismmechanism, works (of machines).

mecanógrafo, mecanógrafodatilógrafo.

rocking chairrocking chair.

mecerRocaHe rocked the child in the cradle.He rocked the child in the cradle.°mecerseto swing (himself), to swing, to swingThe flowers swayed in the wind.The flowers swayed in the wind.


mediasockShe was wearing black stockings.She was wearing black stockings.▲ Stockings [And]He went in to buy socks.He went in to buy socks.

Mediation[F] Mediation.

transported(I understandto transmit) half full, half fullThe pitcher was mediated.oThe jug was half full. ▲ half finished, half finished.°in betweenin (or about) the middle (of a period)We are halfway through the month.We are halfway through the month.


Average[adj.] AverageHe is of medium height.He is of average height.▲ MediocreHis work was very normal.His work was very mediocre.

for himthrough throughThrough influence, he managed to get on board.He managed to book a ticket because he had a train. °god throughAccording to the will of God.

to transmitto transmitHe wanted to mediate the discussion.He wanted to mediate the discussion.

medicinemedicineWhat year of medicine are you studying?What year of medical school are you in?The doctor prescribed a medicine.The doctor prescribed medication.

doctor[adj.] Doctor.▲ [norte] doctor.

appreciatemeasure, measurei will measure itI take measure.▲ ruler, measureThis measure affected everyone.This rule applies to all.▲ number, sizeWhat is your shoe size?What is your shoe size?°measureto measure, to measure, to measureThe suit is made to order.The suit is made to measure.°andI likeWhen they arrive, tell them to come in.When they arrive, tell them to come in.°fill in (or fill in) the key figurebe the last strawFill out the invoice.This is the last straw.°Without measurewithout moderationDrink without measure.He drinks excessively.has measurehave a sense of proportion or moderationIt has no measure of what it does.He has no sense of proportion in what he does.°to take actionto take actionThey measured me for the suit.They took my measurements for the suit. ▲ to take action or stepsThey took steps to stop the rebellion.They took steps to stop the uprising.

Average[adj.] medium, mediumDo you want half a chicken?Do you want half a chicken? ▲ half, halfWe can meet in the afternoon.We can meet in the afternoon.▲ [metro] quiteThe car stopped in the middle of the street.The car stopped in the middle of the street.▲ meansI don't see any way to fix this.I don't see any way to fix this.placefifty fifty halvesWe make half the deal.We make fifty percent of the deal.°halfwayhalfway to a placeWe are halfway there.We are halfway behind us.to mediumdo halfThis job is half done.This work is half done.°do something by halvesdo something wrong, do an incomplete jobDon't do things by halves.Do not do incomplete works.°go halfwaygo halfway


Midday[metro] Noon, one.

to size[rad-ch III] appreciateHe measured the width and length of the room.He measured the length and width of the room.▲ Measure, weighIt does not measure what it says.Don't weigh your words.

Meditation[F] meditation, thought.

to meditatemeditate, think


improve[adj.] improveThis house is better than the other.This is a house better than the other.▲ betterIt is the best house in the city.It is the best house in the city.°in the bestmaybeMaybe it won't rain tomorrow.Maybe it won't rain tomorrow.°more preciselyor better, or betterI leave at three, rather at a quarter past three.I leave at three, rather at a quarter past three.better thaninstead, insteadBetter than writing, send a telegram.Instead of writing, he sends a telegram. °better than bettermuch better, much betterIf he comes, all the better.If he comes, much better.

it gets betterimprove, improve; Renovation, remodeling.

improveimprove, recoverHe seemed to be improving rapidly.He was obviously improving rapidly.▲ improve, improveimproved business.The business has improved.▲ improve, do betterWith the works they improved the house.With the changes the house was improved.

melancholiaMelancholy, Blues

melancholiagloomy, sad

oflong hair.

peach[metro] Peach.

liedthe melody.

watermelon[metro] Melona, ​​​​Melon.

Dulcesweet as honey.unforgettableunforgettable.

Memorymemory (not used to remember things)His memory was great.He had a wonderful memory.▲ Memo, reportWrote a report with the costs incurred.He made an expense note.°by heartdecorI memorized it.I memorized it.Try to rememberremember rememberThink and remember what happened.Try to remember what happened.°memoryregardsMany memories for your family.My regards to your family.▲ Regards.

to mentionto mention.


SeñorMixtureYou have to shake it while cooking.Must be stirred during cooking.▲ to stirDon't move the table.Do not shake the table.▲ shakeThe dog wagged its tail.The dog wagged its tail.

necessary[metro] profession, dutyTask.Homework. °be necessarybe necessaryYou don't have to come to me.You don't have to come to me.

menesterosoneedy, poor.▲ [norte] pray.

Forreduce, lessen

kleinerMoll, MollMaria is the youngest of the three.Maria is the smallest of the three. younger, youngerHe is the same age as my younger brother.He is the same age as my younger brother.▲ Less, less, lessI have no idea.In idea.▲ [metro] kleinerNot suitable for minors.Not suitable for minors.°retail traderetailRetail sale only.It was for retail only. ▲ meticulous, highly detailedHe described everything that happened.He recounted everything that happened in detail.°youngerMoll, Moll.

minority°irrelevant(age) minority.

retail[metro] retailers [And].

not lessless lessMy brother is six years younger than me.My brother is six years younger than me.—It is the cheapest of all.It is the cheapest of all.▲ [preparation] except, butYou can use all the books except this one.You can use all the books except this one.°at leastat leastAt least try to be on time.At least try to be on time.°unlessunlessI'll expect you tomorrow unless you let me know.I'll wait for you tomorrow if you don't tell me otherwise.°I missedloseHe missed his friends a lot.He missed his friends a lot.°at leastthe leastThat is the least.That is the least.at leastat leastAt least 600 men were killed in the fighting.At least six hundred men were killed in action.°Less than(before a digit) less thanI am less than fifteen years old.I am less than fifteen.at leastat leastIt costs at least a hundred pesos.It costs at least one hundred pesos.°come lesslose social positionThis family has come a long way.This family lost its social position.

message[metro] Message [And🇧🇷 Expedition [Eng].

Boat, BoatBote [And🇧🇷 Post [SP].°BotentaubeMessenger pigeon.

one my[adj.] a mes.

requiremint, mint


Geist[F] Mind (mental abilities).

To lie[rad-ch II] lie lie.

to lieto lie. 🇧🇷seems to be a lieit seems impossibleIt seems incredible that he is so old.It seems impossible that you are so old.||To lie!That is a lie!

retail trade°retail traderetail

frequentlytiny, very smallIt was a very small woman.She was a very small woman.▲ [metro] coins, exchange [And]Give me change and menudo.Give me change in bills and coins.°frequentlyfrequentlyI was with him often.I used to go to him often.


MercadoMercadoThis market has fruit and meat.This market has fruits and meats.°stock Exchangeif °has a market withdo business withWe have a market with all of America.We trade all over America.

fan shopgoods, merchandise

Exchangeindustrial, commercial

merited[F] FavoriteHave compassion...Please... °be at the mercybe at the mercyyour mercyyou (polite and familiar) [Kol]If His Grace wants it, we will go.If you want, we will.

to deserve[-zc-] to deserveThe question deserved study.The subject deserved investigation.he deserves itWorth.

meritvalue, merit.

Snack[rad-ch yo] for a snack or snack.


Having lunchAfternoon snack. °picnic in the fieldPicnic.

meritmerit, valuemake meritBuild goodwill, make yourself worthy.

meropure, simple; Only.

mes[metro] Mes.

low hillMesa.°Set the tableset the table.


Meson[metro] Country inn (for lower classes).

multirracial[adj; north] mestizo, (a) mestizo (white and Indian).

Metagoal, goal; finish line.

Metal[metro] metals; brass.°voice brassTone, timbre (of voice).

metallicmetallic.▲ [metro] coin(s)Do you want your money in cash?Do you want your money in coins?

MetroreleasePut the money in your pocket.Put the money in your pocket.▲ to get itFold the seams of the jacket a little.Pick something at the seams of the jacket.°To lietelling lies.°frightfrightThey are trying to scare us.You're trying to scare us.°make noisemake noiseDon't make so much noise.Don't make so much noise.°log inbecome (without prior thought or training)Decidió convertirse en escritor.He decided to become an author.°Join usstart a fightWhy are you kidding?Why do you fight with me?contractcontractHe went to bed.He went to bed.become a monk or nunbecome a monk or nunenter what you do not carebe curiousDo not get what you do not mind.Don't be so curious.

methodicalsystematic, methodical


MetroMetroI bought six yards of this fabric.Purchase six meters of this screen. ▲ Metro [SP]Take the subway here.Take the subway here.

MixtureMixtureDo you prefer whiskey straight or mixed with water?Do you want your whiskey neat or should I mix it with water? ▲ mixHere they blend coffee from Brazil and Colombia.Here they mix Brazilian and Colombian coffee.°Mixtureto confuseDon't go into it.Don't go into it.

mistingy, stingy; petty, miserable

to me; You are welcome[adj.] MiaWhere are my hat and gloves?Where are my hat and gloves?▲ [pron object] UEThis letter is for me.This letter is for me.||for me that!I do not care!

distressDistress. °to be scaredto be scaredI was very afraid of getting sick.He was very afraid of getting sick.

scaredscared, scared

Mel[F] mel.

MemberMemberIts limbs were paralyzed.His limbs were paralyzed.▲ LimbHe is a member of various societies.He is a member of various societies.

DuringDuringRead the newspaper while I have visitors.Read the newspaper while receiving the visit.°the more (or less)... more (or less)the more (or less)... more (or less)The more I sleep, the less I want to work.The more I sleep, the less I feel like working.°Duringnot unlessUnless you learn, you will not learn.If you don't study, you don't learn.°howeverhoweverThey'll be back soon, meanwhile let's play a game.You'll come back soon; Let's play a game in the meantime.


to memigaShe wiped the breadcrumbs off the tablecloth.He wiped the bread crumbs off the tablecloth.°find good friendsbe good togetherThe two friends got along well.The two friends got along well.finish itbe torn to piecesWhen the vase fell to the ground, it collapsed.The vase broke into pieces when it fell to the ground.there are crumbshave a point, if soonEverything he said had a crumb.Everything he said was concise.


militiaSoldier, "GI" [And].

Military-[adj.] MilitaryHe was conscripted for military service.He was conscripted for military service.▲ [metro] SoldierIt's a military club.It's a military club.

milongaParty and dance, "Dance", type of danceable music [Argentina].

millaFor us.

Millar[metro] Mio.

Million[metro] Millions.

millionaire, millionaireMillionaire.

Architect(a child) spoil, spoil.

Ownmine (excavation)The workers did not enter the mine that night.The workers did not enter the mine that night.—This business was a (gold) mine.That thing was a gold mine.▲ Mine (explosives)Navigation was difficult because there were mines.Navigation was difficult because there were mines.


Minimum[adj; metro] Minimum.

ministrydepartment (government)Is this the Department of Labor?Is this the Department of Labor? cabinetHe resigned from the ministry.The cabinet resigned.

MinisterMinister (member of a cabinet).

minorityminorityHe spoke on behalf of the minority.He spoke on behalf of the minority.

retail trade[metro] retailers [And].

comprehensivemeticulous, precise, meticulous.

ProtocolMemorandum; Minutes (of a meeting) °professional minuteimmediately [Argentina].

Protocol[adj.] minutes.▲ [metro] minutes.°not a minuteat this time.

my my; my feet, my[adj.] me meThese connections are not mine.These bonds are not mine.—He was a good friend of mine.He was a good friend of mine.°mi mi; me me[pron] MiaIs this pencil yours? mine is on the table.Is this pencil yours? mine is on the table.

Miraintention, intention, goalWhat are your sights?What are your intentions? ▲ Sight (of weapon).°Keep cavebe attentiveTry to keep an eye out for them when they appear.Try to stay alert in case they appear.°Be alertshowsHe has this location in mind.Bookmark this job.

searchlook, expressionYour appearance is smart.He has an intelligent expression.▲ Look, lookHis eyes showed hate.His eyes showed hate.°Just looklook lookHe looked at the book.He looked at the book.

verWatchWhere are you looking?What are you looking at?▲ lookHe looked from one to the other, searching for an answer.He looked from one to the other, waiting for an answer. ▲ look, lookWe must look at this matter more calmly.We must look at this matter more calmly. ▲ consider, thinkTake a good look at what you are doing.Think carefully about what you are doing. ▲ watch, be carefulWatch where you step.Be careful where you step.▲ to seeHe watched what we did.He observed what we did.°look atlook atThree of the bedrooms face the street.Three of the rooms face the street.▲ Looking towards (towards)I looked towards the sea.He looked towards the sea.°Look aroundLook aroundHe looked around to see if they were there.He looked around to see if they were there.°Look closelylook atShe looked directly at him.He looked at it over and over again.to blinklook out of the corner of your eyeShe glanced at him out of the corner of her eye as she spoke.She looked at him out of the corner of her eye as she spoke.look throughto worryDon't they have anyone to take care of them?Don't they have anyone to take care of them?look at each otherlook at each otherThey looked at each other and laughed.They looked at each other and started laughing. ▲ look at youHe liked to look in the mirror.He liked to look in the mirror.||¡Lama!Look here!oI'm listening!


miserablemiserable, miserable, miserableHe led a miserable life.He leads a miserable life.▲ contemptible, depravedIt was a miserable action.It was something despicable.▲ [norte] put somethingThis man was unhappy.This man was a villain.

miseryPovertyThe family was helpless.The family lived in poverty.▲ trifle, almsWhat they pay are starvation wages.They pay you starvation wages.

compassionMercy Mercy.

Mission, The MissionHonorific titles in the proper names of old women [col, arg, ven].

Mission[F] MissionThe government sent him on a mission to Russia.The government sent him on a mission to Russia.—These churches were built by the missions. Franciscan.Franciscan missions built these churches.

samesame, identicalIt's the same hat.It's the same hat.exactly hereexactly hereBye.We will meet here.°give immediatelyI do not careDo not care.He doesn't care.°It is rightthe sameI told him the same.That's exactly what I told him.°same-myselfi can do it by myselfI can do it by myself.-let her do it herselflet her do it herself


place[F] placeDo you want half of this cake?Do you want half of this cake? ▲ better half, wifeThere was Mr. Gomez with half a face.Mr. Gómez was present with his better half.°After half an hourIn the middleThe car was in the middle of the street.The car was parked in the middle of the street.°placein twoCut them in half.Reduce by half.||We are halfway behind us.We are halfway there.||We are (a) half the job.We are halfway behind us.

rally[metro] political meeting, rally.

mixedmixed. °mixed couplesMixed doubles (matches).°mixed trainmixed train (freight and passenger train).

piece of furniturePiece of furniture.

school bagschool bag

ModamodestlyDress in the latest fashion.He dresses in the latest fashion.°elegantelegantHe always wears fashionable suits.She always wears fashionable clothes.°Be fashionableto be popular, to be fashionableThis artist is very fashionable.This artist is very popular.°out of styleout of styleOld-fashioned.It's out of fashion.

ways[meter please] Ways.

model[adj.] model, perfectShe was an exemplary wife.She was an exemplary wife.▲ [norte] model, the one who posesIt is a good model for a sculpture.It is a good model for sculpting.▲ (Clothes) modelShe is one of the models in the store.She is one of the models in the store.▲ [metro] what to copy, modeloTake this as a model.Use this as a template.▲ template, style, patternI like this template.I like this model.||It has no model.she is not the same

moderation[F] Moderation.

moderate(I understandmoderate) [adj.] conservativethe moderate partyConservative party.

moderaterestrictYou humble. Porco ImpulseSuppress your impulses.°moderatebe temperate, temperate, control oneselfHe moderated his drink.He has stopped drinking.Out. Moderese!Control yourself!


modestymodesty, humilityHumility was his best quality.Modesty was his greatest quality.▲ Modesty, lack of ostentationHe dressed very modestly.He dressed very modestly.


modification[F] modification.



OutsideMethod, WayThat's the best way to fix it.This is the best way to solve it.°my (or his) waymy (or his) wayI do things my way.I do things my way.°with good mannerseducated. 🇧🇷with bad mannersbruteHe responded very sharply.He responded very sharply.right over here(In this wayI think it's better to do it this way.I think it's better to do it this way.forafterSo are you American?So are you American? ▲ thenWe're in a hurry, so we'll take a taxi.We're in a hurry, so we'll take a taxi.°no wayunder no (or no) circumstances, under no (or no) circumstancesI will not go at all.There's no way I'm leaving.NeverthelessNevertheless.

MohoMoho, moho.

Nasswet, moisten; soaking.

mofo[metro] Shape, Shape. °of moldfit for purpose, to the pointHis form.He goes straight to the point.


Walnut[rad-ch yo] nut, nut.

disturbdisturbDon't bother me!Don't bother me! ▲ disturbHe upset his friends with his words.His words angered his friends. ▲ annoy, annoyDo you mind if I smoke?Do you mind if I smoke? ▲ injuredThese shoes bother me a little.These shoes hurt a little.°get irritatedget irritatedBe careful what you say because he gets angry very easily.Be careful what you say, as he gets angry easily.

bother (in)annoy (a), annoy (a)Don't worry about traveling so much.Don't worry about traveling so much.

aggravationProblemSorry for the inconvenience.Sorry to bother you so much.▲ DiscomfortHe was not feeling very well, he had some restlessness.She wasn't very well; she felt some uneasiness.

irritatinguncomfortableYou're crazy?You feel bad? ▲ angryHe got angry and stopped talking to her.He got irritated and stopped talking to her.

lunar[metro] disorder, confusion, confusion [And].


hourAugenblick.°at this timeimmediately immediately. °sometimescoming soon.

monafemale monkey.▲ catIt has an awful sweetness.He has a terrible hangover.°like the monkeyterrible, terrible [Argentina]i feel like the monkeyI feel bad.


saying[f pl] Schrubben.

coincoinHe put some coins on the table.He put some coins on the table.▲ CoinWhere can I exchange foreign currency?Where can I exchange foreign currency?°pay in the same currencyPay with your own currency, an eye for an eye.

onlyit's not like that?

Monge[metro] Monge.

infectious mononucleosis[adj.] lindoHow cute is this girl!What a sweet girl! ▲ [metro] monoThe monkey is in the cage.The monkey is in the cage.°jack (for mechanics)General [SP]He was wearing a mechanic's overalls.It is war in general.




assembly(I understandarms) constructed.

mechanic[metro] Assembler (of machines).



armsride a horse)Don't ride that horse because it will knock you off your feet.Don't ride that horse; he will play with you ▲ configure, assemble, installA machine had to be assembled at the factory.A machine had to be installed at the factory▲ to socket (a gem)Five diamonds were set in the ring.You put five diamonds in the ring.°ride theAmount (in cash)How much is my debt?How much is my debt?ride a horsePaseoEvery morning he rode a horse.He rode a horse every morning.°armsenter or enter, enter (a vehicle)I hurt my foot while driving.I hurt my foot getting into the car.°be bravedriving me crazyWhen he heard that, he got angry.When he found out, he was furious.°Tourclimb, driveThey mounted their horses and left.They mounted their horses and left.

monte[metro] BergHe climbed to the top of the mountain.Climbed to the top of the mountain.▲ Grove, forestThe forest was so dense that it was almost impossible to cross it.The forest was so dense that it was difficult to get through it.

very[metro] heap, heapI have many things to doI have many things to do

monumentalmonumental, powerful


The bookknot, knot (of hair).

MoraBlackberry; Moorish woman.

Moral-[adj.] moralIt is not a very moral book.It is not a very moral book.▲ ​​[F] moralThe morale of these men was great.The morale of these men was excellent.▲ [metro] black mulberry.

Moral[F] Moral, moral.

to bite[rad-ch yo] to bite.

mehrnrdark, brown skin (tea).▲ [norte] person of color [Antilles].

Die[and] To dieWhen he died, his entire family surrounded him.His entire family was around him when he died.°To dieTo be very scaredI really want to see it.I really want to see it.°To dieTo dieDied last year.Died last year.-I was scared to death.I was scared to death.To starveto starveIn order not to starve, he accepted the job.He took the job so he wouldn't starve.die forhow much, be crazyHe dies for beer.He's crazy about beer.°Die...!Down with...!Death to the king!Down with the king!Moro[adj.]Maurisch.▲ [norte]Steal.

SchmuddeligDark skin [And].

mortal[adj.] mortalThe wound he sustained was fatal.The wound he sustained was fatal. ▲ deadly, terribleA deadly enemy.A deadly enemy.▲ [metro] be deadlyIt happens to all mortals.It happens to all mortals.

matarhumiliate, degradeWhat I said offended me.What I said offended me.▲ pain, problemThese shoes are killing me.These shoes hurt.°matarI tormented you




contador[metro] Counter (in a store).

Show[rad-ch yo] ShowHe showed the doctor the wound.He showed his wound to the doctor. ▲ show, showHe showed great sadness.He showed great sadness.Appearappear, appearHe wanted to be pampered now.He wanted to appear tolerant right now.

Dissident[metro] Surname; by the way.

revolt[metro] Riot, riot, riot.

to motivateWell

Reasonmotive, reasonwithout reasonno way.

Motor-[metro] The motor.

Motor-[rad-ch yo] MotorMove this table to the corner.Move this table to the corner.▲ to useHe moved his influences to get a position.He used his connections to get a job▲ to motivateIt did not move lucrative interests.He was not motivated by profit.▲ wake upStir the soup until it boils.Stir the soup until it boils.°move a tailmove the bootyMoverMoverTry not to move too much.Try not to move too much.

mobile phone, mobile phone[adj.] mobile phone, mobile phone.

mobile phone, mobile phonemobile phone, mobile phoneHe belongs to a mobile brigade.He belongs to a mobile brigade.[metro] ReasonWhat reason did you have to come here?What made you come here?

mobilization[F] Mobilization.

mobilizeto mobilize

movementmovement, movementThe train immediately began to move.The train left on time.▲ MovementHe belonged to a progressive movement.He belonged to a progressive movement.▲ TrafficThere is a lot of movement on this street.There is a lot of traffic on this road.▲ Animation, actionThe first scene has a lot of movement.The first scene has a lot of action.

Carayoung man, young man (peasant class).▲ WaiterWaiter, bring me the lunch list!Waiter, bring me the lunch menu!▲ Porter, red cap.°Good GuyHandsome [And🇧🇷 well built [SP].

maid, maidservo [And].

girlgirlShe seems to be an excellent girl.She seems like a nice girl.▲ young (adolescent)His daughters are already girls.Their daughters are already in their teens.▲ MaidsTell the maid to make the beds.Tell the maid to make the beds.

girlchildren's action, game; 🇧🇷Argentina] boy gang.

YoungYoungI played with other boys.I played with other boys.

lots[adj.] LotsIt doesn't have much power.It doesn't have much strength. ▲ long, extendedI waited a long time for you.I have been waiting for you for a long time.▲ [announcement] very veryHe drank a lot.I used to drink a lot▲ oftenThese things happen often.These things happen often.▲ longdon't make me wait too longDon't make me wait too long.°batchesbatchesThere were many children in the square.There were many children in the square.°not much lessor something, far from itHe is not stupid, far from it.He is not stupid; far from it.°We sorryI am so sorryI am very sorry for what is happening to you.I am very sorry for what happened to you.

changerelocation, change of residence; change, advance

Tempochange underwear.

Change of)changeOpinions changed every day.He changed his mind daily.The entire electrical installation had to be changed.All electrical installations had to be replaced.°walk away)Changing clothes)Did you change your suit?Have you changed your clothes?Moving (house, apartment or room)move, change residenceHe decided to move (home) the same day.That same day he decided to move.

overtimestupid, stupid; no words.▲ [norte] mute (the person cannot speak).°silent filmSilent movies.piece of furniture[adj.] mobile.▲ [metro] Piece of furnitureI really like this piece of furniture.I really like this piece of furniture.piece of furniturepiece of furnitureThe furniture in the room was modern.The furniture in the room was modern in style.personal propertymovable property, movable property

molar toothgrind, grind; month°toothachetoothache.

DockeducatedA quiet life.A quiet life.▲ [metro] spring (wire); dock.

tod[F] Tod. °decadentworthless, brittle.°war to the deathfight to the death.

died(I understandDie) died.

ShowshowSend fabric samples.Send a fabric swatch.▲ Sign (Store)Did you read the sample correctly?Did you read the sign right?give samplesshow signsHe showed signs of not understanding anything.She showed no signs of understanding.

tierra[F] Dirt, dirt, dirt.

madam[F] Woman; Wife.

Vonfemale mule.

mulatto[adj; metro] mulatto.


the morefine (penalty).


Engineering team[F] CrewHe opened the balcony to see the crowd.He opened the bay window to see the crowd.▲ CrowdsIn his speech he addressed the crowd.His speech was addressed to the masses.°a bunch ofmany manyA variety of ideas come to mind.I have many ideas


Bumpworldwide, universal, worldWorld Warto world war.

BumpBumpHe has traveled all over the world.He traveled all over the world.▲ world, environment, circle(s)He visited the world of letters.He moved in literary circles.°big worldHigh Society.°there is (a lot) worldbe demanding or experienced.°worldworldThey were all gathered in the room.They were all gathered in the room.life of the worldworld, mundane lifeHe left worldly life and entered a monastery.He left the world and entered a monastery.

ammunition, ammunition[F] Ammunition.


impulsesLegumes; Puppet.

Magic wandwall (of a city).

mumblewhisper, whisper

gossip[F] Gossip, slander.

mumblemurmurHe muttered some unintelligible words.He mumbled some unintelligible words.▲ mutter, whisperHe whispered a few words in her ear.He murmured a few words in her ear▲ to applaudThey spent the afternoon gossiping about everyone.They spent the afternoon gossiping about everyone.

Magic wandouter wall (of a house or garden).



MusicMusicWe listened to classical music.We listen to classical music.▲ Band (of musicians)Music was at the forefront of the parade.The band led the parade.▲ NotesI can't play it from memory, please give me the song.I can't play it from memory, please give me the song.

Musical[adj.] musicals.

MusicianMusicals.▲ [metro] Musician.


black manwithered; depressant

mutualeach other, each other

veryveryI am in very poor health.My health is very bad.—I wrote it very fast.I wrote very fast.°it is very unfortunateit is deeply unfortunateIt is very unfortunate that this is happening.It is deeply unfortunate that this has happened.


with youwith you.

Was born[-zc-] be bornHe was born in Spain.He was born in Spain▲ at the beginning, originThe idea was born during the party.The idea began to sprout at the party.▲The onions are already born.The onions have already sprouted.▲ Get up, appearThe sun rises earlier in summer.The sun rises earlier in the summer.▲ Ascent, spring, have their originThe river flows into the Rocky Mountains.The river originates in the Rocky Mountains.°born standingborn happyTo be man was born standingThis man was born happy.

birthdaybirth.▲ beginning, sourceWhere is the source of this river?Where is the source of this river?

Nation[F] Nation.


nationality[F] Nationality.

nothingnothing nothingThere is nothing in this box.There is nothing in this box.—He didn't give me anything.He didn't give me anything.▲ [announcement] no wayIt's not easy at all.It's not easy at all.You are welcomeYou are welcome"Thanks a lot." "You are welcome.""Thanks a lot." "You are welcome."


NadarNadarYou know how to swim?You know how to swimlive on the fat of the landfleshpotFrom a very young age he swam abundantly.From his youth he lived in luxury.

no onenobody, nobody, nobody, nobodyNobody came.Nobody came.-I have not seen anybodyI have not seen anybody.-Nobody knows him.Nobody knows him.

men suit[metro] (Playing card.


grandfatherGrandfather; Nurse; Lullaby; 🇧🇷And] Breast.

Orangeorange.°half orangehalf orangeShe is his better half.She is his better half.


Orangenhain[metro] Orangenhain.

orange, orangeorange seller; orange grower.


narcotic[adj.] narcotic.▲ [metro] narcotic, drug.

Nose[F] Nose.

indigenous[adj.] native.

Naturally[adj.] of course.▲ [norte] nativeHe is from Uruguay.He is from Uruguay.▲ [metro] predisposition, natureHe has a sad character.He has a sad temperament.

NatureNatureNature is diverse in tropical countries.Nature is diverse in tropical countries.▲ ConstitutionThe patient was not very kind.The patient did not have a very good constitution.▲ Temperament, dispositionI was naturally very nervous.He had a nervous temperament.

naturalness[F] naturalnessHe drives very naturally.He behaves very naturally.

naturalization[F] Naturalization.

piato be (ship) destroyedThis ship was wrecked off the Chilean coast.This ship sank off the coast of Chile. ▲ fail, fallThe negotiations failed.The negotiations failed.


shipwreck, shipwreckshipwreck, shipwreck


termsPocket knife, pocket kniferazorrazor.


nave[F] SchiffDespite the hurricane, the ship made it to port.Despite the hurricane, the ship made it to port.

Navigation[F] navigation.▲ travelWe had a difficult navigation.We had a difficult journey.

Browser[metro] Browser.

searchnavigate, navigate.



necessary[adj.] necessary.

need[F] necessity, necessityHe felt the need for climate change.He felt the need for climate change.

needneedWe need more workers.We need more workers.

deny[rad-ch yo] denyHe denied knowing the man.He denied knowing this man.▲ denyThey denied him a raise.They denied him a raise. ▲ denyHe denied any responsibility for the accident.He denied any responsibility for the accident.°denydenyHe refused to help me.He refused to help me.

Negative[adj.] negative, non-negativeHis answer was negative.His answer was negative.▲ [metro] negativeDo you want to lend me the negatives of these photos?Can you lend me the negatives of these photos?


negotiation[F] Negotiation.

distributor[metro] entrepreneur.

NegotiateNegotiateThey met to negotiate the terms of peace.They met to negotiate peace terms▲ to do businessMy friend wants to trade with South American houses.My friend wants to do business with South American companies.

approvalbusiness, interestYou have oil business.You have oil interests.°Round table for companiesgood businessEsa The purchase was a 24/7 deal.This purchase was a good deal.

negro[adj.] black.▲ gloomy, darkThe future looked very bleak.The future looked very bleak.▲ [norte] Black BlackWe listen to some black religious songs.We listen to some black spirituals.▲ [metro] negro (color).°black happinessvery bad luckHe's unlucky.He is very unlucky.

Nene, NeneDrinks.

New Yorker, New YorkerNew Yorker.



Red[adj.] liquid °liquid weightliquid weight.


lung infectionLung infection.

neutral[adj.] neutral.


unable to[rad-ch yo] The paragraph cannotIt never snows in this country.It never snows in this country.

refrigeratornevera, nevera.

nono, no.▲ not evenHe didn't even say goodbye.He didn't even say goodbye.ni... niNot evenHe cannot speak English or Spanish.Cannot speak English or Spanish.°not evennot once, not onceHe didn't even say a word.He didn't say a single word.



fogNebel, Nebel, Nebel.

the netThe net.


No[F] No.

Nono, not one, not oneNeither of them could lift the weight.None of them could lift the weight.” NoneNo free space?No free rooms?

nonenoneNone of my friends know.None of my friends know.▲ noneDon't like any of these?Don't like any of these?▲ none or none (anything or nothing)He has no servant.He has no servant.°no wayunder no circumstances, in no wayNo way would I.No way would I go.no wayunder no circumstances, in no wayYou definitely shouldn't go out today.There is no way you should go today.°nowherenowhereI have not found it anywhereI couldn't find it anywhere.

girlgirlShe looks like a girl in this outfit.You look like a little girl in this dress.▲ Babydon't be a girlDon't be a baby.▲ young lady [And].▲ Miss (used by servants) [And]Ask Mrs. Maria.Ask Miss Mary.°good girlglamorous girlapple of the eyepupil (of the eye) .▲ eyeballHe loves her like the apple of his eye.She is the apple of his eye.

little girlInfantilism.▲ Child actionThis is a girl.That's childish.

childhood[F] childhood.

Class[adj.] nuevoI was very young when this happened.I was very young when this happened.▲ ChildishHe is still very young.It's still too childish.▲ [metro] YoungHe has two boys and a girl.He has two boys and a girl.°KinderKinderA group of children were playing in the park.A group of children were playing in the park.

Level[metro] Level.

LevelLevelThey leveled the ground in no time.You leveled the ground in a very short time▲ to keep your balanceWe need to level our budget.We need to balance our budget.

NoNerd"Would you do that?" "I will not do it.""Would you do that?" "I will not do it." 🇧🇷It's not like that[And] good this wayjust do it like thisdo it anywayno moreeasy no moreThat and nothing else.That and nothing else.°so it's not thatbutWe have to hurry so they don't close the store.We have to hurry, otherwise the store will be closed.

edel[adj.] edel.

AdelAdel, Adel.

Evening[F] Night.▲ Night (after sunset), NightGood evening!Good evening!oGood night!°last nightlast nightIt was very cold last night.It was very cold last night.°all night until tomorrowovernightHe got rich overnight.He got rich overnight.°TonightTonightWe are going to the cinema tonight.Let's go to the movies tonight.°become nightdarkenI have to go because it's getting dark.I have to go; it's getting darklate at nightlate at nightIt was late at night when we got back.It was late at night when we got back.

Good eveningGood nightEncourage Christmas Eve with my family.I spend Christmas Eve with my family.

performance[F] term, idea.

Commitmentfinished; Commitment.

Namename, mentionIn the conversation we mentioned this man.We mentioned this gentleman in conversation.▲ to mentionThey named him chairman of the commission.They named him chairman of the committee.

Name[metro] NameWhat is your name?What is your name? ▲ fame, prestigeHis book gave him many names.His book brought him great fame. ▲ ReputationThis company has a very good name.This company has a good reputation.▲ NounIn this case, the adjective comes before the noun.In this case, the adjective comes before the noun.surnamelast name last namename and surnameFull nameEnter your first and last name.Write your full name.°it has no namebe elusiveWhat he did has no name.What he has done is indescribable.°Name)name, callWhat name will you give it?what will they call you

northeast[metro] Northeast.

normal[adj.] normal; Meeting.

