The Ice Cube family in detail: wife, children, parents and siblings (2023)

Name of the father

Oseas Jackson

name of the mother

Doris Jackson

sibling names

Beverly Jean Brown (older half-sister); Clyde Jackson (older brother)

Is Ice Cube gay/bisexual?


What is Ice Cube's marital status?

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Who is Ice Cube's wife?

Kimberly Waldmeister

When did you get married?

26. April 1992

How many children does he have?

4 (O'Shea Jackson Jr., Darrel Jackson, Karima Jackson, Shareef Jackson)

Kimberly Christina Woodruff (Esposa)

foto do instagram/celebrity_black_couples

Date of Birth: September 23, 1970

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Kimberly Christina Woodruff, also known as Kimberly Jackson, is internationally known as Ice Cube's wife of 26 and mother of his 5 children. He met the hip hop star many years ago when they were both college students. They married on April 26, 1992 and have been a couple ever since.

Kim previously lived in Marina Del Rey, CA but now resides in Encino, CA with her husband. The woman does not work, but is engaged in various charitable activities. Her husband adores her. When they first met, Ice Cube immediately decided to marry her. But at the time of their relationship, she was in a relationship. They started dating 6 months after their first date. According to her husband, Kim is a great cook.

ice cube kids

O’Shea Jackson Jr. (Sohn von Kimberly Woodruff)

Photo on Instagram / osheajacksonjr

Date of Birth: February 24, 1991

As the first child in the family of Kim and O'Shea Jackson, he followed in his father's footsteps and became a rapper and actor.

He was born in Los Angeles, California. The boy was brought up by creative and loving parents. He received an excellent education at William Howard Taft High. Unlike the children of other celebrities, O'Shea understood the importance of education, which is why she enrolled at the University of Southern California. There he completed his studies as a screenwriter.

The young man started his career in 2010, when he recorded his first rap songs together with his younger brother Darrell. Two years later, O'Shea began performing under the nickname OMG. He released a mixtape "Jackin' for Beats". His series of songs received positive reviews from critics.

In 2014, the young man declared himself an actor. He played his own father in the film Straight Outta Compton. The newcomer received positive reviews from critics - he was created for the role because he looked so much like his father! For his talented work, the man received a nomination for the Screen Actors Guild Award.

Currently, Jackson Jr. continues to work hard on his Olympus.

O'Shea Jr. starred as Edwards, the former basketball star, in the sports drama series Swagger in 2021. In 2022, fans could see him in 3 episodes of the Obi-Wan Kenobi miniseries.

But O'Shea Jr. He's not just an artist, he's also a family man. In 2017 he became a father to a sweet little girl, Jordan Reign Jackson. The girl's mother is O'Shea's former partner Jackie Garcia.

Darrell Jackson (Filho von Kimberly Woodruff)

Instagram/darrealjacksons Photo

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Date of Birth: December 29, 1992

Darrell is the second son of the Woodruff-Jackson family. Just like his older brother, the young man is fighting for his rightful place in the music industry. He raps under the name "Doughboy" borrowed from his father's hero in Boyz in the Hood. He is also co-operator of the record label "Lench Mob Records" founded by his father.

Darrel is a big basketball fan. Her only role model outside of her family is an athlete.Kobe Bryant.

Karima Jackson as Kimberly Woodruff's Hija

Date of Birth: February 17, 1994

Karima is the third of five children in the Jackson family. He was born in Los Angeles, California. From an early age, the girl was surrounded by the love and protection of her parents.

She is a student at Montclair State University. There the girl studied art. He currently works as an assistant at Rutgers University. He previously worked as a family service specialist. She is the founder of a non-profit company, Organize Change, Inc.

Shareef Jackson (Sohn von Kimberly Woodruff)

Date of Birth: November 17, 1995

Shareef is the fourth child in the family of a popular rapper and his beloved wife. The guy doesn't like being in the spotlight. He currently works as a sports blogger. He is in charge of the "LASports" page. The man shares sports news and predictions with other fans.

