Why Stranger Things Has to End in Season 5 (2023)

All good things must come to an end, and forWeird stuffThe end must come with Season 5. TheftNetflixem 2016,Weird stuffIt immediately captivated audiences with its enthralling and aesthetically pleasing 1980s paranormal mysteries, narrated by a talented cast of young newcomers and some famous faces from the big screen. although it precededhouse of cards,Weird stuffIt showed how valuable streaming originals can be and how platforms like Netflix were finally ready to compete on a mainstream stage.

Weird stuffSeason 2 came in 2017 and Season 3 followed two years later, making this fresh face cast household names and doing wonders for Eggos sales. A fourth season is now coming, with teasers hinted at being posted online, but no official release date at the moment.Stranger Things 4 employeesit will continue after Hopper's disappearance, moving to the frigid climes of Russia and fleshing out the Byers' departure from Hawkins. But with fans eagerly awaiting this new chapter in Netflix's Stranger Things story, it's likely to come to an end sooner rather than later.

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And all things considered, it probably should have come sooner. Although progress continuesWeird stuffSeason 4 leaves questions about the long-term future of the series, both from a behind-the-scenes perspective and the narrative challenges Eleven and the gang are currently facing. This is why 5 should be Netflix's magic numberWeird stuff.

What is known about the future of Stranger Things

Why Stranger Things Has to End in Season 5 (1)

After months of planningWeird stuffSeason 4 began shooting in February 2020, which in hindsight wasn't a good time to start with much more than buying Zoom stock and starting to embroider. According to the latest update, filming is expected to wrap up in August 2021, when Season 4 will enter post-production ahead of a currently unknown release date. Netflix has not officially given the green lightWeird stuffSeason 5, but given the show's continued popularity, one can imagine that ratings won't be a hindrance.

There is absolutely nothing therestranger things season 4Marketing suspects this will be the final season, and it's likely Netflix wants to promote the show's swan song.with"the last season" when the time comes. If that's not enough guarantee, a 2020THRinterview withWeird stuffThe creators, the Duffer Brothers, saw the couple explicitly confirmed."Season 4 will not be the end.."

annoyingly theWeird stuffThe team has been much more elusive when it comes to approaching Season 5 as a potential endpoint. The Duffer Brothers and Shawn Levy (Producer) confirm that there is an end in sight, but decline to know if Season 5esit's good, it's softWeird stuffwill continue to pedal boldly over the hill in Season 6 and beyond. Back to a 2017 interview withmi, However, thestupid brothersstated that 4 or 5 seasons"probably"Who delaysWeird stuffgiven that original deadline and the current murmur that comes from thereWeird stuffHQ Season 5 looks like a realistic breakpoint, but no one can say for sure.

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Stranger Things release schedule is an issue

Why Stranger Things Has to End in Season 5 (2)

COVID-19 played a big role in that.Weird stuff“Season 4 delays. Obviously, this is outside the program's control; a global event that is still having a profound impact on television production in general. But the pandemic is not whereWeird stuff“Time problems are over. Only 15 months have passed between themWeird stuffSeason 1 (July 2016) and Season 2 (October 2017), which stretched over 19 months into Season 3 (July 2019). Based on the February 2020 filming start date, it was likely Netflix would be targeting a similar gap between Seasons 3 and 4 (i.e. April 2021) before COVID ruined those plans. but also afterWeird stuffjoined other productions in North America and Europe when it resumes in September 2020, the process remains incomplete nearly a year later. For comparison: The rotating assembly ofStranger Things 3 employeesonly lasted 7 months.

Social distancing and COVID testing aren't the only culprits, and of course, Shawn Levy admits thatWeird stuffSeason 4's long production run is in part due to it being the "biggest" and most ambitious series yet. With Levy and the Duffer brothers remaining in creative control, there's more latitude.Weird stuffSeason four means a longer production as the creative trio oversees every step of the journey.