Norte[metro] North.▲ North windA very strong north blows.▲ very strong north wind blows.

North American[adj; north] North American (specifically used in all Spanish-speaking countries to denote people or things from or from the United States).

NousWe were not invited to the party.They didn't invite us to the party.They came looking for us.They came looking for us.▲ each other, each otherWe meet on the street.We met on the street.

ususWe are ready.We are ready.°OurselvesOurselvesWe did it ourselves.We did it ourselves.

useUseDo you have many notes in your notebook?Do you have a lot of notes in your notebook?—Out of tune on high notes.On high notes it becomes flat.—We have received a message from the Spanish consulate.We have received a note from the Spanish consulate.▲ Note, noteHe got very good grades in the Spanish exam.He got a very good grade in the Spanish exam.▲ Grade, reputationHe is a note typist.He is a remarkable writer.▲ Footnote, marginal note.°play a discordant notebe the disruptorHe struck the discordant note.She was out of place. or you spoke out of place.°take notesannotate, writeI wrote everything that happened on the trip.I wrote everything that happened on the trip.

Notableremarkable, remarkable; distinguishable.

EUnotice, notice, seeWe did not notice the change in altitude.We did not notice the change in altitude.

Usospublic notary.

NewsNews; new stuffHow did you find out about the news?How did you hear about the news?▲ DisclaimerPut a story in the newspaper.Place an ad in the newspaper.°late newsOutdatedSounds to me like you're falling behind on the news.I think you're late.

notifynotify, inform

News[F] novelty, latest fashionThis store offers the latest in men's items.This store has the latest in men's fashion.▲ NewsIt is new for me!It is new for me! ▲ surpriseThis is news!What a surprise!°nothing newas always; nothing new nothing new"What's new?" "Nothing new.""No news?" "Nothing new."


novelist[m, f] novelist.

NinthNovena (nine day devotional).

no[adj.] Nerd.


Girlfriendgirlfriend, bride; girlfriend.


Freunddarling, girlfriend; engaged.

a cloud[F] a cloud. ▲ CrowdA cloud of people surrounded him.A crowd surrounded him.°is in the cloudsdreamHe is always in the clouds.Always dream.°In the cloudsHigh skyThe prices are through the roof!The prices are through the roof.

mistycloudy, cloudy



ourourOur Spanish teacher is from Madrid.Our Spanish teacher is from Madrid.▲ ourA friend of ours gave it to us.▲ friend ofour (oOne of our friends) gave us ▲ oursIt's not ours, it's yours.It's not ours, it's yours.

nuevonuevoIt is now nine.It's nine now.

nuevonuevoThe table was new.The table was new.What's new here?What's new here?▲ new, differentThe new director has arrived.The new director is here.°againagainYou must do it again.You must do it again.||is new for meIt is new for me.

Walnut[F] Walnut.

Nulllearning, null.

Boxnumber, seat numberThey numbered the seats.They numbered the seats.

numbernumberWhat is your phone number?What is your phone number?▲ Size (Clothes)What jersey number are you wearing?What size shirt do you wear? ▲ number, editionDo you have the latest issue of this magazine?Do you have the latest issue of this magazine?

Oh noNeverHe never spoke to me.He never spoke to me.I have never seen herI have never seen her


potato[metro] potato [Antilles].

noSee Japan.

we were bornboring nose [And].

No[metro] ||He is a ñeque man.he is a real manAnd].


ñudo°to the knotin vain [Argentina].


ooThree or four friends come.Three or four friends come.

°la laoEither you do this or I kill you.Either you do this or I kill you.°what i mean by thatNamelyThe party will take place next Monday, which is August 25.The party will take place next Monday, which is August 25.

bones[metro] Bones.

to obey[-zc-] to obeyYou must obey my orders.You must obey my orders. ▲ raison d'être arise fromWhat is all this for?What is the reason for all this?




objection[F] objection.

ObjectObjectThere were various items on the table.There were various items on the table.▲ PurposeThe purpose of his visit was purely commercial.The purpose of your call was purely commercial.

obliquely[adj.] oblique.

Obligation[F] ObligationYou are required to answer.It is your duty to respond.▲ Commitment, responsibilityWith such a large family, he has many commitments.With such a big family, you have a lot of responsibilities.

forceforce, force, forceThey forced him to sign.They forced him to sign it.°They are forcedforce, compelHe was forced to pay.He promised to pay for it.

necessaryobligatory, obligatory, obligatory.

constructionto workLet's get to work.To work.▲ book(s), work(s)Cervantes' work is universally admired.The works of Cervantes are universally admired.▲ Show, performanceHow was the play you saw last night?How was the show last night?In worksunder construction, under repairThis house is under construction.This house is being repaired.°masterpieceMasterpiece.||Get to work!Let's get to work!

ajado, actWork how you want.Do what you want.▲ Act, behaveYou acted carelessly.You acted without thinking.acting in the power ofNot to bepossession of, in someone's handsThe letter is in my possession.The letter is in my possession.

employeeworker, worker

the healer[-zc-] darkenIn winter it gets dark early.In winter it gets dark early.°o(b)curacersedarkenThe sky trembled.The sky darkened.

the (b) darkness[F] darkness, gloom.

or (b) obscure[adj.] gloomyAt five it is already night.At five it is already night.—I would like a dark blue suit or (b).I want a dark blue suit. ▲ indistinct, not clearThe meaning of this sentence is quite obscure.The meaning of this phrase is not very clear.a or (b) courtin the dark, in the darkThe room was dark.The room was dark.

OnlyLavish care, lavish entertainmentAll the time he was with his friends, they gave him many gifts.All the time he was with his friends, he was generously entertained. ▲ give awayThey gave him (with) a bouquet of flowers.They gave her a bouquet of flowers.

giftpresent, present

Use[F] remark, suggestionCan I make a note for you?Can I make a suggestion?under observationunder observationHe was observed in a sanatorium.He was observed in a sanatorium.

observer[adj.] watchHe is a very observant boy.He's a very observant guy.▲ [metro] observerThe French government sent an observer.The French government sent an observer.

verNoticeDo you observe changes in the patient?Do you notice any changes in the patient?▲ ObserveLook what they do.Look what they do.°be careful with good mannersbehave.

obstacleobstacle, obstacle.

tenacity[F] Obstinacy, stubbornness.

strong headedstrong headed.

persistto insist on meHe insists on staying at home.He insists on staying at home.

preventhinder, blockThis car was blocking traffic.This car was blocking traffic.°obstructbe blocked or obstructedThe pipe was often clogged.The pipe was often clogged.

take it[and] get, getWhere did you get these reports?Where did you get this information from?


Chance[F] coincidence, chanceHere is your chance to find a job.You may find a job here.▲ Time, occasionThis is not the best time to ask him.This is not the best time to ask him about it.°taking advantage of the opportunitytake advantage of a situationReasonusedHe bought a used car.He bought a used car.

WellWellThis neglect can cause a fire.This oversight could have caused a fire.

occidental[adj.] West;West.▲ [norte]Occidental.

West[metro] Oste; Film del oeste.


idlenessspare time, spare timeidlenessidlenessI will do it in my spare time.I will do it in my spare time.

Neutrallazy lazyHe was an idle man.He was a lazy guy.

octaves[adj.] respect, think highly of.



hiddenhidden, hidden

occupation[F] the businessIf you don't have work tomorrow, come this way.If you have nothing to do tomorrow, come.▲ ProfessionThe distribution was made in order.The occupation was carried out in an orderly manner.

tried(I understandoccupy) testedToday I will be busy all day.I'll be busy all day today.▲ busy, busyIs this floor occupied?Is this apartment occupied?

occupyoccupy, take possession ofThey occupied a new city.They occupied a new city.▲ takeYou can take this chair.You can occupy this chair.▲ to liveHe rented a room on the third floor.He lived in a room on the third floor.°take care of yourselfbe careful, be carefulHe hardly cares about his family.He pays very little attention to his family.Ideafunny jokeThis man's deeds made everyone laugh.Jokes like this made everyone laugh.

to occurehappen, happenGet out there and see what happens.Come out and see what is happening.°happen to ahappen to aI have a good idea.I have a good idea.

ochavoth centurydoes not have eighthwill run out of money.


yeight; eighth (day of the month).

to hateto hate.

to hateto hate.

hatefulmeans troubleWhat hate!How rude!

West[metro] West.

take offensetake offenseI told him and he was not offended.I told him and he was not offended.

offenseinsult, insult (personal).

offensive[adj.] offensive.


officially[adj.] officialHe was away on business.He left on an official mission.▲ [metro] Police officerI was an army officer.He was an army officer.°Senior officerChief Secretary (government or civil service).


secretary[m, f] employee, employee; Secretary.

I'm workingManual work, profession, tradeWhat is your job?What is your job?-He is a carpenter by profession.He is a carpenter by trade.religious services)religious services).

offer[-zc-] offerYou're offering me a new job.You offer me a new job.°Offeroffer to be of serviceI offer myself to you for everything.I am entirely at your disposal.

Offerthe offer, the offer.

Offeroffering (religious)

¡oh!Oh! Oh!

I have heardAudition. 🇧🇷by (or by) rumorhearsay

Ohr(inner earyour ears hurtHe has an earache.▲ ListenIt was very difficult to hear.It was very difficult to hear him.°to the earwhisper in earHe whispered something in her ear.She whispered something in his ear.Listenslisten listenHe didn't want to hear that.He didn't want to hear that.with the earwith the earHe played the piano by ear.He played the piano by ear.have a good earhave a good ear (for music); have a good ear

Listens[and] ListensI don't hear well; speaking out loud.I don't hear well; speak louder.▲ listenListen, please, I have a question for you.Listen please, I have a question.|| Hears! Hello! (telephone) [SP].

buttonhole[metro] buttonhole.

Wish!||I wish (he) would come!I wish he would come!

searchMira. °Just lookmiró

looklook throughHe leafed through the newspaper quickly.He quickly looked through the paper.

ojoOjoThe doctor looked him in the eye.The doctor looked into his eyes.°Cost an arm and a legIt costs a lotIt cost us an arm and a leg.It cost us a lot.In a momentin a short time.°¡ojo!search!eye! that will fallSight! will fall °waterholewater source.°key eyekeyholeblack eye, black eyeblack eyeThey gave him a black eye.They gave him a black eye.°take a look(very attentionPay attention!Pay attention!°have a good eyehave a good eye or foresightyou had a good eyeYou have shown good foresight.

Holawave (water).

curling[metro] Bumps, undulations.

Smell[rad-ch yo] smellIt smells very good.Smells great.—He smelled danger and decided not to go.He smelled danger and decided not to go.

Smellsense of smell

Olive[metro] Olive.



to bePfanne.

Smell[metro] smell, smell.


I forgetforgetYou forgot somethingYou forgot somethingforget)forgetForget what happened.Forget what happened.


omission[F] omission.

letletfor all[metro] Bus.

onceeleven; Eleventh (day of the month).

afterwave (of hair); Ripple (of water).°short wave, broad waveShort wave, broad wave (radio).

curling[F] wave, waiver. °continuopermanente.

wavy(I understandassent) wavy.▲ [metro] Hello Hello.

assenteggs, eggs




operation[F] OperationThe doctors decided to operate.The doctors agreed to perform the operation.▲ Operation (mathematical), calculationDo you want to check the operation?Do you want to check the calculations?▲ Running (Mil)The general directed the operations.The general directed the operations.

to workoperate on itThey operated on him for appendicitis.They operated on him for appendicitis.

operator, operatorOperators, skilled workers.

mijudge, have (or be) an opinion.

opinion[F] OpinionWhat do you think about this?What is your opinion?

vacation[and] to set upThey faced all kinds of obstacles.They put up all kinds of obstacles.°to refuse)to refuseNo one opposed this project.No one opposed this project.

Chance[F] Chance.

opportuneappropriate, proper, properHis intervention was timely.His intervention was timely.

Opposition[F] Opposition.

PrintPressHe oppressed the weak.He oppressed the weak. ▲ be tightThe belt was too tight.The belt was too tight.

opticalopticalI go to the optometrist to buy glasses.I go to the optometrist to buy glasses.


optimisticoptimistic.▲ [metro] optimistic.

opposite(I understandvacation) [adj.] opposite.▲ oppositeI was on the opposite side.I was on the opposite side.

opulentreich, opulento

Verdict [F] VerdictWrite very short sentences.Write very short sentences.▲ SentenceHe said his prayers.He said his prayers.

spokesman[metro] spokesman.

Orbit[F] orbit.

query[F] command(s), command, statementI did not receive orders from my superiors.I have not received any orders from my manager.▲ Order (commercial)We ship your order via New Orleans.We ship your order via New Orleans.▲ Order (religious)The Franciscan Order.The Franciscan Order.▲ [metro] QueryHe worked without commission.He had no order in his work.°at your serviceat your service. °an orderan orderEverything was in order.Everything was in order.Agendaorder of the day, order of the day

clean upTidyWe have to ask for these papers.We need to put these papers in order.▲ to orderHe ordered the food to be served.They served him dinner.°arrangebe tidy

commonhabitualWhat is the normal price for this?What is the normal price for it? ▲ usualHe was an ordinary man.He was an ordinary man.▲ vulgarHe's just an ordinary guy.He is a very vulgar guy.simple letterRegular mail. °usuallyusuallyHe usually comes in the morning.He usually comes in the morning.

OhrOhrHas big ears.He has big ears.▲ act [And]The ear of the cup was broken.The cup handle broke.°uncover the eargive up.



Organization[F] Organization.

organizer[adj.] Organization.▲ [metro] Organizer.°Organizing Committee Organizing Committeefinder's commission

organizeorganizeThey will organize the club next week.They are going to organize the club next week.▲ organize, organizeHe organized a party.She organized a party.

OrganoOrganoThe singer was accompanied by an organ.The singer was accompanied by an organ.—He has no healthy organs.He does not have any healthy organs in his body.—this newspaper is organ of a political party.This newspaper is the organ of a political party.

Orgydrunken party, orgy.


stallproud, arrogant

oriental[adj.] oriental; Orientals.▲ [norte] oriental.

Manualfind your way, orient yourself.

Leste[metro] It is; Manual.

Those[metro] ThoseI know the origin of the whole story.I know the origin of the whole story.▲ Descent, extractionIt is of French origin.He is of French descent.

OriginalOriginal; eccentric, strangeHe is a very original guy.He is a very eccentric person.▲ [metro] originalMake the original and three copies.Make one original and three copies.

originality[F] originality; strangeness, eccentricity

indigenousbeginThis phrase sparked a discussion.This phrase sparked a discussion.

BancoBancoThe banks of the river were covered with trees.The banks of the river were heavily forested.▲ Rim, rimThe rim of the cup is broken.The rim of the cup is bruised.°seashoreseashore


orchestraOrchestra (musicians).

OrthographySpelling (written).

operating systemyou, for you [Fapl, Sp; I get it ma]I told you not to do that anymore.I told you not to do that again.

insolenceBoldness, boldness, boldness.

Urso UrsoSupport.

swagger[F] pump.

boastbrag, brag

Scharf[metro] Scharf [Mexico].



Othersanother, anotherI like this one better.I like this one better.▲ othersI want anotherwould you like anotheranything elsesomething (or something) moreyou want something moreyou want something more(mutualmutualThey looked at each other in surprise.They looked at each other in surprise.anything elsesomething else, something elseThat is another matter.This is something else.againagainAre you going to come back here again?Are you going to come back here?on the other handon the other hand.°mutualOtherThey looked at each other.They looked at each other.

Ovation[F] Cheers, applause.

The sheepThe sheep.


listener[m, f] listener, listener.


patiencepatience, tolerance

Patient[adj.] patientlyWhat a patient boy!What a patient child!▲ [norte] patientlyYou can't visit patients after six.Patients cannot be visited after six.

Bundagreement, pact

Tisch[-zc-] leidenI suffer from migraines.I suffer from headache.

Padre[metro] good.▲ VaterThey called a father.They called a priest.Country[metro] paidHis parents are French.His parents are French.

CrownCrownHe went to his godfather.He visited his godfather.▲ Benefactor, patronHe has very good godparents.It has very good sponsors.

PaellaRice dish with meat or chicken.

countingsalary salary.

Worktop[metro] Pay box, Treasurer.

countingcountingYou have to pay in advance.You need to pay in advance.▲ to payThey paid the claim in installments.They paid the claim in installments.°pay against receiptCOD°pay the duckbe the scapegoat, take the blameI always have to pay the price.I'm always the one to blame.°pay himpay pay)Sooner or later you will take revenge on me!Sooner or later you will pay.oI will take revenge on you!°Pay yourselfbe vainIt's worth a lot.He is very vain.

sidepage (of a book).

I paypayment method.

Tierra[metro] TierraThis part of the country is full of forests.This part of the country is heavily forested.°in the countryDomesticDo you like country wine?Do you like national wine?

scenery[metro] landscape, landscape.countryman, countrymanPerson from the same province or cityThis gentleman is Galician; he he is my countrymanThis gentleman is Galician; he is from my province.▲ commonerThere were some soldiers and many civilians in the square.There were some soldiers and many civilians in the square.°common clothingand Zivil, I am MuftiHe was dressed as a civilian.He was wearing civilian clothes.

StrohStroh.°push himdraw strawsLet's give him a handjob and see who pays.Let's draw it with a toothpick to see who pays.

VogelVogelA bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.▲ Bird in the hand is worth two in flight.

Palashovel, shovel; dustpan

mustmustHow do you spell this word?How to write this word?say somethingtell personally, say by word of mouthIt's better if you say it than not in writing.It is better to say it in person than in writing.°herb!honestly! Do not cheat! it is not a joke!What he told you is true, my word!Really! What she said is true.word of honorword of honorHe gave his word of honor.He gave his word of honor.°big wordsno joke, insultThose are big words.That's not a joke.oit is an insultask (or have) the floor. "I ask permission to speak!" "One moment, please. Now the president has it.""May I use the word?" "One moment, please. Now the president has the floor."


stagestage (theatre).


hittinghit hit.

Palmapalm (leaf, tree)The avenue was lined with palm trees.The avenue was lined with palm trees.▲ Palm (hand)I know this place like the back of my hand.I know this place like the back of my hand.°take the palmTo win the prize, load the tagI think you took the cake.I think you won the prize.

Tapaspalms; pat (on the coasts).°applaudclap, clap

PalmaWingspan (length measurement: 8 inches).

paloStockHe had a cane in his hand.He had a stick in his hand.▲ PoloThe telegraph pole fell to the ground.The telegraph pole fell.▲ WoodSpoons and forks were made of wood.The spoon and fork were made of wood.▲ Tree [And]The canes are blooming.The trees are blooming.▲ Color (on maps)What suit is trump?what is triumphof the Popeto the club, hitThey hit him.You hit him.

palomaTaube, Taube.

exciting[adj.] hitting, hitting.

pulsatethrob, throb, quiver.

pampaPampa, Ebenen [Argentina].°be in the pampasto be outside, to camp [And].

Pfanne[metro] Fraction.°whole potwhole grain breaddry bread, stale breadstale bread.°soft breadfresh bread.


baker, bakerBaker.



Gangstergangster [And].

listbun bread)The buns are very soft.The buns are very soft.

Panicpanic, fright


bodybedside lampChange the shade of this lamp.Change the tone of this lamp.▲ Movie, screen, movieI met a lot of screen stars.I knew a lot of movie stars.

Hose[meter please] Hose.

swampSwamp, swamp, swamp.


KalbWade (des Beins).

thoughtbelly, belly.

honeycomb[metro] honeycomb.

This waysmall cloth

herecloth, woolen items.

knittingSchal, Schal; Schal.

Papaya[metro]DadOh Pope resides in the Vatican.Oh Pope lives in the Vatican.

Papaya[F] Papa [And]They gave us mashed potatoes.They gave us mashed potatoes.

Papa[metro] good, dad, good.

Papayapapaya (fruit).

paper[metro] Paperis it paper or cloth?Is it paper or cloth?▲ Paper, documentKeep these papers, they are important.Save these papers; are important.▲ role, parthe will be in charge Main role.He will play the main role.°StationeryStationeryI bought a stationery box.I bought a stationery box.°tissuelimp paperWrap first in tissue paper.Wrap it in tissue paper first.°paper moneypaper money billsGive it to me in paper money.Give it to me in notes.


underpantspiece of paperpollSurvey.


Par[adj.] pair (numbers)The even houses are in the north.Houses with even numbers are on the north side.▲ [metro] The same thingShe is a woman without equal.She has no equal.▲ pairA pair of shoes.A pair of shoes.▲ PairIt will arrive in a few days.It will arrive in a few days.°wide openwide openThe door was wide open.The door was wide open.by the waythis coupleThe peseta was the same.The peseta tied ▲ in a tie, in a tieThe horses were balanced.The horses ended in a draw.by y (o o) oddOdds and (or or) pairsDo you take pairs or none?Is it considered even or odd?

Profor, aroundWe have to leave now to be on time.We must leave now to arrive on time.°be for(followed by infinitive) to be about toLeave.I'm about to go.°What?is)?Where is this train going?Where is this train going?So thatalso a)Open the window for fresh air.Open the window for fresh air.°So that?for what? What is it for What is it forWhat is this machine for?What is this machine for?▲ Why?why did you wake him upwhy did you wake him up

bumper[News] Bumper).

havingParHow many stops does this train make?How many stops does this train make?▲ Parade (military)Did you see the parade this morning?Did you see the parade this morning?

addressaddressDo you know the whereabouts of Juan?Do you know where John is?

disrupted(I understanddeténgase) shy shyThe boy is standing.The child is shy.▲ Suspended, offThe factory is stopped.The factory is closed.▲ unemployedAre there many unemployed these days?Are there currently many unemployed?▲ are [And]I was stopped for a long time.I have been standing still for quite some time.

umbrella[News] umbrella.

ParadiseHeaven Paradise; upper gallery (in a theater).

parallelParallel, appropriate.


deténgasedeténgaseThey had to stop halfway.They had to stop halfway. ▲ bet, bet [And]With these letters I leave fifty pesos.I bet fifty pesos with these cards.▲ Stop (over), stayWhat hotel will your friends stay at?What hotel are your friends staying at? ▲ more, moreThis business was not going well.This business was not going very well.°go (or come) stopLand at last, finishHow did this get here?How the hell did it end up here?PardeténgaseIt hasn't stopped raining since yesterday.It hasn't stopped raining since yesterday.°to shut upprick up your earsHe strained his ears to hear what we were saying.He strained his ears to hear what we were saying.°Parstop stopWhen he got to the door, he stopped.When he got to the door, he stopped. ▲ get up, get up [And]They stopped when they saw them coming.They got up when they saw her coming.


forgivenessdark gray; BrownHe has brown eyes.He has brown eyes.▲ [norte] mulatto [And].

to appear[-zc-] look, appearIt looks like it's going to rain today.It looks like it's going to rain today.▲ lookSounds good to me.It seems I'm fine.▲ [metro] OpinionI would like to know your opinion on this topic.I would like to know what your opinion is on this subject.°ApparentlyApparentlyApparently it's coming next week.Apparently it's coming next week.°resemblebe equalThe two look very similar.The two are very similar.the second shinesseems, apparentlyIt looks like it's going to rain all afternoon.It looks like it will rain all afternoon.similarlike, similarThe two works are very similar.The two works are very similar.▲ [metro] similarThe resemblance between father and son is very clear.The resemblance between father and son is very evident.°very similarHandsomeYour son is very handsome.Your son is very handsome.°Similar alike, similarI have a suit very similar to yours.I have a suit very similar to yours.

cut[F] Wand.

ParParI win, I have two pairs!I've won; I have two pairs.▲ teamThese two tennis players make a very good couple.These two tennis players make a very good team.▲ CoupleI saw some soldiers in the park.I saw some soldiers in the park.—They make a very good couple.They make a good couple.▲ Dance partnerYour partner dances very well.Your partner dances very well.

The same thing[adj.] neck and neckThe two horses were even in the race.The two horses ran head to head. ▲ same, sameTheir characters are the same.Their characters are the same.

relative[m, f] relatively.

ParliamentParliament; negotiate.

parostop; Unemployment; defeat.

the blinkBlink blink.


Parque[metro] ParqueWe walk through the park.We walked through the park.▲ Ammunition [And]The park is over.You ran out of ammo.

volume unitvolume unit.

CraDedicationThey spent the whole night partying.We were out all night.

Part[F] PaperIn what part of the city do you live?In what part of the city do you live?—What part of the chicken do you like the most?What is your favorite part of chicken?▲ shareThey all paid their part.Everyone paid their share.▲ Match (legal)Both parties were brought before the judge.Both parties were summoned before the judge.▲ [metro] MessageSend me the part tomorrow.Send me the report tomorrow.°give partinform, notifyThey reported the theft to the police.They notified the police of the theft.°for meIn my namegreet meRemember me for him.°Vonon behalf of, on behalf ofCall from Mr. GomezI'm calling on behalf of Mr. Gómez.°Somewhere elseSomewhere elseI must have deposited my ticket elsewhere.I must have deposited my ticket elsewhere.°partiallypartially, partiallyYou are only partly right.You are only partly right.°generalgeneralYou can see him anywhere and anytime.He can be seen everywhere.°war side(War declarationDid you read the war report?Did you read the statement?for mewhat worries me what worries meIt is not a problem for me.As far as I'm concerned, it's fine. °by (or for) partsin piecesLet's do the job equally.Let's do the job equally.°to participateto participateWill you participate in the next golf championship?Are you going to participate in the next golf tournament?

participantparticipate.▲ [norte] Participant.

to participateannounceThe friends attended their upcoming wedding.They announced their upcoming marriage to their friends.°to participate in itShare ShareWe receive a part of the profits.We will share the profits.—The sons shared their father's wealth.The sons shared the father's property.°to participate in itto participateHe participated in the 1936 Olympic Games.He participated in the 1936 Olympic Games.

especialspecial, specialIt is a very special case.It is a very special case.▲ privateThis is a private house.This is a private house.▲ strange, peculiarHe is a very reserved person.He is a very peculiar person.°particularlyspecial, specialI like all sports but especially tennis.I like all sports, but especially tennis.°nothing specialnothing special, nothing unusualThere is nothing special in this house.There is nothing unusual in this house.

to adaptto adaptThe departure time of the trains is indicated in the timetable.Train departures are listed in the timetable▲ Article (in an account)enter this article the corresponding book.Put this item in the correct book.▲ ​​gameShall we play cards?Shall we play cards?▲ Certificate (Birth, Marriage, Death)birth certificateBirth certificate.-marriage or marriage certificate.Marriage certificate.-death certificate.Death certificate.▲ gang, gangThey were attacked by a gang of robbers.They were attacked by a gang of robbers.°play a bad gameplay a dirty trick betrayHe played a bad game.She played a trick on him.

FanfollowerThis gentleman is one of his oldest followers.This gentleman is one of his oldest followers.

Lakebroken, dividedThe rope splits in two.The rope broke.▲ [metro] Party, parliamentary groupThey belong to the same party.They belong to the same group.▲ Play, playDo you want to watch the football game?Would you like to watch the football game?take advantage ofbenefit ofThis man takes advantage of everything.This man benefits from everything.

matchPull apartHe cut the apple in half.She divided the apple into two parts.▲ to shareThey divided the land into several parcels.They divided the land into several plots.▲ cutLet's share some wood for the fire.Let's chop some wood for the fire.▲ break, grindThis machine is used to split stones.This machine is for crushing stones.▲ for dividing (mathematics)Divide 250 between 3.Divide 250 by 3.▲ to get the resultIf we leave at night, we will arrive during the day.If we leave at night, we will arrive during the day.▲ Think firstYou are making the wrong assumption.You start with the wrong assumption.Pull apartinterruptionWhen the ice broke, they fell into the water.When the ice broke, they fell into the water.

Happens(I understandPaso) passes.

lastlastThese letters arrived last week.These letters arrived last week.▲ spoiledThe fruit is gone.The fruit was spoiled.▲ [metro] lastThis woman has a very romantic past.This woman has a very romantic past.°out of styleout of fashion, out of fashionIt's out of fashion.It is outdated. °day after tomorrowday after tomorrowThey told me they would come the day after tomorrow.They told me they would come the day after tomorrow.

ticket[metro] crossing, journey, tripWe travel to Europe in seven days.We made the journey to Europe in seven daysHow much does a first class ticket to Havana cost?How much is the ticket to Havana, first class?▲ TicketHe quoted a passage from Don Quixote.He quoted a passage from Don Quixote.▲ ArcadeInside this building there is a passage.There is an arcade in this building.▲ Number of passengers in a ship, plane, etc.The plane ticket was full.All the seats on the plane were occupied.

Passengerfinished, ephemeralIt's just a passing shower.It's just a passing rain.▲ [norte] PassengerPassengers must show their tickets at the entrance.Passengers must show their tickets at the gate.

railing[News] railing, handrail.

passport[metro] Passport.

Mercadopass, overtakeLet's overtake the car, it slows us down a lot.Let's drive past this car, it's holding us tight.▲ on top, handPlease pass me the sugar.Please pass me the sugar.▲ Come in, come inWe had to go through many tunnels.We had to go through several tunnels ▲ to crossWe have to cross the bridge at night.We have to cross the bridge at night.▲ move, transferYou need to move the patient to another room.You must move the patient to another room▲ for it to happenwhat happened at nightWhat happened last night?▲ passHe spends Sundays at the beach.Spend Sundays at the beach▲ to enter (or walk)Come in and sit down.Come in and sit down. ▲ tolerate, ignoreShe passes all her mistakes on to him.She ignores all her mistakes. ▲ get along, fall in loveHe does very well with what he earns.He is doing very well for what he earns.▲ pass (in cards)Paso.Step.▲ Pass, stop (due to rain, snow, etc.)The rain will end soon.The rain will stop soon.°To go directlywalk alongside (or pass), pass without stoppingDon't hesitate, come on.Do not hesitate, slide without stopping.°out of styleto go out of style.spend time togetherto kill timespend timeHow will we pass the time?How will we kill time?share listcall the roosterSoon they will pass (the) list.They are about to call the roller.°Have funhave funWe had a great time recently.We had a lot of fun the other night.ignoreskip, ignoreI forgot this page.I skipped this page.°yget over itHe went to the party across the street.He went to the other party▲ to deceive someoneI totally missed it!I totally forgot what I mean.°get over it...also be...It goes too far.He thinks he's smart.move to aovercome (a state of mind), dieHe got angry but soon passed away.He got angry but soon got over it.°resigndo (or live with) withoutWe can do without a car.We get along fine without a car.

Hobbyhobbies, fun

Easter°easter, easter resurrectionEasterThey celebrate Easter a lot.They have a great Easter party.°EasterNatalHappy Easter!Merry Christmas!°be like easterbe radiant everywhere.

was[metro] happen, allow.

tourist visitstroll, strollWe were walking through the park when we saw her.We were walking through the park when we saw her. ▲ ride (car, horse, bicycle)He liked to ride a horse.He liked to ride a horse.°paseowalk on the groundHe was out all night.He walked up and down all night.

TourpaseoIn this place there are beautiful walks.There are beautiful hikes here.°to go for a walkstroll, strollWould you like to go for a walk in the park?Would you like to go for a walk in the park?

Salapassage, hallway

Dedication[F] feeling, passion.

Pasodry (of fruit).°plumPlum.

PasoPasoHe took a few steps and stopped.He took a few steps and stopped.▲ MarchThis horse has an excellent ride.This horse is doing well.▲ ProgressYou have taken a big step forward in your studies.He made great strides in his studies.▲ Paso (mountain)The passage is dangerous at night.The passage is dangerous at night.°make the waymake room, make roomThe police made way for the president's car.The police made way for the president's car.discoverycruzThere are so many people that it is very difficult to separate from them.The avalanche is so big that it is very difficult to pass.°go outDo it fastLet's push the step to be on time.Let's hurry up and be on time.°approveapproveHe only alluded to the political situation in passing.He only referred to the political situation in passing.Step by StepStep by step, piece by pieceThe position was taken step by step.Little by little he was creating a place for himself.°disturbSurviveStudy just enough to make ends meet.Just learn enough to survive.°salidaget out of a difficult situationIt will be difficult for you to get out of this phase.It will be difficult for you to get out of this difficult situation.||No trespassing.No trespassing.oDo Not Enter.

timeinsert, hitThey made a paste of cornmeal.They made a paste with cornmeal.▲ Pie doughThe dough is really good.The cake dough is very good.▲ PlasticThe ashtray was made of pasta.The ashtray was made of plastic.▲ "masa" (money)The boy has a lot of money.The guy has a lot of money.▲ CakeThey had tea and cake.There was tea and cake.▲ cover (of a book)I read a book with a red cover.I was reading a red cover book.°good doughhumorousThis man is very good dough.He is a very cheerful man.°pasta dentalpasta dentalDo they sell toothpaste?Do they sell toothpaste?Noodle SoupNoodle Soup.

pastel-[metro] cakeThey served us cherry pie.They served us cherry pie.

cake shopconfectionery; confectionery.


plankscompressed, fallDo you have cough drops?Do you have cough drops?

SnackMeadow; Grass. °for (all) the grassin abundance, in abundanceWe had a lot to eat.We had plenty of food.

Pastor[metro] Pfarrer.

patafoot, leg (of an animal)They took the dog by a paw.They grabbed the dog's paw.▲ paw (furniture)The table leg is broken.The table leg broke.°of fouron all fours, crawling.°surprisepull a stiff, put your foot on itBe careful not to spoil.Be careful not to step on it with your foot.


Papapapa [SP].

PatentobviouslyIt was clear that he wanted to ask you for money.It was obvious that he wanted to borrow money from you.▲ [F]-PatentYou need a patent for your invention.You must patent your invention.

ice skater, ice skaterskater

rollerbladingSkating; slide, slide

Headhof, hofThe patio is characteristic of Spanish houses.The characteristic courtyard of Spanish houses.°cuevaOrchestra (theater).


duck, pawpato.

patojolame, crippled [And]He was a pathojo after the fall.His fall left him paralyzed.▲ [norte] boy, hedgehog [And]A duck showed me the way.A boy showed me the way.

patriahome home.