Who are Ice Cube's parents?

Hosea Jackson (Pai)

Hosea Jackson is known as the father of Ice Cube. He no doubt played a big part in his son's fate as the rapper publicly thanked him for receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2017.

Hosea is now 80 years old. Lives in Los Angeles, CA. The man previously worked as a gardener at UCLA.

Doris Benjamin (Mutter)

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Ice Cube's mother, Doris, worked as a clerk at the local hospital. He was active in raising his son O'Shea and his siblings. The rapper opened up in his interview that his mother "kept him off the streets" as a teenager.

Ice cube brothers

Beverly Jean Brown (press media sister)

Date of birth: 1959

Date of death: 1981

Beverly is Ice Cube's older half-sister who was murdered in her own home. He lived several blocks from the O'Shea house. She was 12 when she received the news that her sister's husband had shot her with a revolver and, upon learning that she had died, also committed suicide.

Beverly's death dramatically affected Ice Cube. He felt insecure in this world and that inspired him to take up rapping.

Clyde Ray Jackson (older brother)

Date of birth: August 14, 1960

Clyde Ray is O'Shea's older brother. It was he who came up with the rapper's artistic nickname. He called his little brother that because he was so nice to the girls. The man currently lives with his wife in Los Angeles, California. He is a member of the Democratic Party.

Ice Cube is an accomplished American rapper, actor, and filmmaker. He is one of the most famous gangsta rap artists. In addition, he is a successful businessman serving as a director of Cube Vision Inc. He currently resides in Encino, CA.

The rapper's real name is Oshea Shea Jackson. He is also known as "O'Shea Jackson". The interpreter was born into a middle-class American family.

Although the boy's parents were not engaged in music, in his childhood he fell in love with this art. After high school, he entered the Phoenix Institute of Technology, where he studied architectural design. During his college days, Oshea formed his first band. In his youth, his paths crossed with the then newcomer Dr. dr The latter noticed Jackson's talent as a musician and writer and invited him to one of his songwriting projects.

As a member of the band N.W.A. he gained fame early on. It was he who composed the songs for the cult album by N.W.A. Straight Outta Compton wrote.

Since 1989 he has been performing solo under the name "Ice Cube". His acting credits include Ghosts of MarsJason Statham, „We Walk Together“ mitKevin Hartand other.

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interesting and fun facts

  1. Although Ice Cube's parents weren't interested in music, that doesn't mean that art wasn't popular in his family. His relative Teren Jones is also the famous rapper who goes by the nickname "Del".
  2. He converted to Islam in the early 1990s as he felt a real connection to the religion.
  3. He owns a clothing brand called Solo by Cube.
  4. He thinks Michael Jackson is the greatest entertainer of all time.
  5. His wife made him eat all kinds of vegetable dishes, but his favorite food so far is a big cheeseburger with mustard.


What are the names of ice cubes kids? ›

Ice Cube

Who is Ice Cube family? ›

Ice Cube

Does Ice Cube have 5 kids? ›

Multiple sites have reported that Ice Cube is the father of 5 children - 2 daughters and 3 sons. However, we can report that this is false! The 50 year old star, has 4 children with his wife Kimberly - 1 daughter and 3 sons. They are, Darrell Jackson, O'Shea Jackson Jr, Karima Jackson and Shareef Jackson.

Who is Ice Cube's parents? ›

Ice Cube

What name stands for ice? ›

Crystal is an English girl's name meaning ice.

Was Cube a gangster? ›

Ice Cube, born O'Shea Jackson, graduated from high school and attended college for a year. He was never a drug dealer or a gang member. MC Ren (who took Ren from his first name of Lorenzo) did indeed come from Compton where there was quite a bit of gang violence, but he too was never in a gang or affiliated with one.