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This is not a situation that can go on indefinitely. As children often do, young peopleWeird stuffThe cast is rapidly going through puberty and is in danger of looking significantly older than the Hawkins natives they play. This problem has started to rear its headWeird stuffSeason 3, and things could get worse in Season 4 (especially if filming is extended from February 2020 to August 2021). The longestWeird stuffcontinues, the more the show's timeline will be out of sync with reality, and Season 5 may be the last time the cast looks young enough to convincingly carry out their roles. Nobody wants itWill Byerswill have a beard

it's not just themWeird stuffThe gang that refuses to stop growing also refuses to stop becoming more famous. Over the years, each of the main actors has been involved in other projects - Finn Wolfhard inGhostbusters: Beyond, David Harbor inBlack Widow, Sadie Sinkroad of fear, etc. As the Hollywood cast list grows, so does the lineup.Weird stuffIt's getting harder and harder, and the gap between seasons is getting bigger. So not only will the age issue get worse, but fan momentum could wane as other shows with other lovely psychic leads arrive to steal.Weird stuffDonner.

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Why Ending Stranger Things With Season 5 Is The Best Option

Why Stranger Things Has to End in Season 5 (3)

It's hard to see howWeird stuffIt could go on indefinitely from a production standpoint, but stopping at Season 5 is notOnlya matter of practicality: ending there would allow the Duffer brothers to tell an entire story without taking any longer than expected.

Weird stuffthere are still many stories to resolve. The last 3 seasons have barely scratched the surface of the Upside Down's origin and nature, while the presence of themind flayerit's still hanging at the bottom. We still know a lot about the MK Ultra experiments Eleven was subjected to and the full extent of Dr. Brenner's machinations remain dangerously vague, as several test subjects have yet to be discovered. And back to the personal drama, both Joyce Hopper's romance and Mike Eleven's couple need a final push before reaching happy endings.

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Two seasons are perfectly adequate to cover it all.Weird stuffchores. Brenner is a confirmed season 4 returnee, so it looks like Eleven's past will be explained sooner rather than later, while Hopper's triumphant return from Russia will likely cement his future with Joyce. set photos ofWeird stuffSeason 4 hints at the mind flayer's return, so fans can look forward to another lessonThe oppositemythology too. That leaves a fifth and final season to complete and send everyone on their way.

As evidenced by the fan reaction when season two moved to the big city, theWeird stuffThe premise is not designed for an expansive narrative. Hawkins' small-town vibe runs deepWeird stuffDNA can go a long way, but the gang can find themselves in a limited number of awkward situations, and there are only a limited number of ways their friendship can be tested. If Eleven and her friends keep running from Demogorgons and being unabashedly nerdyWeird stuffSeason 6, 7 and 8, do fans still care?

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TV audiences like to have a purpose in mind, and the shows themselves are often better suited to that, especially those built around long-form mystery narratives.Lost, for example, got lost in season 3, but after making a script and seeing the ending, luck improved a little. The same can happen forWeird stuff. If the fifth season finale was confirmed, fans would be more willing to put up with the long gaps between seasons.jmore invested in current stories just because they knew the answers were on the horizon.

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Why is season 5 the last season of Stranger Things? ›

Ahead of the show's highly-anticipated season 4 premiere, creators Matt and Ross Duffer announced that they were going to end the series after one more chapter in Hawkins, Indiana. “Seven years ago, we planned out the complete story arc for Stranger Things,” they detailed in an open letter in February 2022.

Is Stranger Things ending after season five? ›

Stranger Things Season 5: Release Date, Cast, Trailer & Everything We Know So Far. The beginning of the end. Warning: Spoilers for Stranger Things 4: Volume 2 ahead. It's official: Season 5 of Stranger Things will be its last.

Was Stranger Things always supposed to be 5 seasons? ›

"Seven years ago, we planned out the complete story arc for Stranger Things," Matt and Ross Duffer wrote. "At the time, we predicted the story would last four to five seasons. It proved too large to tell in four but—as you'll see for yourselves—we are now hurtling toward our finale."