Patriot[m, f] Patriot.



meeting[metro] Cookordered the boss.The boss commanded.▲ boss.▲ patron saintSantiago, patron saint of Spain.Santiago, Patron of Spain.▲ PatronThese shapes for making dresses are very convenient.These dress models are very practical.°ship captainCaptain (of a small boat).

employer[adj.] the employerThe employer and worker representatives have reached an agreement.The employers' and workers' representatives reached an agreement.

PatternEmployer; patroness

interruptioninterruption; break.°taking a breaktake a break, take a breakLet's take a five minute break.Let's take a five minute break.

breaksstop, hesitate

nowto be, tetera [Argentina🇧🇷 Turkey chicken.

To accompanynonsense, nonsense [Argentina].



tuRooster of Peru.°PeacockPeacock.

countingsing with guitar accompaniment [Argentina].


paz[F] PazRest in peace.May he rest in peace.°to be (or remain) at peace.to be level, to standIf I give you three bucks, we're even.If I give you three bucks, we're even.the pictureamend, repair (differences), reconcileI'm glad they made amends.I'm glad they reconciled.


sinfor sin

Mamachest, chest

To askpiece pieceHe gave him a piece of bread.She gave him a piece of bread.°interruptionto break into pieces, to breakThe vase broke when it fell to the ground.The vase broke into pieces when it fell to the ground.

queryorder, send

questions[rad-ch III] QuestionsI have to ask permission.I have to ask your permission.▲ ask, askWhy don't you ask to be seen first?Why don't you ask to be served earlier?▲ to askI have ordered a thousand copies.I have ordered a thousand copies.°ask with your mouthas desiredEverything went smoothly.Everything went according to our wishes.°order lemonadebeg.

captivatingcaptivatingIt is a very catchy song.It is a very catchy song.


wearpaste, paste, cementWhat did they hit with?What did you wear it with?▲ to postThey hung a poster on the wall.You hung a board on the wall.▲ to sewYou need to glue buttons to this shirt.You need to sew buttons on this shirt▲ to spread the wordThe cold hit me.He gave me his cold, or I caught his cold. ▲ hit, hit, hitHe hit him with a stick.He hit him with a stick.°fireluzThey set the house on fire.They set the house on fire.°Stockget caughtEverything sticks except that Beauty.Everything is fascinating except beauty.▲ Hold on, hold onThis paper stuck to the table.This paper is pinned to the table.

hairstyle(I understandsadness) Hairstyle.▲ [metro] hairstyle.

Barber[metro] Barber; barber cape

sadnesscomb, hairstyleShe combed the girl in pigtails.She braided the boy's hair.sadnessComb your hair, fix your hairShe combs her hair.She smoothes her hair.

sadness[metro] comb (for hair).

sadnesscomb (for hair).

naked(I understandMark) harvested, uprooted; "flayed". 🇧🇷 [norte] Bauer [Mexico], peel with peelThis fruit cannot be eaten without the peel.You can't eat this fruit without peeling it.▲ pick up, pick up (bird)The cook skinned the chickens.The cook chose the chickens.▲ for fleece, skinIn this store they peeled me.They skinned me with that thing.°MarkpeelThis color will peel off.This paint will flake.▲ for cutting hairToday I have to peel.I have to cut my hair today.

Battlefight fight Fight; Attack.

battlebattleThey fought for many hours.You've been fighting for hours.▲ fightingThey are friends but they argue a lot.They are friends, but they always fight.

FilmFilmI need a roll of film.I need a roll of film.▲ image, filmThey are showing a very good movie today.I have a very good photo today.

hazardhazardThere was a risk that the house would catch fire.There was a risk that the house would catch fire.°in dangerTake risksHe was in danger of losing all his money.He was in danger of losing all his money.

dangerousdangerous, risky

Firstfur, leather (of animals); wineskinbe in someone else's shoesto be in the place of the otherI don't want to be in their shoes.I don't want to be in their shoes.°risk your skinrisk his own life.take someone's skingossip, skinAll of them skin.They gossip about everyone.


SkinFurHe has black hair and brown eyes.He has black hair and brown eyes.°in the hairI sat downHe knew how to ride bareback.He could ride bareback.don't beat around the bushbe honestThis girl doesn't mince words.This girl is very open.°hair and spotssmallest detailsIt was based on hair and markings.He narrated down to the smallest detail.°pull legpull legI think you're kidding.I think you're kidding.°come barebacksee the grainWhat he said didn't come close to him.What he said was not straight to the point.

she wasBall (for games).

wigwig, wig

Barber ShopBarber Shop; Beauty salon.

Barberhairdresser, hairdresser

PeñaPeñaThey suffered severe punishment for what they did.They paid a heavy fine for what they did. ▲ pain, sadnessHe was very sad about the death of his cousin.He was very sad about the death of his cousin▲ problemsMany worries gone.They were in a lot of trouble.▲ Shame, disgust [And]I am so sorry.It is very embarrassing.°Difficultwith great difficultyYou barely made it.It took them a long time to get here.°death penalty, death sentencedeath, death penaltyThey sentenced him to the death penalty.They sentenced him to death.°worthi am unluckyHe was saddened by the loss of his father.He had the misfortune of losing his father.°worthcount (during)Not worth it.Not worth it.

AreteEarringWe still have pending accounts with them.We still have work to do with them.▲ [F] fall, slopeThe slope was very steep.The slope was very steep. °pending [meter please] earringsHe gave her shiny earrings.He gave her diamond earrings.

drillingpenetrating, penetrating.

penetrateenter, enterThe bullet entered the bone.The bullet penetrated the bone.▲ determine, understandIt is difficult to penetrate your thoughts.It's hard to understand what you're thinking.

peninsulaPeninsula.painfuldifficultThis job was very difficult.It was a very difficult job.▲ embarrassing, uncomfortableIt would be embarrassing to tell him.It would be embarrassing to tell him.

thoughtthought, ideaYour thoughts are very high.Your thoughts are very high.▲ Pansy (flower).

think[rad-ch yo] thinkI thought you were in Chile!I thought you were in Chile!▲ intention, planWhere will you go tomorrow?Where will you go tomorrow?think aboutthink about it, think about itWhat do you think of John?What do you think of John?think aboutthink about it, again or againWhat is important for you?What do you think of?

reflectivepensive, pensive.

Dying Pension[F] die Pension; Dying Pension.

PeñaRocks, Boulder.▲ Group of friendsRock met at Café Universal.The Circle of Friends met at Café Universal.

promise[metro] laborer, laborer [And].▲ Pawn (chess).▲ Top (toy).°play pawnto rotate the tip.

topoup (toy). °dance like a topdance well, be light on your feet.

worstworstI'm worse today.I feel worse today.▲ worseThis is the worst.It is the worst of all.of the rain on the eavesfrom bad to worseeven worseeven worseAll the worst for him.All the worst for him.

paperTogether, Stein, Grube [And].


lowlittle littleHe lives in a very small room.He lives in a very small room.▲ [metro] SohnThe little ones are at school.Children are in school.


perchahangers (for hats or clothes); hanger, hanger

lose[rad-ch yo] loseBe very careful not to lose these papers.Be careful not to lose these papers.—Played and lost.He played and lost.▲ loseWe missed the train.We missed the train. ▲ to ruin, to embarrass (morally, socially)This girl got lost in her love of luxury.The love of luxury ruined this girlsurpriseruin, spoilYou ruined my suit.You ruined my suit.°surprisesurpriseMeat spoils in the heat.Meat spoils from heat. ▲ Let yourself be pamperedThe boy was spoiled by bad companies.The boy was spoiled by the bad company he had.°lose sight oflose sight ofWhen we turned the corner, we lost sight of him.When we turned the corner, we lost sight of him.°lose sight ofgo blindbeing lostgo to the dogsI was lost with alcohol.He went to the dogs because he liked to drink. ▲ sour, turn, spoilThe fruit will be lost because it is too ripe.The fruit spoils because it is too ripe▲ when it is lostHe got lost because he didn't know the city well.He got lost because he didn't know the city very well.°lose sight oftransponer.

lostLostThe enemy suffered many casualties.The enemy suffered heavy casualties.

lost(I understandlose) lost.▲ [metro] Black Sheep (Human).▲lost[F] quiet woman.

pardon[metro] pardonHe apologized for not replying to my letter.He apologized for not replying to my letter.▲ I'm sorry, I'm sorryThe governor's pardon saved his life.The governor's pardon saved his life.||Pardon!Forgive me!oSorry!

pardonPardonYou have forgiven the criminals.You have forgiven the criminals.▲ forgiveGod forgive me!God forgive me!▲ forgive, forgiveSorry!Sorry!

To die[-zc-] perishFifty men died in the mine.Fifty men died in the mine.

pilgrimexotic, strangeHe has very strange ideas.He has very strange ideas.

Salsa[metro] Salsa.



perfection[F] Perfection.


Profile[metro] profile; Structure.


Perfume[metro] perfume.

expertiseskill, expertise

Zeitung[adj.] periodic(al).▲ [metro] HourI read it in the paper this morning.I read it in the paper this morning.Journalist[m, f] Journalist, journalist, journalist.

overtimeperiod, term.

expert[adj; north] Specialist.

hurtit hurts, it hurts, it hurts.

disadvantageousharmful, harmful.

DanoPrejudice; damage, injury, harm; financial losses.

PerlaPerle. °be a pearlbe a jewelThis maid is a gem.This maid is a gem.

stay[-zc-] Stay, stay.

continuo[adj.] permanently.▲ [Fpermanent] (wave).

to allowpermission, license, permit.||Excuse me(lit., with your permission) If you don't mind.oExcuse me please

to allowallow, allow

And that[Horse] And thatThe city is big but not very pretty.The city is big but not very attractive.▲ [metro] Lack, defect. °have butto be faultless or blamelessThis job has no buts.This work is impeccable.put but (s)find bug, objectThere are no buts that can be jumped in this job.You can't fault this work.||It doesn't exist, but it's worth it!There is no but about it!

female dogTimes, times, times.


follow-up[F] Follow-up; lurking

to pursue[rad-ch III] to trackThey chased the fugitives.They chased the fugitives▲ to aimWhat is your goal?What is your goal?



Character[metro] character, figureIt has to be a character.It must be an important person.▲ Character (in a play)The main character is an old man.The main character is an old man.

Personas[adj.] PersonasThese are personal matters.These are personal matters.▲ [metro] PersonasGo to the personnel office.Go to the personnel office.°problema personalpersonal disputeI had a personal problem with him.I had a personal discussion with him.

personality[F] personality, outstanding personMany personalities attended the party.Many important people attended the party.

persuadeconvince, persuadeHe convinced him to stay.He convinced her to stay.

to belong[-zc-] belong to, interest.▲ belong toThis money does not belong to us.This money does not belong to us.

disturbbother, bother

pervertperverse, perverse.

weightweight (object).

Last[F] Boredom, fatigue.▲ PerseveranceThe weight of this man irritates me.This man's tenacity irritates me.

bad dreambad dream.

heavy(I understandweigh) heavyThis suitcase is very heavy.This suitcase is very heavy ▲ boring, monotonous, tiring; strong headedHe's one of those heavy guys.He is one of those boring people.▲ stifling (because of the weather)What a difficult time!What a muggy weather!▲ Sound (from dream)I had a very heavy sleep.I was sound asleep.▲ muffledThere is a very heavy atmosphere in this room.The air in this room is very stuffy.

weighweighThis letter is very difficult.This letter is too heavy. ▲ be difficult, important, countYour opinion is very important.Your opinion matters a lot.weigh acomplain, complainI don't regret saying that.I don't regret saying that.trotzweigh, weighIt is advisable to weigh yourself regularly.It is advisable to weigh yourself regularly.

weigh[metro] Sadness, remorseHis death caused great sadness.His death caused great sorrow.°trotzpieceDespite everything, we will.Regardless, we will.°regretlamentI really regret what I did.I'm sorry for what I did.

fishingfishingFishing is a great sport.Fishing is a nice sport. ▲ Fishing (for fish)It was a great catch.It was a great joke.go fishinggo fishing

fishfish (caught).

fisherman[metro] Fischer.

fishingfishingYou like fishing?Do you like to fish?▲ catch, catch, "hook"She has a good husband.She found a good husband.

majaderoPeseta (monetary unit of Spain).

pessimistic[adj.] pessimistic.▲ [norte] pessimistic.

horrible[adj.] worse.LastLastCan you tell me the weight in kilos?Can you tell me the weight in pounds?▲ Uploadit is very difficult for youIt's too much load for you.▲ Weight, load, loadA great burden was lifted from my shoulders.This is a big weight for me.▲ Weight (monetary unit).°fall of your weightto be evident, it is evidentIt falls under its weight.It goes without saying that.weightdifficult, importantThe reason is difficult.The reason is important.°over weightover weight.


the blinkBlink blink.

and[F] Playa.

robustdoor lock screwPull the latch.door's lock

fashion bottlecigarette box; 🇧🇷And] Mala.

query[metro] straw mat [Mexico].

Petition[F] Petition; Query.


pez[metro] Fish (in the water).▲ [F] Ter.

Pianist[m, f] Pianist.


frequently[metro] kind, kind [Argentina].

spicytemperedMexican food is very spicy.Mexican food is very spicy. ▲ pungent, colorlessThe stories he tells are always a bit daring.Their stories are always a bit colourless.

hackedsting, bite, eat (of insects)The wasps stung him well.The wasps stung him good and good.This screen is broken.This material is eaten by moths.▲ cut, shredYou have to cut the meat very well.The meat should be finely ground.▲ for choppingThe fish took the bait.The fish nibbled at the bait.▲ scratchingMy whole body itches.I feel like ▲ (stone) to crush ▲ to burnThe sun is very hot today.The sun is burning today.°to biteto be hurt, to be offendedShe was surprised by what he told her.It hurt what he said.▲ to spoilThe fruit is chopped.The fruit begins to spoil. ▲ get roughThe sea begins to burn.The sea begins to get rough.

Vampirenaughty.▲ [metro] scammers, scammers.

sting[metro] Itching, itchingMy back itches.My back itches.

application[metro] Krug [And].

Krug[metro] baseball pitcher [And].

punchy[metro] pigeon, pigeon.

picturebeak, billWhat a powerful beak this bird has!What a big beak this bird has! ▲ sharp edge, cornerI hit the table.I hit the edge of the table with it.▲ Pick, pickHe carried a pick and shovel over his shoulder.He carried a pick and a shovel over his shoulder.▲ PickThe spout of the jug is broken.The spout of the jar is broken.▲ burr, burrWe climbed to the highest peak.We climb to the highest point▲ small amount alongIt cost me ten pesos or something like that.It costs a little more than ten pesos.

torta[metro] theHe injured his foot during the match.He injured his foot during the game.—A meter is a little over three feet.▲ meter is a little more than three feet.—He sat at the foot of the bed.He sat down at the foot of the bed.▲ baseThe base of this lamp is broken.The base of this lamp is broken.°to the lettercompletelyHe knows the subject perfectly.Know the subject well.walkingwalkingWe will go on foot.We will go on foot.BeBeYou had to stay on the train.You had to stay on the train.°Bepending, indecisiveOur projects continue.Our plans are still up in the air.||At your feet, lady.At your service, ma'am.

Compassion[F] mercy; Feather.


First[F] FirstHe has very delicate skin.He has very delicate skin.▲ LeatherThis shoe is made of very fine leather.These shoes are made of very fine leather.▲ LeatherFox fur is very expensive.Fox fur is very expensive.▲ Fur, barkIt is very difficult to remove the skin from this fruit.This fruit is difficult to peel.°SkinSkinI wish I had a fur coat.I wish I had a fur coat.

pernapernaHe lost a leg in the war.He lost a leg in the war.

paperpart (of a machine)Part of the machine was lost.▲ a part of the machine was lost. ▲ screw (cloth)We need a piece of this fabric for the curtains.We need a piece of this fabric for the curtains.▲ BedroomThe house has several spacious rooms.The house has several spacious rooms.▲ playwe have seen a lot funny last nightLast night we saw a very funny play.▲ Game (song)Play a piece on the piano.Play a piece on the piano.▲ Man (piece in games)There is a missing piece in this game.One of the men is missing in this game.°good piecenice guy (ironic)You. it is a beautiful piece!You are a great guy!

pajamas[I'm sp, I'm am] pajamas.

to line upstone trough, basin.▲ basinDrain the battery.Empty the sink.▲ Battery (electric)The batteries in this flashlight need to be replaced.The batteries in this flashlight need to be replaced.▲ BatteryThere were a lot of things in the room.There were many things in the ropm.°fuentebaptismal font.°first nameName, proper name.

pilar[metro] pillar, pillar, post.

Pillpill, ball

villainpilferer; villain.


Pfeffer[metro] Red pepper; Peppers.

Pfefferpepper (spice).

Pfefferpepper (vegetable).

pinopine, pine

painted(I understandintelligentthan most paintedlike (or with) the best of themYou can do it as the most painted.You can defend yourself with the best of them.

intelligentintelligentThey are going to paint this room.They will remove this room.°intelligentcompensateThe girl is too painted.This girl is wearing too much makeup.°paint yourselfhave a lot of talent forHe only paints to earn money.He has a great talent for making money.



intelligentpaint pictureThe paintings exhibited here are very valuable.The paintings exhibited here are very valuable.▲ paintingGive two coats.Apply two coats of paint.



profitpipe (to smoke); barrel, barrel

I'm sorry[metro] resentment. °piaRestroom sinkThey sank many warships.Many warships were sunk.°bite withhave a grudge against

picket[metro] Bite, small wound.

praisepraise, flattery

pasoget up get up

Poolpool, pool.

pisofloor, floorThe floors in this house are made of wood.This house has wooden floors.▲ floor, floorHe lives on the third floor.He lives on the third floor.°ground floorLow levelThe ground floor is empty.The ground floor is empty.


Pita-Brotstring, string [And].

pitarprofitThe locomotive whistled as it entered the station.The locomotive whistled as it entered the station.

FronteraSugarcane °PipelineWhistle.||I do not care.I do not care.

kanteBoard; Board.


highlighter text[v] gladly, willinglyYou can do whatever you want.You can do whatever you want.▲ [metro] PlacerIt was a great pleasure to meet you.It was a great pleasure to meet you.

LimitPraga, Epidemia.

plano[metro] planoWhat are your plans?What are your plans?no seas planoto be out, to be in the mood toThey want to Have Fun.They've been gone for a while.°Curriculumkeep goingThey changed the curriculum in college.They changed the curriculum in college.

planksPlatoThe plates were welded.The plates were welded together.▲ Iron, flat ironThe latest iron model is now on sale.The latest iron models are now on sale.°plankshurry upHe always makes boards.Always put your foot in.°potatoshoot a boner

FormatPayroll [And]The payroll of this company is very high.This company has a very high payroll.▲ Bus (or tram) ticket.▲ Candidate list, ticket [And]Let's vote for this ticket.Let's vote for this ticket.

PianoDepartmentThe terrain here is very flat.The terrain here is very flat.▲ [metro] plan, drawingThe architect made a very good plan.The architect drew up a very good plan.plantarSingleThe sole of my foot hurts.The sole of my foot hurts.▲ PlantThis plant is native to Brazil.This plant is native to Brazil.°good plantgood physique, good physiqueIt has a very good plant.It has a very good construction.

planted°drop oneleave one in trouble, leave one high and dry; pick someone up

Poseto ask, present or explain (a problem)This brings with it a difficulty.This presents a difficulty.

The plastic[adj.] Plastic, flexible.

PlataconversationThere are many silver mines in Mexico and Peru.There are many silver mines in Mexico and Peru.°will run out of moneybe brokeI'm broke.I'm tired.


Plato[metro] a lot of money [And]It cost him a silver.It cost him a fortune.


AdvertisingOrchestra (theater group).

conversationsilver, silver

Conversationreason, reason

torresplate (with food) [Mexico], plato meadow, meadowThe maid broke three plates.The maid broke three plates.▲ Plates (with food)At dinner there were some delicious dishes.There were several delicious dishes for dinner. ▲ of courseWhat would you like as a main course?What would you like as a main course?°be an accompanimentto play the second violin.

Praiabeach, coast

Squaresquare, squareThere is a large monument in the center of the square.There is a large monument in the center of the square.▲ MarketYou can find whatever you want in the square.You can find everything you need in the market.▲ job, positionThere is a vacancy in the office.There is a vacancy in the office.°StierkampfarenaStierkampfarena. °Find a placeTo get a jobHe got a job at an insurance company.He got a job at an insurance company.

Termtime limitIf you wish, we can set a new deadline.We can set a new due date upon request.▲ Installment paymentsThe first installment is one hundred pesos.The first installment is one hundred pesos.in ratesin rates.


doble[rad-ch yo] double; graduate.

To complainTo complainThey are engaging in a legal battle over his inheritance.They have a legal battle over their inheritance. ▲ disputeA court case ensued between the students.There was a fight between the students.°processaccuse, complain

abundance[F] Abundance, abundance.

fullfull, completemiddle of winter or summer or daymiddle of winter or summer or day.

Blattsheet (of paper, usually folded).

doble[metro] It's okay, Winco.


LeadLead (metal).▲ f to useOne track blew up.▲ the fuse has blown.

PeñaPen.▲ PenHe lives by his pen.He lives by his pen.°ink penink penCould you fix me this fountain pen?Could you fix me this fountain pen?

Plural-[adj; metro] Plural.

Population[F] PopulationWhat is the population of this country?What is the population of this country?▲ City, townDuring the trip we will pass through many picturesque villages.On the journey we pass through many picturesque towns.

Arm[adj.] ArmVery poor people live in this part of the city.Very poor people live in this section.▲ Poor, modestYour mother's house is very poor.Your mother's house is very modest. ▲ poor, patheticPoor guy!Armas Ding! ▲ [norte] Arm PersonYou help the poor.They help the poor.▲ BeggarsGive that poor bastard something.Give something to that beggar.||poor me!poor me!


a littleshortThere is very little gasoline left in the tank.There is very little gasoline left in the tank.▲ smallThey are very low on wine.They have a very small stock of wines.°a bit of)Shortly afterShortly after arriving at the station, the train arrived.The train pulled into the station shortly after our arrival.Prontosoon, in a short timeIt will arrive soon.He will be here soon.°slowlygradually, graduallyLittle by little you will learn to speak Spanish.rise graduallyYou learn to speak Spanish.°Shortly aftershortly afterI got married shortly after the end of the war.I got married shortly after the end of the war.°a little more or lessmore or less about itWe will leave a little more or less at eight in the morning.We will leave around eight in the morning.°Somea coupleI'm leaving in a few days.I'm leaving in a few days.

fastnot fastI didn't look where I was going and almost got lost.I didn't look where I was going and I almost got lost.°Somea small, small amountShould I put some wine in it?Can I get you some wine?

||Hello piece by piece!Hey, not so fast!oAlways with Tranquility!oJust here!

little littleMexican born in the USA [Mexico].

I can[and] does, canyou can't walk anymoreYou can't run faster▲ to be possible, right?Maybe I'll go to Europe next year.Maybe I'll go to Europe next year.▲ [metro] power, influenceHe had great power among the workers.He had great influence among the workers.°I can not anymorethe maximumStudy everything you can.He studies as much as he can.°I can not gonot being able to bear, endure, endure, control, handleI can not with him.I can't stand it.°I can not anymoreto be exhausted, to be all inI can not anymore!I'm in!°can not be less thanI can not helpI can't stop walkingI can't stop walkingI can not seeI can not get upI can not see him.I can't stand it.°general powerlegal powerHe gave general power to his father.He gave power to his father.

Energypower, power.

powerfulpowerful, powerful

rottenrotten, spoiled

Poem[metro] Poem.


Poet[metro] Poet.


Police officer[F] policemanThey immediately reported this to the police.They immediately informed the police.▲ [metro] Police officerI ask the policeman on the corner.I ask the policeman on the corner.


PolicyPolicyThis country has changed its foreign policy.This country has changed its foreign policy.▲ PoliticsHe left everything to dedicate himself to politics.He left everything to dedicate himself to politics.

politicallypoliticallyThis newspaper does not represent any political party.This newspaper does not represent any political party.▲ [metro] politicalHe was one of the most prominent politicians of his time.He was one of the most prominent politicians of his time.

insurance policyinsurance policy.

polloPolloChickens are very expensive these days.Chickens are very popular these days.

PoloPoloThey went on an expedition to the North Pole.They made an expedition to the North Pole.▲ pole (electric).▲ poleWould you like to watch a polo match?Would you like to watch a polo match?

dust clouddust cloud; Sandstorm.


StaubStaubWe will close the window so that dust does not enter.Let's close the window so the dust doesn't get in.°powderedin the dustDo you want powdered or granulated sugar?Do you want powdered sugar or sugar cubes?°StaubStaubI use talcum powder after shaving.I use baby powder after shaving.°tooth powderTooth powder.

gunpowderGunpowder, gunpowder.

Bombapomp, exhibition, exhibition.°soap bubblessoap bubblesThe child blows soap bubbles.Child blows soap bubbles.

to defeat[metro] Punch (liquor).

PonchoPoncho (South American blanket with central opening for the head).

put[and] put, place, placeLeave your things here.Put your stuff here▲ suppose, supposeSuppose that is true.Suppose that is true.▲ impose, defendSomeone is needed here to bring order.We need someone to keep things straight.▲ Write it down, write it downDecide what I am going to dictate.Write what I am going to dictate to you.°announceinform, tell, updateI informed him of what had happened.I informed him what happened.put my (or you, your part, etc.)do everything you canContribute as much as possible.Do all you can.°clear it upto clarifyclear it upWe have to clean up this mess.We have to clean up this mess.°dudaquestion, doubtHe doubts everything you tell him.He questions everything you tell him.°Set the tableset the tableI already told them to set the table for dinner.I have already ordered them to set the table for dinner.°fill inlet someone becomeThis heat makes me sick.This heat makes me sick.°releasedress, dressToday I am wearing the blue dress.I'm going to wear my blue dress today. ▲ get (with adjective for physical condition or state of mind)They will be very angry when they find out.They will be very angry when they find out.Stand at this window.Stand at this window. ▲ set (of the sun)In winter the sun sets earlier.In winter the sun sets earlier.°finishbegin, beginSuddenly he started running.Suddenly he began to run.°get (a) bad withbe mean toHe gets along badly with everyone.He gets along badly with everyone.blushto blushWhen she heard that, she blushed.She blushed hearing that.to acceptreach an agreementAfter much discussion, they agreed.After much discussion they reached an agreement.°In betweencatch upHe was at the border in a few hours.He reached the border in a few hours.°take the roadestablishWe left very early.We left very early.°to be againstto be against, to be againstMost of the deputies were against the project.The majority of parliamentarians were against the measure.°selfbegin, begin, withdrawThe train started slowly.The train left slowly.get up (or get up)get up get upWhen the president entered, everyone stood up.When the president entered, everyone stood up.

West[metro] West.

general[metro] straw (for drinking) [Mexico].

PopularPopular; People.

popularity[F] popularity.

a little[adj.] little.▲ [metro] a little.

ProProAmerica was discovered by Columbus.America was discovered by Columbus.—I took the plane ride.I flew the plane.▲ to (on behalf of)I will never forget what you did for me.I will never forget what you did for me.▲ around, aroundHe'll be back for Christmas.Will be back around Christmas▲ untilThey went through the tunnel.They went through the tunnel.▲ to (to) comeGo get a bottle of milk.Get a bottle of milk.▲ a aWe did it to help you.We did this to help you. ▲ still (or still) (to be) ...Are you busy?Are you still busy?-There are still three letters to write.There are three letters left to write.▲ across, overThis bus goes through the central street.This bus runs on Center Street.▲ across the streetHe wiped his eyes with his hand.He rubbed his hand over his eyes.▲ in whileI study in the morning.I study in the morning.▲ per, a(n)How much do you pay per hour?How much do you pay per hour?through largerwholesale °retail tradeRetailer.°aroundaround, nearYou live near.They live near there.°right over hereright over hereCome here in the morning.Come tomorrow morning.°percentpercent.°by the dozento dozens. °iswhereverWherever I go, I find it.Wherever I go, I find him.°andsuperficial, hastyI have read the above document.I looked at the document.In betweenthrough, between, amongI saw her through the trees.I saw her through the trees.°writtenin writing.°for this reasonfor this reasonThat's why I want to go earlier.That's why I want to leave early.°thoughno matter how much, no matter how muchNo matter how many times you call, no one will answer.No matter how loud you play, no one will answer.°whywhyI don't know why I like it so much.I don't know why I like it so much.—Why do you ask me?Why do you ask me? 🇧🇷I knowI fellIf it rains, we will take an umbrella with us.Let's take an umbrella in case it rains.°clearof course.||Oh my God!Kindness!oFor the love of God!

porcelainPorcelain; Enamel.

Part[F] Portion, Portion.persistexist, existDon't complain so much.Don't insist so much. ▲ argue, argueDon't argue about it anymore.Don't argue about it anymore.

Detail[metro] detail, in particular.

BeansBeans [Argentina].

whywhy why how

why[metro] ReasonHe did not give reasons for his absence.He did not give reasons for his absence.

why[announcement] why.

tierradirty trick, dirty act or saying.

Cursenail, nail

||Go to hell!Go to hell!

to defeathit hit; Autumn.

first pageentrance, lintel (from the door to the front of the house)The lid is painted red.The entrance is painted red.▲ Front, facadeThe front of the building is very beautiful.The building has a beautiful facade.▲ Cover (book, magazine, etc.)I designed magazine covers.I designed magazine covers.

Portal[metro] Entrance, vestibule, corridor.

wallet[News] Wallet.

behavebehave, behaveHe behaved very badly.He behaved very badly.

puerta[metro] To postHow much does it cost to send this letter?What is the postage on this letter? ▲ height (of a person).

GoalieCaretaker's room.

goalieporter, caretaker

Small doordoor (of a vehicle)

future[metro] Future.

innsHostel; Inn (lower class).

releaseplaceWho poses for this photo?Who poses for this photo?misslightThe birds landed on the phone lines.The birds perched on the telephone wires.


Ownerowner, owner

Terown, own, own.

occupy[F] possession; Property.

probability[F] probability.

possiblepossibleWe couldn't get there earlier.It was not possible for me to come before.°impossibleas far as possible.The possibleThe possibleAS FAST AS POSSIBLE.As fast as possible.-As late as possible.As late as possible.everything is possibleeverything is possibleHe does his best to finish the job.He does everything to get the job done.

Position[F]-PositionI'm going to change my position to be more comfortable.I will move to a more comfortable position.▲ position, placeI want to change the position of the bed.I want to change the position of the bed.▲ position, stateHe is a high-ranking person.He is a man of high rank.▲ Rank (military).

positivepositive, clearThis is a positive fact.This is positive.▲ practicalHe is a very positive man.He is a very practical man.▲ RealIt doesn't do any positive work.You're not doing real work.

the mailsediment, scum

To post-[adj.] To postDo you have a postal service here?Do you have a courier service here?▲ [F] Postal, postalHe wrote me a postcard.He wrote me a postcard.°giro postalpay orderI want to send a money order.I want to send a money order.

later[metro] pole, pillar; Poles.

rear[adj.] back.▲ laterThis happened at a later date.This happened at a later date.▲ backGo out the back door.Go out the back door.

INCORRECTartificial, falseHe has false teeth.He has false teeth.

Dessert[metro] DessertHere they serve very good desserts.They serve very good desserts here.


attitudeposition, postureIn this position he felt uncomfortable.I felt uncomfortable in this position.▲ positionWhat is your political position?What is your political position? ▲ game, betMy position is ten pesos.My bet is ten pesos.

potable[adj.] potable, potable.

to bring[metro] to be, jarra.

Energypower, skill, potencyThe engine has great power.It is a high performance engine.▲ Power, great nationWe do not know what the foreign powers will decide.We do not know what the foreign powers will decide.

powerfulpowerful, strong, strong.

pozowell (for water).

exerciseexercise Exercise.

practiceto practice, go toYou do sports?You do sports? ▲ practice, perform,manufactureThey did a general inspection.They did a general inspection.

practicalpractical; experienced, skillfulport pilotport pilot.

pradograms; Zone; Meadow.

caution[F] Caution.


to appreciatevalue priceI cherish this memory very much.She cherishes this memory very much.get rid ofbe proud, boastHe is proud of his skill.He is proud of his skill.

PreisPreisPrices have dropped in recent days.Prices have dropped in recent days.pricelesspricelessFixed pricesFixed prices.

valuableLindoHe was wearing a nice suit.She was wearing a beautiful dress.▲ beautifuli like gemsi like gems

Abysscliff, abyss

precipitation[F] hurried haste; precipitation.

yesterdayyesterday, yesterday, yesterday

needfix, adjustYou must provide the departure date.We need to set the departure date ▲ required, you mustYou must do this soon.This must be done soon. ▲ be urgent [And]I need to talk with youI need to talk to you▲ to be clearPlease indicate what you mean.Make it clear what you mean.

precision[F] needThere is precision to finish the path soon.The road should be finished soon. ▲ PrecisionThe precision of the machine is admirable.The precision of this machine is marvelous.°have precisionneed, haveI have to go.I have to go.

precisepreciseThe watch is very accurate.The watch is very accurate.▲ accuratetell me the exact timeTell me the exact time.°to be precisebe necessaryYou must arrive early.You must arrive early.specific timejust long enoughWe have the exact time to arrive at the train station.We have enough time to reach the train station.


predecessor[metro] predecessor.


predominateprevail, prevail

preferencepreferenceWe must give preference to the study of Spanish and English.We must give preference to the study of Spanish and English.


to prefer[rad-ch II] to prefer.