Are Ice Cube and Dr. Dre friends now? ›

Ice Cube takes a moment to share some kind birthday words for his fellow NWA veteran Dr. Dre, who turns fifty-six today. Ice Cube and Dr. Dre have a long and storied history as friends and collaborators.

How many biological children does Ice-T have? ›

Ice-T has two daughters and one son, and all three kids are from different relationships. Learn all about Ice-T's children below.

What does N.W.A stand for? ›

N.W.A (an abbreviation for Niggaz Wit Attitudes) was an American hip hop group whose members were among the earliest and most significant popularizers and controversial figures of the gangsta rap subgenre, and the group is widely considered one of the greatest and most influential groups in the history of hip hop music ...

What's the last movie Ice Cube made? ›

2017xXx: The Return of Xander CageDarius Stone
2016Barbershop: The Next CutCalvin, Producer
2016Ride Along 2James Payton, Producer
2016Hip-Hop EvolutionSelf
31 more rows

Did Ice Cube Go to Eazy E funeral? ›

Dre (Andre Young) and Ice Cube (O'Shea Jackson)--were in attendance. Cross said the fifth member, MC Ren (Lorenzo Patterson), did not want to attend. “Ren just didn't want to see Eazy like this,” Cross said.

Did Ice Cube attend Jerry Heller Funeral? ›

Jerry Heller's funeral had lots of West Coast rap connections ... none named Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, The D.O.C. or MC Ren.

Who was the first ice rapper? ›

Tracy Lauren Marrow

Is ice a food or a drink? ›

It can be shaved, cubed, nuggeted, and crushed. It can be made from tap water, from spring water, or from purified water. But no matter the shape or the source, ice is considered a food by FDA.

Does ice 7 exist on earth? ›

In 2018, ice VII was identified among inclusions found in natural diamonds. Due to this demonstration that ice VII exists in nature, the International Mineralogical Association duly classified ice VII as a distinct mineral.

What type of ice has a hole in it? ›

The Tulip Ice

Named for its tubular shape, tulip ice typically has a hollow middle and a rounded tip on the end. The hollowed-out cube chills your beverage more evenly since the surrounding liquid touches both the inside and the outside of the cube. That makes tulip ice great for mixed drinks and blended cocktails.

What is a unique female name? ›

If you would like a name with a pretty sound, these unique girl names surely fit the bill.
  • Annalise. A combination of the name Anna and Lise, this name is simple, pretty, and unique.
  • Brigitta. ...
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  • Constance. ...
  • Geneviève. ...
  • Larisa. ...
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  • Lucinda.
Feb 11, 2022

What name means gift from God? ›

Jonathan. He was a prince of great strength in the Bible. His name means "gift from God."

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How much does Ice-T make per episode? ›

How much does Ice-T make each episode? It has been reported that Ice-T makes $250,000 per episode as part of his contract with Law & Order: SVU. This does not appear to take into account royalties for syndication, which would only add to his income from the show.

Did Ice-T lose his parents? ›

Tracy Lauren Marrow, better known as Ice-T, @icet , lost both of his parents at an early age. Ice-T was only 12 years old when he was fostered by an aunt and her husband in South Los Angeles. During this time, Ice-T sought the feeling of family connections through gangs in his community.

Are Coco and Ice together? ›

She has been married to rapper Ice-T since 2002.

Why did N.W.A break up? ›

Dr. Dre had become dissatisfied with his deal at Ruthless Records by the time of Efil4zaggin's release. In early 1992, he and The D.O.C. left N.W.A and Ruthless Records for Death Row Records, effectively ending N.W.A.

What are the 3 dots on ice cubes face? ›

Fun Fact #1: Ice Cube has a three dots tattoo on his face, or that's what we've thought of at least. Even though his rap songs scream “gangsta,” he was never a gang member. His three dots are, in reality, moles that are precisely aligned to create a triangle.