Will stranger things season 5 be in the future? ›

When will Stranger Things 5 be released? Well, that all depends on when the season begins filming. In August 2022, the Duffer brothers confirmed that they have started writing season 5. Other cast members have hinted that filming could begin around mid-2023, which could indicate a possible late-2024 release date.

Is Millie Bobby Brown Deaf? ›

The Stranger Things actress was born with partial hearing loss, which progressed into full deafness as she grew up, which impacted her career. Millie revealed she doesn't always hear the director's 'action' cue when shooting a scene unless the director is especially loud.

Is Vecna the mind flayer? ›

Vecna revealed in season four, he was the one who created the Mind Flayer after Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) banished him to the Upside Down. All this time, the Mind Flayer was Vecna, who was using the entity to carry out his orders and speaking through the creature.

Will Eddie be in season 5? ›

While he could be bluffing, Joseph Quinn says it's “very unlikely” we'll see the return of Eddie Munson in the fifth and final season of Stranger Things.

Will Argyle be in season 5? ›

Stranger Things season 5 will primarily take place in Hawkins, leaving Argyle's role in the final installment a mystery.

Is Stranger Things ending completely? ›

Stranger Things season 5 will be the show's last ever series.

Who is Eleven's dad biological? ›

According to the Stranger Things novel Suspicious Minds, Eleven's real father has been identified as Andrew Rich, Terry Ives's old boyfriend. Terry Ives, portrayed by Aimee Mullins, has been confirmed as Eleven's biological mother.

Is Addison Rae going to be in Stranger Things Season 5? ›

No, Addison Rae is not joining the cast of Stranger Things season 5, and it's possible that no one else is either. The Duffer Bros. have commented on the notion that they are constantly expanding the cast every season with new characters, and they're saying that season 5 may be the time to stop doing that.

Will Max be in season 5? ›

Max will enter Season 5 in an ambiguous state. Eleven was unable to "detect" her consciousness, leading fans to believe that Vecna may have hernot able to "detect" her consciousness, leading fans to believe that Vecna might have it.

How long was will in the upside down? ›

From the looks of it, Will is trapped in the Upside Down for just a week, even if it felt much longer. Additionally, season one sees a time jump after Will is rescued with the series closing a week or so before Christmas, which again seemed to suggest it was a matter of days he had been gone for.

Is Zendaya going to be in Stranger Things 5? ›

Will Zendaya be in Stranger Things season 5? As much as we wanted to see the incredibly talented actress join the Stranger Things cast in the 5th and last season, it's simply not happening. Unfortunately, Zendaya won't show up in the 5th season.

Is Will's nose bleeding Stranger Things? ›

Although it genuinely looks like a nose bleed, don't get your hopes up because it appears to be the shadow of Will's philtrum, aka the "vertical groove on the median line of the upper lip." We're sorry to disappoint ... but don't fret because for all we know, a nose bleed could be in Will's future.

Is El wearing a wig in Stranger Things? ›

“Stranger Things 4” also reintroduces one of the series' most iconic looks from its first season: Eleven's buzz cut. After the fifth episode, most viewers were left wondering, “Did Millie Bobby Brown shave her head again?” Turns out, the short hairdo is actually a wig.

Is Millie Bobby Brown married? ›

Since 2021, Brown has been in a relationship with actor Jake Bongiovi, son of musician Jon Bon Jovi. As of August 2022 she was an online student at Purdue University studying health and human services.

What did Millie Bobby Brown's parents do to her? ›

Millie Bobby Brown

Who controls Vecna? ›

We find out in episode 7 that just like how everything in the Upside Down is connected, Vecna is also deeply connected to Hawkins and Eleven. Nancy (who is still in the Upside Down with Steve) ends up under Vecna's control, and she starts seeing visions about Barb's death.

Why does Vecna need 4 kills? ›

Ultimately, it is revealed in Stranger Things season 4's finale that the reason why Vecna was killing Hawkins teenagers was to create a massive gate that merges the Right Side Up with the Upside Down - and he specifically needed four bodies to do so.