QuestionQuestionHe asked me many questions.He asked me many questions.°for the fourth questionbe brokeIt is always the fourth question.It is always ruined.°ask a questionask a questionCan I ask you a question?Can I ask you a question?

questionsquestionsAsk him where he lives.Ask him where he lives.°To askask or inquire about or for (a person)They asked about you this morning.They asked about you this morningMarvelousPresentI wonder when he will return.I wonder when he will return.

awardreward, reward

forgiveprize, reward

ClothessafetyThey left it as collateral.They left it as collateral.▲ Personal qualityA girl with a lot of clothes.▲ Girl with many good qualities.°gift setlosing gameDo you know Dress Up Games?¿Conoces Quit Games?°ClothesClothesI bought some clothes.I bought some clothes.

closing[metro] pin, brooch; 🇧🇷SP] Clothespin.

to ensurefix, fasten, fastenfix it upSecure with a pin.▲ to secureThe police arrested him.The police arrested him.burnStartThey set fire to the forests.They set fire to the forest.PressPrintThe presses work very well.The printers work very well.▲ Press, newspapersfreedom of the press.freedom of the press.

Printpress, compressThey pressed the grapes in the cellar.They pressed the grapes in the cellar.

He wake up[F] concern.▲ care, concernHe is very worried.He cares a lot.

He wake upworry.▲ worryThis worried him a lot.This worried him a lot.He wake upHe wake updon't worry you for thatdon't worry°concerned aboutlook after, take care (of)Have the children drink the milk.Make sure the children drink the milk.

preparation[F] Preparation.

List(I understandprepare) Preparation.

prepareprepareI make breakfast.I'll bring your breakfast. ▲ organize, prepareLet's prepare a farewell party.Let's have a farewell party.°when it is preparedgetting readyHe is preparing for a trip.He is preparing for a trip.

preparations[meter please] Preparations.

PlugPlugThe lion devoured its prey.The lion devoured his prey.▲ Prey (for water)We photographed the dam.We photographed the dam.

prescribe somethingprescribe something

required(I understandprescribe something) required.

GiftGiftYour presence at this event is greatly appreciated.Your presence in this role is greatly appreciated. ▲ AppearanceIt has a very good presence.It has a very good appearance.°in the presence ofbefore, in the presence ofHe said it in front of everyone.He said it in front of everyone.°presence of mindpresence of mindYour presence of mind saved us from danger.Your presence of mind saved us from danger.

witnessLook, witness.

presentation[F] exhibition, exhibitionThis showcase has a very nice presentation.This window looks very nice.▲ IntroductionThe speaker was introduced by the President.The speaker was introduced by the President.°to the presentationin the presentationPayment against presentation of the invoice.Payment against presentation of the invoice.

giftpresent, present, presentThe committee will present a new plan tomorrow.The committee will present a new plan tomorrow.▲ present, put into practiceThey will present a new program next week.They will present a new program next week.°introduce youimagine, informRegister at the Immigration Office.Check with the immigration office.▲ appear, appearIt seemed unexpected.It appeared unexpectedly.file a complaintto complainThey filed a complaint with the board of directors.They complained to management.

giftavailable, currentThere are five festivals in the current month.There are five holidays in the current month.▲ availableAll the children present stood up.All the children present stood up.°until the presentAt this timeAt the moment we have no news.At the moment we have no news.°giftthis, this letterI would like to greet you and tell you...I would like to greet you and tell you....°rememberto considerI remember what he told me.I'll keep what you told me in mind.Gift!Present! (Phone call).

feelingfeeling, anticipation

Omen[rad-ch II] have a presentiment or premonition.

to preservesave, save, save.

presidencypresidency; presidency.

president[metro] PresidentThe president of the company is a very young man.The President of the company is a very young man.▲ PresidentEach year our committee elects a new president.Each year our committee elects a new president.


Print[F] Print.

Sold outOut of stock taken.▲ [metro] condemn, condemn.


provided(I understandOffer) borrowed; borrowed. °provideborrowCan you lend me your car next Sunday?Can you lend me your car next Sunday?

Offerto borrow, to borrowHe lent me a very interesting book.He lent me a very interesting book.°Pay attentionPay attentionPlease Be Careful.Keep in mind.°helpHelpyou want to help uswould you help usborrowprovideWhat he said was open to misinterpretation.What he said was open to misinterpretation.▲ to offerHe offered us his help.He offered us his help.


ShowShowI assume.I guess it is.▲ Being vain to show offshow yourself a lotShe shows off too much.boastthink of yourselfI likelook elegantHe thinks it's very elegant.

Assumption[F] arrogance, presumption, vanity.


suitorintention to tryThis person is trying to take advantage of you.This person intends to take advantage of you. ▲ for courtI wanted a rich girl.He was courting a rich girl.▲ PretendHe pretended not to see me.He pretended not to see me. ▲ strive, striveSeveral people have applied for the position.Several people applied for the position.pretend to sayso driveWhat do you mean?What do you drive? 🇧🇷pretend too much (of)make unreasonable demands (on), ask too much (of)This lady is asking too much of her chef.This lady is asking too much of her chef.

suitor[metro] fan; pretender (to the throne).

complain[F] assertion (irrational)There was no justification for his claim.There was no justification for his claim.▲ SubterfugeIt has a lot of wild claims.It has a lot of silly claims.

pretextpretense, excuse me.

prevention[F] prevention; Police station.

warned(I understandprevent) notifiedbe attentivebe ready, be prepared, be warnedWhen warned, they did not surprise him.Because he was prepared, he was not caught off guard.

preventprepare, beginWe will have to prevent something for the party.It will be necessary to prepare something for the party.▲ prevent, avoidWe must take measures to prevent the spread of the disease.We must take steps to prevent the spread of the disease.▲ preventThey warned him of the danger.They warned him of the danger.°prevent (against)take precautions (against)Diseases must be avoided.You have to take precautions against diseases.

anterioranterior.°previous examPreliminary or entrance exam.

forecast[F] Forecast.°social predictionSocial Security.

prietodunkel, morena (tú) [And].

predictpredict, anticipateThey foresaw the misfortune.You predicted the accident.

destined(I understandpredict) for the forecast.



primerverFirstfirst of allFirst.Prime MinisterPrime Ministerfirst planningforeground

First[adj.] FirstHe comes first.He is the first in line.▲ [announcement] first firstFirst he is a fool; Second, I don't like it.First, he is a fool; Second, I don't like it.▲ FirstDo this first.Do this first.nowsuddenly, unexpectedlyImmediately she began to cry.Suddenly he began to cry.°for the first timefor the first time.

Primitive[adj.] primitive.


perfection[metro] something niceThis coat is beautiful.This coat is adorable.▲ CleaningThis work is done with care.This work is very well done.

exquisiteexotic; Organized; skillfully


principal[adj.] director, directorHe is the main person in the office.He is the main person in the office.▲ [metro] PrincipalTalk to the director.Talk to the director.°DownstairsThe second floor.

Prince[metro] principle.

beginbegin, beginThe work must begin immediately.The work must begin immediately.

principleprincipleOn what principle do you base your theory?What principle do you base your theory on? ▲ Principle, standardThat is not in accordance with your principles.This is not in line with your principles.▲ back to topThe beginning of the book was very interesting.The beginning of the book was very interesting.▲ Starter, main course.°at firstinitiallyAt first the job seemed easy.At first the work seemed easy to me.°at the beginning ofat the beginning ofLet's meet early next week.Let's meet early next week.°basicallybasicallyat first i didn't The idea seems wrong.This idea does not seem bad to me.

PressHurry up.▲ UrgencyThere is a rush to finish this job today.It is urgent that this work be finished today.°PressHurry upAlways in a hurry.He is always in a hurry.°at full speedat full speedThey were in a hurry.They were going at full speed.°hurry upyesterdayLet's hurry up, it's late!Let's hurry, it's too late!°fastfast. °hurry upHurry upHe was in such a hurry that he forgot his hat.He was in such a hurry that he forgot his hat.

prison[F] Prison.

prisonerprisoner (military).

Private[adj.] privateAll rooms have private baths.All rooms have a private bathroom.°in confidenceprivate, privateresolved in private.You solved it in private.

Private(I understanddeprive) private.▲ unconsciousShe was deprived of the impression.She was knocked unconscious from shock.

deprivedepriveThey deprived him of his rights.They deprived him of his rights.°deprive yourselfdeprive yourselfYou deprive yourself of many things.You deprive yourself of many things.


The bookbow, prow; nose (of an airplane).

probability[F] probability.


experimenttry, tryWe will test the plane this afternoon.Let's test the plane this afternoon.▲ to tasteTry this sweet.Try this sweet.▲ to tasteHe has proven his innocence.He has proven his innocence. ▲ agree, sueThis weather is testing me a lot.This climate suits me well.°AttemptAttemptCan I try on the dress?Can I try on the dress?

Problem[metro] Problem.

Continuecontinue, beginAfter examining the boys, they proceeded to evaluate them.After testing the children, they proceeded to classify them. ▲ become the resultThat comes from your ignorance.This is the result of your ignorance.▲ to comeWhere are your parents from?Where are your parents from?▲ actingWithout thinking, he continued.Acted without thinking.▲ Behave.▲ [metro] behavior, behaviorI don't like his behaviour.I don't like your behavior.°take action against youtake action against you

processmethod, procedureYour teaching method is very good.Your teaching method is very good.

procession[F] procession.

processProcess; District Court).


SeekAttemptI'll try to get to the theater on time.I'll try to get to the theater in time▲ to see it.Make sure nothing is missing.See that nothing is missing.°acquireget, getGet a good seat.Feel good.

wastefulluxurious, extravagant

Production[F] Production.

to produce[and] to productThis country produces a lot of coffee.This country produces a lot of coffee.▲ produce, causeThe fire was caused by someone's carelessness.The fire was caused by someone's carelessness.▲ produce, yield, giveI don't think there's much use in renting the house.I don't think renting the house contributes muchto occurearise, burstA strike followed.A strike broke out.


Productsproduct.°Agricultural products(Farm) products.

prophecyprophecy, prediction

profession[F] Profession.

professional[adj.] professional.

to confessconfess (a religious order) to join.

Professor[metro] Professor.

Prophet[metro] A prophet

depth[F] Depth.

deepdeepIs this part of the lake very deep?Is this part of the lake very deep? ▲ deepThat is a very deep thought.That is a very deep thought.

program[metro] programDo you have the concert program?Do you have the concert program?▲ PlansWhat is your program for Sunday?what are your plans for sunday

making progressprogress, progress, progressThis country has come a long way in recent years.This country has made great strides in recent years.a few years.▲ progress, improvementYour Spanish is progressing a lot.His Spanish is improving a lot.


prohibition[F] ban.

exilebanI forbid you to eat between meals.I forbid you to eat between meals.||No smoking.No smoking.||It is forbidden to place signs.Do not post accounts.

prefaceForeword; preface.


Average[metro] Average.


promisepromiseI promised to visit her.I promised to visit her.The party promises to be very joyful.It promises to be a very gay party.▲ promisedThis child promises a lot.He is a very promising boy.

promised(I understandpromise) motivated.

immediately[adj.] immediatelyI'm ready to goI'm ready to go.▲ [announcement] fastIt got the job done very quickly.Got the job done very quickly.▲Coming SoonI arrive sooner than I expected.It arrived earlier than I expected.▲ [metro] sudden impulseHe still feels like he soon did.He still regrets that sudden impulse.prontoinitiallyI didn't recognize him right away.At first I didn't recognize him.SuddenlySuddenlySuddenly.Suddenly appeared.

calvohowever for nowWork on it first.Work on that first.°as finished asas soonOnce you do let me know.Let me know once you do.

pronunciation[F] Pronunciation.

proclamationproclamation; insurrection (in the army).


PropagandaAdvertising; Advertising.

Property[F] Property.

ownerOwner, owner, owner.

briberybribe, bribe.

ownTerI saw it with my own eyes.I have seen it with my own eyes.▲ typicalThat is very typical of him.That's typical of him. ▲ proper, rightHe was the right man for the job.He was the right man for the job. ▲ himselfShe did it herself.She did it herself.

appropriate[and] propose (propose)Let's propose a change.Let's propose a change.°suggest something to someonemaking a requestHe proposed a deal to my father.He made a business proposal to my father.appropriateplan, pretendHe began to learn a lot.I planned to study hard.

Part[F] Portion.

Offerprovide, deliverI will provide you with everything you need.I will provide you with everything you need.

Suggestion[F] Suggestion.

targettargetwhat is your purposeWhat is your goal?▲ IntentionHell is paved with good intentions.The road to hell is paved with good intentions.°by the waytargetI did it on purpose.I did it on purpose.upcombined withAbout what they say, I will tell you this...In relation to what you say, I will tell you this ||By the way!By the way!

SuggestionSuggestion, suggestion, request.

extenderextend (expiration date).



prosperity[F] prosperity.

Schutz[F] Schutz.

Schutz[metro] protective.

protectprotectThe mother protects her children.A mother protects her children.°protect yourselfto protect yourselfTo protect ourselves from the rain, we climbed into a tent.We went to a store to take shelter from the rain.

ProtestProtestThe judge dismissed the public protest.The judge ignored the public protest.

protestprotest. °ProtestprotestThey protested against injustice.They protested against injustice.

advantagebenefitHe did not make any profit from this business.He made no profit from this business.°rentableusefulHe is a useful man.He is a useful man.°be beneficialbe good (for)This food is not for you.This food is not good for you.||enjoy it.Enjoy your meal.oI hope you enjoyed your meal (usual greeting before or after the meal)usefulrentable.



provincial[adj; north] provincial.

determination[F] predisposition.


provocation[F] provocation.

to provoketo provokeDon't provoke me!Don't provoke me!

proximity[F] proximityThey were shipwrecked near this coast.They were shipwrecked near this coast.

next[adj.] NextI will start next year.I will start next year.▲ closeThey are very close relatives.They are very close relatives.°be nearalmost see you...He was about to fall into the river.He almost fell into the river.

DesignThe planThey plan to build more roads.They plan to build more roads.▲ to design, to showThey showed a science film.They screened a science film.

ProjectplanoThe design of the new building is ready.The plan for the new building is complete.▲ Project, planMy children have many projects for the future.My children have many plans for the future.


prudentprudent, wise

Testhe is tryingWhat proof do you have?What proof do you have? ▲ EvidenceThere is no evidence to convict him.There is no evidence to convict him.▲ ProofThe device broke during the test.The device broke during the test. ▲ Proof (print, photo)They sent me print samples.They sent me the proofs.▲ Trick [And]He did a test with the cards.He did a card trick.°he is tryingproof against, -proofThis shelter is bomb-proof.This shelter is bomb proof.||Take the test.Attempts.


publication[F] publication.

To postto post.

advertising[F] Advertising.

Advertising[adj.] AdvertisingIs there a public phone here?Is there a phone booth here?▲ [metro] Advertising; AdvertisingThe public was impatient.The public was impatient.


Pudding[metro] Pudín.

puebloDorfThis is a very picturesque town.This is a very picturesque town.▲ PeopleHe is a man of the people.He is a man of the people.

Ponte[metro] Ponte.

Pigpork, pork; Pork Meat.

portaGate; Goal. °close the door in your faceclose the door in your faceHe closed the door in my face.He closed the door in my face.


We will do itbecause, how, sinceWow, they called.Go, since you were called.▲ anywayWell, I'm coming.I'm leaving anyway.▲ alrightWell, if you don't want to, don't go.Well, if you don't want to, don't go.▲ Certainly [And]Yes, exactly.Yes, of course.well thenunderstoodWell then I will!Okay, then I'll go!°I can helpnot at all, not so much.||It was also?so what?||And later?After?oIs that so?oAnd later?

market stall(I understandput) defineThe table is ready.The table is set.▲ [metro] place, putI'm third in line.I'm third in line.▲ Shop, stall, stallI bought it at a market stall.I bought it at a market stall.▲ Position, jobHe is in a good position.He has a good job.well locatedwell dressedHe was very well placed.He was very well dressed.°lostout of place. °be thatfrom, fromIf you are afraid of boredom, don't go.If you are afraid of boredom, don't go.

for moneyto the money


Thumb[metro] Thumb.

Thrust[metro] Lunge.

lung infectionLung infection.

Grocer's shopgrocery store [And].

pulque[metro] pulque (fermented juice of the maguey plant; Mexican drink).


impulsesPuls.°take the pulsetake the pulseThe doctor took his pulse.The doctor took his pulse.

Pointpoint it outThis pencil is not sharp.This pencil has no point.▲ Point, pointWe walked to the end of the pier.We walk to the end of the pier.▲ topSmoke could be seen at the top of the volcano.The smoke could be seen aboveof the volcanoNew Yearall well dressedThey were dressed to the nines.They were all dressed up.

scorePoint. °throw pointsgive points

support[metro] Having lunch [And].

spitzSharp and pointed.


point it outpoint, pointThe plane seemed like a dot in the sky.The plane looked like a dot in the sky.▲ dot (written)What's the point in this typewriter?What is the point of this typewriter?▲ local, localWe are at the same point.We meet in the same place.▲ point (in sports)He won by a few points.He won by a few points.to the pointimmediatelyHe marked the point.It appeared immediately.°fixed pointExactlyI'm not sure.I do not know exactly.how thatlangeI don't want to go that far.I don't want to go that far.°stop the cartaxi, rental car [SP] .°hit the nail on the headhit the nail on the headyou got the pointYou did it.°mesh fabriceach minuteHis anger increased.I was getting angrier by the minute.▲ PeriodI'm going to buy a cardigan.I'm going to buy a cardigan.°from a certain anglefrom a certain angleIn a way you are right.In a way you are right.°punctualsharp, sharpWe should arrive at six.We should arrive at six.hours tooupWe fully agree with the prices you quoted.Regarding the prices you mention, we totally agree.°be about tobe ready forWe were about to leave when they arrived.We were about to leave when they arrived.until a certain pointuntil a certain pointTo some extent it is true.To some extent it is true.free pointfunny sideIt has its point of grace.It has its funny side.point it outFinal destinationWe have to end this.We have to end this.point by pointstep by step in detailHe told it all point by point.He told everything step by step.||How far into the program did you study?How far have you come in your studies?

singlepromptly, on time.


prickprick, prick

fishfishHe clenched his fists.He clenched his fists. ▲ fistThe umbrella handle is broken.Broken umbrella handle.▲ HandleThe shirt cuffs are ironed underneath.The shirt cuffs are ironed underneath.


low hill[metro] (School desk.


laxative[metro] laxative, body.

rein.reinThis milk is pure.This milk is pure▲ clearHe has a very pure voice.He has a very clear voice.▲ [metro] cigaretteHe likes to smoke cigars.He likes to smoke cigars.°just in caseby chanceI found it by accident.I met him by pure chance.°pure bloodpure bloodThe horse is thoroughbred.This horse is a thoroughbred.°the plain truthabsolute truth or without varnishWhat he told you is the absolute truth.What he told her is the absolute truth.||He could barely walk from exhaustion.He was so exhausted that he could hardly walk.

wasese themI'll take the train that arrives first.I will take the first train that arrives.▲ the, with, whenThe day he came was Wednesday.The day he came was Wednesday.” WhoYou who are experts should surely know that.You're an expert; you should definitely know.▲ whoThis is the boy I told you about.This is the boy I told you about▲ whatI don't know what I'll do tomorrow.I don't know what I'll do tomorrow.—what happened to your brotherwhat happened to your brother ▲ thisHe was so changed that I didn't recognize him.He looked so different that I didn't recognize him.I doubt it will come.I doubt he will come▲ thenThe other one is better than this one.The other one is better than that.°that (or that, that, that) thathe (or she, they) that, the one, the oneCome if you want to drink.If you want to drink, come with me.°was?was?which book do you like most?What book do you like the most?▲ What kind of book?Tell me, who are these people?Tell me, what are these people?was!What!How beautiful is this painting!How beautiful is this photo!▲ What! Than!How absurd!How absurd!-What a child!What a child!°about what!How many!What he said!How many things has he told me!°no way!Proceed! we go! Over there? (expresses disbelief)No way! That is not true.Proceed! That is not true.without what or for whatwithout cause or reasonone, I don't know whatone specific thingThere is one that I do not know what attracts him.There is something attractive about her.||What else is there?What's the difference?||It was also?¿Y?

bankruptthick, thickIn recent days we have traveled through very rough terrain.We have been going through a very difficult country in the last few days. ▲ brokenDraw a dashed line.Draw a dashed line.°be broketo be broken

broken numberFraction (mathematics).

interruptioninterruptionHe broke a glass.He broke a glass.▲ failThe bank failed when no one expected it.The bank failed when no one expected it.to lose controlinterruptionThe board broke.The plate broke.▲ Fracture (a bone)When he fell, he broke his arm.He broke his arm when he fell.

StayLeft behindThe bag stayed on the table.The bag was left on the table.I only have a few cents left.I only have pennies left.▲ to keepThe letter went unanswered.The letter went unanswered. ▲ beIt's far from here.It is far from here.°be good)leave (okay)The work was really good.The job went very well.be good withsucceed, get aheadThings are going well with her.He gets it with her.°stay ofRequest a [And]We have to arrive on Sunday.We promise to come on Sunday.stay insideagree, understandWe agreed that he would come at eight.We agreed that he would come at eight.stayStay, stayOur friend stayed in Europe.Our friend stayed in Europe.°stay behindstay behind °stay withwearI stay with the blue.I'll stick with blue.stay cleanto clean youHe played cards and cleaned himself up.He played cards and was eliminated.||Can you know where we are?Can we know where we are?

Chores[meter please]From homeHomework.


to complainto complainYou have nothing to complain about.You have nothing to complain about.

combustioncombustionThe burning of the leaves.Burning the leaves.°run away from the burnTo escape the problem, hit itSeeing what was about to happen, he fled from the fire.When he saw what was about to happen, he won.

Burned(I understandburn) BurnedSmells like burnt.It smells like burning.°Sun tanningSun tanning.

burnburn, scald

burnburnWho burned this curtain?Who burned this curtain?burnburnBe careful, you can burn yourself.Be careful, you will burn yourself.

Will[and] want, demandWhat would you like to eat?What would you like to eat?▲ loveHe loves her very much.He loves her very much.howeverIn any caseWhatever it is, we'll do it.We definitely will.°wherevereverywhere, everywherewhat i mean by thatmiWhat does that word mean?What does that word mean?involuntarilyinvoluntarily; involuntarilyHe did it unintentionally.He did it unintentionally.

My love[adj.] Dear loved oneDear son: ...Dear son: ...


Competencebreak, fail

we arela laWho has called?Who called?-These are the guys I told you about.These are the guys I told you about.—She is the girl I love the most.She is the girl I like the most▲ who whoAnyone who thinks that is wrong.Anyone who thinks that is wrong.Who knows?Who knows?"You think that Will it rain?" "Who knows?""Do you think it will rain?" "Who knows?"

whoeverwhoeverLet everyone pass.Whoever comes, let him come in.

still[adj.] stillStop for a moment.Stand (or sit) still for a moment. ▲ calmThe lake was still all day.The lake was calm all day.▲ calmShe is a very calm girl.She is a very calm girl.

quiet[F] Silence silence.



chemicalChemist.▲ [norte] chemical.

In peacequince.

fourteen days°for a fortnightevery two weeks, biweekly.

five hundredfive hundred.



quintal[metro] One hundred pounds.

(Video) Wikisource

quinto[adj.] quinto.▲ [metro] Nickel (coin) [Mexico].

moverto throwLet's get this table out of here.Let's get this table out of here.▲ for subtractionThis value must be subtracted from the total.You must deduct this amount from the total.°take offtake off clothes)Don't take off your coat.Do not take off your coat.▲ to go outThese stains will not be removed.Those spots won't go away.▲ Give upThe addiction to the drink was eliminated.He stopped drinking.°evadeto get out of the way.remove the waterstop rainingAnd]When the water goes down, we'll leave.When it stops raining, we'll go outside.°take a load offtake a weight off your shoulders.°waste of timeit takes a lot of timeThis job takes a long time.This job takes too long.

perhaps perhapsmaybe.


radishRadish.°Pick the radish by the leaves.misinterpret.

zornzornThe dog is angry.The dog is angry.▲ Anger, anger.°zornmake angry, make angryI'm mad I didn't go.I'm mad I didn't go.be angrylook at them rencorI am tremendously angry with him.I have a terrible grudge against him.°get angrydevelop a grudge againstHe got unnecessarily angry.She developed a grudge against him for no reason.

zornWow, wow, wow.

furiousangry, angry; furious.

Dividedtail (no hair or feathers)The mouse caught its tail in the mousetrap.The mouse's tail got caught in the trap.°(with) tail between (the) legshaggardHe came back with his tail between his legs.He came back dejected.

rabona°to connectcut or skip (class, etc.); To play hockey.

afterstripe, rope, seriesThere were a series of crimes.There was a series of crimes.°Good luckWay of good luck.

montechipboard side

cooler[metro] radiator.

Radio[f em Sp & Arg, m without rest of Am] RadioThe radio brought the news.The news came over the radio.▲ [metro] Radio. °promotion rateattainThe radius of action of this station was very wide.This transmitter had a very long range.

radiograma[metro] Radiograma.

Vayaworn, tattered.

Those[F] ThoseThis tree has very deep roots.This tree has very deep roots.°uprootuproot.

Rajacrack, crack; slice (food).

Crackbreak, tear. ▲ cutYou have to cut the melon.You have to cut the melon.▲ Gossip, gossip [Jargon].°RajarserestThe watch glass is broken.The crystal of my watch is broken.▲ to holdIt always fails at the last moment.He always stops at the last moment.

leakthin, extended; [Antilles] weak (through infusions).

ramaAst, Zweig, ZweigDon't get caught by that branch!Don't get attached to that branch!▲ RamaThis surname was from another branch of the family.This name comes from another branch of the family.°tripping around the bushbeat around the bush.

astBranch (cut tree).▲ Bouquet, clusterHe offered her a bouquet of flowers.He gave her a bouquet of flowers.▲ BranchChemistry is a branch of science.Chemistry is a branch of science. ▲ (business line).The hardware branch.The hardware store

ranchodisorder (eating), foodWhat time do they give the ranch?What time is there lunch?▲ Cabin [And]They live in straw huts.They live in huts with thatched roofs.▲ Ranch [And]He has a very large ranch.He has a very large ranch. ▲ Flat straw hat [And].

rancidrancid; old (of wine, nobility).▲ old-fashioned, old-fashionedHe is a very rancid man.He is a very old-fashioned man.

velocity[F] Speed, speed.

fast[adj.] Faster FasterHe was very quick in his decisions.He was very quick in his decisions.▲ [metro] express train)At nine the rapids passed.The express passed at nine.

batTennis racket).

lowrare, unusualIt was rare to receive a letter.It was unusual for him to receive a letter.—Colonial furniture is very rare today.Colonial furniture is rare these days. ▲ strange, strangeHow weird!How weird!

skyscraper[News] skyscraper.

scratch, scratchrip.

teartearHe tore his pants.He tore his pants.

functionalityblowThe features of this design are highly accentuated.The lines in this drawing are very strong.▲ MomentumHe had a very commendable quality.He had a very worthy impulse.°upin short, in general, to the pointI'll tell you in broad strokes.I'll tell you in a few words.°CharacteristicsresourcesHis features were familiar to me.His features were familiar to me.Traits (Character)CharacteristicsHe has very unpleasant (character) traits.He has very unpleasant features.

tear[metro] tearHe had a tear in his suit.He had a tear in his clothing.

scratch, scratchscratch, scratchHe has a scratch on his face.He has a scratch on his face.

raspadurahematomaI have a scratch on my arm.I have a bruise on my arm.

to shavescratch, scratch

scratch, scratch[metro] Hematoma.

tracker[metro] Time.

To accompanyexplore, follow

caminoAsk, askThe dogs lost the trail when they reached the river.When they reached the river, the dogs lost the trail.▲ TrackAfter the hurricane, there was no trace of the house.After the hurricane, there was no trace of the house.°follow the trailtrack, follow the scent.


About Carterfrom Carter.

Maus(shortlyWait a minute.Wait a bit.°After a whilevery soon after a whileOur friends will be here soon.Our friends will be coming soon.°to the lost micein the free timeI read at random times.In his spare time he reads.spend time togetherpass the time pass the timeHave funHave fun.

Maus[metro] Maus.

hazdash line; fold (in pants); part (in the hair); Track Line.▲ (Sports)The ball went out of line.The ball landed outside the line.postponekeep within limits, control, restrict.

LifeDraw lines, regular.▲ scratch (scratch)You scratch the table.You scratch the table.

hazDestello (the Destello).Lightning struck and set the house on fire.▲ Lightning struck the house and set it on fire. ▲ RadiusIn summer, the sun's rays burn.In summer the sun's rays burn.There was still a ray of hope.There was still a ray of hope.

razaRasse (anthropological).

Reason[F] Reason (ability to reason).▲ Reason, reasonHe lost his mind.He lost his mind.▲ Reason, explanationGive some reasons if you want to convince me.Give me a couple of reasons if you want to convince me.▲ Reason, causeHe did it for no reason.It did this for no reason.▲ Message [And]I will agree with you.I'll forward the message to you.whythe rate ofA six percent annual rate is paid.He pays six percent.one year.°address the reasonslisten to the reasonreason of stateto give informationIn rent. You will be right at the door.Rental. Ask the caregiver for information.°be rightTo be right. °Without reasonbe wrong. °take reasonto make a recording.



Reaction[F] reaction; political conservatism; reactionary force.°get into reactionwarm up, warm upHe turned on the stove to get a reaction.He turned on the stove to keep warm.

realreally reallyThe actual situation has not changed.The current situation has not changed.▲ actualHe belonged to the royal family.He was a member of the royal family.▲ [metro] Real (Sp coin worth about 25 cents)This magazine costs a real.This magazine costs a real.

reality[F] reality, done.

Performance[F] Termination, executionImplementation of the plans will take at least one year.The plans will take at least a year to execute.▲ SaleLast Monday there was a realization of all the goods.Last Monday there was a sale of all the goods.

attainattainThis is not difficult.This is not difficult to achieve.▲ to achieveThey carried out the plan in every detail.They carried out the plan to the smallest detail. ▲ for saleThey had all the shares.They sold all the products in stock.

revitalizecheer up, cheer up; revitalize


shrinkreduce, lessenPrices dropped a bit.They lowered the prices a bit. ▲ reduce (by weight)I lost ten kilos.I lost ten kilos.delgadobendI will not deign to do such a thing.I will not deign to do such a thing.

rebelrebel.▲ [norte] rebel.

collector, collectorBote.

messageMessage; Tidy.


QuarterQuarter [Mexico].

Substitute°spare partspare part.

suspicioussuspicious, suspicious

reception[F] reception, formal meetingThe reception was very clear.It was a very bright reception.▲ ReceptionThey received a very warm welcome.They received a very warm welcome.

revenueprescription medicine). °Cooking recipecooking recipe).

denyreject, reject, rejectHe rejected the idea of ​​going out on the field.He rejected the idea of ​​going to the countryside.▲ backThe enemy was forced to return to their positions.The enemy was forced to return to their positions.

to receiveto receiveDid you have visitors yesterday?Did you have visitors yesterday?To receivegraduate [And]It was obtained from a doctor.He completed his training as a doctor.°be well (or badly) receivedbe welcome (or not be).Your opinion has been received.His opinion was not well received.


latelyrecently, recentlyThis coffee is made to order.A cafe like this hasn't been around for a long time. ▲ recently [And]I'm just hearing about it.I just figured outjust Marriedbridal couple. °just arrivedNeuling.

recentlynew, freshThe paint was new.The ink was fresh.▲ newIs this breaking news?Is this message new?

Complaint[F] Restoration; Complaint; Claim.

to complaincomplainYou can no longer claim this money.You can no longer claim this money.°claim in courtProcess.

complainAdvertising; Claim [And🇧🇷 Bait.

recruit[metro] Recruit, Novize.

Restorationrecover, reconquer.

selectto receiveI'm going to look for the papers I left in my office.I am going to look for the papers that I left in my office▲ to pick upThey raised a lot of money for the Red Cross.They raised a lot of money for the Red Cross.▲ collect, collectGather all these things and put them in order.Collect all these things and fix them.▲ to getPick up what you dropped.Pick up what you dropped. ▲ Welcome, refugeThey picked up several orphans.They took in several orphans.°standgo home, retireget it too lateIt stays a long time.recommendation[F] Recommendation.

to recommendto recommendCan you recommend a good restaurant?Can you recommend a good restaurant?▲ recommend, adviseI recommend you do this quickly.I advise you to do it quickly.

detectinspect, investigateThe patient was carefully examined.The patient was carefully examined. ▲ recognizeWhen I saw him again, I didn't recognize him.When I saw him again, I didn't recognize him. ▲ recognize, admitDo you recognize your lack?Do you admit your mistake? ▲ acknowledge, be grateful forThank you for your time.I appreciate your kindness.

rebuildremodel, remodel

remember[rad-ch yo] rememberRemember what I told you?Do you remember what I told you?▲ to remind youHe reminds me a lot of his father.He reminds me a lot of his father.

to fall againcover, travelYesterday we covered ten miles.Yesterday we covered ten miles.

Tourroute, route, runThis postman has a long journey.This postman has come a long way.

pull apart[metro] scrap, cut; Clipping (newspaper).

recreationTo be.

front[adj.] in a straight lineAll the way was straight.The path was straight the whole time. ▲ alone, aloneHe was a straight man.He was a fair man.right anglecorrect store.

Memorymemory, memoryI have great memories of my friendship with him.I have very happy memories of my friendship with him.▲ Souvenir, MementoThey are memories of our trip through Italy.They are memories of our trip through Italy.°memoryregardsSend my regards to your family.Send my regards to your family.