Did Eazy E and Ice Cube ever reconcile? ›

For the 20th anniversary of his passing, Eazy's N.W.A partner in crime Ice Cube spoke with Billboard about his late comrade, describing everything from the first time they met to their eventual reconciliation after a very public beef — and why N.W.A would have recorded another album if Eazy hadn't died.

Why did N.W.A kick Ice Cube out? ›

The in-fighting between Ice Cube and NWA centered over royalty payments, with Ice, who had written most of the group's genre-defining lyrics. he felt he wasn't getting his equal share of the cut and quit the group (pictured here with Laylaw).

Is Eminem friend with Dr. Dre? ›

The pair have remained close friends — Eminem still releases his albums via Aftermath — and with more than 20 years of hindsight, Dre explained how he's still making sense of the Slim Shady phenomenon.

What is Ice Ice Baby stolen from? ›

The song's hook samples the bassline of the 1981 song "Under Pressure" by Queen and David Bowie, who did not receive credit or royalties for the sample.

Who is Vanilla Ice's baby mama? ›

Ice married Laura Giaritta in 1997; they have two daughters, Dusti Rain (born 1998) and KeeLee Breeze (born 2000).

Is Ice-T adopted? ›

The rapper and Law & Order: SVU star was born Tracy Lauren Marrow in 1958. When he was 8, his mother passed away from a heart attack, and just four years later, he lost his father the same way. He was then raised and later adopted by his aunts.

What does NWS mean in text? ›

(Internet slang, text messaging) Initialism of no worries.

What does MWA mean in texting? ›

"Kiss" is the most common definition for MWA on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. MWA. Definition: Kiss.

Is N.W.A owned by WWE? ›

The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) is an American professional wrestling promotion and former professional wrestling governing body operated by its parent company Lightning One, Inc.
National Wrestling Alliance.
Trade nameNWA
Key peopleBilly Corgan (President) Pat Kenney (Director of Talent Relations) Billy Trask (Director of Television)
11 more rows

Why did the ice cubes disappear? ›

It is normal for ice cubes to shrink, and even disappear, as they age. This process is similar to evaporation, but is called sublimation. During the process of sublimation, the water goes directly from a solid state (ice) to a gaseous state (vapor), without ever passing through the liquid state.

Is Ice Cube on Death Row Records? ›

After the departure of Ice Cube in 1989 over financial disagreements with Jerry Heller, Suge Knight and the D.O.C. went over the books with a lawyer. Convinced that Jerry Heller and Eazy-E were dishonest, they approached Dr. Dre about forming a label with them, away from Heller and Eazy-E.

What was the first Hood movie? ›

Bullet Boy, released in 2004, is generally recognised to be the first notable example of a British hood film. Kidulthood, released in 2006, is credited with popularising the British hood film genre, leading to a swathe of imitators in the years following.

What are the 4 types of ice? ›

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Does ice have another name? ›

Ice is a drug that stimulates the brain and nervous system. It is a type of amphetamine that is crystalline in appearance. It is also known as crystal methamphetamine, crystal meth, glass, shards and puff. Compared to other forms of amphetamines (such as speed or base), ice is the strongest form of methamphetamine.

What is the strongest ice in the world? ›

Ice VII is metastable over a wide range of temperatures and pressures and transforms into low-density amorphous ice (LDA) above 120 K (−153 °C). Ice VII has a triple point with liquid water and ice VI at 355 K and 2.216 GPa, with the melt line extending to at least 715 K (442 °C) and 10 GPa.

What is the coldest ice called? ›

Ice XIV, at around 160 degrees Celcius the coldest ice ever found, has a simple molecular structure.

What is ice water called? ›

Also called: iced water. drinking water cooled by refrigeration or the addition of ice.

Is ice Cold or hot? ›

Ice is hot or cold? It is cold Because Water take size of ice in cold.

How cold does ice get? ›

It 32°F (0°C).


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