Who created Vecna? ›

First appearanceEldritch Wizardry (1976)
Created byBrian Blume
In-universe information
8 more rows

Is Eddie in a wheelchair forever? ›

The A Million Little Things premiere answers that question (yes), but his and wife Katherine (Grace Park) and son Theo's (Tristan Byon) lives will never be the same, as executive producer DJ Nash has said since the finale. Eddie is paralyzed, with less than a 10 percent chance of walking again.

Does Eddie come back in season 6? ›

Eddie Is Learning to 'Let Go'

Professionally speaking, Eddie is in a “good place” when we pick back up with him in Season 6, Reidel says. “He's back at the 118, and he's happier and healthier than before. Now he can focus on moving forward in a good way.” His home life, however, is another story.

Why is Eddie still in a wheelchair? ›

On the not-so-great side: As the Season 3 premiere revealed Thursday, Eddie is paralyzed as the result of his hit-and-run, and now must rely on a wheelchair to get around. (Read a full recap.)

What happens to crazy eyes in season 5? ›

In the final episode, Crazy Eyes spends time putting heavy objects on top of herself. She's hoping to feel what Poussey felt in those final moments when she was suffocated. Crazy Eyes ends up pulling a whole bookshelf onto herself in the library, and finally she gets sent to the medical ward.

Why is Chimney not in season 5? ›

While Maddie needed to leave to accommodate Hewitt's pregnancy, Chimney's departure was completely grounded in what makes sense for the story. After everything they've been through together on the show, it would be out of character for him to accept that Maddie had left.

Who is Argyle's girlfriend in Stranger Things? ›

By 1986, due to having no friends of his own, Argyle developed a friendship with Jonathan Byers after the latter and his family moved to Lenora Hills last year. Argyle would try to help Jonathan with his relationship problems with his girlfriend, Nancy Wheeler and his plans for college.

Was Vecna planned from the start? ›

Was Vecna planned since the beginning? The Duffer Brothers reveal that Jamie Campbell Bower's villain Vecna had been planned since season 1 of Stranger Things in a recent interview.

Why does Will cry when talking to Mike? ›

“When you're different, sometimes you feel like a mistake,” he says. The tears afterwards suggest he was pouring his heart out, coming closer than ever before to reveal he's gay and has feelings for his friend. Fans have long suspected Will is gay.

Why was Will crying in the car? ›

Will was indirectly telling Mike that he was gay and it was actually him who felt like the "mistake" for being different. Fans took to Twitter to share their heartbreak at this emotional moment.

Who are Vecna's parents? ›

In episode 7, Vecna is revealed to be Henry Creel (played as a youngster by Raphael Luce), the son of Victor Creel (Robert Englund) and his wife Virginia (Tyner Rushing) shown in the 1950s flashbacks.

How old is Vecna? ›

Given the fact he was born in 1947, around the time of the Hawkins lab massacre he was 32. A lot of people think the Upside Down has been a thing for absolute years but that doesn't necessarily mean Vecna has too.

Did Eleven create Vecna? ›

In a fit of rage, Henry used his restored powers to brutally murder the other test subjects and workers, and attempted to do the same to Eleven. However, Eleven stood her ground and ultimately overpowered him, sending him through a gate to the Upside Down; there, he gradually transformed into the being known as Vecna.

Is Eleven Will Byers? ›

He is the youngest son of Joyce Byers, the younger brother to Jonathan Byers, the stepbrother of Eleven, and the best friend of Mike Wheeler, Dustin Henderson, Lucas Sinclair, and Max Mayfield.

Who is Jonathan Byers girlfriend? ›

Stranger Things costars-turned-couple Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton are one of the best things to come out of the iconic Netflix show. Who doesn't love an off-screen and on-screen couple?! The two, who play Nancy Wheeler and Jonathan Byers in Stranger Things, started dating shortly after the show's premiere in 2016.