Resourcesay, discussHe used all the resources to convince him.He used all the arguments to convince him.°resourcesresources, meansHe was materially without resources.I was practically out of money.

putrefaction[F] InternetThe fishermen spread the net.The fishermen spread the net.▲ slingshot, trapHe fell into the networks arranged for him.He fell into the trap that was set for him.

text[F] Editorial StaffHe joined the writing of a magazine.He was a member of the editorial board of a magazine.▲ CompositionThe writing style of this letter is bad.This letter is misspelled.

Writecompose, frame in writingThis letter is very well written.This letter is very well placed.

to repeat[adj.] redondo.°in round numbersin round numbers.

reduction[F] reduction, diminution.

to reduce[-zc-] to reduceHe cut the budget in his department.He reduced the budget in his department.°be reduced toto be reduced, to be put in a stateThe building was reduced to rubble and ashes.The building was reduced to rubble.°reduce to obedienceto obey.


again sendredirect mail).

a newa newWhat are your references?What are your references?give referencesto inform. °refers torelate, mentionHe was referring to a very famous author.He was referring to a very famous author.

refer[rad-ch II] MessageHe told the case in detail.He related the matter in great detail.°Refer toRefer toWhat do you mean when you say this?What do you mean when you say this?

modificationchange °closed for repairsclosed for changes.

coro[metro] proverb, saying.

UpdatelegalYou need to refresh the water.The water needs to be chilled▲ to cool or chillIt is refreshing in the afternoon.The afternoon is getting cold.refresh your memoryto refresh your memory.°Updategetting coldLet's cool off in the shade of the trees.Let's cool off in the shade of the trees.

soft drinksoft drink, cold drinkHe drank something to quench his thirst.He took a cold drink to quench his thirst.

refrigerator[metro] Refrigerator.

seek shelterTo take refuge.

give somethingbut, but (but)What are you going to give me for my birthday?What are you going to give me for my birthday?

giftpresent presentHe received a good gift.He received a nice gift.°with giftdeluxeHe lived with a gift.He lived in luxury.

CautionswearHe always scolds me.He always scolds me.

culpascold, scold

agua[rad-ch yo] water, water.

Negotiatehaggle, haggle

Regime[metro] Regime, political systemThe regime in this country was very democratic.The political system in this country was very democratic.▲ FoodThe doctor put him on a diet.The doctor put him on a diet.


government[rad-ch III] govern, governWho rules these territories?Who rules these territories?▲ to enter into forceThis decree is still in force.This decree is still in force.

Tape recorderSeekThe police searched his house.Police search your home ▲ Examine (luggage) ▲ Search, keep recordsHe recorded purchases and sales in this book.In this book he kept records of purchases and sales.Check inregister (to)You must register with the consulate.You must register with the consulate.

Scalerule, regulationYou have to abide by the rules.You have to follow the rules.▲ Ruler (for drawing lines)can you leave me the ruleCan you leave me the ruler?an orderan orderEverything is alright?Everything is alright?as a ruleAs a general rule.

happinesshappiness happiness

Returncome back, come or come back

regularregulate, order, regulatedHe led a very regular life.He led a very regular life.▲ moderately, more or lessThis morning I feel normal, nothing more.This morning I feel regular.°usuallyusually, usuallyI usually saw him every day.I usually saw him every day.

regularity[F] regularity.


governgovernLouis XVI ruled France in the 18th century.Louis XVI ruled France in the 18th century.▲ rule, ruleTerror reigned during the war.Terror reigned throughout the war.


reyes)[rad-ch III] andDo not laugh.Do not laugh. °Loselaugh heartily, sound.°laugh aboutlaugh at somethingWhy are you laughing?Why are you laughing? ▲ make fun of, ridiculeThey laughed at him.They made fun of him.

nuevoTribunes, grandstands with iron windows.

Relationship[F] story, accountThis whole relationship was interesting.The whole story was interesting.°upabout, with respect toI don't know anything about this matter.I don't know anything about this topic.Enter into (or form) relationships withEstablish (commercial) relations with.°Relationsrelations, negotiationsThere was no relationship between them.They did not have sexual relations with each other.°have a relationship withhave a connection, have a relationshipThis has nothing to do with the topic we are dealing with.This has nothing to do with the matter we are discussing.have relationshave connectionsIt is very well connected.It is very well connected.

affectrelate, connect, establish a relationship betweenIn his conference he recounted the two historical facts.In his conference he established a relationship between the two historical events.▲ present (make known)My cousin contacted us.My cousin introduced us.Regardinghave relationsDon't associate with those people.Have no relationship with these people.

RelaxationLoose, loose, loose.

relaxdisorder, confusion, confusion [And].


Messagetongue, tongue

Religion[F] Religion.

religiousreligious.▲ [norte] Member of a religious order.

ver[metro] o'clock, o'clock.°walk (or march) like clockworkbe in perfect condition.°wristwatchwristwatch.

seems to be[-zc-] shine, shine, shine.

To completerefuel Fill; fill in.

fillingfull, full.▲ [metro] padding.°stuffed peppersstuffed peppers.

paletterow a boat).

graduate[metro] Auction.°auctioncompletelyI was totally pissed off.I was completely crazy.

Tidyremedy, repairWe must repair the damage.We must repair the damage.°can not remedyI can not helpHe couldn't fix what happened.He couldn't help what had happened.

resourcemedicine, medicineVarious home remedies were administered to the patient.Various home remedies were administered to the patient.not even for a drugfor love or for moneyI couldn't find a taxi or canned medicine.I couldn't get a taxi for love or money.°There is no other waythere is nothing to do butThere's nothing left but to let go.There's nothing left to let go.°I have no other choice buthopelessly, butI had no choice but to go.I had no choice but to leave.°hopelessbe irreparableWhat you did is useless.What you have done is irreparable.°no medicinehopeless, hopelessIt's a hopeless case.It is gone.

join[rad-ch yo] mending, mending, repairing.


transfersend send.

outsideoutside; [Jargon] perna.

beet rootBeet root.


reassembleMove upThey went up the river.They went up the river.°shootingbe excited be excitedTry not to go back too far.Try not to get too excited.°times forTo return toIn his lecture, the professor went back to distant times.In his lecture, the professor went back to the earliest times.▲ date of, date ofThis fact dates back to the 16th century.This event dates back to the 16th century.


mover[rad-ch yo] dig up, loosen (earth)He turned the earth to sow the seed.He dug into the soil to plant the seeds.▲ StirringMix into the soup.Stir the soup.▲ to stirThe explosion destroyed the house.The explosion rocked the house.°remove (from a charge or position)dismissed (from a position or office)They fired all the employees.All employees were fired.

Production[rad-ch III] yield, produceThis farm yields very little.This farm produces very little.▲ catch, catch (approximately)Through his kindness, he surrendered to her.He won her over with his attentions. ▲ give upThe general handed over the place to the enemy.The general handed over the city to the enemy.°Be tiredbe there.°To be responsibleMake (or render) accounts.He had to be held accountable.He had to give an account.°give upexpire, expirestop walking so muchHe was exhausted from so much running. ▲ give up, give upThe place was found after six days.After six days the garrison surrendered. ▲ give in, yieldHe didn't want to give in to the evidence.He didn't want to give in to the evidence.

injuryinjury [Argentina].

Step backmancar, mancar [Argentina].

LackMannkar, Mannkar.

rentalrentalThis month we have not paid the rent of the house.We haven't paid this month's rent for the house.▲ Rent; Interest (from a bank account)What is the annual return on his capital?What is the annual return on his capital?

lavarrent inHow much do you rent this room?How much is this room? ▲ produce, yieldThese titles will yield a lot in the future.These measures will bear very good fruit in the future.

resignto waive; to waive.

Step backStep backHe had to resign from office.He had to resign from office. ▲ reject, refuseHe gave up that honor.He declined this honor. ▲ give up, give upYou must abandon these plans.These plans must be abandoned.

fought(see scold) messed upwe are closeWe are in bad shape.

Caution[rad-ch III] discuss, discuss, discussHe loved to fight about everything.He fought for everything.▲ to scoldDon't scold him anymore.Don't scold him anymore.


ArrangeArrangeThe building needed repairs.The building needed repairs.°insinuate oneto considerHe did not realize the consequences.He did not consider the consequences.▲ realizingHe didn't notice the greeting I gave him.He didn't notice my greeting.

fixobjectionYour objections are unfounded.Your objections are unreasonable.°Object)file an objectionDidn't you agree? Map?Did you object to this letter?||He is a man of many scruples.He is a very discreet man.

for deliverydistribute.°greasedShare ShareWe share the cake.We share the cake.

Departmentshare, distribute; Delivery (of goods, courier).

checkTestPlease review this account carefully.Please check this account carefully.▲ for verificationReview the lessons.Check your lessons.▲ to fix the problemI had to check these clothes.These clothes needed repairs.

checkrepetition (of a lesson); Fixation.

suddenly[metro] sudden impulseHe had a sudden and declared himself.He had a sudden impulse and asked her to marry him.suddenlysuddenly, unexpectedlyIt came suddenly.It came unexpectedly.


repetition[F] RepeatThe report was full of repetitions.The report was full of repetitions. ▲EncoreThe enthusiastic audience called for it to be repeated.The enthusiastic public asked for an encore.

to repeat[rad-ch III] to repeatPlease repeat this word.Please repeat this word.

replicateanswer, answer; argue.

replicainsolent (of children or servants).

replacement[and] substituteHe filled up his checking account.Transferred the money to your checking account▲ for repairsThis fan needs to be replaced.This electric fan needs to be fixed.°Restorationrecover (health)He went to the field to recover.He went to the field to recover.


restRest. 🇧🇷without a restincessantly, infinitelyTalk continuously.Talk non-stop.

representation[F] Stem (usually one-piece)What time does the performance start?At what time does the game start?Representingrepresented, as representative ofHe went to Mexico on behalf of his country.He went to Mexico to represent his country.

Representative[adj.] representative.▲ [metro] Seller, agent.

representrepresent; Law.

repression[F] Suppression, suppressionrepressive measures.repressive measures.

suppresssuppress, suppressThey suppressed the uprising.They suppressed the revolt.°wait a minuteSelf oppression, self controlHe couldn't take it anymore.He could no longer control himself.


Reproduction[F] Reproduction (biology).▲ ReproductionThis instrument was used to reproduce the sound.This instrument was used to reproduce the sound. ▲ Play, CopyHe made a good reproduction of a Velázquez painting.He made a good copy of a Velázquez painting.

play[-zc-] play.


republican[adj; metro] Republican.

Substituteverreplacementsaveextra, replacement (of one part).

nastyinconsistent; repulsive

I am against itProvoke disgust (or disgust).i hate this soupI hate this soup.—It makes me sick to do that.I hate doing this.

requirement[rad-ch II] summon upThey demanded a statement.They asked him to testify.▲ lawsuitThis job requires care.This job requires care.

requirementrequirement, requirement

resolution[F] head of cattle.

expandtake off (instead).


underpants)underpantsBe careful not to slip.Be careful not to slip.

slipperyslippery [And]The path was very slippery.The path was very slippery.

court[metro] bailing out; exchange (of prisoners).

Reservationssecrecy, discretionReservation is recommended in this matter.Discretion is advised in this matter. ▲ bookHe was in the military reserve.He was in the military reserve.save reservationBe discreet, be discreetPlease keep your reservation regarding this.Please be discreet with this.

reserved(VerReservations) reservedHe was very reserved.He was very reserved.

ReservationsReservationsbooked the room until your return.He reserved the room for her until her return. ▲ keep in reserveReserve the money, you may need it.Keep this money in reserve; You may need.Reservationssave for youThe best seat was reserved.The best place was secured.||Reserved access.Service for a restricted group of clients.

calledcold (illness)

catch a coldcatch a cold

Residenceresidence, house; student pension.

residents[adj.] residents.

residereside, live

Step backbe resigned

EnduranceEndurance; resistance force.

resistantStrong; resistant.

resistresist, resistThey stayed in the city for a month.They stayed in the city for a month.resistdenyHe resisted food.He refused to eat.

resolution[F] decision, resolution; courage, determination

resolver[rad-ch yo] to decideIt was urgent to solve.▲ The decision had to be made immediately. ▲ solveProblem solved.Solved the problem.resolverget to the point (of)He is not determined to make a decision.He can't decide.

support supportfor inside the housePlease support this document.Accept this document.▲ support, supportThe boss supported his actions.The boss supported his actions.

costbehind (one seat).

what concerns°(Upin relation to, in relation to

respectablerespectableHe was a respectable man.He was a respectable man▲ handsomeHe owed him a respectable sum.He owed him a considerable sum.


breathing[F] BreatheHe was short of air.I was out of breath.

breathebreatheTake a deep breath.Take a deep breath.

respondedoranswer, answerHe didn't respond with a laugh.He did not reply at all.▲ respond, reactHe responded very well to treatment.He responded very well to treatment.▲ Whether it was the result, whether it was due toThis law responds to a public need.This law is the result of a public necessity.▲ pay, pay.°answer ofwitnessWho is responsible for the damages?Who is responsible for the damage?▲ to the backup (top)Who is responsible for that?Who supports you?

responsibleresponsible, trustworthyHe is a very responsible man.He is a very responsible man.°To be responsiblenot be an orderWho is responsible here?Who is in charge here?responsible ofto be responsible, to be to blameThis man is responsible for the fire.This man is responsible for the fire.

responsibility[F] Responsibility.

respondedoranswer, answer



subtractsubtract. ▲ stay, stayThere is nothing more to do.There is nothing left to do.

restaurant[metro] Restaurant.

restCalm, balance, calmIt's the rest of the money.It's the rest of the money.▲ Stack, stack (from chips to playing cards)I give him my rest.I bet my stack.°play the restdo the bestHe invested the rest in a job.He did everything possible to get a job.remainsStayThis chef knows how to use up leftovers.This chef knows how to use up leftovers.°Bones)(RemainsThe remains were transferred to the cemetery.They took the remains to the cemetery.

restaurant[metro] Restaurant.

Resolved(I understandresolver) determined, determinedHe is a very determined man.He is a very determined man.


resultfall, fallThe party went very well.The party ended very well.▲ for last takeawayWhich suit was better?What suit did you wear best?

keep going[metro] Abstract, summary, curriculum.°In summarybriefly summarized.

having[and] to hold backYou withheld your wages this month.You withheld your wages this month. ▲ keep, remember, have (in mind)He couldn't keep the dates in his head.He couldn't remember any dates. ▲ keep, keepThey held that hill Two days more.They held this hill for two more days.

withdrawalRetirement, retirement, retirement.

withdrawbacking outYou can withdraw this amount from the bank.You can withdraw this amount from the bank. ▲ remove, reserveMove the chair back a bit so you can get through.Pull the chair a little to the side so that there is room to pass. ▲ withdrawThey retired it at seventy.They retired it at seventy.withdrawalwithdraw, withdrawThe troops withdrew.Forces withdrew▲ to withdrawHe retired from the business.He retired from the business.

cancellationRetirement (from social, business or occupation life).

delaypostponeYou have postponed the meeting date.You have postponed the meeting date.▲ to delayCertain matters slowed me down.Some matters delayed me. ▲ withdrawalHe turned back the clock.He set the clock on time.to be lateWalk slowlyThe clock is slow.This clock is slow. ▲ be lateI'm sorry, I'm so late.I'm sorry, I'm so late.

portrayto portray; take a photo.

portraitPortrait, painting, photography.

Pensioner[metro] location) [SP].

costreturn ReturnHe took a few steps back to join us.He took a few steps back to join us▲ to returnThe car backed up until it was in front of the gate.The car backed up until it was in front of the gate. ▲ return, return (to)He couldn't go back on his decision.She couldn't undo her decision.

another[F] meeting, meeting, assembly, party.

get togetherunite, unite, uniteHe gathered all his friends at a party.He gathered all his friends for a party.▲ to collectThey raised a lot of money at the charity event.They raised a lot of money for charity.°get togetheranotherThey meet at his house every Wednesday.They meet at his house every Wednesday. ▲ unite, form gangsAll of them have united against me.They have all ganged up on me.

Epiphany[F] Epiphany.

To revealreveal, showShow great talents.Shows great talent. ▲ developHave you developed the photos yet?Have you developed the photos yet?

explodes[rad-ch yo] burst, burstThe pipe burst.The main pipe broke. ▲ irritate (to death), irritateThe guy annoys me.This guy annoys me to death. ▲ to burst, to be fullHe was brimming with health.He was in good health. ▲ exhaust, knock outThe ride surprised me.The long walk exhausted me.get arrestedto be exhausted, to faintAfter this walk I am exhausted.After this long walk I am ko.°Break timeexplode, explodeA tire has blown.A tire has blown.

reversing[metro] wrong side, reverseThis is the back of the fabric.This is the wrong side of the material.▲ Stroke (with the back of the hand).▲ Backhand StrokeIt was a good setback.It was a good setback.°instead of thisthe opposite, the oppositeIt is not like that, it is exactly the opposite.It's not like that; it's just the opposite.▲ in the wrong, wrong wayEverything was backwards.Everything he did went wrong.°upside downbackwards, backwardsThe jacket is inside out.The back of the jacket.

To verifyTest; examine, investigate

contador[metro] Conductor (in the train) [SP].

magazinecheckThe soldiers were checked.The soldiers were searched.▲ MagazineIt is a very expensive magazine.It is a very expensive magazine.

Revolution[F] revolution, revolt; revolution, turning point.

revolutionary[adj; metro] Revolutionary.

Revolver[metro] Revolver, Pistol.

Revolver[rad-ch yo] Stir. ▲ moveStir with a spoon.Stir with a spoon ▲ to flipThe boy has messed up everything in the house.The boy turned the house upside down.

unrestunrestThe uprising began in a barracks.The revolt began in one of the barracks.▲ shiftWhen he came to the bend in the road, he stopped.When he came to the bend in the road, he stopped.

mixed(I understandRevolver) [adj.] Legs in the air.

rey[metro] rey.

praypray, say (prayers)He said his prayers every day.He said his prayers every day.°pray withharass or influenceo Order do not pray with me.The request does not concern me.

the net[metro] Pray.

RicodeliciousHe was the richest in the city.He was the richest man in the city.▲ richThere are vegetables that are very rich in vitamins.Some vegetables are very rich in vitamins.▲ deliciousHow rich is the flavor of this meat!What a rich flavor this meat has!▲ sweetWhat a rich boy!What a sweet boy!

ridiculousridiculousHis appearance was ridiculous.His appearance was ridiculous.°ridiculousput in a ridiculous positionHis wife's behavior ridiculed him.Your wife's behavior has put you in a ridiculous position.


kidneyskidneysHold the reins tight.Hold the reins.°free runningWithout restrictionsHe laughed out loud.He was laughing non-stop.releaselet looseHe let the tears flow freely.She let her tears flow freely.

Riskdanger, riskHe took many risks.I was taking a big risk.

giving awayto draw.

heavyrigid, stiff; strict, strict

Strict[metro] Strict, Strict.°severelyactually.°be strictlybe indispensable.

strictlystrict, strict, strict.

Gesang[metro] Gesang (intern)Put the chair in the corner.Put the chair in the corner.▲ distant pointI was looking for a corner where I could live in peace.He was looking for an isolated place where he could live in peace.

Rand[metro] Rand.


wealthWealth; abundance.

risalaugh LaughLaughter is contagious.Laughter is contagious.°funny thinglaughing matterIt's not a laughing matter.It's not a laughing matter.

smilingsmiling, happy.

Lockenwickler[metro] Hair straightener, curling iron.


Stealsteal, lootThis man steals from everyone.This man steals from everyone.▲ stealHe stole the money.He stole the money.▲ withdraw (on cards)Now it's your turn to draw.Now it's your turn to draw.

Carvalho[metro] carvalho.


robuststrong, strong, strong.

RocaRock; Cliff.

Bend[rad-ch yo] rotateThe stone rolled down the slope.The stone rolled down the hill.▲Wander, wanderIt began to roll around the world.He began to travel the world.▲ scrollingNow the money rolls more than Nanea.Now more than ever money is coming in.°make a movieto make a movieThe movie started shooting.They began to take the photo.

Seekcome on, come onThe river surrounded the city.The river surrounded the city.The house is surrounded by trees.The house is surrounded by trees.▲ Take the long road.°RodeateRodeateHe tried to surround himself with good friends.He tried to surround himself with good friends.

Rodeospin, rollThis path takes a long detour.The road makes a wide arc.▲ SummaryThere was a rodeo last week.There was a meeting last week.°stop beating around the bushstop beating around the bushDo not beat around the bush and answer clearly.Don't beat around the bush and give me a straight answer.

KneeKneeGo on your kneesGo on your knees ▲ cleaning cloth, ragWipe off that knee.Clean with this cloth.

pray[rad-ch yo] Please askHe asked me to wait for him.He asked me to wait for him. ▲ pleadShe begged and begged, but she couldn't convince him.She begged and begged, but she couldn't convince him.

putrefactionPutrefaction. °too redred hot, red hot

rolloroll, all rolled up.

Romantic[metro] ballad, poem.


General[and] interruptionHe broke the glass.He broke the glass. ▲ break, break relationshipsYou separated from this family.you broke up with this familyat dawn, at dawnat dawn, at dawna generalstartHe began to speak when no one expected him.He began to speak when no one expected him.°break gearmain marchA squadron of cavalry stopped the march. A squadron of cavalry led the marchBreak timeinterruptionBe careful, it could break!Be careful, it can break!▲ Fracture, fracture (bone)A broken leg.He broke his leg. ▲ be torn apartHis suit ripped.Your dress is torn.



dressesdressesI will iron the clothes.I will iron the clothes.burn clothesWithout pointsHe shot him point blank.He shot him point blank.wear whiteLino.°clothes madeready clothes. °clean clothesclean clothes. °Dirty clothesDirty clothes.

wardrobecloset, closet.

rosasrosa.°pink colourRosa.


screw threadthread (screw); Spiral.▲ Ring (bread or cake).°make the threadflatter.


Inside(VerGeneral) InsideThe chair was broken.The chair was broken.The engagement was broken.The engagement broke off.▲ TearYou have a tear in your pants.You have a tear in your pants.

Hang tagsplato

desolatesore spot, sore spot.

rubclean the floor)He began to brush the dirt.He started clearing the land. ▲ brush, rubThe plane skimmed the ground lightly.The plane skimmed the ground.||He didn't like being shoulder to shoulder with anyone.He didn't like being involved with anyone.

blondes[F] Blondes.

rubio[adj.] blonde (and) natural.

directoryFlourish, seal, prominent flourish after a signature.

amarthick, thickThis man was very rude.This man was very rude.▲ DifficultThe day was very difficult.The journey was very difficult.


I bet youPlease please.

NoiseNoiseWhat's that noise?What is that noise?▲ Comment, discussionThis event made a lot of noise.This event generated a lot of comments.||So much noise for nothing.So much noise for nothing.


Ruinruin, perishThis business was his downfall.This business was his downfall.ruinedruinedThe city lay in ruins.The city lay in ruins.


RumbaRumba (dance).

CourseDirectionHe went to Europe.He went to Europe.°title partyfancy party.

a boat[metro] mumbleA confused rumor came from the public.A confused murmur rose from the crowd. rumorThere are rumors that he will change his policy.It is rumored that there will be a policy change.

rusticrustic, country

ListFar far.



sable[and] sableDo you speak Spanish?Do you speak Spanish?▲ to find out howYou know how to swim?You know how to swim?-You know how to get there?Do you know how to get to this place? ▲ to try itIt has a bad taste.Tastes bad.▲ a...usually or habitually [And]He knows how to come on Sundays.He usually comes on Sundays.°namelythat's it, that's itThey are three: namely, Enrique, Juan and María.They are three; that is, Enrique, Juan and María.°too much to knowknow very wellI know very well that it is true.I know very well that it is true.know bytry outThe soup tastes like garlic.The soup tastes like garlic.°know each othermake yourself known, be discoveredBe careful, you can know!Be careful, they can discover you!°one, I don't know whatone specific thingHe has very pleasant manners, I don't know which one.There is something very nice about her.||I dont know!How do I know?||Who knows?Who knows?||I already know it!I know that)!

wisdomlearn, know

reasonable[adj.] reasonableDoña María is a very wise woman.Maria is a very wise woman.▲ [norte] erudite or wise.

it's a shameLoan. °dar un sablazoGive a touchborrowHe gave me a five dollar saber last night.Last night he played with me for five dollars.

zibelina[metro] Sable.

flavor[metro] Flavor, aromaThe taste of this wine is delicious.The taste of this wine is delicious.°I wantper seasonIt added no flavor to what I was cooking.She did not season the food.

to enjoyenjoy enjoy

deliciousDelicious tasty.

hunting dogDog.

corkscrew[News] corkscrew.

backing outextract)I took money from the bank.Withdraw some money from the bank.▲ WithdrawTake your hands out of your pockets.Take your hands out of your pockets. ▲ to remove the scoop from the device. They cut him off the team. ▲ take out, doThey launch new models of aircraft.Launch new aircraft models.▲ for launchHe stuck his head out the window.He stuck his head out the window.▲ to relieve [And]The medicine took my fever away.The medicine eased his fever.▲ to getWhere did this idea come from?Where did this idea come from? ▲ to exitHe got us out of trouble.He got us out of trouble. ▲ to winI won a prize in the raffle.I won a prize in the raffle.▲ to carry outwhat do you have with thatWhat do you have of that? ▲ go out, carryThey took away the secret.You have his secret.°Go to danceinvite to a danceI'm going to ask the girl to dance.I'm going to invite the girl to dance.°pull to shineto mentionHe always brings up things that are best forgotten.It always brings up things one would rather forget.°CopyMake a copyMake several copies of the letter.It is necessary to make several copies of the letter.°drink the juicesqueeze, (one) work hardSqueeze the juice out of your employees.He works his employees to the core.°clear it upclarify, come to a conclusionHe didn't make anything clear.It didn't get any results.to considerdiscoverYou should receive the invoice.It is necessary to calculate the invoice.°take (the ball)make the serve); to start. °salidatake off [And]He took off his gloves.He took off his gloves.°take a phototo take a photo.°blowTake the iniciativeMy horse took the lead in the race.My horse took the lead in the race.°blowto benefitHe took advantage of this deal.He profited from this business.

Padre[metro] Padre.

sacosack, sackKeep that in your pocket.Keep it in your bag.▲ coat, jacket [And]The jacket suits you very well.This coat suits you well.°schoolbagschoolbag.

sacrificesacrificeThey sacrificed their son.They sacrificed their son.


shake offshake offHe went out onto the terrace to shake off his clothes.He went out on the terrace to shake off his clothesThe bus startled the passengers when it came to a sudden stop.The bus startled the passengers when it came to a sudden stop. ▲ knock (to remove dust)These rugs need to be shaken.These rugs need to be beaten. ▲ shake off, get offIt's time to get rid of your laziness!It's time for you to snap out of your laziness!

santoHoly Holy

Roca[metro] Father One act; DadLife is a farce.Life is a farce.

Sal[F] Sal.

Salatliving room, hallwayThe apartment has a large living room.The apartment has a large living room.°Music room)(Music room.

Salat[adj.] salty, saltyHe did not like salty ham.He didn't like salty ham.▲ funnyHe's a very salty guy.He is a very funny guy. ▲ sweet, adorableShe's a very salty girl.She is a very beautiful girl. ▲ bad luck [And]it's saltyYou're unlucky.▲ darling [Argentina]It's too salty.This is too expensive.

Lohnsalary, salary


Pancho[metro] Sausage (large).

EquilibriumEquilibriumWhat is my account balance?What is my account balance?▲ SaleThere was a sale at this store.There was a sale at this store.

salt shakersalt shaker.

salidaExit; to fit inThe emergency exit has a red light.The emergency exit has a red light.▲ ExitLet's wait for the ship to sail.Let's wait for the ship to leave.▲ backHe had very good games.To thealways had a quick return.▲ expensesentrances and exits.Income and expenses. °end of the lineDead end, dead end.°go toclean up, removeThese items must be discarded.We have to clean these assets.

salida[and] exit (or exit), exit, exitThey went with John.They went with Juan.▲ to attract attentionHis pocket square is very remarkable.His handkerchief comes out of his pocket. ▲ emanate, be publishedIs the latest issue of this magazine out yet?Is the latest issue of this magazine out yet? ▲ exit (or exit), disappearThese dots do not disappear.These dots do not disappear. ▲ go upI wanted to see the sun rise.I wanted to see the sun rise.▲ grow, riseThe wheat begins to come out.Wheat begins to grow.▲ to start (games, sports)It's your turn to go.It's your turn to start.▲ Raffle (Prize)What number was assigned?What number won the prize? ▲ at costThat is too expensive for me.I have a hard time.▲ to finishThe boy came out very smart.The boy turned out to be very smart.▲ end [And]If we go in summer we will return.We will be back when the season is over.°go dancing withdance withHe went dancing with my sister.He danced with my sister.°dirty good, dirty badgo good go badHe did well in the exams.He passed his exams well.°going out withgoing out withCan you get away with it now?Are you going to get away with it now?to go shoppinggo shoppingleave deputysubstitutes are chosenWho were the deputies?Which congressmen were elected?°to winadvance, winWho won?Who advanced?—Who wins?Who wins?salidaleakThis cart goesThis pot is leaking.▲ Out, outI left the theater.I left the theater.going out with youmake your own wayHe always gets away with it.He always has his own way.—I always get away with it.I always have my own way.°get out of somethingget off, get rid ofI'll see if I can get out of this deal.I'll see if I can get out of this deal.

salivasaliva, squirt

Salmon[metro] Salmon.

salon[metro] living room, hallway, parlor.°dance (hallDance (hall.

sprinkleRespingarThe car splashed his suit with mud.The car splashed his suit with mud.

Salsasauce, sauce.||He was in his own sauce.It felt like home.oHe was in his element.

to jumpto jumpI jumped out of bed when I heard the alarm clock.I jumped out of bed when I heard the alarm clock.▲ to goThe cork popped and the liquid came out.The cork popped out and the liquid spilled out.▲ Jump, tieThis ball does not bounce.This ball does not bounce.▲ it bouncesHe jumped to her defense.He jumped to her defense.jump out of sightbe obviousThat's obvious.That's obvious.to jumpto jumpI skipped a line.I omitted a .▲ line to showWhen I unbuttoned my jacket, a button came off.A button popped as I was unbuttoning my coat. ▲ break, breakThe broken glass is from the heat.The glass cracked from the heat.

to jumpto jumpThis jump is very dangerous.This is a very dangerous jump.°backflipdo a somersaultin jumpyes lightningWith a jump he stopped at the door.In no time I was at the door.°waterfallCascade.°backflipbackflip

Health[F] HealthHis health was perfect.He was in very good health.°regardsgreetings, greetings [And]My family sends you many greetings.Greetings from my family.||For your health!To your health!||Health!¡Hola!oRegards!oGood luck!


greetinggreetHe greeted us very coldly.He greeted us very coldly.▲ greet (thousand).||I salute you carefully.Tu.oCarefully.

regardsHello, hello, helloHis welcome was very warm.Your welcome was very warm.—military greeting.military greeting.

salvation[F] Redemption.

plates, platesplates, plates

wild[adj.] wild wildThere were wild animals in the park.there waswild animals in the park.▲ [metro] wild and uncivilized personThe savages attacked the fortress.The savages attacked the fortress.

savesave, saveMany victims had to be rescued.There were many victims to save. ▲ cover, delete, skipHe jumped over the ditch.He jumped over the ditch.

ointmentexceptI went through the book to the last chapter.I have reviewed the book, except for the last chapter.°make sureescape, saveHe made it out of the fire.He managed to escape from the fire.°unlessunlessIf it doesn't rain much, we go to the field.If it doesn't rain much, we go to the field.

San[adj.] (I understandSanto) SantosSan Francisco.San Francisco.

announceannounce, inform.

sangre[F] sangre. °Cold bloodcold bloodHe did it in cold blood.He did it in cold blood.°put the blood to boilput the blood to boilIt makes my blood boil!My blood boils!°cold bloodSerenity, coldness of mind.His coldness is remarkable.His coldness of mind is well known.°let the blood rise to your headget angry, see red


Health[F] HealthIt belonged to the health department.It belonged to the health department.

SansanoI was very healthy.She was very healthy.▲ healthyThis region has a very healthy climate.This region has a very healthy climate.▲ Honestly, good.°safesafe and healthyWe finally saw him alive and well.We finally saw him alive and well.

holiness[F] Holiness, holiness.

Santoholy, holy.▲ [norte] Santos.

withdraw°the lootthe kick off (football, soccer); To serveyou got the lootIt's your loot.

Sarapt[metro] Ceiling [Mexico🇧🇷 Fabric material type [Mexico].


SarnaScabies; itching (disease).

Pfanne[male or female] Pfanne.

Schneider[metro] Schneider.

satisfaction[F] Satisfaction.

satisfy[and] satisfyI am not satisfied with your work.Your work does not satisfy me. ▲ to be paid in fullThis debt had to be paid.Debts had to be paid in full.Be satisfiedto be satisfied, to be convincedHe was satisfied with the explanation.He was satisfied with the explanation.


satisfied(I understandsatisfy) satisfied.


spice[F] maturation, ripeness. °In the seasonIn these timesI was in Spain at the time.I was in Spain at the time.°In the seasonmaduroThe fruit is ripe.The fruit is ripe.

spicealmost ripe [And]This banana has flavor.This banana is almost ripe.

seasonper seasonThe chef seasons the food well.The cook seasons the food well.▲ ripen (of fruit)This fruit ripens in spring.This fruit ripens in spring.

comhimself, himself, himself; to (or to) oneself, etc.; (used for him, them) for him, for her, etc.To get used to something.He shaves.-he told himself.I was talking to myself.-I give it to you (he, they, etc.).I give it to you (he, they, etc.).▲ to each other, to each otherThey are written every day.They are written every day.▲ (as an indefinite subject)Dice.You say.oIt is said.▲ (by passive, without agent)A house was built.▲ house was built.

secoirritating [Argentina].▲ Blur.▲ [metro] Löschblatt. °scribblerblotting paper.

secosecoThe dishes must be dried.You have to dry the dishes.°secosecoTry to dry yourself well.Try to dry completely. ▲ wither, dryThe flowers have withered.The flowers withered.

Section[F] section, divisionIn which branch do you work?In which branch do you work?

secosecoI have a dry throat.My throat is dry.There is no dry law here.There is no dry law here. ▲ abruptly, brieflyHe was a very dry man.He was a very short man. Drieddried fruit.walnuts.°secoonlyMy name is Pepe Seco.My name is just Joe.▲ short and sweetHe replied curtly.He replied curtly.I likehigh and dry,from verse.°looks like ryestop abruptly.

SecretarySecretary; Office.

SecretarySecretaryHe was the mayor's secretary.He was the mayor's secretary.

secretsecretYou keep the secret.Keep the secret.°a mystery with voicesa secret with voicesTheir marriage was an open secret.Their marriage was an open secret.


sed[F] Side? placeI'm thirsty.I'm dying of thirst.°tener sedtener sedI'm thirsty.I'm thirsty.but aboutbe hungry forI was thirsty for news.He was hungry for news.


after°at this timeimmediately immediatelyI will go laterI'm leaving right away

Consequences[rad-ch III] Follow, followI can not follow youI can not follow you.-Don't go so fast, because I can't follow you.Don't go so fast because I can't follow you.▲ Follow, come behindNow what?What's next?▲ to continueHe went on talking for more than two hours.He kept talking for more than two hours.▲ to stopTurn right.keep to the right

according toaccording toThe house will be built according to the plans.The house is built according to plans.▲ asDo what I sayDo what I tell you.▲ dependentI go out or not, depending on the weather.I go or stay, depending on the weather.▲ It depends (or that)After; If I have time I will.It depends; I'll go when I have time.°little by little, little by littleit depends

seconds[adj.] Seconds.▲ [metro] secondsWait a minute, I'll be right back.Wait a minute, I'll be right back.°Ulterior motivesambiguousHe said this with an ulterior motive.What he said had a double meaning.

safety[F] SafetyWhat security do you offer me?What security can you give me?sicherheitsboxinsurance. °SafelySure sureIt will definitely come.It will surely come.

safeSure sureAre you sure he's not coming?Are you sure he's not coming?▲ sureThis bridge is very safe.This bridge is very safe.▲ safeIs the nail safe?Is the nail stable? ▲ firmly, securelyYour step is not safe.Your step is not safe.—Go constantly.Walk with a firm step.▲ [metro] Security lockHe put the gun on the safety.He put his gun to safety.▲ safeWould you like to take out life insurance?Would you like to take out life insurance?


selection[F] choice, choice.

selectselectThey chose the players.You chose the players.

selectdistinguish, selectIt was a very select audience.It was a completely different audience.

DorfStampSelect these locations.Stamp these tickets.▲ to stampHe sealed the letters.He sealed the letters.

StampDorfThe notary put his stamp on the document.The notary has put his stamp on the document.▲ StampIn which window do you sell the stamps?In which window will the stamps be sold?▲ Capsule, pillHe bought some headache stamps.He bought some headache pills.

selvajungle, grove, forest.

WeekWeekWhat day of the week are we?What day of the week is?english weekFive-day week.°Easter weekHoly Week (Easter).

weekly[adj.] weekly.

face[metro] look, expression.

sow[rad-ch yo] sowIn the fall we will sow.Let's sow in the fall.▲ to spreadHe sows discord among his companions.He sowed discord among his friends.

similar[adj.] similarThe two stories are very similar.The two stories are very similar.▲ thenI do not believe in such things.Don't believe that.▲ [metro] CompanionConsider them your companions.Remember that they are your equals.

likenessresemblance, resemblance



Senator[metro] Senator.

simplicity[F] SimplicityHe dressed very simply.He dressed very simply. NaturallyHe attracted by the simplicity of his character.He attracted people because of his naturalness.

simple[adj.] planeJust talk.She speaks clearly. ▲ not affectedYour friend is very simple.Your friend is not affected.of youOutside.

Outsidepath, shortcut

Sensation[F] Feeling.

reasonablereasonable, wise

reasonablesensitive, acuteHe had very sensitive hearing.He had a good ear.

feel[rad-ch yo] feelI'll put you in the last row.I put it in the last row.▲ appropriateThis suit did not fit him well.This suit did not fit him well.°serve well (or badly).to agree (or disagree) with someone.The lobster disagreed.Lobster didn't agree with him.This weather suits me.This climate suits me well.°feel bad (or not good) for adoes not define well (with a)What he said was not right.What he said did not suit me.to feelSit downSit downSit down.

evaluationverdictThe court announced the verdict.The court pronounced (a) verdict.

sincarefullyHis words were very sincere.His words were very sincere.▲ ExcitingHis speech was very sincere.His speech was very moving.▲ [metro] sense (two five senses)The sense of smell.The sense of smell.▲ MeaningThis has a double meaning.This has a double meaning.▲ DirectionHe went in the opposite direction.It went in the opposite direction.°be feltto be offended, to be hurtHe regrets what they told him.She is offended by what she was told.°lose consciousnesslose consciousnessHe lost consciousness and fell to the ground.He lost consciousness and fell to the ground.°common sensecommon sense. °make sensemake senseWhat he wrote didn't make sense.What he wrote didn't make sense.


feelingfeeling, feelingHe was a person of good feelings.He was a person of good feelings. ▲ sadness, sadnessHis feeling was very great.His sadness was very great.°grumpy personmalicious person

to feel[rad-ch II] to feelI feel pain in my joints.I feel pain in my joints▲ feel, feel, listenI can feel footsteps.I hear footsteps.▲ lamentThat is what I feel the most.I regret it more. ▲ regretSorry to bother you.I'm sorry to bother you.°to feelto feelIt felt bad.It felt bad.disgustedget irritatedHe had no reason to be angry.He had no reason to be angry.

PlatoPlatoHe made a hand signal.He made a hand signal. ▲ hyphen, characterThere was no trace of the cake.There is no trace of the cake.▲ markHe has a mark on his face.He has a mark on his face. ° señas addressWrite to these addresses.Write to this address.°digital charactersfingerprints °Personal informationPersonal description.

Plato[F] MarkBookmark this page.Bookmark this page.▲ bookmarkThe advance signal was a shot.▲ Shot was the signal to advance.°under the flagas initial paymentShould I leave some money as a deposit?Should I leave some money as a deposit?danger signdistress signal; danger sign. °traffic signsTraffic signs.

point it outMarkLabel this with Totea.Mark this in ink.▲ point, markPoint out the errors found.Point out any errors you find.▲ to defineYou must indicate the date of the meeting.The date of the meeting must be set.pointpoint).

Señor[metro] Señor.Mr. Palacios is here?Mr. Palaces is it? SirYes sir, you are right.Yes sir, you are right.▲ ManI have been told that he is a very fine gentleman.I have heard that he is a very good man.” MrA gentleman is waiting for you.There a gentleman awaits him.°the master of the housethe House's owner.SeñorSr.°our Lordour Lord.||I was not satisfied, sir.I was very upset.

madamSra.Can I go with Mrs. Garcia?Can I go with Mrs. Garcia?▲ Mrs.When I met her, she was an old lady.When I met her she was an old lady.▲ MadamYes ma'am.Sim-Ma'am.

I missedI missedDo you know Miss Martinez?Do you know Miss Martinez?▲ missThis lady is not American.This young lady is not American.

senoritoyoung gentleman; Homeowner; playboySP].

separation[F] separation.pull apartseparated, separatedSeparate the girls from the boys.Separate the girls from the boys. ▲ to shareA curtain separates the two rooms.▲ Curtain separates the two rooms. ▲ walk awayMove the table slightly away from the wall.Slide the table a little away from the wall▲ to set it asideSeparate these suits to send them to me.Put those suits aside for me to sendfleepull apartThe couple decided to separate.The couple decided to separate.



burybury, bury, bury


dryness[F] Dryness, dryness.

to be[and] be (with predicate noun or pronoun)His father is a lawyer.His father is a lawyer.I was not the victim.The victim was not me.▲ (with predicative adjectives that express an inherent or characteristic quality)The road is very long.The road is too long.—The girl is pretty.The child is beautiful.▲ (Source)Mr. Perez is from Madrid.Mr. Pérez is from Madrid.▲ (owned)But it wasn't you.But it wasn't yours.▲ (Material from which an object is made)It was a gold watch.It was a gold watch.▲ (in impersonal terms)It is impossible.It is impossible.-It was not true.It was not true.▲ (in dates)What time was it?What time was it?-It was half past three.It was half past four.▲ passThe setting is Paris.The scene takes place in Paris.▲ (with past participle to form the passive)The work was written by Lope de Vega.The play was written by Lope de Vega.°It is thisthe fact is thatIt comes now.The fact is that it will come soon.°so it's not thatbecause he canBring an umbrella so it doesn't rain.Take an umbrella because it can rain.°What happened with...?What happened with...?


serenity[F] Serenity, calm.

calmclear, fairThe sky is very calm.The sky is very clear.▲ calm, sereneHe was a quiet man.He was a quiet man.▲ [metro] night guard [SP]This street has no rest.This street does not have a night watchman.▲ TauThere is a lot of calm in the flowers.There is a lot of dew on the flowers.

Serie[F] SerieLoss of Serie A.Loss in series A.°serialBulk, standardized products.

heaviness[F] Seriousness, seriousness, seriousness.

For realserious, solemnDon't be so serious.Don't be so solemn.▲ CriticalThese are very serious temptations.These are critical times.°GraveGraveWe are serious.We are serious.

ServiceServiceThe rail traffic is very bad now.The train traffic is very bad now.▲ bathroom, bathroom [And].°internal cleaningHome helpIt is very difficult to get domestic work.It is very difficult to get domestic help.°military serviceMilitary service.

server, serverservoIt has very good servers.He has excellent servants.||servers of youAt your service.

slavery[F] (staff of) employees, servants; Slavery.

Napkintable napkin.

to serve[rad-ch III] serve, waitServe the ladies first.Serve the ladies first.▲ to serveHe served in the Air Force for four years.He served in the Air Corps for four years.Serve tobe good forThis is useless.That doesn't help.to servehelp himselfplease help yourselfPlease help yourself.||serve you!At your service!


another[F] session, sessionWhere is the meeting held?Where is the meeting held?

an ulcerBrainHe ate a plate of beef brains.He ate a plate of calf brains.°break their brainsbreak your headYou have to rack your brains to understand this problem.You must rack your brains to understand this problem.I have lost my mindlose my mind (over)He has lost his mind because of this girl.He lost his mind because of this girl.°blow your brainexplode your own brainHe blew his brains out with one shot.He blew his brains out with a single shot.°idiotstupid, inconsolableWhat a brainless girl!What a distracted girl!seventyseventy.

heaviness[F] Strict, Strict.

Forcestrict, strict




mii know i knowI want to know if you come.I want to know if you come.°I knowI happen to know, but it's not the caseI'll leave that for you when you come.I'll leave him if he comes.||If it were true!If it were true!

Simsim°If thatsurelyThat is so weird.This is certainly strange.°one... yes and the other noeveryone else...It will come one day yes and another day no.He comes every day.

Sim[pron].°joyaseparate, individual, iHe gave everything he could.He gave everything he could alone.Each of you do what you can.Let each individual do what he can.°of thatoutside of yourself, of yourself, of yourselfyou were outsideThey were crazy (angry, scared, happy, etc.).yourself, yourself, yourself, yourselfhimselfHe had great control of himself.He had great self-control (or great self-control).°come back to yourselfRecover consciousnessHe did not come toHe did not regain consciousness.

Sowingsow, sow, plant.

foreverforeverHe always does the same job.He always does the same job.°foreverforever.°forever and everforever and ever.wheneverwheneverWhenever he sees me, he greets me.Whenever he sees me he greets me.▲ from (from)As long as you study, you will pass.You will pass while you study.

I get it[F] Temple (Anatomy).

serrasahThe saw does not cut well.The saw does not cut well.▲ CordilleraThey climbed the highest peak of the mountain range.They climbed the highest peak of the mountain range.


Sevenseven.▲ [metro] tear, tear (in clothing)He had a seven on his jacket.He had a tear in his jacket.


sense[F] meaning, importance, implicationThat fact doesn't make sense.That fact doesn't make sense.

sensemeaning (literal)What does this word mean in English?What does this word mean in English?

mimiIt doesn't mean that word.That does not mean that word.


Platosign, signal, symbolMake the punctuation clear.Clarify punctuation.—The sign of the cross.The sign of the cross.-A phonetic character.▲ Phonetics.

Nextmore, followingI waited until the next day.I waited until the next day.


profitprofitI whistle to see if they hear us.Whistles to see if they hear us.▲ Booing (Whistles indicate discontent in Spanish-speaking countries)The public whistled the comedy.The audience booed the comedy.

profitwhistle (instrument)The whistle of the locomotive was heard.The whistle of the locomotive was heard.

profitwhistle, sound

silentsilentHe endured this pain in silence.He bore this affront in silence.°silentlycalmEverything was in silence.All was calm.°Stay calmsilence (don't make noise)Try to be quiet during study time.Keep quiet during study time.||Silent!Calm!oSilent!

Silenteven stillDo you want to buy the silent typewriter?Do you want the silent typewriter?

sillasillaSit in this chair.Sit in this chair.°SelimSelim.

big chair[metro] Armchair.°WheelchairWheelchair.

SilhouetteSilhouette, Contour.▲ FigureThis girl has a very beautiful figure.This girl has a very beautiful figure.

CompassionCompassionIt aroused a lot of sympathy.He found her very agreeable.

netonice, nice, niceHe is a good boy.He is a good boy.▲ friendlyThe atmosphere there is very friendly.The atmosphere there is very nice.

simplejust easyThis job was very easy.This job was very easy. ▲ simple, stupidWhat a simple man!What a stupid man!▲ [norte] TontoIt is easy.He is a simpleton.

simplicitydisparateThe simplicity of this woman irritates me.This woman's nonsense pisses me off.▲ StupidityThis man does nothing but stupid things.This man always does stupid things.▲ Little thingYou fought for simplicity.They fought for starvation wages.

sinwhichHe came without money.He arrived without money.—I'll definitely see you in the office tomorrow.I'll definitely see you in the office tomorrow.thoughhowever however

sincerity[F] sincerity.


Singular[adj.] singular (grammar).▲ strange, singularWhat a unique case!What a strange case!▲ [metro] singularWrite the verb in the singular.Write the verb in the singular.

linksdark, maliciousHe was a dark man.He was a dark man.

Chinobut.▲ except, butNo one but you can do this.No one can do that except you.▲ [metro] goal, goal.°no yes noNo butHe's not fat, he's thin.He is not fat but skinny.°not only but also)not only but also)He was not only poor but (also) unhappy.He was not only poor, but also unhappy.


villain[metro] villain, villain.

untilat leastGive me cold water too.At least give me some cold water.°(not even(not evenHe didn't even talk to me.He didn't even talk to me.(If the sameyes only yes onlyYou're not even going to pay us today.If only they would pay us today.

Housewifeservant, servant

servo[metro] Housewife).

System[metro] System.

putpoint, placeIt is a good place to spend the summer.It is a good place to spend the summer.▲ place, seattake your placeTake your place.▲ Room, roomThere is not enough space for everyone.There is not enough space for everyone. ▲ besiege, besiegeThe siege of the city lasted three weeks.The siege of the city lasted three weeks.

Situation[F] Site locationThe location on the hill was very convenient.The situation on the hill was very favorable. ▲ situation, standing (in life)The situation of this family is very good.The situation of this family is very good.▲ situation, difficult situationI don't know what I would have done in this situation.I don't know what I would have done in this situation.

from smoking[metro] smoke, smoke, sovereign [adj.] absoluteHe has sovereign disdain for her.He feels utter contempt for her.°the sovereignsrulers (king and queen).

stallarrogance, haughtiness

Fantasticarrogant, arrogant


excessexcess, excesshave leftbut that enoughI have a lot of what you gave me.I have more than enough of what you have given me.°be leftto be superfluous, to be in the way, to be excessiveI'm here too.I am superfluous here.°know too muchbe fully awareyou know very wellYou are fully aware of that.°StayStayThese croquettes are made with leftovers.These croquettes are made with leftovers.

spareto be in abundance, to be more than enough, to be surplusThere's too much food left.▲ there is too much food left.—Too much foodThere is more than enough food. ▲ be superfluousIt seems to me that here the excess.It seems to me that I am superfluous here.

andandThe plane flew over the city.The plane flew over the city.▲ over, overOn the table was a book.There was a book on the table.▲ inGet on this chair to get to the photo.Get on this chair to get to the picture. ▲ about, aboutI want to talk to you about a specific topic.I want to talk to you about a specific matter.▲ [metro] Ongive me an envelopegive me an envelopeabove allabove allAbove all, don't stop writing.Above all, don't stop writing.



Primaadditional incomeHe has a bonus of twenty dollars a week.He has an extra income of twenty dollars a week.



sobersober, moderate; Contains.

socarhold on tight [And]This node was badly damaged.This knot is very tight.

social[adj.] Social

sociedad[F] sociedadHe liked to be in good company.he wantsmove in high society.▲ association; Society.°anonymous societylimited company, limited company

Companionpartner (in business)This is my partner, Mr. Ávalos.Meet my partner, Mr. Avalos.▲ Member (of a club or association)Are you a member of this club?Are you a member of this club?

assistanceHelpThe castaways had to be rescued.It was necessary to help the survivors of a shipwreck.

sokorrohelp helpI thanked him for the help he gave me.I thanked him for the help he gave me.°provisioningFirst Aid Post.||Help! Help!Help!

Sofa[metro] Sofa.

asphyxiated(I understandsuffocate) embarrassed, blushing.

suffocatesuffocate, suffocateThe heat stifled him.The heat suffocated him.▲ suffocate, suffocateThe smoke choked him.The smoke choked him. ▲ delete, deleteThe bombs put out the fire.Fire trucks extinguished the fire.°suffocateget red and breathlessHe choked going up the stairs.He was flushed and out of breath as he walked up the stairs. ▲ waitTry not to choke on this topic.Don't get excited about this topic. ▲ blush, be ashamedHearing that word, the girl gasped.The girl blushed at the word.

suffocationblush, shamehave a hot flashbe in an awkward position.

roperopeTake the rope at the end.Take the end of the rope.

Sol[metro] sun.▲ sunlight, sunThese plants need a lot of sun.These plants need a lot of sunlight.▲ Sol (Peruvian currency).°at dawnat dawn, at dawnThe march began at dawn.The march began at dawn.°to be scorched (or roasted) by the sunbeing sunburned (or tanned).°be sunnybe sunnyThere's no sun today.It's not sunny today.°take suntanYou have been sunbathing for a long time.They took a long sunbath.


Soldiersalary (of servants).

Soldier(I understandwelding) Soldier, SoldierI haven't soldered the pipe yet.I haven't soldered the pipe yet.

▲ [metro] SoldierThe soldiers were housed in the village.The soldiers were housed in the city.▲ private (military).°private first class (class)first private class.°Privateprivate money.

welding[rad-ch yo] weld, weld.

Soledad[F] Soledad.


solo[rad-ch yo] have the habit, have the habitWhat time do you usually come to the office?When do you usually come to the office?—We used to go hiking in the mountains.We used to go on trips to the mountains.

querydemand, demandYou must apply for a permit to visit this building.A pass must be obtained to visit this building.

Subscription[F] concern; application request).

solidsolid partyThe bridge has a very solid foundation.This bridge has a very solid foundation.▲ SoundIt had a very strong culture.He had a very solid cultural background.



onlysoloIf you come to me, come alone.If you come to me, come alone.▲ lonelyI am very lonely.I am very lonely.▲ [metro] onlyThe tenor sang the solo very well.The tenor sang the solo very well.

not marriedonlyThe couple had only one child.The couple had only one child.

release[rad-ch yo] releaseThey untied the ties.They untied the cables.▲ to untieHe exclaimed.He exclaimed. ▲ drop, dropHe dropped the package into his hand.He dropped the package he was holding.let you goloosen up, loosen upMy shoelace has come undone.My shoelace is loose.°to defeatto hit (suddenly or unexpectedly)She Punch.She hit him.I laughedburst out laughingHearing this, he burst out laughing.Hearing this, he burst out laughing.°drop a new onetell someone your opinion, tell someone where to get offI leave you a new one.I'll tell you what I think.

not marriedsingle (not married).

Laxheitbalance, ease (of movement)He danced very easily.She danced effortlessly.▲ Fluencyspeak the languages foreigners free.He speaks foreign languages ​​fluently.

solution[F] SolutionThis has no solution.This has no solution.▲ ResultWhat was the solution in this process?What was the result of this process?▲ Solution (liquid).

pull apartResolutor.

ability to payability to pay

solventsolvent (financially).

sombrasombraHe looked for the shadow of the tree.He looked for the shadow of the tree.▲ ShadowThe shadow of the plane was visible on the ground.The shadow of the plane was seen on the ground. ▲ dark, darknessHe hid in the shadows.He was hiding in the dark, hopefully.▲ JokeThis joke has many shades.This joke is very funny.°the shadowin the shadow; 🇧🇷Jargon] in prison. °good shadegood luck.°sombraThe shadowThe trees provide shade.The trees provide shade.cast a shadoweclipseThis woman follows her husband.This woman outshines her husband.°bad shadowazar.°Don't even be his shadow.Be just a shadow of your old self.

hat shophat factory or shop.

CabinCabin. °tapasilk hat, cylinder.°top-hatTop-hat.

parasolSolar protection.

schmuddeliggloomy, gloomyHe had a very gloomy face.He had a very grim expression on his face.

of youmasterIt is very difficult to subdue these people.It is very difficult to subdue these people.▲ subdueSubmit this for further study.Subject this to further investigation. ▲ send, presentSubmit the report.Submit the report.°committo sendI don't know how he is allowed to be treated like this.I don't know why you submit to that treatment. ▲ give upThey submitted to the invaders.They surrendered to the invading armies.

Sohn[metro] sound (musical or pleasant)The sound of violins.The sound of violins.▲ Cuban music and dance.°What are you?for what reason?What are you saying?Why are you saying that?to the sound oflike, like, in the way ofHe said that jokingly.He said it jokingly.no rhyme or sonno rhyme or reasonHe speaks without rhyme or reason.He speaks without rhyme or reason.

dreamed of(I understandSonar) sensational, scandalous.

Sonar[rad-ch yo] sound, gameThe ship's siren blared.The ship's siren sounded▲ to attackIt struck ten.The clock struck ten.▲ to ringI think the doorbell rang.I think it sounded.▲ to sound familiarThat name doesn't ring a bell.I don't recognize this name. ▲ be mentioned, be commented on, be in public viewHis name sounds a lot.Your name is always in public view.°Sonarsonarte la nariz

Finallysound surveyThey examined the bay.They made soundings in the bay.▲ soundingCheck your intentions.Check your intentions.

andsound (something heard).




to blushblush. °to blushto blush

dreamer[metro] dreamy.

What[rad-ch yo] sleepI dream very often.I dream very often.°I do not dreamNot for much longer"He gave?" "No way!""He gave it to you?" "Not by far!"

soapsopa.°made a soupsoggyIt came home made of soup.He came home drenched to the skin.

blowblowIt was very windy.▲ a strong wind blew. ▲ gossip, gossipThe boss ruins everything that happens in the office.He tells his boss everything that happens in the office.

soplidoblow (blow), blowWith a sigh, he blew out the candle.He blew out the candle with a puff.

surprisespuff, puff, puffNot a breath of air today.Not a breath of air today.▲ Hint, hintThanks to a tip received by the police, they were able to catch the murderer.They arrested the killer based on a tip the police had received.

endurehold on, hold onThere is no choice but to bear it.There is nothing to do but persevere.


I bringI bringgive me a sip of watergive me a sip of water

taubtaubI was very deaf.He was pretty deaf. ▲ stifling, boringHe heard a knock.He heard a thud.▲ boringHe had a dull pain in his chest.I felt a dull pain in my chest.play pigeonsturn a deaf ear to sb. haveHe turned a deaf ear to my pleas.He turned a deaf ear to my pleas.

deaf and stupiddeaf and dumb.▲ [norte] taubstumm.

soroche[metro] altitude sickness, mountain sickness [And].


to surpriseto surpriseThis news surprised him.This news surprised him. ▲ pick upHis mother caught him stealing.His mother caught him stealing.°be surprisedbe surprisedDon't be surprised.Don't be surprised.

surprisesurpriseWhat a nice surprise to see you!What a pleasant surprise to see you!°SurprisedSurprisedThis news surprised me.This news surprised me.°SurprisedSurprisedYou got surprised.They surprised her.

giving awayorder, orderThey drew a clock.They drew a clock.▲ dodge, dodgeThe matador deftly dodges the bull.The matador deftly dodges the bull.

organizedring (circular object).

calm[rad-ch yo] control yourself, calm downWhen you've calmed down, we'll talk.When you've calmed down, we'll talk.

calmpeace, calm

NexttastelessThese legumes are very soft.This vegetable is tasteless.▲ tastelessWhat a boring man!What a tasteless person!


suspicioussuspiciousI suspect that this job is not well done.I suspect that this job is not well done.


having[and] havingHe had the bottle in his hand.He had the bottle in his hand. ▲ keep, keepI say it and I stand by it.I say and I do. ▲ supportWith his work he supported his family.He supported his family by working.°deténgaseget up, get up (get up)He was so drunk that he couldn't help it.He was so drunk that he couldn't get up.


your; please youryou, her, her, you, herhis fountain pen.Your pen, his pen, etc.—your feathersYour pens, their pens, etc.

educateddelicate, soft, delicate, lightThe dentist had a very soft hand.The dentist had a very light hand.▲ softIt is a very soft fabric.It is a very soft cloth ▲ softA light wind was blowing.▲ There was a very light breeze. ▲ soft, softThis wine is very smooth.This wine is very smooth.▲ Friendly, docileThis child has a very soft character.This child is very meek.


subordinate[adj; north] subordinate.


loaded(I understandrising up) large, brightIt's a brilliant tie.It's a colorful tie.

rising upMove upI go up to get my coat.I'm going upstairs to get my coat.▲ go upstairstake me to the trunkbring my suitcase ▲ establish, establishThe waiter carries your suitcase onto the train.The porter carries your suitcase onto the train.▲ seat, elevatorPut the child in the chair.Put the child in the chair.▲ to liftYou have to raise your voice a bit, you are very deaf.You have to raise your voice a bit; he is very deaf.▲ add, add, comeHow big is the account?How big is the account?▲ up, up, upPrices have gone up considerably.Prices have gone up considerably.—His temperature rose.His temperature rose. ▲ go up, go upThe balloon rose to ten thousand feet.The balloon rose to ten thousand feet. ▲ up, forwardThis boy got up very quickly.This boy moved on very fast.°go headgo headHis popularity has gone to his head.His popularity has gone to his head.

Write under (b).subscribe toWould you like to subscribe to this magazine?Would you like to subscribe to this magazine?

Firm(b) Firm[F] Subscription.

Substitute[F] Ersatz.


sub(b)introduced, sub(b)introducedSubstitute.

UndergroundSubterraneo [And].

to occuresuccessfulIt is believed that his son will succeed him.It is believed that his son will follow him▲ to happenSomething happened that no one can explain.Something happened that cannot be explained.°whatever happenscomingWhatever happens, I'll be here.Whatever happens, I'll be here.

successivelycontinuously, successively.°afternot future.


tierra[F] tierra.

dirtydirtyThe street was very dirty.The street was very dirty.▲ dirty, unfairHe made a move, dirty.He made a dirty joke.

in the american[adj; metro] About American.


southeast[metro] Southeast.

On west[metro] on west.

sweat[metro] sweat.

mother in lawMother in law.


SingleSingleThe soles of my shoes are broken.The soles of my shoes are worn.

I normallypisoThe floor was stained.The floor was stained.▲ DirtThis soil produces a lot.This soil is very productive.▲ SoilHe fell to the ground wounded.He fell to the ground wounded.

loseloose, chaoticA cord was loose.One of his laces was loose. ▲ free, (not) releasedThis dog is loose.This dog is on the loose.▲ strangeWe have some loose issues of this magazine.We have some rare copies of this magazine.▲ SingleLoose number, two pesos.Single article, two pesos.▲ [metro] switch (release)are you loose?Do you have loose change?▲ News articles or newspaper articlesDid you see this article in the newspaper?Did you see this newspaper report?loose tongueloose tongueHe was very talkative.He was very talkative.

to sleepto sleepyou need to sleep moreYou need more sleep.▲ SleepI had a very strange dream.I had a very strange dream.°fall asleepto sleepI could not sleep.I could not sleep.cast a dreamTake a napIn the afternoon I had a dream.I took a nap in the afternoon.°is it soBe tired.I had a heavy sleep.He slept very well.

Happy[F] fate, luckLuckily I arrived at that moment.Luckily I arrived at that time.▲ LuckilyThis man is lucky.This man is very lucky.°luck thatso (this) and soIt's good that you didn't see itSo you didn't see it?start batchesattract luck. °HappilyhappyFortunately or unfortunately you are already here.Fortunately or unfortunately, you are here now.°touch happinessbe happyI was lucky!I was lucky.

Sweatshirt[metro] fireplace [And].

right to voteSuffrage, vote.


TischLegendWhat ailments do you suffer?That bothers you? ▲ passHe has had surgery.He has had surgery. ▲ hold on, hold on.I can't suffer anymore!I can not stand it anymore!

suffered(I understandTisch) useful, practicalThe suit has a faded color.The dress has a practical color.▲ patient, long-sufferingHe is a very long-suffering man.He is a very long-suffering man.

to recommend[rad-ch II] to recommend.

to recommendinfluenceNothing could indicate that.Nothing could affect him.▲ to hypnotize.°to recommendbe delightedthey suggested to meMe pleasure

tired of living[m, f] Suicide (human).

commit suicidecommit suicide.

Suicidesuicide (plot).

havinghavingThe police tried to stop him.The police tried to arrest him.▲ ArrestSecure the dog with a chain.Secure the dog with a chain.°deténgasesend sendThey had to comply with the new order.We had to submit to the new regulations.

Thematic(I understandhaving) Sold outThe belt is not properly fastened.The belt is not fastened correctly.▲ [metro] subject (grammar)What is the subject of this sentence?What is the subject of this sentence?▲ Dude, manWho is this guy?Who is this boy?

additivequantity, amountWhat is the total?What is the total amount?In summaryknappIn short, what happened?In short, what happened?

Summeradd; same.

Divingsubmerge, dive

piaSewer, sink, drain.

safeGreatI was very happy to meet him.It was a great pleasure for me to meet you.°not maximumnot maximumIt takes two hours maximum.It will take no more than two hours.°you give juicethe bestThe Supreme Creator.The omnipotent.


superficialsuperficialThe wound was superficial.The wound was superficial.His knowledge was very superficial.his knowledge was greatsuperficial.▲ superficialWhat a superficial girl!What a superficial girl!

surface[F] Surface.

Superiorhigher, betterThis is top notch.This is top quality.▲ topHe had a higher rank in the army.He had a higher rank in the army.▲ topHe lives in the attic.He lives upstairs.▲ [metro] SuperiorRespect your superiors.Show respect to your superiors.°upper partupper partThe book is on top of the cabinet.The book is on top of the cabinet.

superiority[F] superiority.

appealQuery; Please please.

superstition[F] superstition.

survivor[m, f] survivors.

Change[adj.] Replace.▲ [norte] Ersatz.

begbegHe asked her to help him.She asked him to help her. ▲ ask, askPlease come back tomorrow.Please come back tomorrow.

torturetortureThey subjected him to terrible torture.They subjected him to terrible torture.▲ Torture, fearHe went through the ordeal of watching his father die.He went through the ordeal of watching his father die.

assume[and] accept, acceptHe assumed she didn't want to do this job.He assumed she didn't want to do that job."You can guess what happened.You can imagine what happened.▲ Total costHow much does it all mean?How much is all this worth?

adoption[F] Adoption.

supremosupremoSupreme Court.Supreme Court.

opresión[F] Clear.

suppressdelete, omit, omitExclude pepper in the soup.Omit the pepper from the soup.▲AbolishThey abolished the income tax.They abolished the income tax.

Of course(I understandassume) accepted; presumably. °clearOf courseOf course you need a valid passport.Of course you have your passport in order.

and[metro] about him.


to emergeappears suddenlyIt came when no one expected it.It appeared when no one expected it. ▲ arise (as a situation).

On west[metro] on west.

range(I understandprovide) provided; Miscellaneous.

▲ [metro] Assortment.Bomba[metro] vertical font, Bica; Sprinklers.°petrol pumpFuel station.

providesupplyDid he give you everything you need?Did it provide you with everything you need?to workto have the desired effectThis article will have a very good effect.This article will have the desired effect.

exposesuspend, stopThe show was canceled due to rain.The show was canceled due to rain.▲ Suspend, Hang upThey hung the painting on a nail.They hung the painting on a nail. ▲ fail (give an unsatisfactory rating for)They let him pass the arithmetic.They let him pass the arithmetic.

discontinued(I understandexpose) hung, hung.▲ [metro] Degree of failure, failed. °in uncertaintyin uncertaintyHas been suspended.He stood there, tense.▲ ExposedThis law is suspended.This law is suspended.

support supportLivelihood, subsistence, cost of living.°get a jobget a job.

frightscare, scarefrightenFright.

You; you yoursyou, you, she, she, she, she, she, sheThis pen is not yours.This pencil is not yours (nor his, hers, hers).—They are your friendsThey are your (or his, her, her) friends.°you you she, sheyou, his, her, hermine is here where yours ismine is here where yours isyourstheir (or their, their, their) parentsHe went to the beach with the whole family.

He went to the beach with all his parents.


PlateTobacco; Cigar; cigarettes

BarLounge, Tavern, Diving.