Did Will Byers return? ›

Characterization. Noah Schnapp was cast as Will Byers in August 2015. Schnapp was promoted to series regular for the second season in October 2016. Schnapp was revealed to be returning for the third season in a main role by February 9, 2018.

Is Max gonna be blind forever? ›

The Duffers later confirmed that by the end of season 4, Max's status is: “brain dead, blind, and all of her bones are broken.” But time will tell if her state worsens in the episodes to come.

Is Max going to wake up? ›

Just at the last moment, Eleven breaks free and manages to defeat Vecna, while Steve, Nancy and Robin simultaneously manage to badly wound his physical form. A now-blinded Max wakes up but seemingly dies in Lucas's arms.

How did Max finally meet his end? ›

He said that he himself had called the police. Max jumped through the window to the balcony. But in reality, there was no balcony. So, Max fell down to the ground from the sixth floor and was killed.

Is Will In love With Mike? ›

In season four, a new aspect of Will emerged more fully; the teenager from Hawkins appeared to have a crush on his friend Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard), and now Noah is confirming that Will is indeed gay and in love with Mike.

Did the upside down exist before Vecna? ›

There's been debate as to whether or not this scene implies that Eleven created the Upside Down or merely opened the first gate to it. But according to Millie Bobby Brown, the Upside Down existed before El ever meddled with it.

What did Vecna find in the upside down? ›

After gaining the upper hand and ensnaring both her and Max in his lair, Vecna recalls becoming an "explorer" in the Upside Down, a world "unspoiled by mankind." He recalls discovering the Mind Flayer, an entity he could use to "realize my potential, to transcend my human form, [and] to become the predator I was always ...

Is Will Byers a Demogorgon? ›

In 1984, Will Byers, a rescued victim of the Demogorgon, became a vessel for the Mind Flayer. Will's possession allowed Vecna and the Mind Flayer to unleash a horde of adolescent Demogorgons, or 'Demodogs', upon Hawkins National Laboratory.

Is Eddie returning to Stranger Things 5? ›

Stranger Things 5 on Netflix: Eddie Munson returns for final season.

Is Will Byers going to have a boyfriend? ›

According to a new Variety interview, Noah confirms that Will is gay and that he is in love with Mike Wheeler. In an interview with the publication, Noah discussed the show's fourth season, where he revealed that Will clearly harbors feelings for Mike.

Why doesn t Vecna have a nose? ›

Snakes and their lack of a nose represent the evil seen in Vecna and Voldemort. From religious texts to Disney's The Jungle Book, snakes are often used to symbolize evil. In the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament, serpents represent power and chaos from the underworld, which is what Vecna is to the town of Hawkins.

Will Will get powers in season 5? ›

The Duffer Brothers have said that season 5 will feature Will quite a bit, who as we know was the “taken” friend in season 1, lost in the Upside Down, and now retains his ability to connect to Vecna on some sort of psychic, cross-dimensional level.

Is Will Byers a Vecna? ›

He was spared from any possessions or abductions in Stranger Things seasons 3 and 4, but the show has confirmed that Will is still connected to the Upside Down's master, Vecna.

Why are they ending Stranger Things? ›

Although Netflix is planning on making spinoffs, the series will come to an end with the upcoming fifth and final season. The Duffer Brothers, who created the series, have previously said they needed four or five seasons to tell the story they had in mind, and Netflix gave them five.

Will there be a season 6 of Stranger Things? ›

Stranger Things is returning to Netflix for a fifth and final season not expected to release until 2024. Here's our massive preview of Stranger Things season 5, where we'll cover everything you need to know about the fifth and final season of the show on Netflix.

Will Eddie come back in season 5? ›

While he could be bluffing, Joseph Quinn says it's “very unlikely” we'll see the return of Eddie Munson in the fifth and final season of Stranger Things.

Is Zendaya going to be in season 5 of Stranger Things? ›

Will Zendaya be in Stranger Things season 5? As much as we loved to see the incredibly talented actress join the Stranger Things cast in the fifth and final season, it's just not happening. Sadly, Zendaya will not make an appearance in the fifth installment.


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