Tischplanks, planksDo you have an ironing board?Do you have an ironing board?▲ List, table (contents, prices, etc.)I want to see the price list.I would like to see the price list.°save yourself on a tablenarrowly escaped.boards[f pl] stage (theater)They are table people.They belong to the theater world.▲ Draw (in a game)The match ended in a tie.The game ended in a tie.

platformOutdoor stage, pedestal.

malfunctionfailHe is an impeccable person.He is an impeccable person.

DiscardripRisk that word.Delete this word.°cross outbe accusedLe tacharon de ladrón.They accused him of being a thief.

TacosTaco (prato mexican)I want a pork taco.I want a chicharrón taco.▲ heel (of a shoe) [And]Wear very high heels.Wear very high heels.°curseswear, curseSP] .°pool queuePool-Cola.

Heel[metro] hoe).

TacticTactic; policy, procedureWe have to use a different tactic.We will have to use different tactics.

Toquetouch, sense of touchThis fabric is very soft to the touch.This fabric feels very soft.▲ TactilityHe is very tactful when dealing with his friends.He is very diplomatic with his friends.

picoslice (usually meat).

VonVonYou've never seen anything like it.You've never seen anything like it. ▲ something like thatYou told me, and there is no such thing.You told me that, but it doesn't exist.°providedwith the condition ofAs long as you do it right for me, the price doesn't matter.As long as you do it right, the price doesn't matter.°the one, the onethat (despicable)I didn't like this comedy.I didn't like this comedy.such asandContinue as you started.Continue as you started.°such asI likeI like how it isI like it the way it is.▲ sort of [Mexico]"How are you.?" "Such as.""How are you?" "About." 🇧🇷story and storystory and storyHe told me: Ask such and such people....He told me: Ask such and such people...such so thattwo of a kindWhat are they forThey are equal.ofa specific oneDo you know a certain Perez?Do you know a certain Pérez?||How are you?How are you?oHow's it going?

saddleryLeather workshop, harness shop.


talented[metro] °Bad moodbad mood, bad mood

Talenttalent, brain

historySculptureHe has dedicated himself to wood carving.Dedicated to wood carving.▲ SizeI want a size 40 suit.I want a suit size 40.▲ size (people)a big manA man of great stature.▲ NotorietyA stature writer.A prominent author.

for him[metro] Size, FigureThis girl has a beautiful figure.This girl has a beautiful figure.

higher[metro] Workshop; factory, mill

ThreeStem of the plant).

Korn[metro] heel (of the foot).▲ left-handed (of a check, of a receipt)Don't lose the heel.Don't lose your check stubs.

BookCheckbook, Receipt Book, Receipt Book, Ticket Book.

scam[metro] Scam [And].

Tallaso big, so bigIt is impossible to believe such a lie.It is impossible to believe such a big lie.▲ [metro] SizeWhat size?What size?

other than thatAlso veryHe will also go with us.He will also go with us.

Tambor[metro] tambor.

noni niI haven't seen her either.I haven't seen her either.

Sun tanning[vor adj oder adv] (I understanda lot of) afterI didn't expect you so soon.I didn't expect you so soon.

Tanate[metro] Package [And]I'm going to tanate with these clothes.I'm going to make a package of these dresses.

mercadoBendAs we are many, we will have lunch in groups.As there are many of us, we take turns at lunch.▲ a lot.▲ presentation, session [And]Let's go to the first phase.Let's go to the first presentation.


armored[metro] military tanks); tank (for liquid).

Finallyestimate, considerYou must test the situation before deciding.oThe situation should be considered before making a decision. ▲ judge, estimate [And]feel the weight of itEstimate the weight of it.▲ to feelTest it before speaking clearly.Feel him out before you speak clearly. ▲ feel, tasteFeel the ground to see if it was strong.We test the floor to see how strong it is.

scorecalculation, calculation; points, score

a lot ofveryI have eaten so much that I am no longer hungry.I have eaten so much that I am no longer hungry.—You shouldn't work so hard.You shouldn't work so hard. ▲ so manyHe has been there so many times that he knows the place very well.He has been there so many times that he knows the place very well.There were so many that there was no food.There were so many that there was not enough food.▲ for so longIt doesn't take that long by car.It won't take that long if you drive the car ▲ as oftenI don't go to the theater as often as my brother.I don't go to the theater as often as my brother.▲ [metro] paper [And]He mixed three amounts of lime with five amounts of sand.He mixed three parts lime with five parts sand. ▲ point (in games)They won by two goals to nil.They won two to nothing.°In the meantimehoweverIn the meantime, let's sit down.In the meantime, let's sit down.°bewareStay informed, stay tunedI was awarewas alertdo not be so meandon't be so seriousIt is not a big thing.It is not such a serious matter.°for this reasonso that's whyIt's late, so we should go now.It's late, so we should go now.°as much asas much asHe knows as much as his sister.He knows as much as his sister.°even more thanmuch more since thenAll the more because I didn't expect it.I didn't expect much more than that.°Even betterbetterThe sooner you arrive, the better.If it arrives earlier, much better.°manter-se a par deto keep someone in the loop or in the loopKeep me posted on what's happening.Keep me posted on what's going on :.°Someon the other hand a little He took some tissues. He arrived quite tired. ||I asked so much!I asked him so many times!||So good here!It's good to see you around here!

TapastampaWhere is the lid of the box?Where is the lid of the box?▲ LidThe covers of this book are stained.The covers of this book are stained.

approachedwomen's coat [And].

collectcollectCover the coffee to prevent it from getting cold.Cover the coffee so it doesn't get cold. ▲ to obstruct (or block) the view.I can't understand why this column covers me.I can't see anything because this pillar is blocking my view.▲ to coverHis mother covers all his antics.Your mother covers up all your evil deeds.°discoverwrap, wrap (oneself)Cover up, it's cold outside.Dress warmly because it's cold outside▲ to cover yourselfHe covered his face with his hands.He covered his face with his hands.

Mate[metro] small mat; tablecloths

Tapiawall, brick fence.


Tapestry[metro] tapestry; mat (without pile).

Plug[metro] corks, stoppers; detonator.

abbreviated formabbreviated form.

To the theaterticket office, ticket office

Taranto[metro] Cookware [And]There are many Tarantines in this kitchen.There are many utensils in this kitchen.

tardanzaDelay, delay, delay, delay.

delaydelay, be longDon't take too long.Don't hesitate.▲ Take (time).It took several months to do the job.It took several months to finish the job.°later thanno later thanI will leave on Saturday at the latest.I will go there no later than Saturday.

afternoon[metro] later, early at nightI'm home in the afternoon.I'm home in the afternoon.▲ [announcement] afternoonBetter late than never.Better late than never.°pm(at a certain time) in the afternoon.They come at three in the afternoon.come at three in the afternoonstay longbe late (or be late)It's getting late and we're not ready yet.It's getting late and we're not ready yet.°in the afternoonafternoonI'll see you Monday afternoon.We meet on Monday afternoon.°sooner or latersooner or laterSooner or later you will know.Sooner or later he will find out.||Hello.Hello.oGood evening.assignmenttask.°per taskagainst time [And]Work to order.Work against time.

qualifytariffs, tariffs; List or list of prices, taxes, etc.

MapMap; visiting card; file card.

Tata[metro] Papaya.

taz°taz con tazsame, same, side by side [And]They were cup by cup.Were the same.


Beaker[metro] bowl (utensil).

Tee[metro] T-shirtDo you want a cup of tea?Do you want a cup of tea?

ayou, for you; by yourself, by yourselfthey are looking for youThey are looking for you.-I'll give it to you when I find it.I'll give it to you when I find it.—Be careful, don't cut yourself!Be careful, don't cut yourself!


hereCeiling; Ceiling.


Tecolote[metro] Owl [Mexico].

tecomat[metro] Pumpkin, Canteen [And].



In the netIn the net; 🇧🇷And] injured.

bodyfabric, materialsI don't like the fabric of this suit.I don't like the fabric of this dress.°chicken wireshielded cable; Wire fence.

Phone callphone, phone.

Operator[m, f] Telefonista, telephone operator, telephone operator.

telephoneTelephone. °automatic telephonephone call.

of the telegraphtelegraph, send a telegram.


telegram[metro] Telegram.

cortina[metro] Theater curtain.

clear[metro] Theme, Theme, Theme.

shake off[rad-ch yo] trembles, tremblesHe is shivering with cold.He is shivering with cold. ▲ tremble [And]There is a lot of shaking in this country.There are many earthquakes in this country.

Tremble[metro] Trembling.°earthquakeearthquake


hopebe afraid, be afraid

neglectedskin irritation; neglected.

horrible[adj.] terrifying, terrifying.

distress[metro] Distress.



Sturm[F] Storm, storm.

temperedbrave, braveHe's a very nice guy.He is a brave fellow.▲ TemperedFrance is in the temperate zone.France is in the temperate zone.▲ temperateToday is a hot day.The day is mild today.▲ VotedThe violin is not well tuned.The violin is out of tune.▲ warm, warmgive me warm watergive me some warm water

templesvote.°Templar your harmonica for afor mood one.

Templetemple, church.

seasonSpell, Period, SeasonWe are going to spend a season at the beach.We will spend some time on the beach.▲ seasonHas the opera season already started?Has the opera season already started?

temporalIn the middleI have a part-time job.I have a temporary job.▲ [metro] SturmThe storm lasted several days.The storm lasted several days.

early[adj adv] early

strong headedpersistent, persistentHe is very stubborn in his intentions.It is very persistent.▲ stubbornThe resistance was stubborn.The resistance was stubborn.

NeverPliers, tweezers.


Suave[rad-ch yo] stretch, extendHe spread the towel on the table.He put the towel on the table.▲ to hang (clothes)Keep these clothes out of the sun.hang clothes in the sun. ▲ stretch, offer (a hand)When she saw him, she held out her hand.When she saw him, she held out her hand. ▲ build (engineering)They built a bridge and a railway line.They built a bridge and a railway.°to liestretch, lie downThey stretched out on the sand.They stretched out on the sand.

consent, consentshopkeeper.

tendon[metro] tendon, tendon.

Gabel[metro] Support; Guardian; fork.°contadorcontador

I've got[and] have, possessI have a new car.I have a new car.▲ to maintainHold him by the arms.Hold him by the arms.▲ have includedEach box contains twenty-four pills.Each box contains twenty-four pills.▲ to own, carry, sellDo they have books here in Spanish?Do they bring books in Spanish here? ▲ have, entertainToday we have guests.Let's entertain some guests today.▲ live (in one place)We have lived here for many years.We have lived here for many years.°Without reasonbe wrong. °... be years old... be years oldI think he is twenty-five years old.I think he is twenty fivehave a good faceto look goodHow are you, Maria you have a good faceHow are you, Maria? You look good ▲ to look goodThis cake looks good.This cake looks good.Take care of yourselfHe wake upYour absence takes care of me.Your absence worries me.bewarebeware. °to considerkeep in mind.°feel likeFeel likeI'm coldIs cold.I'm cold.I'm cold.Be funnyBe funnyIt would be fun if that happened!It would be fun if that happened.°I likebe happy, be happyI am very happy to meet you.I am very glad to meet you.°to be hungryto be hungry. °(who) have a habitis used forI have the habit of getting up early.I am used to getting up early in the morning.°to be scaredbe afraid.°rememberto considerI will remember what you told me.I will remember what you told mehurry upbe in a hurrydevomust, be boundI have to go now.I have to go now.°You should seeis related toThat has nothing to do with what I'm saying.That has nothing to do with what I'm saying.°be rightTo be right. °there is medicinecan be fixed or helpedThis situation is desperate.This situation cannot be avoided.°Stay, stay)Get up, get up, stay upHe could barely get up.He could barely stand up.

lieutenant[metro] Lieutenant.

Sneakers[metro] Sneakers.

Voltage[F] Voltage.

temptation[F] temptation.

Attempt[rad-ch yo] touch, feel; Attempt.


to dye[rad-ch III] to dye.

TequilaTequila (plant, drink) [Mexico].

third[adj.] (I understandthird) thirdThis is my third trip to this country.This is my third trip to this country.

third[adj.] thirdHe lives on the third floor.He lives on the third floor.▲ [metro] third person, mediatorNecesitamos que un tercero lo averigüe.We need a third person to decide that.▲ thirdHe was third in his class.He was third in his class.

thirdone third; Spanish Foreign Legion.


strong headedstrong headed.

termination[F] termination, end.

the end)end finishedHe finished his speech.He finished his speech.

finishfim.°finallyafter all. °for an endto end with

halftimeCommitment, medium term.°finishmunicipal community.


Kalbfemale calf; calfskin; Calf.

Kalbmale calf.

sensitivitytenderness, darling

tenacity[F] stubbornness, stubbornness.



Fly your mindproperty, property; ground earth.

HorribleHorribleIt's terribly hot.It's terribly hot.▲ wonderful, fantasticWe had lots of fun.We had fun.


lump[metro] sugar cubes); clod (earth).

Terror[metro] Terror.

talk showConversation, nonsense, meeting.


treasurer, treasurertreasurer.


Testamentwill (document).

strong headedstubborn, stubborn


witness[norte] witness.▲ [metro] a testimony.


TextText; Text book.

fast[F] fast.

Von[Family; only used with preposition] FromThis letter is for you.This letter is for you.-He didn't tell me, but you did.He didn't tell me, he told you.

auntAunt; all. °there is no your aunt[family] there are no excuses for doing nothingThere is no such thing as your can; you have to go.Do nothing; you have to go alone

warmHot Hot.

Tempotime, period, seasonThis was built in colonial times.It was built in the colonial period ▲I don't know if I'll have time to go with you.I don't know if I will have time to go with you.▲ TimeThe weather has been very bad since yesterday.The weather has been very bad since yesterday.°punctualjust in timeArrive on timeI arrived on time.°with timepunctualLet me know in time.Let me know in time.°another timebefore. °gain timeto save time.°dependence good (or bad) weatherbe it good (or bad) weather.°create timeTo pass the time.it's been a whilelong ago.It's been (or is) a whileit has been (or was) a long time ago.I was there a long time ago.It's been a long time since I've been there.°The good timesthe good oldie times; youth. °spend timeto kill timelong timea long time. °wasting timewaste of time. °shortlyLittle time. °(for how long ...?(for how long ...?How long was the performance?How long was the show?

Shoppingshop, shoptent tentCarp.

Suavedelicate, softThis meat is very tender.This meat is very tender.▲ tender, lovingHe gave her a tender look.He looked at her lovingly.

TierraTierraWhat does the earth look like from an airplane?What does the earth look like from an airplane?▲ onlyThe plane fell to the ground.The plane fell to the ground.▲ EarthThey plow the land.They plow the land.▲ Soil, landPut soil in the pot.Put a little soil in the pot.▲ Homeland, countryI will soon return to my country.I will return to my country soon.°Fall to the groundfall to the groundtearfall, ruinHis projects collapsed.They ruined your plans.°moistenforget, shut upThey dropped the subject.You silenced the matter.on landon land, on landThe only way to get there is by land.The only way to get there is by land.

Tigre[metro] Tigre.

pair of scissors°scissor beddivan, cradlepair of scissors[You are welcome] scissors, scissors.

Timbre[metro] electric bell; stamp, tax stamp

shyness[F] Shyness, shyness.

shyshy, shy, embarrassed.

Timoscam, scamYou have been the victim of a scam.You have been the victim of a scam.

Ruder[metro] No; let me

samegood shot; touch.°talk nonsenseparlotean sin cesar.°sinwithout rhyme or reason, aimlessly.


shadows[metro] tint, tint; Tincture; Chemical cleaning.

tinterillothief lawyer [metro].

TintenfassTintenfass. °save something in the inkwellcompletely forgottenIt stayed in my inkwell.I totally forgot it.

tintocolor vino °Red coffeeblack coffee [Kol].

Dirty clothesChemical cleaning; combined laundry and dry cleaning [Argentina].

uncleuncleHe came with his uncle.He came with his uncle.” FriendThe boy told me.That's what the guy told me.

typicaltypical, characteristicWhat is the typical costume of this region?What is the typical dress here?—That's typical of her.That's typical of her.

triple[metro] Heights.▲ [F] soprano.

TypeArt, MeetingThis font is very modern.This is a very modern typeface. type ▲Types of clean typewriters.Clean tip on typewriter.—He has a Latin type.It is of the Latin type.▲ face (pejorative), characterWho is this boy?Who is this boy?legal waygood figure or physiqueHe has a good guy.He has a good physique.°bad boyrotten eggHe's a really bad guy.It's a rotten egg. ▲ physical badHe has a bad guy.He has a bad physique.°art interestsinterest rateThey raised the interest rate.The interest rate went up.

valuation[metro] ticket [And].

stripesNarrow band.

Sagittarius, SagittariusShooter, good shot.


manythey throw

fiestaa timeAdjust the mesh very tight.Make the mesh nice and tight. ▲ timeThe situation was very tense.The situation was very tense.suspenders[meter please] SuspendersHe bought suspenders.Bought suspects.

to throwto throwHe threw the ball further than the others.He threw the ball further than the others. ▲ pull, pullThis belt no longer works; you have to throw it awayThis belt no longer fits me; we have to throw it away. ▲ shoot, shoot (weapon)They shot targets with rifles.They shot at the target with firearms▲ to shootDraw a straight line.Draw a straight line.▲ residuals, residualsHe threw away his inheritance.He squandered his inheritance.▲ to printThey will issue many copies.They will print a great edition.°throw the dicethrow the dice,°CompetitiontreatedThe horse kicks.The horse kicks.°remove itdragPull the rope.Pull the cord. °Pull Jorge's earlawsThey were arrested for pulling Jorge's ear.You were arrested for gambling.°to jumpbegin, beginJump out the window.He jumped out of the window.▲ to jumpWe watched as the paratroopers were released.We saw the paratroopers jump.


numbersteering shotYour backhand is better than your forehand.Your backhand is better than your forehand.▲ Jump ShotThe shot went through the wall.The shot went through the wall.▲ Horse and cartdraft horse.draft horse(from) to the shotimmediately immediately [And] .°miss the shotmiss the targetyou missed the shotYou made a mistakeit's a shotfor love or for moneyWe're not even going to do this with gunshots.We will not do this for love or money.||Nice try!Good shot!

dudewaver, waverNever doubt.He never doubts.

titletitleWhat is the title of the book?What is the title of the book?▲ Headline (newspaper)I only read the titles.I only read the headlines.▲ Diploma, grade, titleShe has the title of ordinary teacher.He has an apprenticeship.under thaton whose authorityFor what reason is he doing this?In whose name are you doing this?property titledeed (property)Where are your title deeds?Where are the deeds to your property?

Hand towelHand towelI don't have a towelI don't have a towel


wardrobe[metro] Bedroom; dresser.

toucha worry.

ToquetouchDo not touch meDon't touch me.▲ play (an instrument)Play the piano.He played the piano.▲ to beatknocking on the doorI knocked on the door▲ to get a paperWe will have equal shares.We will obtain equal parts.▲ to drawHe got the winning number.He drew the winning number.▲ Call (in a port)The ship will not call at Veracruz.The ship will not call at Veracruz.°what do I care (him, etc.)as for me (he is, etc.).touch onebe someone's turnIt's your turn to play.It's your turn to play.▲ WorryIt doesn't depend on her.It doesn't concern you.


stillstillyou're still hungryare you still hungry ▲ stillIt still has not arrived.It hasn't arrived yet.▲ evenShe is even better than him.She is even nicer than him.stillno not yetI have not eaten yet.I have not eaten yet.

All[adj.] AllThis chicken is all bones.This chicken is all bones.▲ FullThey went by at full speed.They sped by.▲ [metro] all, the wholeThat is all!That's it!▲ allHe likes to try everything.He likes to try everything.°first of allfirst of allFirst tell me what time you will arrive.First tell me when you come. °In spite ofAfter allHowever, I like it here.Despite everything, I like it here.°to allall out, to the limitThey were running at full speed.They were going at full speed.°With allbut stillStill, I prefer not to go.Still, I prefer not to go.°of the wholetotally, completelyHe totally forgot.He totally forgot.play everything for everyonebet allThey play everything for everything.You put everything. °be the wholebe the wholeIt's the whole team.He is the whole team.°above allespecially, especiallyI like coffee, especially when it's hot.I like coffee, especially when it's hot.°every insect livesevery living soulHe said to all living things.he said to every living soul.AllAllEverything you say interests me.Everything you tell me interests me.°all dayall dayHe played all day.He played all day.worldworldEverybody knows.Everybody knows.AllworldThey all want it.everybody likes iteverybody diesall the worldEvery year I climb the mountain.He goes to the mountain every year.||You are all one.They are all the same.

awningAwning; Wax.

tolerancetolerance, tolerance


tolerateignore, tolerateHe tolerates your mistakes.She ignores her mistakes. ▲ tolerateWe cannot tolerate that.We cannot tolerate that.

Plug[And] electric plug).wearwearI take what I like best.I take the one I like best.—We will take the plane this afternoon.We will take the plane this afternoon.Do not think that way.Don't think like that.▲ drink, eat, haveWe'll have coffee when we get back.We'll have coffee when we get back.▲ Take it, borrow itLet's take a cab.Let's take a taxi.▲ take, adoptIt returned to the customs authorities of that country.He adopted the customs of this country. ▲ take, catchAt night they took the city.They took the city during the night.°pantingen MásHe arrived without breathing.He came too rushed.°take it welltake the right path (to create the right interpretation)You will take it well.You will go the right way.°joketake it as a jokeLet's take that as a joke.Let's take that as a joke.°to feeloffend. 🇧🇷take this seriouslytake it seriouslyDo not take it seriously.Don't take it seriously.°occursit down, sit downwould you like to sitWon't you sit downenjoy ithold on, likeYou have shown me a lot of love.You have become very dear to me.°try itstart to likeI'm already enjoying this game.I'm starting to like this game.take suntake sunThey went out to sunbathe.They went out to sunbathe.°take it with you achoose, driveHe took it with him.he chose meTake responsibilitytake responsibility (assume).He took responsibility for the work.He assumed the responsibility of the work.°He met those from Villadiegorun after °Leave a commentwrite downYou have taken note of everything.You have taken note of everything.drink byconsider, acceptThey think you are a fool.They take him for a foolcarry carryturn, go in the directionArriving at the corner, he went home.Arriving at the corner, he headed home.°take precautionstake precautionsYou take all the necessary precautions.They take all the necessary precautions.°wearwearIt took him a few hours to decide.It took him a few hours to decide.get wingstake liberties; gets too big for pants.°make (one or the) decisionresolve, decideHe decided to do this.He decided to do it.||leak.!Here you are!

Tomato[metro] Tomato.

TomoVolumeThis work has several volumes.This work consists of several volumes.

youMelody, Song.

barrel[metro] barrel, barrel.

tonMetric tons.

Subscriptionvolume, noteAlmost half a tone out of tune.It is almost half a step out of tune.▲He told me in a bad tone.He told me in a rude way.▲ShadowDon't you have another shade of red?Don't you have another shade of red?tone downmoistenlower your voicelower your voicebustmake airHe seems like a great person.Take the air of a great lady.°in all shadesin every way imaginableI told him in all tones.I told him in every way I could.

bullyingnonsense, nonsenseThat's stupid.That makes no sense!

tontoDumb, dumb, stupid, stupidIt's not as much as you think.It's not as stupid as you think.▲ [norte] IdiotWhat an idiot!What an idiot!stupid and crazywithout thinking, without wantingHe makes everything stupid and crazy.Everything he does is crazy.°make a foolyou play foolspend the hours foolishlySpend time doing nothing.°jerk in the neighborhoodIdiotHe's a hooded fool.He is a stubborn man.

groupheadbutt, punch againstrun intostumble, find, findI met him on the street.I found it in the street.

Toque[metro] HoodA few more handles and you're done.▲ A few simple steps and you're done.°Hornsignal horn °WakeDiana.°drumbeatdrumbeat.


giro[rad-ch yo] giroYou twist the thread.He twists the wire.▲ to twistThe path turns towards the river.The path turns towards the river.°do not give upbe stubbornHe never gives his arm to cheer.He never gives up.To themrotate, moveHe sprained his ankle.He sprained his ankle.

distortedinjusticeFix the crooked box.straighten the image;is twisted.▲ curvedOne is wrong.The nail is twisted.▲ twistedThis cable is twisted.This thread is twisted. ▲ bad luck [And]The game is very bad.You have very bad luck in the game.



tormentagony, pain

Bendturn, becomeIt got very sour.It got very sour.


screwscrewWe need a nail, not a screw.We need a nail, not a screw.°a screw is missinghave a loose screwThe boy is missing a screw.This guy has a loose screw.

To visitTravel.

weirdslow; Silly.

Torre[F] Torre.


TortillaTortilla; 🇧🇷Mexico] Pancakes.


for %s[F] cough.

TuscanyBeIt is a very difficult job.It is a very difficult job. ▲ thick, thickHe is a rude man.He's a rude guy.


ToastToastFor breakfast I have coffee with toast.I have coffee and toast for breakfast.

toastedtan (from the sun).

fry[rad-ch yo] Push.

Toast[metro] tostón (half peso coin) [Mexico].

total[adj; metro] a total ofWhat is the grand total?What is the total amount?no sumin a word, in shortIn general, the following happened.In a word, the following happened: °the total wasthe result of that was thisI couldn't see her at all.The result of all this was that I couldn't see her.

staffCarefulHe was honest and hardworking.He was honest and hardworking.▲ [norte] employeeThey increased the number of workers.They increased the number of workers.

to workto workHe works for a transport company.He works in a transport company.▲ work, striveHe worked very hard to get what he wanted.He worked hard to get what he wanted. ▲ cultivateThey work the land.They till the land.

workto workThe work is very well done.The work is very well done.▲ WorkThey will change the labor law.Labor laws will change.°it took a lot of workbe difficult, difficultI had a lot of work to fix the problem.It was a great job for me to clarify the matter.turn in assignmentsgo through difficulties, have difficultiesYou are going through a lot of work.He is going through a difficult time.°hard workforced labor (criminal).

graduate°make friendsto start a friendshipThey became friends on a trip.They became friends on a trip.°mutedcompetitorsHe is speechless when he talks lightly.When he talks fast, he stutters.

tradition[F] saber.


translation[F] translation.

translate[-zc-] translateWho translated that?Who translated that?

to bring[and] to bringI brought you a letter.I brought you a letter.▲ to useHe was wearing a nice coat.He was wearing a beautiful coat. ▲ bring, serveWait for the coffee to be brought to you.Wait for the coffee to be served. ▲ load, haveThe newspaper has an article today about Mr. X.Today's newspaper has an article about Mr. X▲ so you haveI will not bring the pen.I don't have my pen with me.°bring and taketalk about someone gossipHe likes to bring and carry a lot.He likes to gossip.

traffictrafficTraffic is light in this city.Traffic is very light in this city.




I bringswallow, drinkdrink a drinkhave a drink, have a drink

Treason[F] Treason.


traitor[metro] Traitor.

duration[metro] wearHe was wearing a nice suit.She was wearing a beautiful dress.Swimwearbathing suitfrom smokingformal dressAll through Tuxedo.They all wore formal attire.°long suitSleepwearThe ladies wore long dresses.The ladies were in evening dress.Business suittailor suitHe always wears a tailored suit.She always wears tailored suits.process[metro] Commercial transaction.

capturecaptureThey put some rat traps.They set up several rat traps.°cheatingbetrayHe cheats when he plays.He cheats when he plays.

Trance[metro] °whatever it takesWhatever it takesHe is determined to do this at all costs.He is determined to do this at all costs.in tranceRatherI was in a death trance.He was on the verge of death.

quiet[F] Calm, peace, calm.

calm downbe calmI calmed down with what you told me.What you said calmed me down. ▲ calm down, calm downto calm down!To calm down!

calm[adj.] calm.

transaction[F] settlement; Transaction.

elapsehappen, happenIt was a long time without seeing him again.▲ A long time passed without her seeing him again.

Intern[adj.] temporarily.▲ [metro] Intern.

transfer[rad-ch II] Transfer.

to transformto transform.

reconciliation[F] Reconciliation.

Commitmentresolve, compromiseI'm not set on that!I won't commit to this!▲ agreeThey agreed to talk to him.They agreed to talk to him.

TransitticketTraffic prohibited.No ticket.°trafficOn my wayI was passing throughI was just passing through.

Arroyo[F] transmission; transmission)The radio program will be broadcast at eight o'clock at night.The show airs at eight in the evening.

SenderTransmitting station.

transferconvey; convey.

transparenttransparent.▲ [metro] window shadow.

Transportcarry, take

Transport[metro] Traffic; Transport.

Diminish[metro] Trolley car.


The patchPiece of Cloth.▲ ClothGive me the cloth to clean the table.Give me the rag to clean the table.°high speedto more not being ableThey spoke at full steam ahead.They spoke to beat the band.°put like a clothInsult, living skin.||They always talk about rags.They always talk about clothes.

after thisafter thisThe police were chasing him.The police were chasing him.▲ beforeI was behind the door.It was behind the door.BehindBehindHe was behind her.He walked after her.

back[adj.] behind, behindThe back of the car.Das Heck des Autos.▲ [metro] back, back.

transfertransferThey transferred her to another department.She was transferred to another department.°Movermove (change place of residence or work)You have moved to another city.You have moved to another city.

night owl[metro] Night owl.

transnocharstay up all night.

transfercross, pierceThe bullet pierced his heart.The bullet pierced his heart.▲ transfer, sell (a deal)Very advantageously transferred the store.He sold the business at a large profit.

quintalquintal [And].

loco(I understanddisgusted) Crazy mad.

disgustedbother, botherIt turned the whole room upside down.It stirred up the whole room. ▲ go crazyThe disgust worried her.The misfortune made her angry.

treatedContract; Contract.

treatmentmedical treatment; polite way of addressing

distributor[metro] trader (in cattle or grain)He is a grain merchant.He is a grain merchant.

treattreatThey treated him with contempt.They treated him with contempt.—The doctor treated her for a long time.The doctor treated her for a long time. ▲ driveHandle it with care.Handle with care.°Attempttratar (an assumption or thing).Let's take care of this business.Let's do this business.▲ to tryThey tried to fix the problem.They tried to fix the problem.▲ callHe treated him like a madman.She called him crazy.°be treated (with)deal with (person), have good or intimate relations (with)I don't deal with Juan.I don't get along with John.Juan and Pedro do not speak.John and Peter don't get along.°Is aboutto be an object, to be a thingIt's about giving your best.It's about doing the best you can.

approvaltreatmentThey treated him very well.They treated him very well. ▲ behavior, mannersHis treatment is very Right.Your way is very correct.▲ pact, agreement, agreement (commercial)You made a deal.you understood. ▲ close friendshipLooks like they got a lot of treatment.They seem to be very friendly.°have good treatmentbe kind, be kind.

for him°onthrough throughThey went through the forest.They walked through the forest.°viasideways, out of the corner of your eyeHe looked at me.He looked at me out of the corner of his eye.


JokeWitz Witz.

mischievousrailway sleeper [SP].

harmfulmischievous, playful

Workdaydistance, distance, line.

followappearance, appearancegood qualitygood appearance.°bad featurepoor eyesightThis man has a bad character.This man looks dangerous.°has marksshow signsThere is no end.That doesn't seem to end for a long time.°has traces ofmiraIt looks like a beggar.It looks like a beggar.

designdesignHe did a quick sketch.He quickly drew a sketch. ▲ drawThey made plans for the future.They made plans for the future.

to bringdash, scriptWith a few pencil strokes he made a caricature.With a few strokes of his pencil he made a caricature.

clover[metro] clover.

to occurepass.

pull apartspace, stretchThere's a bad stretch of road.There is a bad stretch of road.°at certain intervalsin the intervalsThey planted trees at intervals.They planted trees at intervals.

armisticetruce, calmThere was a lull in the fight.There was a lull in the fight.°without trucewithout a restWork tirelessly.Work tirelessly.


Trembleterrible, terribleThere was a big accident.There was a terrible accident. ▲ enormous, tremendousThis generated huge costs.It took an enormous amount of effort.

Zug[metro] ZugThe train is late.The train is late.▲ Pomp, showWith this train of life they are ruined.You're going broke with such an extravagant life.°mail trainmail traincargo traincargo trainThey overtook a freight train.They overtook a freight train.Passenger trainPassenger trainA passenger train runs every two hours.A (passenger) train runs every two hours.°Express (the fast train).express trainmixed trainFreight and passenger train.

knittingbraid, braid

increaseincreaseWith great difficulty he climbed the tree.With great difficulty he climbed the tree.



Stamm[F] Stamm.

tribuneTribune, TribuneThe speaker went up to the podium.The speaker went up to the podium.▲ GalleryThey applauded the deputies from the stands.The galleries applauded the delegates.°in the cabinthe bar; Politics (profession).°grandstandstribuneThe stands were full of spectators.The stands were full of spectators.

In focus[metro] Court of Justice); Audit Committeetake someone to courtProcess.




slicer[metro] Tranchiermesser.

cut downCut the meat).

GrabenDig; Dig; A raincoat.

sledgestrineos; bobsleigh.

colonOffal; Offal; Belly.

tripletriple, triple

Engineering team[F] Engineering team.

Sadsad.▲ I'm sorry, I'm sorryHe played a sad role.He made a pitiful figure. ▲ gloomy, gloomyThe day is very sad.It is a gloomy day.

sadnesssadness, grief

successsucceed, succeedHis projects were successful.Your plans have worked.▲ to winHe won the championship.He won the championship.success oftriumph over someoneHe was able to triumph over all adversities.He was able to triumph over all adversities.

Triumphtriumph, victoryThe victory over the enemy was complete.The victory over the enemy was complete.▲ Trump cardHe got a win.He played a trump card.°cost a winbe extremedifficultWe needed a win for that.It took us a long time to get it.oIt was not easy to get.

Trizasmall piece. °destroyteardropHe tore the paper into pieces.He tore the paper into pieces.

trunkHorn; Elephant trunk.

Trumpet[F] Trumpet, Bugle.▲ [metro] bugle.

Throne[rad-ch yo] for the hidden treasureIt had thundered all night.It had thundered all night.°then it can thunderas a precautionI'll take you to what might thunderI will take it with me in any case.

shortened(I understandtronchar) Inside. °be groupedbe in everything

troncharBreak time. °troncharsetears the pages from laughing so muchJargon].

Trunkstem, stalk (of garden plants).

trunktribe, tribe, tribeThe trunk of the tree is very thick.The tree has a large trunk.▲ teamAn excellent team of horses pulled the carriage.The carriage was drawn by an excellent team of horses.▲ ExistingIt comes from an old suitcase.It comes from very old stock.


EquipmentEquipmentThe troops marched down the street.The troops marched through the streets.

Crew[metro] uproar, confusion (of people)Why are there so many people in the streets?Why is there so much confusion in the streets?too much ofstrong, in a crowdThey broke into the house.They entered the house noisily.°herd of horsesherd of horses

indignationexcess, excessive action; indignationThe soldiers committed acts of violence.The troops committed many crimes.

stumble[rad-ch yo] stumbleHe stumbled and fell to the ground.He stumbled and fell.stumble uponI meet, I meetI met him on the street.I found him on the street.°trippingstumbleI tripped over the curb.I tripped over the curb.


Turning radiusRadius of gyration (al).▲ [metro] tropics.

stumbling blockobstacle, clutch

RunJogThe horses trotted across the field.The horses trotted across the field.▲ hurry upI walked all morning.I was out all morning.

prank call[metro] prank callThe horse has a very good trot.The horse has a good trot.°Jogin MoreHe took me for a ride.It kept me in the race.

To askTo askgive me a piece of chickenGive me a piece of chicken.▲ partA section of road is in poor condition.▲ Part of the road is in poor condition. ▲ fragmentIt is made of pieces of cloth.It is made of scraps of cloth.▲ selection, passage (of books)Read me part of this book.Read me a selection from this book.°wooden pieceHolzblockThe child plays with pieces of wood.The boy is playing with wooden blocks.°musical piecemusic selectionIt is a beautiful piece of music.This is a beautiful piece of music.


DonnerDonnerDuring the storm there was thunder and lightning.During the storm there was thunder and lightning.°fetterbig scandalThis news will be a great thunder.This news will cause a big scandal.

equipmentSwimwear [Antilles].

you please[adj; Family] tuHere are your gloves and cane.Here are your gloves and cane.

ma[vulnerable family] FromMaria, come with me.Maria, you will go with me.°Take care of yourselfUse you when you approach and maintain intimate relationsdo you treat it?Are you intimate with him?

benefitpipe, spout

OMurmur (hardware)

einaugican eye.


teartearHe knocked him out on the first hit.Knocked him unconscious with the first blow.lay downcairHe lay down on the bed.He fell on the bed.

bellyI jump, I jumpstumbledHe did somersaults.

Tumor[metro] tumors.

revoltCrowd, noisy crowd.

tunaprickly pear [And].

Tunante[metro] Harke, Schlingel, SchlingelHe's a villain!He's a villain!

Tunnel[metro] Tunnel.

Großo(I understandsaliva) thick; closed weave; stopped, stuck

salivato pack tightMy nose was stuffed up.My nose is stuffed.

Crewcrowd, mob

shame[F] Confusion.

tierraannoy, annoy; confuse.mistywar tourThis water is cloudy.This water is cloudy.▲ blurred, indistinctI see everything cloudy.I see everything blurry.

Tourist[m, f] tourists.

changeBendwait your turnwait your turn °changein serviceHe was on duty that night.He was on duty that night.


Nougat[metro] nogado.

TutorUse the familiar you to address a person.

educator, educatorTutor.

secoyou, you [family]It's yours?It's yours?-I thought they were your friends.He thought they were his friends.


Uds(to which, before or ho) orChoose one or the other.Choose one or the other.

lastlastwho is the lastWho's Last?▲ FinaleIt was his final decision.It was his final decision.▲ lastThe latest news is very good.The latest news is very good.°in the latest fashionnot the newest styleIt is in the latest fashion.He dresses in the latest fashion.°last minutenot at the last minute.°lastat the end ofIt will arrive at the end of September.It will arrive at the end of September.°for the last (or fourth) questionbe brokeThe poor boy is on the last question.The poor man is ruined.°for the last timefor the last timeAre you coming for the last time?Are you coming for the last time?until the endFinally.

mi(I understand1) like; 1.




Singleonly, only oneHe is the only one who can solve this problem.He is the only one who can solve this matter.—He's just a kid.He's just a kid.

Unit[F] UnitLet's all work for unity.Let's all work for unity.▲ figureAdd two zeros to this unit.Add two zeros to this number.▲ UnitWhat is the monetary unit of your country?What is the monetary unit of your country?

union[F] unionThe unification of these two countries is likely.The union of these two countries is probable.▲ Union, marriageYesterday afternoon the union of Juan and María was celebrated.João and Maria's wedding took place last night.▲ UnityUnion make force.There is strength in unity.▲ Unity, unityThe join of these tables is incorrect.These boards are poorly attached.

joinatarConnect these two wires together.Tie these two strings together ▲ to joinAttach this letter to the report.Attach this letter to the report. °joinunite, uniteHe didn't want to get into this business with anyone.He didn't want to get into this business with anyone. ▲ joinHe joined the workers.He joined the workers.


universidad[F] Universität.

universeuniverse, world.

1likeI need a specialist for this job.I need a specialist for this job.▲ aonly one arrivedonly one arrivedAll the worldAll the worldHe paid everyone what he owed.He paid each what was owed to them.from one to anotherfrom one place to another; From side to side. °one by one, one by oneone after the otherThey go one by one.Come out one by one.°one than the otheroccasionally)In a day or so he will come to visit us.He comes to visit us from time to time.°mutualmutualThey looked at each other.They looked at each other.a coupleany anyWill you give me something?Will you give me something? 🇧🇷Someany anygive me some applesGive me some apples.°one... yes and the other noeveryone else...It will come one day yes and another day no.He comes every day.

greasedgreasedbutter toastSpread a little butter on the toast.▲ to bribeThey slandered him so he wouldn't tell the truth.You bribed him not to tell the truth.°fettdistributionRubbed grease on the wheel.He oiled the bike.smearscrub, scrubHe loved putting cream on his face.He liked to use cream on his face.asame same sameone brokeThe nail broke. clawThe cat pulled out its claws.The cat showed its claws.°be hand in glovebe quick friends

urbanity[F] (courtesy.


urgencyurgency, hurryYou need it urgently.You need it urgently.°emergency clinicemergency room °emergency cureemergency treatment. °Urgency stampspecial delivery stamp.

urgentlyurgent URGENT.

used(I understanduse) used, usedI want to buy a used car.I want to buy a used car.

customUse custom.

useusecan i use your penCan I use your pen?▲ usehow many shoes do you wearWhat shoe size do you wear?°before usingbefore usingShake before using.Shake well before use.°to be usedto be in use or fashionableThis year this color will be used a lot.This year this color is very fashionable.

useuseWhat is this machine for?What is this machine for?good in usein good shapeThis coat is still in good use.This coat is still in good condition.||He went to work as soon as he could use reason.He started working very young.

ma(Abbreviation You, Vd.) YouHow are you.?How are you?

habitualhabitual, habitualThe usual thing in these cases is the tuxedo suit.The tuxedo is common for such occasions.

usefulrentableThe game is useful and entertaining.The game is fun and profitable.▲ UsefulHe was a very useful man.He was a very useful man.°useful work)tools, utensils.

utility[F] utility, utilityIs this useful?Is this useful?




vacationcow.▲ meatAre these steaks good or bad?Are these beef or beef steaks?

vacation[F] Vacation.

vacation[adj.] vague.▲ [F] free place.

office hourDrain; flow away

duderoll up, turn aroundHe was wobbly a lot when he walked.He wobbled a lot when he walked.” she hesitated, she hesitatedNo cows you!Do not hesitate!

office hourlearn, learnThe barn was empty.The barn was empty.▲ unoccupied, freeAt the end of the month the room will be empty.At the end of the month, the room will be empty.▲ empty, stupid, emptyHe was an empty man.He was a stupid guy.▲ [metro] empty space, space, emptyHe jumped into the void.It broke out in everyone.


vauspass, I go.


bum, bumVagabond, Vagabond.


inaccuratevague, fuzzyI have a vague idea.I have a vague idea.▲ [metro] Vagabond, VagabondHe doesn't like to work, he's lazy.He does not like to work; he he is a bum

coach[metro] railway carriage. °freight wagonsfreight wagon.

coachgarbage truck.

failbullying, bullying.▲ ahem, ahem; pod (of vegetables).


Roca[metro] Rotation; Vibration.

platesPlates; Porcelain.

From[metro] Note, promissory note; Bill; Coupon.


Wert[and] CostHow much is this suit worth?How much does this dress cost?▲ Cause, ResultThis nonsense brought him a lot of trouble.This stupidity caused him a lot of trouble. ▲ be of valueYou can throw these papers away, they are worthless.You can throw these papers away, they are worthless. ▲ worth it, worth itThis man is worth a lot.This man is very dignified.▲ [metro] value, meritHe is a very valuable man.He is a man of great merit.°it would be betterit would be betterIt would have been better for me not to have met him.It would have been better for me never to have met him.°they can't take care of themselvesbe powerlessWith his hands hurt, he couldn't help it.With his wounded hands he was helpless.°worthbe worth (someone).It's not worth it (for me).Not worth (my) time to go.°to dependuse, exploithimself outHe used many means.He used all the means at his disposal.

courageousbrave, brave, brave.

votersduffel bag, bad; Pasta.

valuable[adj.] valuable.


From[metro] Tal.

valeria[metro] PreisI bought it at half price.Bought at half price.▲ ValueThe dollar is worth five pesos in Mexico.The dollar is worth five Mexican pesos.▲ Import, Importance, MeaningHow important are these words to you?What meaning do you give to these words? ▲ Courage, braveryThe soldier showed great courage.The soldier showed great courage. ▲ nerve, scabHow dare you introduce yourself here?How dare you appear here?ValuesStocks, bonds, shares.

nullity[F] nullity.

it's youThat's you.

it's youvain, shallowvainvain.

vapor[metro] steam; steamboat.°vapearfast, at the speed of light.

CowboyCowboy, cowboy.

to bebranch, switch; stick (measure; about a yard); Criteria.

durationthe beachThe ship ran aground on the shore.The ship ran aground off the coast.||He is completely stranded.He's down and outKol].

Variablechangeable, changeable, unstable.

Variation[F] change change.

diversity[F] variety, diversity.°the orderVarieté-Show.

varioseveral, variedHe had fabrics at different prices.I had fabrics at different prices▲ differentThere are several books on the table.There are several books on the table.

Macho[metro] masculine (of people).

masculineviril, viril.


Lavarcontainers, containers (for liquids).

was(drink) cup.

greathuge, huge, huge.

what a)...!which one)...What idea!What idea!

neighborhood[F] TenantDoes this house have many neighbors?Are there many tenants in this house? ▲ Neighborhood, neighborhoodYou live in the neighborhood.You live near.

neighborhoodPopulation of a district, county, etc.

Neighbourneighbor, nextThey bring supplies from the neighboring town.They bring supplies from the nearby town.▲ [norte] Neighbor.▲ TenantThis house had fifty neighbors.There were fifty tenants in this house.

Vegetation[F] Vegetation.

vegetal[adj; metro] vegetables.°the vegetable kingdomthe vegetable kingdom.



high age[F] high age.

VelaGuardiaThe candle lasted until dawn.The vigil lasted until dawn.▲ CandleLight this candle.Light this candle.▲ SearchHe had several sailboats.He had several sailboats.°full steamfull steam; at full speed.°without sleepingwakeHe spent the night awake.He stayed up all night.

EveningEvening party or meeting.

Velarstay awake be carefulHe spent the whole night caring for the sick.He watched over the sick all night. ▲ stay awakeHe watched all night.He stayed up all night.to worrycare, protectTake good care of the family.He takes very good care of his family.

velocityVeil; film (thin film) °draw a veilTo leave the subject, forget it.We draw a veil.Let's put that aside.

velocity[F] speed speed.

fastFaster faster.

sahsah.°be in a veindon't be weather


platedefeat, winYou defeated the enemy.They defeated the enemy.▲ defeatI don't think passion wins.I don't think I'll outgrow this habit. ▲ to winOur team won by two goals.Our team won by two points.▲ prevailYour opinion won.It was his opinion that prevailed.▲ due toThe account expired yesterday.Change expired yesterday.°go outcontrol (emotions).

reductionbandage, surgical bandage; bandage roll

Pavement[metro] bandage, surgical dressing; Association.

Howeverbandage dress.

seller[metro] seller, seller, merchant.

SaleSaleHe sold all his properties.He sold all his possessions.°sell on creditsell on creditsell for moneyto sell for cash.°sell in installmentssell in installmentsSale)surrender, betrayHis excitement sold him.His feelings betrayed him.—By speaking, he sold himself.As he spoke, he gave himself away. ▲ accept bribe, sellThey shot him for selling out to the enemy.They shot him for selling out to the enemy.

giftgift, present

poisonous[adj.] poisonous, poisonous.

Rakerevenge, revenge

alaalas.°Take revengeTake revenge

Ven[and] Pro.He comes from a very good family.He comes from a very good family.▲ to fit inThat's too wide.That's too big for her.▲ happenI don't know how I came up with this idea.I don't know how I came up with this idea.NextNextUntil next week.See you next week.°What's wrong with it(followed by infinitive) arrive, finish byCome be president.Must be president.come lessdecay, be in reduced circumstancesWith the death of the father, this family became smaller.Due to the death of the father, this family finds itself in a reduced situation.°come stopend finishedHow far has this matter gone?How was this matter?come barebacksee the grainWhat he said didn't get to the hair.What he said was not straight to the point.°come to besameTurns out it's the same.That comes down to the same thing.has comeprobably have, shouldHe earns around four thousand pesos a year.You must have an income of about four thousand pesos a year.we are making progressto participateA season in the field will do me good.A stay in the country will do me good.°go wrongplease don't feel uncomfortableIt's bad for me to leave right now.I shouldn't go at this timedescend, fall to the groundfall (through), fall apartAll this fell to the ground.The whole thing didn't work out.

reductionreductionWe have signed a purchase agreement.We have signed a sales contract.▲ Sale, saleAll sales are wholesale.All sales were wholesale.°To be for saleTo be for sale

advantageadvantage, gain; advance, climbblowto be ahead, to have a head start.


ventanaventana.°Throw the house out the windowexpose yourself, spend a lot. °nostrilsnostrils

ventanaticket office; window (of a vehicle)

ventilation[F] ventilation.

Fan[metro] electric fans; Fan.

aireair, ventilateThis room must be ventilated.This space must be ventilated.▲ to resolveWhen will this bank account be opened?When are you going to settle this account at the bank?


venturaHappiness; happy event.▲ happinessI was lucky to find it.I was lucky to find it.

ver[and] verDo you see well with these glasses?Can you see well with these glasses? ▲ see [And]do not look at me like thatdo not look at me like thatI can not seeannoy, annoyDon't talk to me about him, I can't see him.Don't mention his name, I hate him.°I have nothing to do with ityou have nothing to do with itI have nothing to do with him.I have nothing to do with him.°see the open skya great opportunity to see.°see starssee stars (feel a sudden pain).°Towardsknow-se, see-seThey haven't seen each other for a long time.Long time no see.▲ know, beI was in a bad situation.I found myself in a difficult situation.—I am forced to do this.I am compelled (or feel compelled) to do so.°see visionssee thingsYou have visions!You see things!||There (or Ya) we'll see!Time will tell!||We'll see!Let's see!||Bye.We will see again.

spend the summerfor the summer, spend the summerWhere will you spend your vacation?Where are you spending the summer?

Summer(Summer) vacation, summerWe used to go to the beach in the summer.We spend the summer at the beach.


you will see[f pl] reality, truth.°Yes reallyactually, really, honestly Now it's going for real! Now it's really gone!—i'm really telling youI tell you honestly.

TRUE[F] TRUEHe told you the truth.He told you the truth.Tell the truthTell the truthTo tell the truth, I don't think so.To tell the truth, I don't think so.say four truthsSay what's on your mind, tell someone a thing or two. °Yes reallysameDo you really believe that?Do you really believe that?be truebe trueIt was true what he said.What he said was true.°right (what)?is not true? is not true? It is not?You are American, right?Isn't it true that you are American?—He was not there?Isn't it true that he wasn't there?||Is not true?oCERTAIN?They're not here?

realtrue, tightHe is a true friend.He is a loyal friend.▲ realHe did not use his real name.He did not use his real name.

Verde[adj.] green.▲ green, immatureThe fruit was very green.The fruit was very green. ▲ pungent, colorlessThis book is very green.This book is very colourless.

vegetables[metro] green Green.

legumesVegetation; Leafy vegetables.

pavementOutside; 🇧🇷Argentina] Pavement.

shamefulshameful; shy shy

shameShame; shyness, modestypeinlich unto be embarrassedI dare not say that I am ashamed.I dare not tell you, I am ashamed to be (too) shyHe is embarrassed to explain himself.He is too shy to propose to her.°do not be shybe shamelessThis man knows no shame.This man has no shame.°do not be ashameddon't be ashamed, don't be ashamedThis kid is not afraid to sing in front of people.This boy is not ashamed to sing for the peoplebe ashamedBe shyThis child is very embarrassed.This boy is very shy. ▲ be honorable or honestHe is a politician who is ashamed.He is an honest politician.||Injury!Injury!

backPoetry sail; Cougar.

water[rad-ch yo] waterHe served the wine.Spilled the wine.▲ to pour outPour this pitcher.Empty the glass.▲ to translateThey translated this book into English.They translated this book into English.

inclination[F] Tilt; watershed; catchment area (of a river).


SalaLobby; Room.

a dress(I understandwear) A dressHe was very well dressed.He was very well dressed.▲ [metro] wearWhat dress do I wear to lunch?What dress should I wear to dinner?▲ Dresses, dresses.

wear[rad-ch III] dress.▲ dressHe was wearing a military uniform.He was wearing a military uniform. ▲ be fashionable, be elegantThis suit is used a lot.This dress is very fashionable.—This suit takes too much.This outfit is very eye-catching.°to get dressedwearWho will help you get dressed?Who will help you get dressed? ▲ dress up; buy clothesI used to dress up in Paris.I used to buy my clothes in Paris.

Veteranold, experienced (by soldiers).▲ [metro] Veteran; Veteran, Veteran

Bend[F] rotate (serial)It's time for you to come in.It was your turn to go in.▲ TimeThe first time I came to the United States was in 1938.The first time I came to the United States was in 1938.right awayat the same time, at the same timeThey all wanted to talk at the same time.They all wanted to talk at the same time.°occasionallyoccasionallyI saw him from time to time.I have seen it occasionally.°sometimes sometimessometimesSometimes I go out to eat at the restaurant.Sometimes I eat in the restaurant.°sometimesoccasionallySometimes I see him at his friends' house.From time to time I see him at a friend's house.°every timeevery timeAlways let someone else do it!Have a different person do it every time!°always thatwhenever, alwaysEvery time I meet him, I tell him.Every time I see him, I tell him that.°how oftenwhenever, alwaysEvery time I see him, he talks to me.Every time I see him, he talks to me.°how often?how often? how often?right awayimmediately, immediately, immediatelyDo it now!Do it now! ▲ in (or in) onceHe ate at once.He ate at once.once and for allonce and for allI forbid it once and for all.I forbid it once and for all.°Sometimesfrom time to time, from time to timeFrom time to time he visited her.He visited her from time to time.°twicetwice. °instead ofinstead ofI will eat fish instead of meat.I will eat fish instead of meat.°againagainwhy did you do it againbecause you did it again ▲ another timeAgain Let's eat together.We will have lunch together another time.°maybepossiblyMaybe we can see each other tomorrow.Maybe we can meet tomorrow.°wheneverwhenever, alwaysEvery time I see you I ask about you.Every time I see him, he asks me about you.°onceonceOnce he invited me to dinner.He once invited me to dinner.Once upon a time (or was)...Once Upon a time ....

onTo accompanyBy what route does the express come?What platform does the express train go to?▲ RouteThe sea route is a bit dangerous.The sea route is a bit dangerous.▲ via, throughWe arrived in New York via Miami.We arrived in New York via Miami.▲ Method, procedureThis was done by executive means.It was done through the Executive.public roadpublic road, street

drive withtravel.

drive with[metro] Travelwhen you leaveWhen do you start your journey?—He reported on his travels.He reported on his travels.||Good trip!Good trip!oGood trip!

TravelerTravelerThe traveler was very tired.The passenger was very tired.▲ PassengerTravelers are asked to keep their tickets.Passengers are asked to keep their tickets.



searchPronto.°complain about addictionclaim regularly.

viciousunbridled, delivered to vice.


siegvictory, triumphsing victorycelebrate victory; sing too soon

victoriousvictorious, triumphant

no[F] Climbing plant.

Lifelife, human lifeThis discovery saved many lives.This discovery saved many lives.▲ life, livelinessThe child has a lot of life.The child is full of life.▲ life, way of lifeHe had a very good life.He lived a very good life. ▲ live (to be alive)I was between life and death.He oscillated between life and death.▲ Life, historyHe knows life and marvels at everyone.Know everyone's life story.°in my lifenever in my lifeI have never seen him in my life.I have never seen him in my life.°get a jobearn (or earn) a living.He makes a living writing.He earns his living writing.°dog lifeDog life.

ventanadoor, window or glass partition; Showcase; shop window [And].

GlaserGlazier, glass merchant.

glassglass (material); glass panel.°pay for broken glassbecome a scapegoat.

alternativealternativeThis house was very old.It was a very old house.▲ [metro] damn [And]The old man walked with difficulty.The old man left with difficulty.▲ old man, friend [And]¡Hola, alter Mann!Listen to me, old man!°alternative(loving) parents [And]I have to write to the old.I have to write to my parents.°my agemy old lady (with love) [And].°my agemy old man (loving) [And].°i see greenold goatHe was a dirty old man.It was an old goat.

ventovento.°Against all oddscome hell and flood.°against the windAgainst the wind. °StrengthenDo wellYour business is booming.Your business is great.

belly[metro] Belly.

Freitag[News] Freitag.°Good FridayGood Friday

Errorbeam (of a building).

surveillanceSurveillance, surveillance.

vigilantevigilante.▲ [metro] Hazard; 🇧🇷Argentina] Police officer.

searchlook, look, look, look.

Guardiafasting, abstinence from food for religious reasons; guard.°food to wake upfast (abstain from meat).

Kraft[metro] ForceHe was a very energetic man.He was a man of great strength.°in forcein force, in forceapplicable lawsapplicable laws.

opetty, petty, contemptible.

VillaciudadThe whole town rejoiced at the festival.The whole town rejoiced at the festival.▲ villa, country houseI have a villa in the country.I have a villa in the country.

Vinegar[metro] Vinegar.°vinegar faceSauer.

complaincomplain.WeinWein. °red wineRed wine.


forceviolence, coercion

violentimpulsive; violentHe has a very violent character.He is very impulsive.▲ StrongDon't say such harsh phrases.Don't use such strong language.°feel violentto be ashamed, to feel out of place.

Violetremove lilac (heart).

violin[metro] violin.

graves[metro] Bratschenbass.°to play the violinSpeak through the hat.

Virgo[adj; F] Virgo.

Virtue[F] virtue, good quality; efficiency, power

Virtuosovirtuoso.▲ [norte] virtuoso.


visorvisor, visor.

visible[adj.] visible.

rent curtainCortina.

vista[F] vistaHe had a vision.He had a vision. ▲ see, opinionYour vision of the problem seems fair to me.Your point of view on the problem seems correct to me. ▲ Look, peculiar-looking personIn that suit and hat, he became a vision.She was quite a sight in that dress and hat.see visionssee things, be deceived.

To visitTo visitDid you have a visit from my friend?My friend called you? ▲ Visitor, callerWith so many visits we couldn't do anything.There were so many calls that we couldn't get through.°to visitpay for a callmake the visitcall back.°there is a visitorHave companyYou cannot receive it, you have visitors.She can't see you, she has company.

to visitvisit, callWhen can I visit you?When can I call you?▲ for a visit, a professional visit, to make a callThe doctor visits his patients.The doctor makes his calls.▲ to inspectThe inspector and the architects went out to inspect the works.The inspector and the architects went to inspect the buildings.

eveeve, day beforeToday is the eve of the party.This is the eve of the festival.°be the night beforeto be on the eve, to be just beforeHe was about to leave for Europe.I wanted to go to Europe.

panoramavision, visionHe has very good eyesight.He has very good eyesight. ▲ ViewDon't stand in front of me!Get out of my way! ▲ clock, clockThe view from the terrace was beautiful.From the terrace you had a lovely view.°myopicmyopicHe is very myopic.It is very myopic.°of sightin sight, without presentationYou didn't introduce me, I only know him by sight.I was not introduced to him; I only know him by sight.°Testdirect the gaze on (on) °From the perspective ofFrom the perspective ofThat's why I can't have dinner with you today.In view of this, I cannot dine with you today.°close your eyesblink (also), ignore. °have pain in the eyeshave tired eyes; be farsightedhave a vision oflook atThe house from a la calle.The house from a la calle.°eyestrainClairvoyance.||Bye!A long time!

seen(see see) seen.°be frowned uponto be indecent, to be frowned upon, to be in bad shapeDon't do that, it's frowned upon here.Do not do that; counts here as bad form.°to be seenobvious, obvious, be clearIt is seen that Juan is not coming.It is obvious that Juan is not coming.°it doesn't look goodbe inappropriate, rejectedThat's not very easy to see.This is not finished.ApparentlyApparentlyApparently he did not remember that he had to come.Apparently he forgot that he was supposed to come.°approval(abbreviation V.B.) Approved, O.K.▲ Approved, O.K.You must get the boss's approval.You have to give the O.K. of the boss

perceptibleshowy, big vital vital, essential.

escaparateshop window [And🇺🇸 Escaparate [SP].



Supermarket[meter please] provisions.

vivacityspeed, livelinessThink very fast.He has a quick mind. ▲ vehemence, spiritHearing this, he reacted quickly.When she heard it, she responded with panache.

place of lifeAt home.

Lifelive, existI don't know if he's alive or dead.I don't know if it's himalive or dead.▲ to live, to inhabiti live in americaI live in America.°to liveto liveHe lived on his income.He lived on his investments.||Who lives?Who's there [Mil] ||¡Viva!¡Viva!||Long live the republic!Long live the republic!

dynamicdynamicLuckily I'm alive.Luckily I'm alive.▲ vivaciousThe colors were very vivid.The colors were very vivid.▲ intenseThe light at this altitude is very bright.The light at this height is very intense. ▲ sharp, fast, sharpHe has a very lively intelligence.He has a very sharp mind.▲ [metro] Rim, pipeHe was wearing a suit with green trims.He was wearing a suit with green trims.▲ SmartassI don't like it because it's a direct.I don't like him because he's a smart guy.°LifedynamicHe painted live.He vividly described it to her.alternativemouth to mouthHe studied out loud.He learned by word of mouth.°cruraw, open (wound)His knee hurt.His knee hurt.°play livecut quickly.


vocation[F] Vocation (activity or profession to which one feels intrinsically called)I am a doctor, but my true vocation was painting.I am a doctor, but I always wanted to be a painter.

flownvervolarBendto do something urgent or urgent [And]I have to do a somersault.I have something urgent to do.°out of controlenergeticAnd].

steering wheel[metro] steering wheel (vehicle); steering wheel.°take the biketo take the wheel.

volar[rad-ch yo] VolarThe plane flies high.The plane flies up.▲ Get out, get outMy money flew.My money is gone.▲ to explodeThey blew up the bridges with dynamite.They blew up the bridges with dynamite.flightfast, on the run, as fast as possibleFlew away.Love at a distance

volcano[metro] Volcano.

overturn[rad-ch yo] turn, turnThe car flipped over while driving onto the bridge.The car flipped over while driving onto the bridge.

Bendturn (turn), turnHe spun on the trapeze.He lit the trapeze.°Turn aroundchange party or faithHe turned to another party.He changed sides.

Volume[metro] Full volume; volume (book).

o[F] oHe has an iron will.He has an iron will.°goodwillkindness, benevolence

voluntarilyvoluntarily.▲ [metro] Volunteer.


Returns[and] Bend)He quickly turned the pages of the book.He quickly turned the pages of the book. ▲ rotateThis path returns to the right.This street turns to the right. ▲ return, returnHe returned home the same way.He returned home the same way. ▲ return, refund, return or refundplease come back pleasereturn a favor with a favorBackagainHe hasn't written to me anymore.He no longer wrote to me.°turn aroundTurn around; turn it overcome back to yourselfto regain consciousness, come to.°turn your headturn your headWhen he heard his name, he turned his head.He turned his head when he heard his name.°driving me crazyangry, irritatedyou are going to drive me crazyyou drive me crazyWillBendHis hair turned very white.His hair turned white as snow. ▲ rotatePlease turn to the opposite side!Turn in the other direction.°Returnsreturn.▲ returnHe said he would come but he backed out.He said he would come, but he gave up.°driving me crazygo crazy go crazyHe got scared.He went crazy.

to vomitto vomit.

deliveredvomit, vomit

meanmeanHe was hungry.He was insatiably hungry.▲ fiercelyA large fire broke out in the building.▲ fierce fire destroyed the building.

since [Family; I've got].

Choose[F] Vote, vote.

pollvote, vote; vote.Eidtake an oath

Voice[F] Voice. 🇧🇷half votesuaveThey spoke in low voices.They spoke quietly.To you(through) screamingSometimes you get nothing.Yelling won't get you anything.°spread the wordbe rumorsWord gets around that he's gone.They are rumorsthat is gonegive votesscream and shoutDon't give these votes!Don't yell like that!°marmar. 🇧🇷with a deep voicequite elegantDon't talk so low, I can't hear you.Don't talk so low, I can't hear you.°secret for yousecret to youcommand voicedomainThey went in order.At the command they began to march.

Turn aroundfall, spin

Volarflight, travelIn a single flight, the plane crossed the sea.The plane made a non-stop flight over the ocean. breadth, fullnessSkirts now have little shine.The skirts are narrow this season.

in flightimmediately, quickly; in flight, on the wing.

hourrotation, rotation.▲ curveWatch out for that curve!Watch out for that curve! ▲ changeDo you have change for this ticket?Do you have change for this account?°Just around the corneron his returnI'll see you when I get back from the trip.I'll see you when I return from the trip.°Just around the corneraroundThe house is just around the corner.The house is just around the corner.°Turn aroundBendYou have to turn the key twice.You have to turn the key twice ▲ to moveWe walk around the house.We go around the house.Turn aroundTurn around; go back and forthPlease turn around.Please turn around.°to go for a walktake a walk, go aroundLet's go for a walk in the park.Let's go for a walk in the park.▲ to investThe car turned.The car overturned.Take a walkBendThe earth rotates on its axis.The earth rotates on its axis ▲ to stop thereIt spins around and does nothing.He's out here doing nothing.°Bendspin, spin and spinTurn the handle.Turn the crank.°rip to piecesscold.||You don't have to turn around.There are not two ways.

transformedChange money) [And]Count the change.Count your change.

Vulgarvulgar, coarse; common.


je.°it's good?everything is fineWell, when are we leaving?Okay, when are we leaving?wasand yetYou didn't sweep my room and I told you not to stop.You didn't sweep my room even though I told you to.¿etc?and laterAnd what happened after that?And what happened after that?It is this?It is true that [And]And what went to Europe?Is it true that he went to Europe?

VonofYou know what I want.You know what I want.▲ nowIt's late.It's too late now. ▲ Immediately, now [And]Do it now.Do it now.I think soOf courseDo you want to come? I think so!Do you want to come? Of course! °no moreno moreI have no wishes.I do not feel like it.prontocurrently, anytime nowThe train will arrive soon.The train will arrive any minute.°Given thefrom... toSince you ask me, I will answer you.Since you ask me, I tell you.VoyArrived!Go! wait a minute.Arrived! Wait a minute!||And and!Right!

Yankee-Yankee, any US citizen

individuallysomething extra, good measure [And]They gave me this for Yapa.They gave it to me just in case.


budbud, bud; Bud; fingertip rest.

sauerkrautburden; herb


Errorerror, error.

to throwCast.

or enoughbad luck [Argentina].

UdsUEIt's me.It's me.oIt's me. °myselfmyselfI told him that myself.I told you so myself


Juiceyoke (for animals).

safedraft animal team


A weapon[metro] grass; Phenomenon [And].

salidato slide [And]The wheel has come off.The wheel has come off. ▲ to change [And]An arm came out.He twisted his arm ▲ to get out, dodgeI don't know how to get out of this obligation.I don't know how to get out of this commitment.

Zafiorude, vulgar

Sala[metro] Entrance, vestibule, anteroom.

fraud[adj; north] Mestizo (black and Indian).

Divingdive, dive

Divingdive °DivingDiving.


Mosquitolong legs.▲ [metro] mosquito [And].

they were tearfulshake violently [And].

Grabenzanja, zanja

Shoe storeshoemaker, shoemaker




Zarcowith blue eyes.

set sailweigh anchor; set sail, depart (from a ship).


operettacomedia musical.

Zonedistrict area

wanderboring dumb dumb [And].


Idiot[metro] piece of stale bread; thorn, block; Silly.


BendHe wake up.

Bendcapsize, sink, sink.

zumbarThe sum.

the sumBuzz Buzz.

safeFruit juice); Juice (from the skin of the fruit) [And].

zurcirrepair, repair

(Video) Wikisource, statistics and dynamics

left handedleft handed.

Toastwhip, whip


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